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Not Today Satan

Image by David Holifield

As sensed, the proverbial has hit the fan today - March 19,2021 - in Israel to be specific.

Israel is where Jesus was born and raised (Jerusalem), where he lived, died and rose from the dead, so no surprise the occult are targeting it. There are myriad other reasons as well that I won't go into here, but suffice it to say, and according to the Bible and other noted ancient scriptures, this region is holy land and therefore, regarded by the Jewish community as sacred.

Now not ALL Jews feel this way because there are many factions within that diverse spiritual community that have different beliefs and study alternate paths. Many don't believe Jesus is the Messiah, that he was (and still is) just a man, and that Abraham is the prophet to follow for example. It is not my place to make assumptions about the Jewish religion nor to try and explain it, but I have done extensive research into the faith (and its tributaries) and I can say that like most religious structures, not all is as it appears on the surface. It's the same with Christianity and Catholicism and any of you who have done your due diligence and looked into these "systems", will know that.

"Spirituality" is a totally different ball game to religion and just like other programs designed to divide and conquer - such as politics, gender, wealth and health in the form of "vaxx" and "anti-vaxx" - religion (sadly) wields a powerful and very destructive sword.

Spirituality is about knowing and respecting Natural Law, using common sense and practicing common decency and that is why the occult elites, keep us busy fighting among ourselves over trivial BS, whilst behind our backs (and yet still, in plain view), they continue dismantling humanity, removing our freedoms and basically desecrating life; destroying everything that was created by God.

When you understand THAT is their "end game", you understand exactly what is at stake and it's so much more than just who sits in the oval office or on the board of Gavi.

As I shared last night, this phase of the year is "special" to our demonic opponents and any chance they get to wreck havoc and hurt humans, they will take. This is (their) season of blood ritual and false flag events. It is not just about celebrating Mother Nature with shamanic ceremonies and honoring the elements - well, it IS for us because we are conscious, loving and made of light - but for those who are not, these "festivals" and "sabbats", hold VERY different meaning and therefore potential.

Please remember that I do not blanket all witches under this, I am speaking to a select group of covens and sorcerers who have chosen to uphold the ancient practices in ways that most would never dream of nowadays.

Ignorance, apathy and cowardice. These are the qualities that the occultists focus on because they are the complete opposite of consciousness.

If they can manage to keep us ignorant, literally "living in the dark" and doubting our own minds (or worse, not even using our divine intelligence and instead, stuck in the web of "cognitive dissonance"), then we aren't ever aware of what is really going on and therefore, are easily manipulated and controlled.

If they can keep us apathetic and disconnected from our emotional selves, then we won't care about ourselves, one another or any other living being that shares the planet with us, and again, we are easily manipulated and controlled.

If they can keep us living in fear, afraid to express and experience and paralyzed by the idea of doing something against the status quo - even driven to turn on our brethren - then bingo, we continue being easily manipulated and blindly controlled.

So far they have succeeded in dumbing-down us humans and pitting every color, creed and gender against one another to serve their own distorted purposes. 2020 was certainly the year where we saw those three principles I mentioned above, being executed with demonic precision; and unfortunately, success.

I say, let's shout "NOT TODAY SATAN" and instead, set the intention now, to use this potent time up till May 1st (and beyond), to channel the legions of light and deflect and return anything they have "prepared earlier", back into their despicable black box.

I have mentioned before that I will be recording a special equinox meditation this Saturday. The focus will be to raise our personal and collective light and to empower those of you who feel they need (and would like) the extra support, so you can continue holding the line as you let go of what doesn't serve you and trust in the journey ahead.

We are all co-creating this "new earth" together, so I wanted to offer something to negate the dark forces and its intentions, with an uplifting, soul-strengthening and unconditionally self-loving ceremony to help clear, earth and amplify your energies so you can continue doing your work as you are called to. To be transparent, I am asking for a small donation of $22 as your exchange and in recognition of the effort and energy that goes into creating this.

I look forward to sharing that with you in a couple of days and in the meantime, am sending you all so much love and courage.

Remember: the light HAS won, but this battle will continue on as destiny calls and in order for each and every soul to realize itself as it has chosen to at this time.

It ends when we end it in our own hearts, with our own words, our own deeds and by uniting in LOVE, in the true energy of "manKIND".

Pray for Israel. Pray for humanity. Pray and let God.


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