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Nothing Is As It Seems

August 24 – 30


Image by @bdchu614

Firstly, a warm welcome to all my new subscribers! It’s lovely to have you join the Mana Medicine tribe and to also be connecting with you on social media. Thank you for all the joy and support and insightful commentaries you are bringing to my pages; and to my life.

Boy oh boy, what a week it’s been after all that Leo activity. I feel like a double G & T, hold the T, and I don't even drink! I have been immersed in some serious personal catharses, wrestling each night to get enough sleep and at the same time, uncovering some mind bending information in between all the birthings. This Leo month of August is certainly living up to its revelatory reputation, so I’ll start simply and dive deeper as we go – but you may want to be sitting down for this one.

When we all talk about going ‘next level’, what we don’t understand is that there is not just ‘one’ next level, there are limitless levels of next level. And within each next level, there are multiple layers and levels to be explored. It's a labryinth of learning that never stops once we start asking the right questions and allowing things "to rise to resolve" from within.

Many of the concepts we have all been told to believe, taught and essentially live by – the fundamental, foundational principles of life that have been explained to us as absolute truths and often as Universal Laws – are in fact, either false or seriously flawed.

I have been doing some considerable homework this week, taking my Gemini-Mercurial-ruled mind to new places that have challenged even her natural ability to multitask and perceive horizons previously unconsidered in even the wildest of dreams.

This week in all its intensity, has certainly begged the question: What IS the ‘Great Awakening’ really all about?

Well, that is for each one of us to determine, but from my present perspective, I believe the Great Awakening has less to do with us elevating or 'ascending' our soul to (yet) another plane of existence (that with the limited knowledge we have now, we interpret as ‘new’ and ‘complete’), and more about discovering what our original aetheric blueprint actually is; and then coming to terms with that as the means to understand (and transcend) who we are now, how we got here, why we are as we are, and what needs to be done to restore it.

FYI, I am not losing my marbles down any more rabbit holes, I am tuning into some seriously high frequencies and listening to divine cosmic channelings that have previously been inaccessible to me because of where I was – meaning, still too much in my head and attached to what I thought I knew.

You could say that swallowing the violet pill is equivalent to swallowing the humility pill; and vice versa.

Everything happening right now is part of a greater invitation to start considering things outside our comfortable and conditioned boxes – which we are all ‘guilty’ of inhabiting, myself included – and challenging ourselves to “go there”, as in, open our minds to creative possibilities and potentialities that may not have any attached agenda (as we have been told there always is), other than to shine the light of Universal Truth (and our true human reality), into our hearts so we can ‘wake up’ to the Cosmic Truths of the Galactic OMNIverse, not just the little pocket of it where we happen to reside at this point in (no) time.

Side note of interest: The original galactic spelling of earth is actually ‘Tara Urth’, but I will get into that in another newsletter after I have processed all that I am learning at present so I can do it justice. I will say it’s related to the ORIGINAL 12 tree Krysted Kathara Grid, NOT the inverted 10 tree version that pretty much all spiritual philosophies that have been following and that millions have been brainwashed to believe as gospel. Sacred geometry, astrology and numerology – and even our beloved moon myths – have been hijacked to various degrees as well. It’s truly mind bending when you discover just how deeply woven this Metatronic (negative, inorganic matrix) really is. I have suspected as much for years, but admittedly, have ever adventured to the depths I am now to fully grasp it all, before now, and it's kinda important because this information forms the absolute core of everything we feel, follow and fear.

As (a simple) example, have you ever wondered why we have been following a Gregorian Calendar that was invented by a Catholic priest, in 1582? A system that has doesn’t align with the natural lunar cycles as the Sacred Calendar does – “one observed by the ancient Hebrews and still practiced today by the Jewish community based on lunisolar time keeping.” (Quote from the source I am currently studying). I knew this one a while back but again, more layers are there to be embodied. Fascinating food for thought in the very least.

