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Stop Trying And Just Do

Image by @amandagraphc

I’ve always been good at adapting and dealing with change.

Maybe it’s thanks to my Mercurial ruler or the fact that I’m an old soul and have grown used to navigating all manner of shifts. It does help me understand others though, which is part of why I do the work that I do; because I can see the myriad benefits that come from going with the flow instead of fighting it. Most people on the planet however, don’t cope well with even the slightest tweak to their ‘daily normal’, so I can only imagine how they must be dealing with what’s going on in the world right now. Not a nice head or heart space to be in at all.

There are lots of things going on in this month as I mentioned last week and I am sure you have already noticed them rolling out. October is a pivotal and power-FULL month, 3D, 4D and 5D-wise, which is why it is so important that we ramp up our healing practices and cloak ourselves with divine protection, every morning and night. Without wanting to frighten you, it is vital that you start connecting with your spiritual self (if you haven’t already) because we are living through a spiritual war right now, and the prize is, quite literally, your soul. And no, I am not being melodramatic, this is Universal Truth.

If you value yourself – which I am sure you do – and are looking forward to many more opportunities to experience your soul in this and other lifetimes (and therefore on other planes of existence), then I encourage you to at least consider opening your heart and mind to some esoteric things that you haven’t before.

If you’re on the internet you may have noticed that the self-help world is in full swing right now (which is great) and yet it makes me wonder; why aren’t these people showing the same urgency to talk about some of the more important humanitarian-based issues that we are all facing? It's wonderful and admirable that they are supporting people with their anxiety and fear, but wouldn't it also be good to help people understand the connections between their personal stress, what they carry as individual expressions of the collective energy, and the current unraveling of world structures? How their old stories, wounds and beliefs are contributing to the group vibration and that clearing them will go a long way to helping them find peace (and even happiness) in the middle of this storm? Sure, it might be a little more confronting than some would like, but we've got the skills to handle that and at least it would be honoring Universal Truth?

For example, none of them – as far as I can see (I may be wrong) – have called out any of the crimes against humanity that have been playing out, for what they are. None of them are speaking publicly about how rampant pedophilia is in our world governments. They're not talking about the psyop's (psychological operations) that have been rolled out with systematic precision (such as Black Lives Matter and the whole ‘bending the knee’ situation) since the media told us we were in a ‘pandemic’ - they're siding with them in fact - and none of them are addressing the huge elephant in the room which is, the existence of false light, false light workers and false prophets.

FYI, there's a fake Jesus who's been sold to us, for donkeys, via The Vatican & Co, shrouded not in holy robes as you'd expect, but in satanic symbolism. You just need know what to look for; although it is actually in plain sight. They like to call him The Anti-Christ.

It is a big concern when you realize these people influence millions around the world and have the power to change lives with one well-timed quote. They are in the highly privileged position of being able to unify a fractured and fear-riddled collective and yet (it appears), many are choosing to acquiesce.

For decades, self helpers have been telling us we need to “go it alone”, yet now, at a time when we need to be trusting our own voices, joining hands and forces and facing the multi-dimensional truths coming out, side by side, many are still advocating we stay small and do things solo. But do they have all the answers? I don't think so. I certainly don't either. Nobody does, unless you're God. Or have a well developed god-complex.

For years we've been sold the idea that "everything starts with us", that we are the masters of our own destiny, that we have the power to change our lives in an instant when we choose and that at the end of the day, nobody can transform or heal us, but us. This is truth, so why do we still seek reassurance from others to justify that which we already know in our hearts? We really are a funny species aren't we. Well-marketed efforts have told us to pause, withdraw and go within, to essentially separate ourselves from others – which yes, has its merits of course and is absolutely a necessary phase of our personal development – but for a time (I believe) and at various times; not forever. And now with what's going on, it's probably in our best interests to get over ourselves and come together to unify with our brethren, not remain isolated in our heads, taking everything on as our fault and procrastinating ‘on the fence’ because we are unsure where to place our allegiance after so long fending for and focusing only on ourselves.

Yes, inner work is good and is needed, but you can actually spend too much time alone, wallowing in your ‘stuff’ and perpetuating drama for yourself, to the point where it all gets very unhealthy.

Newsflash: it’s not always all about you! Sometimes other people are just messed up and that has nothing to do with you. Everyone on this earth is equally responsible for themselves and it’s not our duty to try and work out (or fix), anyone else. This is (what I call) a ‘hangover’ habit in the healing industry especially and all it does is feed inherited patterns of guilt, self sabotage and energetic obligation. It’s time to clear this in the collective consciousness and claim our ‘self’ as divine, whole and ‘perfect’ just as we are; in every way.

