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Spring is in the Air




I write this week's newsletter from my bed after a day of paintball of all things!

Yes, skirmish, paintball, stupid, whatever you want to call it, I gave it a shot for my son’s 13th birthday and what an experience it was! I discovered within about 5 seconds of being on the ground, that I am in no way, at all, a combative-type person. Ain’t no inner soldier hiding inside this little chicken waiting to emerge and smash opponents to pieces, no sir. I’m definitely more of a ‘lay on the ground like a submissive puppy and pray’ kind of player lol. After 4 shots (embarrassingly) in about as many minutes, I was O.U.T. Voluntarily surrendered! Well, at least I got kitted up in all the camo and gave it a shot (or a few, so to speak). The moment I got hit, I actually wanted to burst into tears, it was quite unexpected. I got a huge surge of ‘I’m being attacked’ fear through my body and as the bullets pelted around (and off) me, I actually felt completely overwhelmed. I cannot imagine what it would be like to fight for real.

Which leads me to the very concerning reality that is happening right now with Chinese tanks hitting the streets of Hong Kong. Let’s pray this does not turn into what we are all fearing it (unfortunately quite easily) could, given the attitude of China at the moment.

Change is certainly afoot this week, everywhere. Down under, the birthing of spring, plus some powerful planetary placements, promises to reposition us to our next level of awareness and then some. Hopefully you won’t feel like you need to pad up and soldier on, too much.

Four big days in particular, invite us to rise and conquer – but with LOVE – not verbal or psychological artillery.

It is going to be another noisy and challenging seven days, with several big playing, high rolling planets, connecting and bouncing off one another, much like a massive celestial game of slow-motion snooker (with TNT in several instances). Every area of our lives will be under the microscope from now till the 8th, which can make you either squirm with angst or squeal with delight, depending on how you’ve been showing up over the last six months especially. That Super New Moon in Virgo whacked a lot of us right outta the park last week, so make sure you spend some time checking in with yourself and honestly assessing where you may still need to shed some more baggage.

I’m calling it a ‘head-down-bum-up’ kinda week, just to be on the safe side. If it’s not your show, it’s not your show. Just keep breathing and walk on by.

Mercury – the planet of communication and often excessive verbosity – and the Sun, Mars and Venus, will be connecting to five different planets (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto), in three different ways this week. Square to Jupiter from Sun-Mercury on Sunday 1st; Mercury-Neptune opposition on Saturday and a Sun-Mars-Mercury trine mid week. Pheee-www! We’re gonna need all our mindfulness tools out on the table this week to ensure we stay calm amidst the chaos. It’s not a ‘think before you speak’ vibe, it’s a ‘feel before you act’ one.

Best plan of action: keep your mouth shut (this helps to keep your feet out of it also) and your head screwed on straight. If in doubt – keep quiet, step away from the challenge and use your heart. Basically, this is not a week for making big, life changing decisions, but rather, contemplating, laying low and trying not to take things personally.

Monday 2nd brings a burst of assertive and imaginative energy, helping us express our unique creativity so we can discover new and inspiring ways to think, perceive, express and live and take ourselves ‘out of the box’ with a little more confidence. Balance contemplation with expression and activity with rest today and make sure you listen to your higher self throughout to ensure you tap into the powerful alchemy that is the Sun conjunct Mars. Harness the light, be productive, tidy up loose ends and get outdoors to exercise, breathe deeply and sweat it up. Mars needs us to express, move and initiate, otherwise the fire and heat that comes in with it, can burn and turn in on us, making us bitter and frustrated at not having taken the chance or the time to answer the CTA (call to action) when we had it. Use this stellar solar opportunity to incinerate anything old and just give it – whatever ‘it’ is – your best shot today! Channel your power into something productive otherwise there’s a high probability it will end up festering as anger and regret if not utilised properly.

Go home or go hard essentially.

Venus (in Virgo square) and Jupiter (in Sagittarius) are holding the reins of the chariot equally today, bringing in expansive and pleasurable energies, so get on board, shake your hair out Shakira-style and ride like the wind, trusting in the whole experience of adventure as much as you can! Today is great for romantic encounters and connecting intimately too obviously *wink wink!

Same thing Tuesday as the Mars energy continues to fire things up and ignite the flow with determination. Keep singing, shouting and feeling free so you avoid holding things in and unconsciously creating inner barricades to abundance and fun within yourself.

