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The End Of An Era







More tragedy connected to these horrendous fires this week, made worse by the disappearance of our chief leader, Scott Morrison and (in his absence), his cronies’ continued denial that climate change has anything to do with what’s happening in the environment right now. Astounding really when the evidence shows that Australia is currently surrounded by its own ring of fire and giving a very undeniable message to the world that global heating is real.

I’d like to take a moment before launching into this week’s account, to acknowledge the heroic efforts of the combined Rural Fire Services and all their volunteers who are literally risking their lives by battling the blazes 24/7. It’s soul shattering for those who have lost their homes, their loved ones and precious livestock, as well as the devastating impact on wildlife (including many species which are already critically endangered) and I can only imagine the exhaustion and terror the fire fighters are experiencing under these ‘unprecedented conditions’. Sending protection to every being and prayers that these infernos expire ASAP.

Now, to you Mr Morrison. Nobody begrudges you having a holiday with your family but you have to admit, your timing sucks mate. Where the bloody hell are you?!

Hiding in Hawaii with the family whilst the people you are supposed to be serving, are losing theirs? Not good enough Prime Minister. Not good enough. And neither is your attempt at a ‘regrettable apology’ at having gone AWOL without telling anyone what you were up to or who would stand in your stead as your country incinerated. These fires have been burning for months, which means you’ve had plenty of time to change your bookings. Any man with conscious kahunas would have chosen homeland over holiday and postponed said trip until the worst was over; however long it takes. THAT is how Australians respond. In my book, this just tops off a series of bad (read: shameless) decisions you have made since taking the top job for yourself this year.

Jesus is watching us all remember.

Across the Pacific, another political scandal unfurls with the long-awaited impeachment of Donald Trump; and what a relief that is. Only problem is, the Republicans dominate the Senate – as well as manipulate it – so most likely they will stay blind and loyal to him; despite the glaring obviousness to the rest of the sane world that the man is just a big, loud bully with bad hair who gets his kicks making a mockery of ‘truth, justice and the American way’. No doubt they’ll block it actually being applied and him being removed from office; which is exactly what should happen.

He should actually be removed from the planet, but I suspect the aliens decided long ago that this particular human is far more interesting (and it’s more beneficial for them from an educational perspective) to observe in his element on earth. Even with their heightened senses and (I assume) superior abilities to detach in the name of inter-galactic research or whatever it is they may be doing out there, they know it’s not worth having the likes of ‘The Don’ on board the Mothership because nobody – not even the extra-terrestrials – enjoys a pain in the ass!

Plus, sadly, huge pockets of the American public are either still unconscious and asleep and/or so fear-filled that the ones who could be bothered voting anyway, will probably end up electing him back in. Better the devil you know kind of attitude. His wily tactic of making any attack on him, an attack on them also, may just pay off in his favour. I’m sure his main motto is “play on people’s fears and they will do anything for you”. Threaten to take away their ‘right to bear arms’ and they lose all sense of reasoning; even if they don’t have a gun, it’s the anticipation of chaos and losing control that drives people to compromise their values and follow an icon like sheep. The ‘I might need that one day’ dialogue rises within the un-evolved because they are still wrestling with trust, security and ingrained cultural racism issues, vibrations that have long been out of whack in the US and vibrations that will continue to be out of whack until someone makes a stand and brings the country into the 21st century.

This could turn out to be a ‘Clayton’s Impeachment’, in which case, god help us all.

The Christian muscle behind this man spreads all the way through the blue collar bible belt after all and from a sheer numbers perspective, together they bring a lot of pulling power with them. However, ‘majority rules’ rarely translates to ‘intelligence rules’, in any country and it is exactly this mass mentality that Trump relies upon to prop him up, despite his most abhorrent behaviour. I just keep praying to the goddess to take care of this situation once and for all because I really don’t think the world could cope with this misogynist at the helm for another term. It just defies all rationale, sensibility and (conscious) world progress.

Yep. Christmas isn’t as it used to be this year. It’s no wonder we’re finding it hard to conjure up any decent Christmas cheer.

