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Solstice in the Shadows

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

We're in the 21st century now folks, things were always destined to shift and with the solstice falling on June 21st, plus it being 2021 and all, this certainly promises to make things 'interesting'.

One thing we would all do well to remember as spiritual warriors of all kinds, is that we are not alone doing this work; and I'm not talking about community support. Just as we seek to connect to and amplify divine light, there is another side that seeks to do the exact opposite, to invert and distort it, and naively pretending like this isn't the case, will only land you in some very hot and dangerous waters.

I watched "Rocketman" on Friday night and I must say, it was brilliant. Apart from the opening scene that sees him wearing a red Devil suit complete with scarlet feathery wings and diamanté horns (which was clearly paying homage to his 'god') and despite knowing what I know now about this satanic-infused industry, I admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the rousing '70's flashbacks and reminders of what is undeniably, musical genius. Not that I'm condoning his blatant allegiance with the darkness in order to achieve untold wealth and riches and then some, but you can't help feel sorry for the guy after learning what a crap childhood he had and how loveless his (almost entire) life has been. Just when you thought his familial situation couldn't get any more tragic, it did, so I guess he was the 'perfect' candidate for a Luciferian makeover after all. Still, I never wish ill on any human nor judge them for the choices they make because while I may have strong opinions about what they do, like everyone else, it's really none of my business. Although I do draw a hard line with pedophilia.

Spoiler alert coming up FYI.

I was in no doubt that Sir Elton had indeed made 'a deal' with you-know-who long before seeing this film, but having watched it now, I reckon I have pinpointed the exact time he put his actual 'blood to paper' to alter his timelines forever and that was when he met (and fell madly in love with) Master John Reid, the suave, dark and dangerously sexy manager (played by Games of Thrones' heart throb Richard Madden, of course), who naturally ended up screwing him over (in more ways than one), and proving himself to be a right heartless villain as well as an unapologetic slave to c*ck and cash. In the intimacy of their first meeting, you could literally see Elton's soul glazing over, intoxicated by this charming predator as well as the scent of his own talent's potential as it dawned on him. So, in that moment, he naturally allows himself to be seduced not only by the promise of limitless fame plus all the show-off fcukery that comes with it and that would eagerly encourage his flamboyant personality, but by this veritable snake as well. Maybe if he hadn't signed that particular contract and not got involved with Jon Snow then and there, his life would have taken a very different turn, who knows.

Interesting isn't it, the instantaneous karmic choices we make when one or more of the 'seven deadly sins', convince us to go for what we want, and often against our better judgment, meaning, what is best for our higher self. In the end, none of us are immune to ego. Satan sure is a clever bugger.

So how does the tale of Reggie the Rocketman relate to the upcoming Solstice? Well it doesn't directly, but what it does illustrate is yet another example of how powerful and persuasive, sorcery, witchcraft and all the associated and varied voodoo rituals are and how they all work to first excite, then encapsulate and finally enslave, human consciousness.

In recent years it's almost become 'trendy' to call oneself a 'witch' and to promote the inherited stories associated with this phase of the wounded healer-sisterhood, like some sort of badge of honor. If you're not diligently moon gazing each month, smearing menses all over your face or videoing yourself on Instagram putting crystals either up your yoni or out to bathe in the moonlight, you're not 'cool', not 'awake', or not truly committed and connected to Mother Earth. However, now is not the time to get stuck on stereotypes or archetypes for we can easily and often, end up addicted to them.

Long before what I call the 'plandemic-palava' came to town, there has been some serious sorcery going on around the world and despite the rumors - and many denying it within the esoteric industry as well - there is nothing glamorous about this aspect of it. What's really going on is a whole different ball game to what we're being told and in comparison to what is depicted as 'glamorous' and 'mysterious' by the mainstream media, in fantastical books and Hollywood movies and across platforms such as Netflix and Stan, the reality is, there are are some very warped people doing some extremely off things behind closed doors.

Tom Ellis may well be next level sexy as 'Lucifer' in the hit series of the same name, but the story line is undeniably and unashamedly satanic. More spoiler alerts coming up now.

In this latest Netflix offering - the platform that brought us the pedo-pushing "Cuties" remember - everything goes. From archangels breaking universal laws to procreate with humans and demons, humans happily having vodka fueled orgies with the Devil (even after finding out about that small detail), to soul-less, bisexual demons, it's all in there. Even, the original 'first lady', Eve - yes, from that garden - drops down from the silver city for a while, under the guise of 'boredom', and hoping to rekindle things with her 'ex' (aka Lucifer) but instead, she discovers a latent passion for bounty hunting as well as a previously untapped lesbian lust for one aforementioned demon (Maze), who, in between bashing up criminals and swilling copious amounts of booze, has managed to grow a soul through sheer will power.