Wednesday 4th, the numbers 4 (universal date) and 7 (4+9+2019=25=7) get together to help us explore and implement our findings, in a more relaxed and peaceful environment after all that fiery Mars activity on Monday. In the simplest of explanations, four is all about grounding and seven is all about change, so together they create the foundational shifts needed for our continued evolution. They also remind us to stay balanced during tumultuous times and remember that transformation is a mandatory part of life. Natural, necessary and (sometimes involves us being) a little bit naughty!

Make room for meditation and entertaining the mysteries of life this hump day because when we are in the introspective-zone and feeling our inner peace, it allows sudden inspirations and insights to rise up and make sense. We create the space for them to land, when we are still. When things organically come to the surface of our mind we can recognise where we have been stagnating and then whatever ah-ha moments pop up, they will tend to have lasting impact and potential for great success; in comparison to the ‘ideas’ that come when we force the mind and try and manipulate scenarios for specific outcomes.

Venus opposite Neptune today brings in a loving and deeply spiritual energy also, meaning that love can take on a whole new meaning today – but saying that, it does have to be brought into balance. Don’t invest too fully in any new partnerships, but rather, digest what any current connection truly means to your highest of hearts. Make sure it serves you and your divine feminine (or masculine), or whether you are repeating another relationship pattern without realising it. Create some quiet time today to understand how you are manifesting abundance and success for yourself in relation to intimacy and emotional support in general. This alignment between Venus and Neptune also has the potential to blur the lines between reality and illusion more than usual too, so be strong and truthful with yourself and investigate any and all physical sensations that come up when you go into your heart and any present heartfelt connections.

Keep your eyes peeled and your radar switched to high alert because what appears obvious or even nourishing, may not be entirely so.

Emotional escapism and delusion are possible with this planetary combination, so you may feel as if you are idealising your relationship in some ways, or wishing it was more like ‘the movies’ perhaps; and whilst we all know Hollywood isn’t ‘real life’, we do all love the intrigue and fantasy it portrays in connection to falling in love, raising ridiculously good looking, genius offspring and ‘living the dream’ with our ‘perfect’ soul mate in a mansion on a rubbish-free beach that never erodes. Find the balance and the reality for yourself today by indulging and entertaining just the right amount of make-believe. Find the line between fact and fiction for yourself (and your partner), without getting either too starry-eyed or being too cynical and blanket doubting that ‘magic does happen’ because by the time Thursday rolls around, the energy will have shifted to support helpful and truthful conversations and authentic alliances of the heart. We create our world remember.

Friday 6th brings in one of my favourite codes, that of 3-6-9, the triad of creation; a code of love, self expression and pure abundance. Today is a great day for feeling emotionally open and safe and sharing your truth without fear. The Sun trine Saturn helps you focus on and acknowledge what you have achieved as you’ve journeyed so far, so make time to appreciate your past efforts and all you have manifested. If you’ve done the work, you deserve the reward. This energy also helps us accept full responsibility for our actions and to recognise where the lessons have held us to account, for our soul’s highest growth. Today is a good one for smudging or re-gridding your house and intimate spaces thanks to Venus trine Pluto that creates an intensification of magnetic, supportive and loving energies. If you haven’t made a commitment to that special person (especially after all the contemplation and discussions earlier in the week), then today could be the day you decide to do so (or not to do so.) Either way, companionship and having people close to you that you can share your genuine self with, without judgment or fear, will be on your mind today.

Choose your tribal members with care and then commit to honouring them (and yourself) as we all move into the next phase of consciousness and awakening living.

Don’t just talk your talk today – be prepared to walk your talk as well – because if you do, you will discover just how powerful at manifesting, you are.

Today also sees Venus finally cutting us some slack with a positive trine to Pluto, helping us see the wood for the trees and all manner of blocks with greater clarity. By Sunday, everything pans out nicely thanks to Mars trine Saturn bringing in bucket loads of abundance and good vibes to support whatever new project or announcement you have to make. ‘Fruition’ and ‘fortuitous-ness’, are my words for this day.

Saturday 7th is a game-changer. It’s important to remember that in order to succeed and create abundance that lasts, we need to be prepared to roll up our sleeves and put in the hard work first. We have to participate. If practicality, organization and number-crunching aren’t part of your inherited gift pack – and we can’t all be brilliant at them (or the same things by the way – make time today to call forth some of Virgo’s talent in these areas if you know this is you. Don’t chastise yourself for not being great at everything, but instead focus on acknowledging what you are good at and asking for help with the things that you are yet to master. Those of us who are predominantly spiritual, need the support of those who are more practical; and vice versa. We learn by teaching each other and building up our skill sets where we need to. We also need to be honest about our limitations and yet at the same time, not letting those limitations define us at the same time, because we are all works in progress after all.

