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Nobody Knows

This is ALL ABOUT YOU dear one.

What YOU are prepared to move through, to experience, how deep you are willing to go (within yourself), how present and real you can allow yourself to be and how much you value your own soul sovereignty.

It's got NOTHING to do with anyone else. Just YOU.

Some of us will leave this life with LESS spiritual baggage than we came in with when all is said and done and some of us will leave with EXCESS - and that is all as it should be.

There is nothing that anyone else can do, to influence, change or erase, the karmic imprints that any other human has signed off on, before they incarnated. They are going to do what their soul chose to do in this lifetime.

The one thing that ALL of us have in common right now is that NONE of us HAS THE ANSWER.

None of us know what's going to happen and for the first time in our recorded history, humanity is sharing this, at least ONE universal truth, simultaneously, across the globe.

And THIS is what ONENESS looks like.

The space of "I don't know", reflects the absence of ego. The ability to admit you don't have the answer or perhaps even the foggiest frikking clue, as to what is going on, shows a willingness to surrender to what is and open with heart-centered trust, to whatever the cosmos has in store.

The ego self will always come up with an "I know!" - or an excuse basically - in order to validate itself (and its human) and to gain approval from other egos.

Right now, we each have the chance to drop into the space of loving allowance, devotion to Spirit and into acceptance that Mother Earth has all our backs and that everything is happening for a higher reason; AND for our personal and collective best.

We each have some big SOUL CHOICES to make in the coming days - EVERY day, in fact - and that is exactly what is energetically required if we are to elevate our frequency and "ascend", as the saying goes.

DO YOU and allow others to DO THEM.

If enough of us do this one simple yet still-so-difficult-for-so-many, and just show up for ourselves, on the daily and with love, forgiveness, trust, patience and a good dose of humor as well, then who's to say THAT isn't the actual way "out the other end" of this collective birth canal?!

Maybe that's ALL we need to know...


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