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New Moon Mysteria

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

The new moon is a dynamic phase in the lunar cycle at the best of times and this upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse (in Gemini) on Thursday, is sure to throw many for a six and perhaps even slam doors in the faces of others as it works its two-faced "magic".

I just want to say here quickly before I dive in and give my interpretations, that everyone has their own versions of what the moon is all about and what it's doing at any point in time, so please discern for yourself what information you take on and always scan whatever you read, through your own highest filters. Personally, I find the Vedic, Mayan and indigenous shamanic explanations to be more grounding and practical in their approach, less generic if you like, but that's because I see a lot of what the mainstream offers via horoscopes, as fixating on things either being "positive" or "negative" manifestations, or "good" experiences versus "bad" ones, which I believe only serves to further ingrain duality.

However, this is perfect for right now because we are working with the "twins" this month after all.

General rule of thumb and one that has stood me in good stead for the 25 years that I've been working in the esoteric field, is if you do the spiritual hard yakka and turn your attention to your inner landscape and away from what's always changing and recycling "out there", then your journey will bear fruit with more grace and ease than if you struggle and stress and ignore the signs. Simples.

So, here, as a relative layman in this particular arena, but still with a few decades of experience up my sleeve, I am going to give my own intuitive review about this coming eclipse and I am literally just typing it out as it comes because that’s usually when my gut and guides do our best work. Do with it what you will. I am a Gemini also, so it should favor me, yes? (wink, wink).

One given we can all agree on, is that eclipses are about transformation, mostly acute and intense ones, but not always. How we are affected depends on whether we have been avoiding our spiritual work and letting our ego rule the roost instead, or facing up to our shadow and putting in the elbow grease needed to clear, forgive and integrate all residual aspects of our wounded self. If it’s the former, then yes, we are most likely going to be in for a few shocks or “wake up calls”.

To coin a popular phrase (or two, combined), it’s “time to man up now and face the music”, but before any of us can fully embody change and start re-weaving some new and more celestially aligned tapestries into our daily lives, we have to look ourselves in the mirror, at what we’ve swept under the carpet for years and start unpacking all the crap we’ve been stashing at the back of the closet for too long and pretending doesn’t exist and that includes all those dusty Duran Duran posters and long-forgotten scrunchies. It's time for some serious purification.

Essentially, everything from our past is up for scrutiny and this is perfect because we really do need to stop regurgitating our identities and ideologies from the past and trying to use those very memories to springboard ourselves into a “bright, new” future, whilst expecting a different outcome.

Definition of insanity, anyone, anyone??

One of the most basic lessons of Spirituality 101 tells us that “baggage is a burden” no true soul seeker has an obligation to carry for-absolutely-ever, and certainly not during a planetary ascension, yet in order to experience the space we desire, we have to first CREATE said space through intention and discipline. Ergo, that involves being brave and choosing to LET GO of our attachment to all the old stuff that no longer serves us. Putting down our backpacks, fanny packs and accumulated head gear, and "en-lightening” our load.

The sooner you realize that “you know nothing, Jon Snow,” the faster the truth will start dawning.

So, I am preferring to think of this "Ring of Fire" eclipse, in my birth sign, as an opportunity to have a mammoth stock take of my emotional, mental and esoteric hemispheres, with the view to experiencing greater freedom and more lightness of being than ever before. No drama and no door-slamming necessary.

Don't worry, there will still be quite a few surges of cosmic energies both leading up to and flowing into, that will assist with your catharsis - given that Gemini’s volatile ruling planet, Master Mercury, is still in retrograde, apparently till the Solstice on June 21/22 and will also be conjunct the Sun - so as sensitive, switched on humans, we are sure to feel some nauseating ripple effects, increased urgency and agitation and possibly a good dose of second guessing as well once we reach the tail-end, but that’s the beauty of transformation: there’s ALWAYS a rebirth. A “reward” if you like. Regardless of how traumatic or tumultuous our “endings” may end up being, or how blindsided we may have felt when the proverbial hit the fan, we can always rely upon the same result, and that is, a clean slate.

It’s only a matter of time before we learn in our own ways, that it’s actually better to lean into the corners, rather than keep hanging ourselves over the same ragged edges, and with the south node sitting in Sagittarius, as a collective entity, we are being uniformly urged to face our unresolved karma - globally and locally - so we can do exactly that.

Man can never “win” against Nature; not even his own inner nature.

Along with some serious solar flare action, there is also a considerably large red flag to be aware of with this eclipse and that is the Grand Cross - also known as the Grand Square - which is formed by Vesta opposite Neptune and the North Node opposite South Node. Grand Crosses are huge catalysts for change, instability and chaos, with repercussions that can leave legacies of influence for generations and lineages to come.