Attempt your best at doing all of the above and by Sunday, your prayers will have been answered.

Yep, you read right. Any invocations cast on Saturday will have been answered by Sunday 8th as the Sun, Mercury and Mars all play in Virgo, bringing a particularly inspiring and motivating tone to your earth-based reality. It also heralds a code of leadership with the #8 and a powerful 29/11 portal. You’ll be able to get a lot of stuff done and by doing so, you’ll open up the space for deep, authentic and empowering conversations, the kinds of connections that remind you of your divine purpose and build your faith that there are others ‘out there’ that think the same way as you; that is, others who are willing to do the work and lead with their light. Every single word you use, has power, meaning and influence today.

For sure, September promises to be an exciting and awakening month indeed and it’s not just because of the Equinoxes (spring down under/winter up top).

As I’ve mentioned before, we are closing out on a century and beginning a new one (in 2020) and that is always going to bring huge change and adjustment, regardless of how spiritual we may believe ourselves to be or not to be.

Everyone will start receiving messages from their higher selves with more urgency and consistency after that Virgo Super New Moon we just had on the weekend and this is necessary for the continued evolution of the collective – which includes all life forms, not just human. Ever since the new earth grids were laid and embedded (around June this year), we have been experiencing accelerated growth, learning, clearing and healing and often left, right and centre, almost to the extent of overwhelm. Many of us have not been sleeping very well because a lot of our work has been on the astral plane, involving dreamscape or required our presence in other dimensions. Our dietary habits and needs, have shifted as a result and we’ve found ourselves needing more time out and even less time around people sometimes. The calm and unconditionally loving company of our pets for example, has been invaluable support and comfort as we have adjusted to the frequencies flowing in. They’re feeling it too of course and are helping transmute the energies with us, especially those ones who are Boddhisattvas, like my staffy Buddha/Blaze.

We’re all in this together so stay clear and stay grounded and trust all will be well.

A couple of cool things to re-mention that are coming to the studio in the coming months – Anthony Ousbeck will be hosting a mediation course each Wednesday starting on September 18th @ 6:30pm till 7:45pm. Anthony is a local earth warrior whose own life journey will no doubt inspire and enlighten you. To enquire and book, please contact him directly on 0404 721 616.

I’ll be hosting a special Spring Equinox/Ostara circle at Breathing Space on September 21st so please come along to get aligned with the season and set some abundance intentions for yourself (and the planet).

My FREE 5-day winter-spring bridging immersion will be held on September 16th – 21st @ 12pm – 1:30pm, honouring the Chinese clock energies that are opposite to and that invoke the spring organs and energies of liver and gall bladder whilst providing deep support for the small intestine (digestion) and heart (circulation) at the same time. Liver time is 1am – 3am and gall bladder is 11pm – 1am, so we obviously can’t practice then; we can however, work with the supporting meridian channels to establish energetic harmony and integrity. This will help create stability as well as flexibility and balance us out in mind, body and spirit. It’s also a great time of day to practice because your digestive power is peaking and it will provide you with good, clear energy for the rest of your day.

For the first time I am offering this immersion ONLINE and FREE so you can either practice with me in real time, or watch the recording later when it’s more convenient for you.

The next full moon circle for me will be held at Qi Yoga at Freshwater again on Saturday September 14th, so please book with them and get ready for another powerful gathering.

Here’s the link:

And this week, an exciting new event involving myself and my dear spiritual sister Donna McCormick. We will be co-hosting a four-part series of divine conscious conversations at the studio, the first one this Thursday at 6:30pm.

So remember to take it easy this week, keep it simple, eat well and rest lots and maybe start introducing some lighter, greener foods to your diet to start some subtle liver cleansing. Book yourself in to some of the above offerings coming up to support yourself and remember it’s not spring 100% just yet, so my advice is hold off on the intense spring detoxes just yet until trans-season is over; heralded by the Equinox on September 21st – 22nd. We could still see some wet and windy weather return before winter surrenders for good.

Blessings and love,



"Each morning we are born again. What we do today, is what matters most." Buddha


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