“With all the lunar activations, eclipse cycles and ever-increasing-in-intensity equinox and solstice passages, 2019 has been one long 12-month rite of passage for every single being on earth and these last remaining weeks of the decade are calling each one of us to step even higher up the ladders of our own making and stop living out denial.”

I touched on the above last week and have had several conversations about its relevance this week again, and so, because it is so pertinent, here it is again (with some additions).

“Australia is literally on fire right now my friends – encircled by it in fact – and we are in Summer, the season governed by the fire element. Fire is all about heart energy – either open or closed, free or imprisoned – and is known as The Emperor in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The heart governs our being and makes the best, fairest and most appropriate decisions that will nourish the ‘all’ and ensure the survival of all. It is all about compassion, forgiveness, courage, emotional intelligence and transforming trauma and resolving the past so we can move forwards, healed and happy. It’s no coincidence that all these fires are raging as so much residual grief and anger and frustration, rages within the hearts of every Australian. The karma for this country is coming to a head as this decade closes and that means we are all responsible for making amends and forgiving the wounded and unconscious parts within us that still carry any residual expression of anger, hatred, violence, greed and racism. Our collective past has caught up with us. The way our ancestors treated the indigenous from the get go, is now our responsibility to clear and heal, completely.”

I remember hearing a local bushman utter the following horrendous sentence (with pride mind you), when we first moved to the country, 35 years ago. It wasn’t even ‘serious outback’ territory and yet here it was, blatant bigotry, only 2 hours from our privileged north shore back yard. (Apologies for the language, it is not mine).

“My great-great grandfather shot his last 'abo' right next to this tree.”

Needless to say my entire family was absolutely mortified and we quickly made a shrine near that tree as our way of apologising to the spirits and asking for their permission to care for the land we had just purchased; knowing full well it wasn’t ours just because we had paid for it. From that point on, we often felt them watching us (in a good way). After having the honour of meeting and hosting Uncle Glen, the indigenous elder for the Darkinjung region at my studio last year, I returned to the farm to offer prayers on behalf of all the original settler families and their descendants still living in the valley, because honestly, that band of inherited energy just can’t continue. After the death of our beloved horse up there this year, I haven’t returned and most likely won’t again as that chapter feels fully clear and closed for me now.

I’m sure we all have our own ideas about what we would do if we had the power to change things, so here are a just a few of my suggestions if I ever decide to run for office (wink wink):

· Return all sacred sites back to the elders, including those sold to foreign countries

· Hand over land management to the indigenous to help combat climate change

· Change the flag design to incorporate the custodians’ colours and culture

· Re-write the history books (and current legislation) to recognise all indigenous as equal to all other Australians of various nationalities.

We can’t fall back on the “it’s easier said than done” BS anymore either. It is as easy as saying and doing it. You do it as you say it. It’s called walking your talk! If we want something bad enough, we make it happen don’t we; and I reckon there are enough Aussies out there who are just as sick of the imbalance and inherited ignorance as I am, that we can manifest this one, come 2020.

So in the words of Lleyton Hewitt – “C’MONNNNN!!!”

I mentioned that December 19 was going to be a powerful day of activation and divine inspiration, so how did you fare? Amid the heatwave conditions, I hope you managed to send some prayers to the Water Element and connect in to Her sacred frequency. I managed 12 laps in Avalon pool in the early afternoon – one lap for every re-activating strand of DNA. As I swam, I surrendered all my debris, my little selves, my attachments and anything else that might be lingering in my cells and just beyond my conscious mind’s ability to perceive. It was such a beautiful experience, the water literally feeling like the fluids within the womb, albeit slightly colder. (Two days later I experienced a massive purge similar to gastro, and then it cleared. Interesting isn’t it.) After my swim I cast prayers to Mother Ocean for all sentient beings and asked Maa to bring the rains to our scorching shores as soon as celestially possible. Even for a deity such as Maa, it’s hard to conjure up the size of storm we need when you consider there is zero moisture in the soil and the atmosphere – and that most people are dehydrated emotionally and energetically as well – but I trust She is doing Her best and that She has a plan in place. It’s our job as spiritual warriors to hold the faith, stay strong and never waiver in our belief that chaos always precedes calm; even (and especially) when we can’t see or imagine it.