I'd also like to point out for anyone who isn't in the know about such things, that squares are the occult's weapon of choice. The black box analogy, the prison planet of Saturn and the Kaaba cube in Jerusalem for example; it's all there in plain sight. They utilize squares to imprint various matrix networks and inversion formulas over natural structures with the intent to hijack, contain and then channel chi (energy) to their own insidious advantage. QR codes reflect this also, as does the obvious chess board most know about by now. Circles on the other hand, are indicative of organic flow, natural order and sacred synchronicity, everything working harmoniously together to serve and support Creation.

With the level of consciousness we have right now - even though it is constantly expanding - as a species, we are yet to fully comprehend the magnitude of what is happening right now, and the harsh and yes, scary reality is, that there are dark forces manipulating cosmic alignments such as this one, to their own nefarious advantage. It's what they do.

I'm not saying this formation is all doom and gloom because it also has incredible benevolent energy to bestow upon humanity as well, positive healing energy that we can access and benefit from. I'm just suggesting that because a square like this shows up in astrology, it doesn't automatically mean it's all joyful bells and whistles. Both "sides" will be attempting to harness its power, as they have done for millenia. We just haven't been aware of this, to the degree we are now.

It's not enough to only be "peace, love and light" anymore; that only gets us so far in this spiritual battle.

We need to wake up and smell the cacao brothers and sisters and realize the entities that are co-creating this global experience with us right now, have no intention of playing fair, no regard for human (or any form of) life, and they will use every trick in their occultist playbook at their dastardly disposal, to gain the upper hand. Knowing this, please be mindful where you place your energy during this eclipse and whom you hang out with - in fact, do this during all lunar cycles for that matter - and maintain a healthy respect for what we are up against; without collapsing into fear.

This is the path of the spiritual heart warrior and if this is you, you need to know this stuff, even if it is confronting. Max Igan nails it with his "standing in the face of infinity without flinching" quote. We need to be even stronger and even more resolute at this stage in the game.

There is no hiding from this moon and that includes the light workers and the dark ones equally. Nobody knows how group consciousness will swing because the truth is, so many are still sitting on the fence. We will start seeing more false light being exposed in the coming months and we will also see next level "evils", coming to light, almost in tandem as the polarities purge and continue their journey towards unity consciousness, but that may or may not be enough to convince more people to embrace their power and step up. None of us knows the answer to that, which is why it's so important to focus on personal empowerment and raising your own energetic integrity and not get caught up in any "savior" or "martyrdom" habits as everything unfolds as its meant to.

Things are shifting, slowly but steadily, and this is why we are starting to see more instances of disclosure as things "leak" out into the public arena for example, confirming that awakening is already occurring within the minds and hearts of more people, because it is only when we are ready to see with fresh eyes, receive without judgement and listen with unconditional love, that we can hold the line and witness the truth beginning to rise.

It's definitely all happening, but we still have a ways to go. Maybe this eclipse will give us the nudge we need.

I reckon the best thing we can give ourselves permission to do at this lunar precipice - and this includes the men because the moon doesn't just affect wombs and women, as is commonly taught - is SURRENDER and TRUST that the ride will be over, whenever the ride is meant to be over (according to, again, you know it, The Universe). We need to stop the “Are we there yet?” inner dialogues also because they only serve to drag the whole experience out longer and make it more tedious than it needs to be. Remember that we all are unconsciously addicted to our patterns in some way and often very stubborn when it comes to this. Strive to accept, allow and align with "What Is" and keep showing up as the best version of you as you can, because THAT is true spiritual discipline in motion.

Try to stop fighting the inevitable (that is, your awakening) and start softening into the rite of passage we are all sinking deeper into with the highest attitude of gratitude, because ultimately, the universe DOES have your back and you my dear friend, like myself, HAVE manifested everything for your soul's benefit. Take the good, the bad and the ugly, almost with a grain of salt, because they all serve a purpose. The irony is that we often don’t see that till the very last moment, but that’s also because up till now, our capacity for consciousness has been somewhat (and in many cases, even severely), limited.

I’m sure you’ll agree, that 2020 and now 2021, turned many of us on our heads and dropped us bums-up, into our unsuspecting hearts, so we are actually able to access a lot more of our natural, intuitive selves now than ever before. All we need do is CHOOSE the vibration we wish to embody and then BECOME it. It’s so obvious and yet so difficult to do at the same time and I do believe this is because we’ve been enslaved for so long that we’ve completely forgotten we even have that ability to release ourselves, let alone the choice.

