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Paranoia, Pandemics and The (New) Human Condition

Image by @tesswilcox

It’s not news that we are living in strange times.

Every which way we turn nowadays there is another red flag, a fresh catastrophe, financial ruin, a new creepy-yet-totally-believable conspiracy theory and now, a viral pandemic staring us in our collective face and escalating the fear vibration to new and dizzying heights. Here in Australia, we’ve experienced devastating bush fires followed by flash floods, a potential recession and now, Coronavirus.

It’s the ancestral wound that just keeps giving.

You may have seen how this ‘threat’ has been received by many Australians. Apparently all you need during a pandemic, is reams of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and kilos of rice. If this mass response wasn’t so tragic, it would be laughable.

We now find ourselves in the midst of a sanitary crisis as well as a health dilemma.

For generations now, life has been all about service to the self and servitude to the material world. Inherited programs of “What can I get”, “what can I take” – but sadly not how much should I take (out of concern for others) and a growing disregard (and blatant contempt in some cases) for all the amazing creatures and life forms we share this world with, has steadily impregnated itself into our daily consciousness. It’s got to the point now where many don’t even perceive the existence of this duality, which has of course created an invisible split within society and helped perpetuate the ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality; almost since Adam was a lad.

When group frequencies are dense, dark and congested, they serve the boys club well, make no mistake. The elite rely on this because it allows them to retain control and maintain their powerful grip on global industries, policies and politicians and the general every day expressions within the collective consciousness. In fact, they draw their power from the fractured energies created from the divisive, separatist and patriarchal belief systems that support racist and sexist attitudes for example.

Keep the people fighting among themselves and living in fear of ‘what may happen’ or ‘losing their right to bear arms’ and they remain enslaved to the status quo.

The disturbing outcome is the continuation of duality consciousness and have no doubt, it is hiding in plain sight within the very structures of our modern culture. Service to self and a long standing lack of empathy towards other sentient beings, all serve the agenda for global control and if we are to believe the present timeline construct and choose to stay asleep while others around us wake and break free from the illusion, then we most certainly are heading for what can only be described as the spiritual suicide of our species.

However, (and thank the goddess), more humans are awakening to their inner divine and connecting to the lighter, more positive pathways that have been opening up and traversing the globe in recent years. More people are realising the error of our ancestors’ ways in regards to environmental abuse, exploiting animals and consuming to the point where earths’ resources teeter on the edge of exhaustion and multiple parties, on the edge of extinction. More people are unsubscribing from their blind devotion to celebrity and the almighty dollar for instance and instead making more ethical choices that match the frequency of the planet as She simultaneously evolves, expands and upgrades.

Basically, we are capable of shifting the trajectory we have been on for eons, if enough of us, care enough.

It’s no secret that the world has been moving through massive transformation for several years and that things are intensifying at an accelerated rate, almost as if time-warped Marvel-style, yet despite what’s being reported in the media or depending on what podcast you listen to, it’s not just ‘bad luck’, bad management, inconvenient timing or ‘coincidental’. From an energetic perspective it has everything to do with accumulated hate, ancestral separation between individuals, communities and Mother Earth and a driving desire to control and acquire beyond our means and (actual) primal needs.

5G also has a lot to do with this rising pandemic. Everything in fact.

This poisonous sheath is literally encapsulating Gaia and making everything sick. It is disturbing the natural elements – metal and water especially at present because they both govern the breath pathways and transportation of immune fluids respectively – and ironically, despite connecting us with unrivaled speed and convenience, it is mercilessly eroding the very (intricate and sensitive) system that keeps us all alive and disintegrating our DNA.

The result is broken immune systems becoming vulnerable to invasion and infection, broken hearts succumbing to distrust and depression and broken, disempowered minds, providing the perfect internal playgrounds for anxiety and dis-ease to thrive. And guess what, when we are broken down and vulnerable, we are more easily controlled by the power brokers of the world.

It’s not that much of a stretch of the imagination to see where humanity is heading unless we get clear about how we landed in this position in the first place and actually do something about it.