We gotta keep dreaming outside the box peeps because together we are co-creating the new dreaming, for the whole of humanity.

As I write this, part of me is freaking out that there are only two sleeps till Christmas Day and I still haven’t sorted my plate for the family luncheon. First world problems I know, but in truth, perhaps (subconsciously) I am delaying my shop because I am finding it so hard to embrace any kind of celebrations when fire and drought are still destroying lives. Maybe my resistance is playing out as ‘grocery avoidance’. Food for thought.

So, this week, these are the days to keep an eye out for.

Tuesday December 24 is obviously Christmas Eve and if you’re European, you’ll most likely be opening at least one if not all of your pressies tonight, which is perfect because the day brings in three powerful numbers as #24 (the day), #6 (2+4=6) and #3 (the date, 24+12+2019=21/3); all numbers of intuition, creativity, love, giving and sacred self expression. Today the stars support you getting busy with new plans and being curious about the potential you are capable of generating and embracing.

The cusp of Christmas Day (December 25) and Boxing Day (December 26) brings the solar eclipse new moon in Capricorn and hence this window is all about freedom, the courage to pioneer and buckets of good fortune flowing in because the Sun and Moon are also conjunct with Jupiter. If there was ever a super lucky eclipse, this is it! Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance, with the ability to expand our sense of optimism, perspective on spirituality and ignite any dormant desires connected to dreaming ourselves awake and living the life we visualise in our highest of hearts. Literally a new light of awareness is being seeded within you – new moons are all about planting seeds and intentions after all – be it a new project, a new direction, a new relationship or a new phase of your existing journey. The Sun aka the light, brings the nourishment and energy needed to germinate and activate us into the next level of our sacred alignment. I’m teaching a 4pm - 6pm class on this day and would love to share this awesome energy with you if you can make it.

This new moon eclipse is a cracker folks. It happens at 13 minutes past the hour – no matter where you are in the world – and embodies the numbers of destiny, kismit and fate. The Sun and Moon (at 4 degrees) form a trine to Uranus and Taurus also and as cardinal earth signs, both Capricorn and Taurus are grounding, supportive and deeply nourishing, helping us to establish the roots that we need for our continued journey. As an air sign Uranus is all about higher mind and intelligence, liberation and stirring the pot so that the breakdowns and breakthroughs that we need for our growth, can manifest. 'No pain, no gain' so to speak; at least energetically because healing and growth only happen when boundaries are stretched, cracked, agitated and dissolved after all. This is how the expansion of awareness happens as well because unless we are challenged, we will stay inside our cozy little caves only to eventually become imprisoned by them. These planetary combinations are here to enhance positive change and increase unexpected yet super-opportune moments, so stay open to surprises and allow yourself to go with the flow if and when things don’t go according to (your head) plan this week. Stand strong in your conviction that you are a divined, sovereign being who walks their talk and is ready to engage with full trust and commitment to the collective cause.

Uranus has been preparing us all this year, for this alignment coming in January, forcing us to shed, surrender and get comfortable with the uncomfortableness around and within us, so let go and allow this eclipse and Uranus, to take you to brand new territory, no matter how scared or resistant you may feel. Know that this is your opportunity now, once 2020 kicks in, to finally shine in the sun. Chiron in the mix (square to the eclipse) also brings a bit of restless, kind of ‘ants in your pants’ energy if you like, that will stir you to action because you know doing nothing and getting even more stagnant, just isn’t an option anymore. You know where that fork in the road leads and you are no longer prepared to keep sacrificing yourself or settling for less. It’s your time now so seize the day! Chiron heals by deprogramming us, from the inside after all and he will always hold us accountable for our actions and inactions, equally.

Kick karma to the kerb as this new moon eclipse ushers us out of one decade and into another!