Picture the domesticated bird when the cage door is finally opened. After dreaming of life "on the outside", it suddenly has the chance for the freedom it deserves and yet, it is so confused and conditioned by authority that it will choose to remain inside. Even if the cage is turned upside down and vigorously shaken in an attempt to wake them up and get them out! Why? Because its poor, tiny mind has been broken into a million pieces over the years and it simply cannot conceive another way of living, even when it is presented so obviously on its doorstep and with no strings attached. This tragedy applies to every single person on the earth plane right now that has not yet become aware of the reality of the global situation (and who is orchestrating it) and that still remains oblivious to the fact that the quality of their existence depends entirely upon the choices they make in each moment. For the human and the little bird equally, the fear of living differently and having to embrace itself in all its glory and potential once that line is crossed, outweighs the fear of remaining entrapped and therefore subject to the whims of its master.

We have lost faith in who we are and what we were born to do and hence, we remain as is.

Millions around the world are no different to this little bird right now as they unwittingly reveal that they would rather stay in their cages, getting "fed" and feeling “safe” and “protected”, in their compliant comfort zones, than explore what’s available outside their current realm of understanding.

And this is what I see this eclipse is really all about.


If you let it, this new moon eclipse can serve as a magnet for manifesting all you deserve and desire and catapulting you into a whole new direction, but you have to first choose to breathe yourself through the next section of the birthing canal (notice how I’m not referring to slamming or sliding doors in any way), and face the threshold of your own cervix like a boss, no matter what. To master the tension between contraction and expansion and ignore to a certain degree, all the debris that might show up to fly around you as you do. Become the vehicle of loving liberation, regardless. If you don’t, it could leave you feeling like you’re caught in a time loop, being suctioned back up the passage and extending your labor for who knows how much longer.

This is as good a time as any to become acutely aware of how we ignorantly repel everything we say we want because our unconscious dialogues are stuck on a particular bandwidth, in an impregnated rut. I suggest you take some deep inhalations right now and discern to free yourself from whatever toxic, frozen phase of the journey you are currently caught in, and as you break free and start sliding through, observe how you automatically start shedding all those inherited beliefs linked to feeling small and being powerless. They neither serve your soul sovereignty, nor the greater Sacred, in any way.

Trust that the only way out is THROUGH, my friends.

Remember that as you birth your entire being in this way, you ensure you will land on your own two feet no matter what ecliptic energies are flying around you at the time. So you can BE the eye of the storm.

In my humble opinion, when it comes to life, it’s never “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”, or even “God” versus “Satan” because we embody BOTH and ultimately they are one and the same, they’re just different aspects of our psyche and occupying different ends of the same spectrum. Constructs that have been hijacked, by religion in particular, as a way to incite (and continue), collective doubt and divide.

We have been deliberately trained to view them as separate, but they are in truth, both present at once and therefore, able to be unified - or actually, they are already unified - within us. It’s just our beliefs and addictions to the various stories we carry, that hinders our ability to know and acknowledge this; but that’s a post for another time.

As always, it’s your choice to use your free will as you wish, but I would suggest, given the current retrograde as mentioned above, that this energy is actually a gifted opportunity to revisit and refine all previous choices to ensure one stays on track - that you focus on the moment, anchor yourself in the reality of said moments and what is transpiring as a result of where you place your energy and focus, and just keep “doing you”, regardless. Seek to break free of the "boxes" and compartments you might have unconsciously created for yourself, thinking it's helping you get organized, when in fact, it's suffocating your true essence and (perhaps) aligning you with a "greater, darker, box".

Keep your eyes peeled and an extra line of sight out the back of your head by all means if that feels good for you, but don’t restrict your growth by reducing the universe to a series of doors that either open or close because truth be known, if life is anything, it’s a REVOLVING door, a conveyer-belt of mish-mashed-up experiences that each of us will interpret differently and there will always be the offer extended to each one of us, to receive or reject whatever shows up on the day.

If you wish, instead of doorways, maybe think “interconnected passageways”, like a closed system of vibration that continuously pulsates and shifts, much like our human energetics, our bloodstream for example, neither diminishing or increasing, just valves and prana in constant states of flux and flow. Try not to imprison yourself in some personally tailored version of Alice in Wonderland either - 'cause hopefully you know the intention and the minds behind THAT ball of whack - and just breathe yourself through the maze, into the next layer of the labyrinth and of possibility and presence, knowing it’s all an ILLUSION anyway.

Appreciate the moon if that resonates, but don’t ATTACH to any of it. Fact is, “She” was hijacked a long time ago and imprinted with several negative and occultist sheaths that continue to influence humanity in ways that still aren’t fully understood, and certainly not discussed as they need be.


Written and shared with love.

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