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Teaching Is A Work Of Heart

Updated: Sep 21, 2020


This year is showing us who the real teachers are.

It has simultaneously revealed those who are truly walking their talk and those who are just talking about it.

We are witnessing a great contrast between those who are deeply connected to Source and living in full trust with Mother Nature and those who are just paying lip service, seemingly more concerned with protecting their reputations and (perhaps albeit unconsciously) using the situation as an opportunity to build their profiles whilst an already fractured spiritual collective, struggles to maintain its poise and higher purpose.

What is commonly called (by the locals themselves) the ‘Communist California’ yoga scene, is now showing itself to be exactly that as certain voices publicly chastise any yogi who is activated enough to see through this whole covid/NWO charade; and call it out for what it is. These people are virtue signaling all over the place right now.

Now before you go getting your tights in a twist, I am not insinuating that all yogis in the USA (or in Australia for that matter) are like this, because that would be incorrect, insenstive and just plain ludicrous. I know and respect many global yogis and I know there are many aware and awake teachers in the American kula who are doing their thing with beauty, integrity and love. Those of you doing that, will (hopefully) see this is not aimed at you and not get triggered. I am writing this now to highlight the present situation of communal division, with the sole intent of initiating an inclusive and conscious conversation for all to partake in. A global discussion that myself and many others, believe needs to be had.

It begs the question though, that surely if the majority of US yogis felt this way about Q and related topics, wouldn't such views best be expressed via those registered yoga organizations that officially represent the collective voice?

In case you weren't aware, like all other industries, the yoga one also has a dark side, a 'swamp', and yes, it has just revealed its existence. The commercialized mainstream ‘yoga world’ has been corrupt for a long time. According to those who have lived in it and even trained there as yoga teachers themselves, the LA yoga scene works exactly like Hollywood does. “If you’re ‘pretty’, know the right people, kiss some a**, say the right things (along the lines of Deepak and Oprah) and are a liberal, you will go far” in ‘ol Cali. Think multi-media franchises, book deals, celebrity endorsements and tee-shirts with personalized slogans.

But don't worry, we have our own 'true blue bullsh*t' version of this energy too.

There are plenty within our own yoga community who are slinging slanderous mud with one hand, whilst simulating namasté with the other, with some even going to such lengths as to add a checklist to their friend requests to make sure anyone who supports pro-life/vaccine accountability, comprehends/questions the health ramifications of 5G or doesn't buy the porky pies (lies) being sold to us about covid-19, is weeded out. These people will obviously only befriend others whose science-backed-non-woo-views, mirror their own. And yes, "no woo" is an actual quote.

Where is the impartiality in that? What sort of (senior) therapist shuts down potential for open and educational conversation, just because someone doesn't fit their belief system?

Well, we all know that none of the above has anything to do with what real yoga is all about, so as level-headed, down-to-earth Aussies, why have we put this scene and these ‘yoga masters’ on a pedestal above ourselves for so long? We have a plethora of incredible, authentic and deeply humble teachers in our own country who are doing amazing work both on and off the mat, yet we always seem to refer to our American peers for validation and guidance. Can anyone explain this to me because I really don’t get it.

In truth, the rise (and rise) of the ‘yoga celebrity’ just feeds the whole ‘guru’ mentality.

I have never been a guru kind of girl. It has never resonated with me. I have always been drawn to the more shamanic, earth-based principles and indigenous teachers (and teachings), ones that encourage exploration of one's inner nature as master and developing one’s intuitive, primal self, as source. For that core vibration IS god, IS Creator, IS the ‘guru’. You are the guru, not someone draped in kaftans, surrounded by incense and swathed in a sea of de-vo-tays. That’s nice and all and sure, has many benefits and can offer many intelligent and thought-and-soul-provoking dialogues, but ultimately, it is outdated. I believe it is up to us to decide and discern who we are, how we will behave and what we are doing with our lives. Teachings and teachers need to evolve with the times and of course, I shouldn't have to mention just how many spiritual/yoga gurus end up being exposed as sexual predators.

The master is not someone who exists outside of us because (to me anyway), that’s borderline (oc)cult.

Ironically, yoga has its roots in shamanism and yet so many are still unaware of this. The rise of plant medicines has helped bring these memories back to a degree as has the surge in moonlit circles in recent years – although the moon is now being revealed (to those who invest the time to do/and integrate, the deeper investigatory work) to be a false light matrix that has been hijacked for the purpose of energetic harvesting.