These eclipses in Capricorn are very important for restructuring global society by the way, so get ready for a bit of a shake up in areas connected to finance, environment and politics in particular. Huge cosmic shifts are happening and with the upcoming lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10 – just 2 days before the rare cosmic alignment happening on January 12 and echoing the # 4 (happening at 4 degrees in Capricorn, again) – we cannot ignore the universal signs any longer. It’s time to elevate the paradigms of discipline, security, structure, integrity and how they influence the way we all work; as in, do we work to live or live to work. The number 4 is the number associated with Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet, adding yet another layer of undeniable magic to this final new moon of 2019. We are birthing on so many levels and transforming so many layers of humanity at the moment, it’s mind boggling really, so the best thing you can do is focus on where you are placing your energy, to whom (or what) you are committing your energy and to honestly ask yourself if you are living the life you desire and deserve?

It’s time to stop wasting time on things (and people) that don’t support (or see) your true self. Big questions requiring equally big answers.

On Friday December 27, some serious love-us-up vibrations will roll in via the healing numbers of 9 (2+7=9) and 6 (27+12+2019=24/6), which coincidentally also represent the Divine Masculine (9) and the Divine Feminine (6). Happiness and health (on all levels), a grounded sense of limitless joy and meeting our soul mate in this lifetime, are actually our birthrights, not things available only to the pretty or privileged few and with the presence of Jupiter during this eclipse, we are all being called to remember that and expand beyond all previous limitations so we can get what we came here for and create what we need to, in this lifetime.

For sure, Friday is a great day to ask the universe to fill your cup!

In a nutshell, this week is all about lucky breaks, grabbing fortunate opportunities when they appear and being trusting in your rebirthing process. Take your fears by the short and curlies and bring those buggers out of the dark and into the light once and for all (with Pluto’s fearless support) and apply yourself with renewed gusto and faith (thanks to organised Capricorn). If you put in the effort, you will reap the rewards; but you gotta PARTICIPATE first! Work smarter not harder. Value the still points in between phases of channeled discipline.

Rise to meet yourself and DO YOU, more than you ever have before.

I’ll be around over December/early January, so here is my yoga schedule so you can keep up your practice and receive support as you need it. I’ll head off to Uluru on January 9 for my retreat and then will do a few cameo classes (casual cash payment) in mid-late January before starting my new course schedule with the school term the first week of February. If you have any questions about any of my offerings, please message me privately.

Super excited to also be launching my NEW PODCAST in the New Year – denbydoesdharma – so stay tuned for details and links soon!

December 2019

Monday 23 & 30 @ 9:45am – 11am

Friday 27 @ 9:45am – 11am

Sunday 22 & 29 @ 4pm – 5:30pm

Boxing Day 26th @ 4pm – 6pm

Special Events

New Moon in Capricorn Thursday 26 – online ceremony TBC.

New Years Eve 'TRANSITION' 2019 Ceremony at Qi Freshwater.

Day Retreat in Avalon: Saturday 28 @ 9:30am – 6pm. 6 VIP spots only. Your $250 investment includes 2 yoga practices (one dynamic, one yin), organic and vegetarian morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea, one group shamanic healing/ritual, one sound healing with essential oil massage and plenty of TLC! Message me for bank details and what to bring (hint: we’ll be having a beach dip during the day as well). All yoga equipment supplied.

Starting 2020

Week of January 20th: Monday 20 & 27 plus Friday 24 & 31 @ 9:45am – 11am

Sunday 26th @ 4pm – 5:30pm

These few casual classes will be cash only and at my new space, so please email me for the address if you wish to attend, keeping in mind that only 6 spots are available for each practice. All yoga equipment supplied.

10-week course begins with the school term:

Monday Feb 3 @ 9:45am – 11am

Mana Medicine Circle: first one for 2020 on February 9 @ 6:30pm

Please message me for details, cost and location.

Sending you all so much love and well wishes for the holidays and let’s set the intention now before NYE, to embrace our sovereign selves so we can be better, give more and spread the love unconditionally as the gateways to 2020 open.





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