But wait, there's more.

The 'Detective' (with distractingly immaculate eyebrows) who plays Satan's soul mate, appears to also have an un-realized fantasy, actually this time it's more of a fixation, with narcissists no less, hence falling in love with him - and when she isn't making doe eyes at Mr Morningstar or her fellow characters aren't throwing punches around, they're throwing sexual innuendos instead. It's convoluted to say the least and the subliminal messages are seriously enough to give any good Christian a holy heart attack on the spot.

The pinnacle however is the final scene which sees Lucifer assuming the Throne of Heaven for himself - after slaughtering half his angelic brethren mind you - and using the flaming Sword of Destiny to claim dominion over the Earth. So where is God during all this you ask? Well, He is nowhere to be seen because in a previous episode He decided to abdicate, leave the world to His supernal offspring to fight over and reunite with His ex-wife, the Goddess of all Creation, for some extended celestial nookie in another dimension!

It truly is 'esoterica entertainment extraordinaire' and there is so much to read between the lines with this one, it truly makes your brain hurt.

My point is, everything has just reached a new level of inverted madness and the things we are currently witnessing on our limited 3D plane, are just a tiny sliver of what is actually going on 'behind the curtains' so to speak, or 'beyond the veils'. For months now, entities have been summoned to wreak havoc across Australia and particularly in Victoria, because this compliant state is actually the hub of corruption (and political pedophilia) in this country. Just because you do not hear about this or know where these sick people gather in secret to invoke their mayhem, doesn't mean it isn't happening. There are things at play here that even the more learned among us, find it a challenge to comprehend, let alone, try to counteract.

There are no coincidences when it comes to numerology, astrology, dates and numbers. NONE. Anyone who knows anything about the occult, inversion and spellcraft, will know the importance of certain dates and the significant powers that can be accessed and hijacked when tapping into seasonal and symbolic phases of the moon.

Currently Venus is in Cancer and Neptune is in Pisces and if there was ever a planetary combination that screams 'incoming collective catharsis', this is it. Plus there is a 'Grand Trine' or 'Grand Cross' being created between the Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune making this an extra-special solstice, which is again, a potent window for us all - including the occult-wand-wielding opportunists among us - to take advantage of.

We've been experiencing some seriously intense and unusual weather of late too and it can't be brushed off or explained away with 'climate change' excuses anymore, because thankfully, too many have cottoned onto that whole facade by now. We know HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) have been manipulating the weather for decades. Think extending droughts in order to slowly cripple farming communities and control the economy, orchestrating 'bush fires' and 'fire storms', deliberately flooding out rural areas (usually full of 'non-compliant citizens') and spraying entire states with poisonous chem-trails that are then passed off as 'unseasonal' and 'extreme' weather events caused by greenhouse gases and escalating climate change. Please investigate this for yourself for there is much to learn and use duckduckgo. as your search engine, not google. Our government is not our friend nor is it to be trusted.

We, the humans, are to blame for the planet dying of course because we are the parasites that insist on breeding without consent and sucking up all the resources. Absolute rubbish by the way; that is what the elites think and want us to believe.

We don't need a Planet B; we need New Management for this one.

The thing that many don't realize with weather manipulation however, is that it can be used for more than just creating rain or conjuring up dust storms. Yes, sorcery is deeply involved in this to manifest and intensify particular outcomes. HAARP can be infused with spells and used to access the astral plane, thanks (no thanks) to the nano-particulates and myriad systems of electro-magnetic frequencies that they flood through the skies in specific patterns and synthetic wave structures, to open, wait for it... portals.

I know it's hard to fathom that there are actually people out there doing this, people who profess to honor the elements of nature and respect natural and universal laws and willingly participating in this literal sh*tshow, but sadly, there are.

These maniacal mediums are working together in global covens and abusing magic to tear the very fabric of time apart so as to allow all manner of dark entities to access this realm; and they especially favor powerful vortexes, ley-line junctures and (still) wounded ancestral sites for the pure energy they offer and the traumatic memories they harbor. This is yet another reason why it's so important that as a collective - and particularly here in Australia - that we respectfully work together with our elders and traditional custodians to heal the land and the fear-filled frequencies still embedded within it that continue to pollute both our group psyches, so evil cannot take hold and be used against innocent people any more. This is why genuine energy workers can always sense the trauma of the land when working on it and why they can also perceive subtle changes in its vibration, both ahead of certain occult 'rituals' and after they have taken place. It's like these 'events' leave an energetic imprint that can be 'read' by those who know enough.

