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No Frills Required

FEBRUARY 17 – 23



First up, thank the goddess for all this beautiful rain! It is truly a blessing for those who have thirsted for it for so long – the farmers obviously – and also to put out the fires which are all contained now, if not out completely. If you’ve been hit by floods, my prayers are with you as I know what that’s like having survived many over the years at our farm. We were once stranded on our property with 20 people (including children and dogs) for a week! Let me tell you, the food situation had gotten very dire by the time the river receded enough for us to canoe out! Luckily we never lost any animals to flood, although we did witness lots of waterlogged wildlife, so my heart goes out to those people and their families who have been hit hard, lost livestock, lost property and sadly, some who have lost their lives and loved ones – and on the back of fire devastation in many cases.

It seems 2020 is turning out to be the year of release and this week coming is certainly all about getting in flow and learning not to hold onto anything; not even a life jacket or a random slippery pole that suddenly appears to help stop you from flushing down the river. We are being asked to pause and listen intently and surrender to whatever messages come through for us from the Creator. And take heed, whether our minds like what we receive or not. It's time to fully submerge ourselves in the current of what is manifesting for the greater good.

As of tomorrow, Monday 17, Mercury is in retrograde till early March, but please, don’t go into meltdown as you read this. MR is not the culprit here, rather, it is us who are our own worst enemies most of the time. Our heads are going to resist the gifts MR offers us, but of course, our hearts know better and hopefully you will listen to those four wise beating chambers in your chest, instead of feeding the mind more fictitious fodder. It’s a case of the ‘which wolf survives granddad?’ story – why, the one you feed my child! Give yourself the chance to experience the fluidity, freedom and complete reset, that Pisces offers by taking a different approach, changing tack and not reacting as you normally would; and then just sit back and watch what unfolds because this week actually is a cracker for creating.

You have nothing (but what no longer serves you) to lose anyway – which in actuality means, you have everything to lose (that no longer serves you)! Win-win!

Our dreams are key this week. I literally just woke from mine this morning to recall being chased by a lion and then hugged by it (and his lioness mate who joined him) once he had caught up to me. What I feared was ‘coming for me’, was actually a blessing in disguise, a beautiful reunion. It felt like these two massive pussy cats (that's how they were, totally not scary), couldn't wait to welcome me to their pride as one of them. How often has this happened to you? Not being chased by lions perhaps, but maybe stalked by a shark or some other perceived predator. I’m sure you can think of at least one situation from your past (or a vivid dream) where your anticipation and fear turned out to be something advantageous. Where the tables turned and you were like, “Wow, I did not see that coming, but I’m so glad it did!” Or if you are someone who takes a little bit longer to absorb change, maybe end that sentence with “… but I can (at least) see/understand why it did.”

It’s called re-birth for a reason. All rites of passage, all epiphany’s, all vision quests (real or in dreamtime) are intense and purgative moments, specifically designed to crack us open in order to land us in another ‘reality’. Anything worth acquiring or achieving will always require a certain degree of perseverance and participation; it’s just the way it is. If you don’t get with this program and instead choose to sit on the sidelines and let life pass you by – or hand your power to others to orchestrate it for you – that is your choice of course. Doing that might look (and work) fine and dandy most of the time as well, but the truth is, great things await those who are willing to investigate, remove their masks, push back against boundaries and ask the big questions, of themselves and then others. This is how we all evolve and it’s why we came to this plane at this point in time. To make a difference – actually, let me rephrase that – to be the difference.

It’s so important to keep an open mind and heart this week and to cease all judgment as we all move closer to being the difference we want to see in our world.