No point trying to fix a problem or provide ‘antidotes’, if you haven’t identified the core, the original cause, first, otherwise all you’re doing is hypothesising and rolling around in circles, missing the point completely. No solution can come without directed intent; you just create more problems if you haven’t identified what you are dealing with in the first place. It’s really important that we take responsibility for ourselves, how we operate in the world, what and who we connect with and the moral standards we adhere to.

As a medical medium and TCM-trained yogi, I marry the lungs with grief, regret and unresolved emotions on the down side and inspiration, hope and trust, on the upside. The gut is our intuitive centre, where we digest, process, integrate and then eliminate everything we contact on a daily basis. It reflects what we choose to take on (and from whom), how we digest that information, associated emotions and beliefs and how apt we are at then refining, releasing and letting go of the garbage that isn’t ours and that no longer has a (positive) purpose.

Our individual and collective egos have peaked and now we must work together to clean up the global mess our mass behaviour has created.

We are not just physical beings, we are multi-layered in many ways, hence, we need to work on all these aspects of self in order to create embodied healing and conscious development.

Let’s start with our physical self because this is the vehicle we can relate to the most, seeing we are living in it 24/7. It shouldn’t be necessary to state that in order to be healthy, you need to eat well, eat clean (as in prioritising sustainably and ethically sourced foods), take vitamins as you need and exercise regularly. You can also practice lung and colon yoga to build gut and breath health and love and appreciate your body for all it does for you, no matter its shape, weight or specific challenges.

Our communal fixation with eating meat isn’t helping either. Meat does not align with the ‘light’ frequencies, ascension energies or awakening protocols that have been streaming through in recent years. Plant-based diets, do. Basically we should only eat things that are ‘grown’, not ‘born’. The energy from plants supports our expanding bio-energetics; meat destroys it. Hence, anyone who flat refuses to give up their burgers and beef from this point on, will be at heightened risk of illness and genetic deterioration. 5G will then really get to work, hooking into the weak points in our systems to run rampant, exacerbating inherited illnesses and accelerating the development of any current ailments we are experiencing. It’s no secret (or surprise) that globally, various cancers and ‘mystery illness’ statistics, have been on the rise since 5G came on the scene.

The confronting truth is, when you consume meat (and animal products such as dairy), you are also ingesting their hormones, bodily fluids and pus. You are also taking on the stress embedded in the animals’ flesh and their energetic system not only at the time of death but also the quality of their living conditions. You ‘unconsciously agree’ to take on their fear and their pain; and honestly, that is only something an ignorant (or sleeping) empath would do. It’s no wonder we see so much violence and social dissension in areas where fast food outlets occupy every second street corner. Bad quality food creates bad quality humans.

We also impregnate ourselves with further toxins when we consent to immunisation.

It’s a scientific fact that all immunisations contain human stem cells - it’s how they work – adulterating blood plasma and filling it with chemicals to (supposedly) counteract germs and make our immune systems more resilient. Fact is, what’s in these ‘shots’ – in cohorts with the 5G vibration – attaches to the heavy metals that pretty much every human carries in their DNA like a hangover from the industrial revolution, and before you know it, you have a cocktail for catastrophe brewing and birthing right inside your very own body.

Immunisation doesn’t protect us – it poisons us – and what do you think is going to happen once this viral paranoia starts to settle? The rolling out of new and ‘vital’ vaccine protocols of course, marketed as essential to our well being; and administered only after you have been micro-chipped and marked as a ‘compliant’ citizen. Welcome to 1984 people.

It’s high time we woke up to the blanket bullsh*t we’ve been fed for millenia. We are being made (and kept) sick, to serve a hidden, patriarchal agenda and make no mistake, that is all coming to a head right here, right now.