Now to most people, just the idea of unlearning and having to let go of all that has sustained them throughout their life and help carve and validate their ‘identity’ – as well as their life’s work as a ‘healer’ of some modality – is a traumatic thing to even consider, let alone practice. But at this point in humanity’s history (again, my humble opinion), I believe this is exactly what we need to be doing, otherwise we will very likely find ourselves strapped to the mouse wheel again (just in a different position) and still enslaved to the ‘man’, that is, to an ancient system of cruelty and control that has nothing to do with life and everything to do with pain; as we have for over 980 million years.

A lot of us spiritual folk have some basic knowledge of our galactic ancestry, reptilians, hybrids and how the original humans came to be and so forth, but I can tell you after reading what I have been reading, I have realized that as a species, we actually have no idea who we truly are and where we have come from, nor do we have the capacity (yet) both intellectually and energetically, to fully comprehend our potential and our role, within the cosmos. All of that is coming however, once we morph through this current rite of passage and re-birth ourselves out the other side of this Babylonian circus for good.

But now, rather than get bogged down in alternate mind-lines (and timelines) and potential “what if’s”, I reckon it’s enough to just focus on waking ourselves up and doing the best we can whilst living through ‘what is’ at present.

It is not my intention at all, to trivialize what people are going through with this current world situation of course, all I wish to do is share a different perspective of looking at it in the hope it creates awareness and empowerment for others. It’s obviously devastating that innocent people have died, that many have lost their loved ones, that others have lost their jobs, their livelihoods and even their legacies, which will most likely never be recovered. Too many have felt no choice but to take their own lives which is utterly heart breaking and many more have lost friendships and even marriages, from being unable to reconcile differing viewpoints. Thousands are locked up like criminals in their own homes, suffocated by fear and frustration, abused by neighbors and countrymen AND simultaneously encouraged (and financially compensated by the government) to spy on one another; all in the name of ‘safety’! It’s insane.

On top of all these travesties, one of the most devastating things of all is that people are now starting to lose (or hand over) their personal power as well as their spiritual power and when that happens, when they lose all faith in themselves as well as their brothers and sisters – in the human spirit – it makes it extremely difficult for the collective to move forwards. In a past life scenario, this could be illustrated by those soldiers who have been struck down by arrows or succumbed to hopelessness of heart, needing to be dragged onwards by those in the army who were less injured and stronger in spirit perhaps. That camaraderie, that drive to keep going, to keep fighting for the cause and to ensure that “no man is left behind”, seems to have diluted somewhat over the generations as we now bear witness to so many Australians giving up and giving in to the general narrative because it appears too hard to endure as our ancestors once did.

I have a (sad) gut feeling our Anzacs would be turning in their graves right now, despairing at the lack of backbone, gumption and ‘give a fcuk’, being demonstrated by the majority of their descendants right now.

The reality is, not everyone is going to survive this – there will always be casualties, that is the raw reality of life – but if you reconcile your own path and purpose in this incarnation and make peace with any possible repercussions that walking your talk may bring, then you will have not lived in vain. You will have served not only your own soul's journey, but God, in the highest way possible. Living your truth, without attachment to the consequences and with complete presence and authenticity, will undoubtedly leave a legacy for the next generation that can never be bought, stolen, sold or bargained with.

No matter how hard shadow tries, when you refuse to compromise your soul and when you claim your sovereign self, without apology, you cannot lose. Wear the armor of God and hold the line, no matter what, and just watch how quickly evil retreats.

Since this 'plandemic' began, it's been beyond distressing for us to hear about the suffering that people have been through and are still enduring, but it’s important to remember also, that the human race has been suffering for like, FOREVER, and that we are ALL stuck (and playing our parts) in a really bad movie collage that we have co-created and that at present, appears to have no happy ending in sight.

