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Super Sagittarius Blood Moon Eclipse: Take Aim and Loose!

I haven't been writing about the moon for a while now since deliberately disassociating myself from its toxic pull a few years back, but knowing what is coming for this month and what the current energies are doing, I felt to share something brief today. Take it or leave it.

Please note also, that it is vital you tap into the higher frequency of the moon and are vigilant with observing how the lower and more dense energies, will try to hook you in and loop you into relying upon it.

There is nothing you need for your inspiration, insight or healing, that exists outside of yourself. It's all about (and in), YOU.

A supermoon is infinitely more powerful than your usual full moon and when combined with a total lunar eclipse as this one is, the cosmic forces ramp up exponentially. This is a time where endings, completions and revelations prevail and at the same time, all this "death" is a good and necessary thing because it heralds new beginnings, "rebirth" and LIFE taking a new turn.

With the moon being closer the Earth - hugging between Gaia and the Sun in fact - we are guaranteed to experience more intensity because the planet associated with shadow work and illuminating the darkness (Luna), is occupying the bandwidth between Mother Earth and the Sun. Nature's elements will respond, obviously, as will our bodies and psyches, because we are made of the same elements. Water will be affected the most, so expect some emotional surges (like the tides that will swell), some intense and revealing dreams (as the unconscious, governed by Water, ebbs and flows to a new pulsation) and possibly some challenging mood swings and hormonal manifestations as all the waters in your body, seek to filter, dissolve toxins (on all levels) and re-calibrate. For those of us in the southern hemisphere moving into winter, the season aligned with the Water element, we are going to experience this a little more intensely than our northern cousins (perhaps), but humans everywhere will undoubtedly be affected.

Humanity is ready to wipe the slate clean and this could be the moment we witness a breakthrough in consciousness. This is just my own personal "prediction", but I always live in hope that the more crazy sh*t gets, it just works to get more people stimulated into activation so they start seeing the illusions for what they are; and I know many of you feel the same too.

So. Now is the time to MAKE THAT DECISION dear one, whether you feel you have "prepared" enough or are ready to take on the response-ability of stepping even more deliberately, into your personal power. Trust me, YOU ARE READY, and NOW IS the time.

Whatever isn't working in your life, needs to change and you, as the conductor, as a unique conduit of the Divine Creator, have all you need INSIDE YOU, to make this shift. All you need do is BELIEVE in yourself and have faith in all that knowledge and wisdom you have accumulated through the multiple rites of passage and life experiences to date that have served to deliver you to this point in your life AND to this potent juncture in our collective civilization.

Our "light" ancestors connected authentically and powerfully to the moon, meaning, they didn't attach a dark or nefarious agenda to its "power" in order to manipulate, coerce or destroy mankind. Sure, there have always been those among us who sought to dilute and distort the sacred with a view to gaining control, power and untold wealth for their own purposes, but those negative timelines are done with now and all who have followed them and upheld the traditions of sorcery and witchcraft that quite bluntly, have their roots and intentions only in manifesting death and destruction, are right now, dissolving and dispersing. Those practices are on what I call the "extinction timeline" and they simply cannot survive.

Why? Because they are not in sync at all, with the frequency of the earth as She is expanding and ascending now and that process is inevitable and unstoppable.

Nor can those who adhere to them (in any way) survive, and that includes those humans who have aligned themselves with the various 3D expressions of such darkness expressing as ignorance, arrogance, ego, refusing to see reality and attacking truth speakers for example, acquiescing to pressure and "promises" by following the brainwashed pack and taking the jab and so forth. You get the picture.

Everyone made their choice on December 21, 2020 and are now reaping what they sowed.

All of us - whether we regard ourselves as "awake" (I prefer the term "aware"), or not - have been handed a universal invitation to step out of our comfort zone now. We don't know the outcome and we don't know what this road-trip is going to look like exactly, once we make that decision, but one things for sure, who you are as you travel and how connected and elevated you are as a soul when you reach the end of the road, is more important than fixating and projecting what you "want" and "need" the result to be and trying to force your own plans over those of Divine consciousness. Man never wins that battle.

We need to surrender and stop looking for the next big "sign" or "savior" and start DREAMING OURSELVES AWAKE.

Whatever you are resisting, rest assured, will be excavated with this blood moon eclipse. It depends on you how you deal with the "fallout" and whether you can give yourself full permission to receive what the universe has had planned for you - for us, all along - because we all definitely need a new start.

This super blood moon falls in the sign of the centaur-archer, Sagittarius, the zodiac known for its honesty (even if it hurts sometimes) and one that craves spontaneity, exciting adventures, nature, freedom and the space to create and experience the moment, as it unfolds, so don't be surprised if your inner rebel starts rising and saying "F this!", either for the very first time or in a more intense and passionate way if you've already been on this awakened trajectory for a while.



Take aim and "loose!"



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