So as I said, we are not alone when we work. We are not the only ones eagerly waiting for the cumulonimbus to clear so we can stare at the moon and dance around under her shiny juju.

There is always someone or something watching over our shoulder, waiting to access the rising energies on the astral at the same time as we are, only they wish to harness them for ill intent. It pays to be super vigilant and prepared for anything when engaging with lunar ceremonies for example and to ensure if you hold your own, or especially if you attend gatherings to honor these energies, that you only do so with people who are experienced masters, capable of keeping your soul safe. It's also imperative that the location you practice on, is honored, clear and not compromised in any way, otherwise you inadvertently put yourself - specifically, your sacred energy - at risk of being hijacked by nefarious forces. People can manifest a lot of light energy and at very high vibrations when channeling as a group and this can be harvested without you even knowing.

Fear - in all its various forms as well, such as uncertainty, procrastination or doubt, in relation to trusting yourself and believing that you are 100% protected and have the higher permissions when doing your rituals - is an especially valuable 'loosh' (a drug) to them. All it takes is one fleeting thought of distrust in the power of the light from one uncertain or inexperienced mind, for them to swoop in and infiltrate. Ecstatic energies and even kundalini-related experiences, can also make one vulnerable to psychic attack.

The important thing to remember is that nothing is happening by accident and that as a collective, we have all united in consciousness to co-create all that we are living now. Plus, we always knew June was going to be a cracker of a month, but luckily, it's coming to an end.

Now these truths might confront or panic some people, but in actuality, knowing puts us all in a position of empowered authority because when we realize we have created something, we also have just as much power and ability, to un-create or dismantle it. The key is acknowledging that we are not victims, that we are equal players in this game and that we do have the advantage because we are made of the light and the elements and are therefore, recipients and conduits of the full Alchemic force of Mother Nature and Father God.

Both the Winter and Summer Solstice represent a tipping point where either the darkest day (or the longest) of the year, beg us to wake up and smell the coffee before it's too late. It's time to stand strong and "unflinching in the face of infinity" (thank you Max Igan) and ensure we have healed and integrated as many aspects of our human self as best we can before we march onto the spiritual battlefield and to do this, there must be no instruments of false light influencing our hearts or minds; consciously or unconsciously. We must step onto equally hallowed and haunted grounds, wearing the Armor of God and holding only the blazing shield of Faith and sword of Truth in our hands and hearts, knowing that nothing and no-one's gonna mess with us when we do. Especially not the devilishly handsome.

THIS is how we reclaim principalities people; across the invisible realities first and then here, on this 3D one. This is what is actually involved when we talk about spiritual warfare.

Solstice heralds a brand new beginning so let's man up and make it exactly that. Now is the time to trust yourself like never before and to determine never to bow down to the darkness, even when it scares the living daylights out of you and looks like it's beat all of us to the post. IT HASN'T AND IT NEVER WILL. You must hold strong and hold the line dear one and not let them infiltrate your field for they will try their utmost to woo your soul-senses and flatter your ego if they sense even the slightest window of opportunity. Never doubt your sacred self or your untouchable sovereign power.

As a heart warrior dear one, you must be prepared to serve and die (if necessary) in the name of LOVE.

"Not on my watch Satan, not today," is my solstice (and every day) pledge.

Make it yours too.


In service to the light and doing my bit to help support the raising and anchoring of the divine frequencies, and on this particular Solstice, I am super excited to share that I have been invited by the lovely Tara Love Perry to participate in the below event with 32 other amazing warrior women around the world.

I will be featuring in the second segment talking about 'Menstruation and Womb Healing', which is perfect because this my area of energetic expertise. I think the AEST is 9:30pm till 11pm - so I do hope you can tune in.

Here are some other links of interest if you're up for expanding your awareness (again)!

Vital information explaining the world elites and how they manage to manipulate us all. Remember that this video was produced and released 2 years before the 2020 pandemic happened.

Dr Gabor Maté, holocaust survivor, addiction expert and overall incredible human.

And whether you're a Russell Brand fan or not, you gotta give him points for exposing who and what he does in this highly amusing and controversial show. Worth watching.

And lastly, a soul-soothing share from my beautiful friend/mentor Belinda-Jane Hunt.



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