On the emotional level, it’s time for us to seek out and clear any accumulated emotional baggage, past grievances, resentment, grudges and jealousy plus inherited patterns of judgment, premeditation and injustice. Meditate to identify, own and then compassionately process any stagnant emotions embedded in your cells because unless that debris is cleared, you will pack it away in your heart and your soul; unconsciously or not. Seek out your emotional body, own what comes up and then literally love it ‘to death’ so it no longer governs your behaviour or torments your thoughts. It’s not easy to do and it may get messy, but emotional freedom will only come to those who do the work.

For most people, mental health and mind mastery present the greatest challenge in life as well, evidenced by escalating statistics, stats I believe that are a direct result of our continued separation from Mother Nature and our true inner nature. I even wrote a book about this connection to illustrate the importance of remembering our innate self and realigning with the elements to claim our full health and power.

Fear, doubt and worry are the greatest threats to our immune integrity.

They erode harmony, hope and energetic integrity; and the kidneys, heart and spleen in that order. Our Kidneys give us balanced energy, the heart gives us faith and the spleen builds our personal power. If we work to identify and reprogram the belief systems that keep us stuck, fearful and attached to the ‘blame and shame game’, we can start to liberate ourselves from the claustrophobic and debilitating grip that is mental illness. Practice mindfulness – or rather, mind-less-ness – by replacing negatives, assumptions and reactivity, with positivity, truth and heart-centred affirmations.

Through the spiritual (and shamanic) lens, all illness ultimately stems from a disconnection to Great Spirit and our divine soul self. We co-create all our experiences and lessons in cohorts with the universe in order to accelerate our spiritual growth and reconnect with our true essence; which is love. We are all walking one another home towards this truth; it’s just that some of us have remembered and some haven’t. Those hoarding toilet paper obviously haven’t read the memo yet.

Universal law states that nothing in life happens by accident. Nothing. It’s all divinely orchestrated, whether we accept it or not.

In regards to Coronavirus and from the energetic perspective, we are not victims of circumstance, nor are we being punished by god or the devil. What is happening is that we have all co-created the world climate we currently know as ‘reality’ and everything else within it, including the ‘unprecedented’ weather patterns, terrorist attacks and all the bad sh*t that humans do but nobody wants to talk about.

Karma is coming to a head for everyone and every country now via a direct invitation from Source to help us heal from generations of trauma, wounding, dictatorship, oppression, religious fanaticism and environmental abuse to name just a few. When we choose to work with forgiveness (within ourselves and our families) and put a stop to all that unconsciously attracts repeat drama and pain in our lives, we can finally step off the merry-go-round.

When you start feeling wobbly, try asking for higher help to activate your Mighty I AM presence to its fullest so you can channel love and healing instead of the same old inherited fears via disempowering patriarchal programs. Trust that the universe has a plan for everything, surrender to that and be the best version of yourself so that your actions inspire others to do the same. Start giving yourself permission to be seen as the gifted, beautifully cracked vessel of light that you are and most importantly, remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and as such, you have all the power and potential of the universe, humming right inside of you!

See this lifetime as a blank canvas upon which you can finally draw anything you want, experience anything that your heart and soul desire and manifest anything at all that you need to support your continued evolution.

I reckon if we all did these small, simple things each day that won’t take much time nor disrupt our regular schedules or party plans, we’d finally start making inroads and fixing all that’s so out of whack in the world; and ourselves.

Together we can ‘expose’ the noxious programs that have infected humanity for way too long, expand conscious awareness and start manifesting deeper and more divine connections that serve the greater good, not ego, greed or shadow’s manipulative agendas anymore.

As a collective species we need to ensure the survival or our planet for future generations, not as an enslaved race but as a united consciousness and to achieve this, we definitely need to implement a more evolved energetic.

This may seem impossibly overwhelming in this timeline at present but truth is, we can change the outcome by joining forces, hearts and hands and deliberately choosing a new path, a new truth. When we start stepping up and standing out, we begin exfoliating the illusions we have all become overly attached to for good, and this is exactly what needs to happen to birth our species into a new dimension. For real.

The only shot in the arm we need now, is LOVE.

And after reading all this and you still want front row tickets to the Apocalypse, I wish you well.



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