As many of you know, I have worked with Luna for many years, long before it became a yoga trend, but have purposely chosen to step away from doing so (for awhile at least and for the rest of this year for sure), until the universal energies settle. This is not a decision I have made lightly, but I can tell you sincerely with hand on heart, that my energy feels so much clearer and cleaner for doing so. It’s hard to explain, but I no longer feel overwhelmed by its magnetic pull nor disturbed by its fluctuations. Now I’m not saying the moon doesn’t exist and that it is a bad vibration – but I am saying that it doesn’t exist in the way we have been taught and that it isn’t the same moon our ancestors tapped into.

Yep, y’all witches will be banging your brooms with this one I’m sure, so I’ll address it in another light-letter soon because it is a huge can of worms to open, let alone explain concisely.

This week one of my lovely FB friends drew my attention to the fact that I have been mentioned on the Conspirituality website, as a “QAnon" advocate (which I am not, I have always said I am on the fence), for one of my recent posts. One thought leader has even dubbed it "IQ-A-NONE", which is highly amusing and just reflects his own ignorance about what's happening on multidimensional levels right now. I have been grouped with some of the people I most admire in the world like Magenta Pixie, Lori Ladd, David's Wolfe and Wilcock, Bernhard Guenther and Dr Christiane Northrup. Even Danielle Laporte and Pete Evans are included. The insinuation is, that we are spiritual heretics because we are essentially, telling a different truth to the mainstream. Interesting isn't it.

Here's the link if you wish to read it:

I have now renamed it ‘conspiritDUALity’ because it appears to encourage duality instead of the unity consciousness that is so needed now.

Sadly, yogis have been two-timing one another for years but more obviously in this current one, labeling anyone who challenges and speaks out against the lamestream (mainstream) narrative, as ‘dangerous’, ‘non-yogic’ and even ‘delusional’. They are making out that those who have made it their life’s work to transverse different realities and use their intuitive psychic gifts to help others navigate challenge, are nothing more than mislead (and misleading) "new agers", people who have been unwittingly "recruited by Q", and are therefore now deliberately putting people’s mental health at risk.

So basically, anyone who calls out child sex trafficking and pedophilia, is a "QAnon" convert. Pluh-ease.

Well, yes, these people are putting people at ‘risk’ – at risk of AWAKENING! Those people speaking out like this – against natural law and divine intelligence essentially – are not evolved enough to see through the illusion; through this scam-plan-demic. If you did understand simple medicine and how the human immune system works for example, you would know this v*rus was not only man-made (and patented), but is no more impactful than the seasonal flu (to most who are not immuno-compromised, no disrespect intended). It is not the global threat it has been touted to be.

Only a small handful have been wise to this from the beginning, and you know what, I would rather be counted among a lesser-sized, spiritually sound and heart connected group and be labelled a rebel, than immersed in the mass fray of those who are so shut down, they don’t even know they are.

I will just say this in closing the subject: anyone who thinks that any of the things "QAnon" speaks about are fabricated or delusional, should google “Candy Girl” and Fiona Barnett (Australian). Or Cathy O'Brien (USA). Or Anneke Lucas (Germany).

Fiona and countless other Australian child human trafficking survivors have been speaking out about being molested by pedophile politicians, actors and CEO’s, for decades. Their stories have been deliberately suppressed by authorities in order to protect the monsters that have been running this country. It’s not just America that is infested with pedophiles, Australia is too. Every country is in fact. I’m sorry if that upsets or confronts you, but it is the reality of our world. These criminals have been covering one another’s tracks since forever. If you doubt this, just ask yourself, why would our PM John Howard slap a 90-year suppression order preventing pedophiles to be identified in court cases? Why are victims now banned from using their own names to tell their story (or face jail for doing so)? And why have convicted rapists and child sex offenders, now been granted ‘working with children’ checks?? This Bill has just been passed in the UK believe it or not and don't doubt they are pushing to make it so here too. Do you not think it’s remiss that nobody ever properly follows up on the (at least) 30,000 kids that go missing in Australia alone each year (800,00 in the States) and that it is just coincidence that many of these abuse survivors suddenly die, once they publicly voice their truth?

C'mon Aussie, COME ON.