You don’t need anyone to tell or teach you that because self-help isn't a 'one size fits all' kind of deal. You just need to activate your own inner teacher. And then stop trying and just DO.

There comes a time when we all need to snap out of our sh*t and get on with living and that my friends, is a massive part of what 2020 is all about. To stop taking everything so personally and yet remain connected to everything and everyone, in an intimate and personal way. It's time to get up and out into the thick of things so we can practically apply what we have learned whilst absorbing all those books, 'streams and podcasts. So no more Harry Hermit and lounging about in your pj’s all day with only self pity and Menulog on speed-dial as company. Or pretending that you’re not really using fear as an excuse to not engage, when you know you are, okay?

In case you haven't noticed, humanity is on a mission to EVOLVE. It’s time to help one another and the world simultaneously. It’s time to be in service to others, not just in service to oneself.

If your dialogue has been “I’m just going to stay out of all this – remain neutral – it’s not my thing”, then guess what, you are the perfect candidate for the “new normal” this new world order has planned. Why?

Because if you don’t pick a side and aren’t willing to make a choice or take a stand boldly for a cause because it could potentially threaten your comfort zone, your livelihood or your relationships – even if you aren’t happy in any or all of those areas of your life to begin with – then you are at great risk my friend. If you would rather stay with 'what is' and endure what doesn’t fully nourish or honor your highest and best, than take a risk to open the window even slightly to breathe in the unknown, then it's as if your soul has a giant “fair game” sign stuck to its back.

Another newsflash: If you aren’t consciously working for or with God, you are unconsciously serving the opposition, i.e Satan. (This, from the inspiring @JenRode).

The sad thing is, the attitude and energy that accompanies ‘no-side-neutrality’, in this respect, often only creates mental, emotional and spiritual stagnancy. It also increases your chances of being left behind when the rest of humanity gets jiggy with evolving and if there’s one thing I know about humans, it’s that we all have a deep and primal need to be included.

Nobody wants to miss the boat; or in this case, the Ark.

This need stems from our ancestral roots and how we were raised in villages, by everyone in our community. As babies we were cared for by our immediate and extended family members, neighbors and friends. When we grew into teenage-hood, the same thing, we were educated and disciplined by our parents but also by the elders in our tribe, until such time that we started wanting to express our individuality and break free of the restrictions of being told what to do, how to do it, and when. At this point, young adulthood, we decide to leave the nest to carve our own destiny out in the big, wide world. We abandon the safety of our clan and travel where our heart leads us, learning as we go, accruing various survival skills and forging relationships of all kinds. For many it becomes the school of hard knocks, but for all of us, it is the best education that we will ever get. Eventually, our desire for family and community returns. We want to be ‘seen’ by our kin as successful, mature, and so we return home. We are now ready to be acknowledged for who we are, what we can offer our tribe and well equipped to make a valuable contribution to society.

This is a basic explanation of the innate human journey – starting off connected, then becoming separated and then re-connecting again. We come to realize and appreciate that we are individual parts of a whole, a team, a greater collective and that what we give, and receive, are one in the same.

This knowledge, this desire to serve and participate and contribute, has been deliberately diluted from our bloodlines over time however, by those who seek only one thing – dominion over all others – and it is exactly these wisdoms and these primal impulses, that we as humanity, are re-awakening to now. So look out Mr "light-bearer", we have got our mojo back!

Through all that 2020 is offering, we are learning to walk our talk again and the only way we can really and truly do this, this time round, is to do it TOGETHER.

If you do anything this month, please make time for prayer and entertaining ideas and concepts that you have previously ignored or dismissed, because I promise you, there is so much to be gained if you do. So much. On the flip side, there is also much to be lost, if you don't. This is the best way to help yourself, ever.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be hosting my annual Beltane (All Hallows Eve) ceremony online this time, so there’s no parking or babysitting concerns for you. This one is always a juicy deep dive into our subconscious tapestries so I do hope you can join me. It's also a chance to connect with your ancestors and receive some of their teachings. I'll include the link in next week's sharing, but please keep the evening of Saturday October 31 free if you can. It'll be a rare "Halloween" Full Moon also (in Taurus).

Sending you all love and strength and positive, earth-loving vibes.





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