The irony is that all we need do to ‘win’ this spiritual war, is break free from the binds that keep us separated from within and give ourselves permission to see what we haven’t previously allowed ourselves (or felt safe enough) to see. We need to trust ourselves and one another and stop seeing Joe or Jane Smith down the road, or half way across the country, not as a threat, but as an ALLY.

We need to UNITE as the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that we always have been.

People have been living in squalor, actually passing out and dying on the streets, being poisoned in their beds, raped by their carers, groomed by their elders, sold for a profit, contracting bonafide diseases and withering away from starvation – plus so much more – for YEARS and yet we – the privileged western world – have done nothing about it. We complain about how terrible things are and convince ourselves that we have ‘no power’ to make a difference and whilst a small handful of brave warriors put their necks on the line to raise funds and spotlight attention on some of the atrocities that are going on every single day, the balance of the population just gets on with – what, I don’t know for the life of me actually – but it seems like a, “She’ll be right maaate”, “It’ll all come out in the wash” attitude. Quite frankly, it’s poor form and it’s not good enough.

Just quietly, given the amount of wealth in the world and all the IT and celebrity billionaires running around, if they really wanted to end poverty and erase all third world debts, they could. Almost overnight. In fact, I think HRH Queen Elizardbeth, could save a few million souls by forfeiting her annual holiday kitty alone.

Right now my fellow Australians, we are being used as GUINEA PIGS. Victoria is the hive for this mass humanimal testing in particular and we need to see this for what it is. We need to come from a united place of peacefulness and divine defiance, not anger or aggression. Antagonism is how they operate. We operate from LOVE.

Yes, that’s right, we are one big EXPERIMENTAL FARM in the making and yet what are we doing? We’re putting on masks, stocking our pantries with canned goods and bum wipes and preparing for an Armageddon of our own group making, when the real enemy we should be aiming our attention at, keeps pulling the puppet strings tighter each day.

Those whom we have INTENTIONALLY VOTED IN, are NOT working for us anymore dear ones and its time we realized WE are the ones in OFFICE in this country, NOT THEM. WE, the people, are the ones who are living and breathing and co-creating this giant UNIVERSity of LIFE, not the academic anarchists and aisle-winding weasles who have obscured the truth, spoon fed us adulterated histories and corralled us into oblivion to the point where we would rather turn on our own brethren, than the master that enslaved us all.

In fact, they have never had our best interests at heart, they’ve just made it look like that by shaking hands and kissing our babies when walking their electorates scouting for numbers.

We have all wailed and whined about the state of politics, tax, world hunger and religious status for years haven’t we, in fact, those are the very topics we jokingly say one should never discuss whilst at a dinner party, for fear of offending others. Well I reckon those are exactly the things we need to be bringing to the communal table now – gently yet deliberately – whatever the occasion and regardless of the risk of offending the host. Ignoring and deflecting conversations about these sorts of things is a massive part of why we are in this mess now; because nobody wanted to get uncomfortable, or stand out (or up). The fear of being cut down is too great.

Have we have let our first world problems surpass our conscience?

I know I have been guilty of getting caught up in my own miniscule problems but the moment I recognize that’s what I’m doing, I pull myself up. So my question is – for all of us – why haven’t we done anything about this? Why have we waited till quite literally, the real and temperature-taking guns are pressed right up against our foreheads, to care so passionately about what happens to everyone else in the world?? What will it take for us to put an end to this tyranny?

Because it most certainly is OUR world, the world we ALL share and the one world we are all RESPONSIBLE for in the here and now. That is our role as ancestral custodians regardless of skin color, but we have forgotten this inherited role as time rolled on. To fully embody that sacred space involves self sacrifice, going without something so someone else in the clan can have the basics and what they need, and making decisions with the greater good in mind, not just ourselves, so have we intentionally shied away from our ability-to-respond, or is it something that has just happened over time without our conscious consent? Who knows, but I do think we have all been selfish to the point of embarrassment sometimes and that now we have a chance to reverse that pattern and start standing up as men and women of the living soil – with conscience and consciousness – to not just level the playing field against our enemies, but dismantle the myriad barriers that exist between us, our diverse and divine human communities, in order to activate the power that IS inherent within each one of us.