Stop insulting these survivors by saying such things are conspiracies. These practices, these 3D expressions that are playing out in our modern day reality, are drawn directly from history; a history saturated in bloodlust, satanic worship and pedophilia. And they are still happening. In backyards, schoolyards and playgrounds. Every. Single. Day.

This speech by Senator Bill Heffernan is a must watch for every Australian:

QAnon is not the issue nor are they detracting from or ‘treading on the toes’ of all the bonafide human trafficking agencies who have been on the front line dealing with such atrocities without the credit they obviously deserve, for years. Those people who volunteer for that work, in my eyes, are just as heroic as the abuse survivors they rescue and I'm pretty sure they don’t do it for anything other than love and a strong calling to fight such injustice. I wouldn't imagine either that they are worried about anything Q promotes about it because surely bringing attention to the issue, can only be a good thing? It's up to each individual to discern whether any group plugging Trump as a light working savior is true or false, but personally, I think he is far from chaste. He’s maybe not as bad as some of the other cronies he associates with, but he certainly has some predatory skeletons in his closet and I trust we will all find out what they are in due course.

FYI, I am not directly involved with these rescue groups or the work they do, but I do support them 100% and have the utmost respect for what they do. I don’t think I could handle working as they do at that intense physical level. It takes a different kind of grit and strength of character, but saying that, those who do offer support energetically and financially, are still needed because every little bit of positive energy makes a difference and we all have our roles to play right now.

Here's one organization you may like to look into if you are keen to do more.

We are all unraveling the old earth and weaving the new one, together.

To be honest, the more time and energy we waste discussing these kinds of things on our various social media accounts, the more we drain our collective powers. Just please understand that the above mentioned are givens and that they are happening.

The catchphrase for 2020 really should be “do your own research”, because things couldn’t be more obvious now than if Yeshua himself came down from parted clouds to snap his hallowed fingers in your face!

Perhaps it’s not just the yoga industry that needs an upgrade, maybe the Yamas and Niyamas need one too so they can align more consciously with the Age of Aquarius and the matriarchal, divine feminine energies that are rising and flowing in now, I don’t know. Ahimsa certainly needs to be embraced and adhered to more diligently and as yoga teachers, it’s our duty of care to nurture self inquiry and self accountability in ourselves, one another and our beloved students, at all times. We do this by being real and raw and ready to grow in each moment; and without attachment to outcome.

That’s been my experience anyway and that’s all I can ever share – my unique journey. With integrity and love and the highest intentions.

Who knows, some may glean some support and awareness from what I share while others may not, but I’m never going to let a transient thing like popularity, get in the way of me speaking Truth.

The Virgo New Moon that fell on September 17, has certainly put us through the wringer and made us feel like we're walking on tenterhooks. This day also heralded the activation of some very powerful indigenous energies, so don't be surprised if you've feeling like you've been hit by a bus for the past several days. The Schumann Resonance has also been spiking more than usual and on top of the New Moon mania, there has been some wild planetary playoff's which together, have been conspiring to reorganize our priorities as a collective and bring our immediate attention to what is sacred and true. As Mercury pre-shadow rolls back in as of September 23 (squaring Pluto as it does so) and stationing opposite Mars retrograde on Thursday 24, prepare for some hefty power struggles, challenging situations and some head-butting conversations. Pluto and Saturn are retrograde (in Capricorn) ensure some fiery interactions, so be extra mindful of the words you choose to use; and don't lose your sense of humor just yet however, 'cause you're gonna need it!

All will turn out fine by the time Spring Equinox arrives on Monday because the Sun will then be in direct opposition to Mars, showering us with its warm, healing vibes and bucket loads of loving compassion, effectively soothing agitated minds and over-anxious hearts. Now is the time to dream big and spend some quiet time tapping into any subconscious dialogues that block us in regards to intention, purpose and spiritual integrity.

This week coming is a good time to observe where you gather and build your energy, as well as where you leak and dilute it; on all levels of your being.

On a different note, school holidays are coming up and I have decided to offer my usual classes during this time. I have 6 spots available for Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 9:30am and the same for Sunday @ 4pm. I won’t be doing my Wednesday 6pm class until next term. Cash only during the holidays please ($30). Term four dates are: October 12 – December 20. Please book with me via 0413 747 644 if you wish to attend. Don't forget (regulars), that there is no class this Friday 25. Last class for this term will be Sunday 27 as usual.

Okay, that’s enough for you to digest for now! Have a peaceful week and I’ll see you next Sunday.

Blessings and love,




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