I hear myself saying this to clients regularly because it is such a repetitive hiccup in our social dialogue, especially with so much spiritual bypass going on. When someone tells me they have “already done so much work” on themselves (for years often) and then asks me, “But why isn’t this shifting?” or “When is this work going to end?”, I lovingly reply with this:

“It's because you have removed some old blinkers and suddenly your peripheral vision has expanded. The landscape is vast, visceral and unknown yes, but only to our conscious mind because our soul knows all. With any sort of ‘awakening’ moment, afterwards you can see more, hence, you can receive more and engage with more. It then follows that as you expand your perception, there will now be more information and experiences coming your way, ones that are aligned with this new terrain, this new ‘program’ if you like, that you suddenly find yourself navigating. So, in truth, the work never ends. It continues to flow and evolve as you do, or rather, as long as you allow yourself to grow, beyond all comfort zones you have ever known. If you have to ask “When will this spiritual work end?”, then that is basically the equivalent of (our juvenile self) incessantly asking on the family road trip, “Are we there yet, are we there yet?!" and that just drives everyone crazy!! You are where you choose to be."

You are ‘there’, when you decide to surrender to the moment, to the journey, no matter what. There, is the present moment. There, is the space within where you connect with your highest knowing, your truth, your intuition and your acceptance of what you are co-creating in every magical moment with the universe – as ugly and as fcuked up as we all know it can often be. When you choose to soften into the process, regardless of resistance and ego dialogue, and you stop focusing on the ‘reward’ or the end of the tunnel and just move through the tunnel with as much awareness as you can, then and only then, will you feel you have got ‘there’!

This is why so many people get to a particular ‘level’ with their healing only to feel they have reached a block, a standstill – and this applies to those who are teaching and healing others as well. Truth is, it is difficult work showing up every day in that warrior heart space. It’s why so many ‘fall off the spiritual wagon’ at the halfway check-point, before they actually go to ‘next level’.

Just quietly, you can’t get to next level until you complete the level before; and that means showing up for as many sh*t-shows that are on your karmic dance card, with equanimity and a good sense of humour.

Pisces is the quintessential dreamer of the zodiac, the one sign (apart from Scorpio), who is willing and able to traverse the murky waters of the subconscious and sink themselves right down to the bottom of whatever sordid stories are waiting in order to understand and transform. Scorpio also loves a good mystery and is happy to dig and dive deep as well, but they tend to be driven by obsession and a (slight leaning) towards all things perverse; hoping (on the side and subconsciously) that what they discover will also be served up with enough drama and intrigue to satiate (and justify) their addictive tendencies. That’s their shadow side of course, they aren’t always like that; as is the case with all signs naturally.

Pisces however, wears his/her heart on their sleeve with a rawness rarely seen with other star signs. They have those big, pool-like eyes that can stare right into your soul and threaten to vacuum you right into the vortex with them. They want you to feel, everything (deeply, painfully almost), and to the fullest degree possible and whilst we all know feeling is a good thing and we need to keep the balance between that and thinking too much, we can find ourselves suddenly sliding down the rabbit-hole like Alice you-know-who, if we don’t exercise some caution and some ballsy self leadership. Empaths especially take note this week.

So. This new moon happening whilst Mercury is retrograde, is a two-fold situation, asking us to dive deep but also make sure we are tethered to a life-rope and a sturdy buoy that will help us ‘weather’ whatever rises to the surface for us to deal with. Enjoy the scenery but make sure you aren’t just revisiting the same default landscape that your mind (and ego) take you to when you are faced with challenge. The ego will do that. It will try and deceive us in order to block us receiving what we need, showing us comfortably familiar places and possibilities, that's its job after all, yet when it comes to the crunch and we are on the verge of a serious upgrade, it will tighten the strings and flood in all of the doubts and insecurities we still carry and we will (most likely) give up, give in and stop at that level of experience. The past gets the upper hand over our heart, you know the drill. The potential for drowning in self delusion is great with Pisces, so stay alert.

Remember your mind is either your best friend or your worst enemy.

Pay attention to your dreams this week as I mentioned above, there are bound to be some wild and woolly insights coming at you through that avenue as the unknown (Pisces) seeks to wake you up; and also break you up, for your highest good.