It’s time to stop being triggered by what others say and do and own our reactions so we can heal them. So what if someone pontificates or projects something that doesn’t align with your values or beliefs? Rise above it and scroll on. Choose not to engage in petty arguments that muddy everyone’s energy and only serve to perpetuate ego and separation. Work to transform your own inner dialogues and programs from ‘half empty’ to ‘half full’ again, because this is your birthright; to be complete and connected. Apply the spiritual skills you brought with you to this life, in service for the benefit of the collective, now; not just for yourself. Be willing to look at your wounds and acknowledge that you don’t know so you may elevate your entire being beyond where you thought was possible.

And if you have not cared about anything or anyone outside of your comfort zone before, now is the time to consider doing so.

In regards to the week ahead, I have decided not to share my usual predictions, numerology and astrology for a time, until I have integrated and expanded my own understandings and landed in my own next level truth about said topics. This ties into what I am discovering about these ‘programs’, and yes, they are ‘programs’ – spells actually – that we have all been seduced by, so I would strongly suggest you keep investigating and questioning your own allegiances to the rituals and routines we have all been ‘sold’ and convinced of as seed truths even – particularly as light workers and way showers – so you may experience deeper understanding and higher transcendence at this time. Unfortunately, as much as we’d like it to be, it’s not as simple as just inverting an already inverted sacred symbol in order to restore its integrity.

Your week will unfold as a direct reflection of the intentions you sow from this very moment, before the clock strikes 12:01am tomorrow. There may be solar storms, wild winds and icy eves abounding and for sure there will be more mayhem delivered courtesy of the mainstream media, so I suggest you work to maintain your sane, chant your mantras and keep counting your blessings rather than wasting time worrying about what might be. Join those who are choosing to manifest the new earth NOW, with each and every breath and hold every sentient being in your heart as you surrender yours to God.

Remember, ignorance is a choice in this age of information and that you deserve to know all you came here to know. You just have to dare to believe that.

Also know that we are all co-creating the global reality right now, so keeping our thoughts aligned with the highest vibrations, our bodies strong and healthy and our energies clear and grounded, is beyond imperative now. Don’t buy into fear mongering or regurgitated stories that try and pull you out of your center. Keep your smart hat on tight and your BS radar on high alert. Keep focused on how you want to feel, what you wish to manifest and bring that into your field however you can. And of course, do so with patience for self, compassion for others and always with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Upcoming (online) events this month include ‘Mana Melt’, my signature 2-hour yin practice on Saturday August 29 @ 4pm – 6pm, $40. Would love to see you there.

My next Spiritual 101 Course starts Saturday September 12 and goes for five weeks till October 10. If you’re interested in learning some invaluable shamanic practices to support yourself (and your loved ones, friends) and of course the planet, plus receive weekly healing, please get in touch. Only 6 spots are offered to ensure personal attention.

Here’s what one recent student had to share after studying with me:

“Denby has been on my radar for years – but I only recently joined her in a course – Soul Survival 101 and had a private shamanic healing. Denby is incredibly knowledgeable and talented. I SO enjoyed the course and got so much out of her teachings. Our shamanic healing session was life changing for me – and now I know why I didn’t see her earlier. I was not “ready” for the deep, transformative work and space she provided for me. To profoundly let go and step into myself. And heal many lifetimes. Denby has it all – talent, a sacred connection and all sprinkled with love. She is a master at her craft. I am deeply grateful for the gifts she offered me, and in deep gratitude for myself for finally connecting with her! If you are ready – and you want your whole life to change – I urge you to contact her! With love, Fiona Plascott.”

And finally, to my beautiful yoga students, please accept my sincere apologies but there will be no classes on Friday September 4 and Sunday 6. I will make it up to you later I promise.

Blessings and gratitude and love to you all,




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