Thursday 20 is a joyous day when Jupiter (the planet of good luck) sextiles Neptune (all about visionary dreams) for the first of three marvelous meetings this year. Jupiter is all about higher learning and expanding our mental realms and perception; Neptune is all about the poetic and divine dream state and calling forth magic from other realms. Throw in psychic Pisces and we have true enchantment happening from all angles. What this means is an expansion of all the good stuff, all the benevolent juju and all your hopes and desires coming closer to being realised and fulfilled. Including on the collective stage as more people start coming out of their shells to voice their opinions, challenge the status quo, hold corporations and politicians to account, unifying communities where there has been separation, racism and judgment for too long and basically showing up for the planet and each other in ways that millions have long prayed for.

It’s also the perfect time to revisit your spiritual practices and renew your sacred vows in service to the greater good.

Both Friday and Saturday encourage us to use and trust our intuition as exciting and unexpected changes come in. On these days, you could find yourself having several ‘ah-ha’ moments – and by the same token, we could witness the world having massive ‘ah-ha’ moments as well, in relation to recent catastrophes and viruses peppering our lives pretty much daily. Expect a breakthrough of some sort – I’m hoping it’s connected to COVID-19 because the Pisces new moon don’t forget, is all about uncovering dark truths, making the unseen, seen, and exposing injustice and inequality once and for all. Watch this space closely is all I’m saying. You can thank the Sun sextile Uranus on Saturday for this one.

This new moon is particularly powerful thanks to several planetary alignments and the fact that MR is in full swing (in Pisces) for it. The Sun is sextile Mars and Uranus, the Moon is sextile Uranus and Mars and Venus squares Jupiter. What this means is that we need to open ourselves for new and unexpected changes and keep getting even more comfortable with the uncomfortable. It means we need to slow down, make time to listen, contemplate before we act and stay focused on what’s important to us. On our mission or purpose. Don’t sweat the small stuff basically and stay tuned into your personal gifts, skills, intentions and journeys because when you maintain unwavering dedication to your soul’s path, you are more likely (and happier to) throw yourself into the unknown, the spiritual wilderness, and take a risk that you wouldn’t normally if you remained glued to one spot out of fear. Relax into the current and you are more likely to survive (and thrive), than if you fight it and end up being bashed about the rocks before being spewed out amoeba-like, back onto the beach. Choose to engage and trust your gut and you will always end up in the right ‘stream’ of consciousness, supported by the universe (honoured actually for your bravery), because you took that leap of faith. No point being positive if you’re not going to use that energy in your favour! This moon is ripe with spiritual downloads, surprises and cathartic moments that have the potential to deliver exactly what you need and have been desiring (and dreaming of) for a long time.

But here’s the hard part: you need to give yourself permission to receive.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday see the new moon at zero degrees and 1 degree (on Tuesday) before She starts waxing again. The colour for this new moon is yellow, so you may like to buy some sunflowers, marigolds or roses, wear yellow underwear or clothing, burn earthy incenses or eat more squash, corn and yellow vegetables than usual to honour this radiant energy! Yellow is also connected to JOY and the solar plexus and because the energies of the January eclipse, Cancer full moon and indigenous prophecy at Uluru (the solar plexus of the planet) are still circulating and influencing us (and will for a long time btw), working with yellow (and variations of), can only enhance your healing of this chakra and any related imbalances.

In the meantime, check out my Mana Medicine Mentoring online course as there are only a couple of spots left for those sisters who are ready to step up and walk the wise woman path.

And for those of you who live further down the beaches and beyond, I will be returning to Qi Yoga at Freshwater this year for several bespoke events, focusing this year on spreading the wiccan love and educating our spiritual communities with powerful ceremonies to celebrate the seasonal shifts.

These include: Samhain (Halloween) on May 1st; Yule (and the solar eclipse) on June 21; Imbolc (and the Aquarius full moon) on August 2; Ostara (spring equinox) on September 22nd and Beltane on October 31! I’ll also be hosting my fifth New Years Eve Medicine Circle on December 31 as usual. All bookings will be through Qi so stay tuned for details that will be released closer to each event.

In the meantime, you can always check out my retreats, events and blogs on my website or perhaps make a booking for a shamanic healing to find your power and balance.

Sending love and blessings to all,




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