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Let the Sacred Rage rise





So far, 2020 has certainly lived up to our expectations and predictions of being year of great transformation. A year of “the truth shall set you free” and for being able to use our vision – inner vision, intuition and actual physical eyes – to see through and beyond the illusions that have sedated mankind for centuries.

And yes, while the truth may set us free, it is certain to freak us out at regular intervals as it does so.

We have all been going through our own catharses since co-vid and being pushed to our inner and outer edges like never before. Many have been managing to cope relatively well with the rising challenges and confronting information on a day to day basis, whilst others have been completely discombobulated by anything that vaguely pushes their buttons. Dreamscapes have been wilder and more vivid than ever and friendships continue to crash and burn. Thor’s hammer has been hard at work too, lashing us all via flash storms and lightning strikes and doing his best to help the minions wake.

Whether you’re religious or not, there is no doubt we are living in prophetic times.

I can only conclude that the reason so many people continue to fight with one another – and so aggressively – is because some have been doing their personal work and others have not. Those who are not aware or awake are having a harder time of it and appear to be finding life a lot more difficult to adjust to, because they haven’t acquired the skills to support them as the collective moves from one age (of Pisces) to the next (of Aquarius). I was called a ‘troll’ this week when I innocently asked if anyone had requested permission from the local custodians to hold the July 4th celebrations on their land. I was immediately attacked and called names by compete strangers, when all I was doing was checking if protocol had been followed. Obviously Americans are extremely sensitive when it comes to their patriotic markers and that is absolutely fine, but there’s no need to attack. Before I exited the conversation, I saw that one person replied with "It’s a national park, hence it’s public land” and another kind soul actually defended my honest inquiry.

In Australia, it’s pretty common (and well practiced by most people nowadays), to seek the permission of the indigenous elders whenever we hold a rally or congregate on their land – especially on nature reserves – even if it has been granted ‘blanket-style’ beforehand. You ask it for each particular event, out of courtesy and continued respect, so I just assumed everyone else was doing the same. If these organizers hadn’t, all I suggested was perhaps that would partially explain the protest on the one day that could bring with it, unnecessary harm to many. Just my observation, but of course, I am an infiltrator for asking. I actually find it quite amusing because literally earlier in the day I remember seeing a bus advert for the latest Trolls movie and as it idled next to me at the lights, I recall now looking at the poster wondering what the film was all about. I have since learned from friends that the storyline has little children being fed to trolls. Charming. In our faces yet again. So maybe I unconsciously created my ‘troll situation’ to remind me to (A) either stop commenting on divisive threads and hence ‘feeding’ myself to the wolves, or (B) not give a toss about what strangers think of me. Probably a bit of both I suspect (laughs out loud)!

However you choose to look at them, all these shifts we are experiencing, on all levels of our being and reality – whilst temporary moments in time and in the grander scheme of things – are definitely not trivial. They are massive quantum leaps in consciousness that are destined to disrupt and rebirth all who are on the planet now. Every situation contains nuances of next level information for each one of us and all we need to do, is remain open to receiving and learning. None of us will escape this transformational energy, whether we consciously participate in it or not. We will still be influenced by the process of others around us, plus the vibrations that begin radiating from Gaia and via Her five elements of air, fire, water, ether and earth. Everyone will feel and respond to things even if their conscious minds cannot comprehend. What many are still failing to grasp though, is that when enough agitation builds within our collective energy field, when enough anger, hatred, frustration and violent thoughts accumulate and split us into factions, that toxicity spills out to trigger the elements of Mother Nature in an organic attempt to alleviate the pressure.

At best, this causes weird weather disturbances; at worst, it manifests catastrophic natural disasters. Riots and the like quickly follow suit and so it cycles. This is why it’s imperative we align and master our inner nature, because the state of our inner realm is a direct reflection – and has an immediate impact – on the state of the outer realms.

When our belief systems are challenged and when all we have understood to be ‘true’ begins to break down and/or be questioned, what happens is we begin to (finally) grasp the reality of our situation and whether we are in fact, in a good space in our lives or in the right relationship or job for example. We start asking ourselves if we are really happy, if ‘this is as good as it gets’ and various other things as we realize how much time we may have invested (or wasted), working for the man, staying in an abusive marriage or giving all our energy to making sure other people are happy while we shrivel and weaken inside. It’s a confronting space to occupy but it is a necessary one to sit in because when we start awakening to the reality of our life and whether we are happy or not, we are also awakening the potential within ourselves, to choose a different direction. We manifest choice and the potential for change and with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Sunday (in Australia), this basically guarantees that things can only get better if we take the chance and trust our hearts.

It’s time to take a leap of faith and eclipse your old ways of being. Rewrite your old stories with new endings and fortuitous plot twists instead of the same tired conclusions.

When 7 billion or more people on the planet excrete their genetic (and energenetic) junk simultaneously, you can only imagine how messy things could get and this goes a long way to explaining why there is so much civil, psychological and energetic unrest at present. Everybody is redefining (or finding) their purpose, their voice and their personal power and thanks to social media, everyone is expressing these things en masse, 24/7. We currently have Mercury in Retrograde as well, so no wonder there has been so much conflict and verbal diarrhoea of late as everyone seeks to rally their own personal army of like-minds around them.

One thing to remember is that everyone has this right and that everyone needs to go through this journey in order to connect to their truth, what they stand for and what they are willing to tolerate (or not put up with) as a result. Some people will be happy to comply and remain asleep whilst others will fire up against oppressive orders and really come into their own thanks to the stimuli of fear. Each to their own of course, but when you think about it, it would be a shame to waste the incredible opportunity for growth that the universe is offering each one of us right now wouldn’t it? Looking a gift horse in the mouth and all that.

The new earth lifeline is being extended to us now – the umbilicus that connects us to Great Mother and all Her nourishment, wisdom and power. The one that was re-established in January by the traditional owners of this great land. All we need to do is take hold of it and trust She will guide us as we start walking ourselves (and each other) home.

So this weekend, endings and new beginnings are the order of the day. This eclipse is the final one of the June/July trilogy but also most importantly, it wraps up a 2-year period that has seen a series of Capricorn-Cancer eclipses since July 2018.

Here is the link for my medicine circle tonight. I hope you can join me.

Here's the link to my next Soul Survival 101 course also:

Sadly we won’t see it here on the aussie east coast as it occurs below the horizon, but we will certainly feel it because eclipses are all about facing the deepest parts of our psyche and stirring the cauldron of cognizance. Drawing our attention to the parts we don’t like to admit exist and the parts that we often spend a lot of energy avoiding. This final eclipse is asking us to be brave and shed any remaining blocks and barriers that stunt our soul’s growth and dull our heart’s light. It’s a poignant invitation to remember (and own) who we truly are. That will mean different things to different people of course, depending on where they are on their spiritual path, but generically, know that you’re being asked to stop being small and start living the life you chose to experience this time round. No more pussyfooting around, no more hiding in the shadows, no more pretending to be someone you’re not (for whatever reasons) or living in a state of self-perpetuated fear (in the various forms that are possible). We have all created comfort zones for ourselves over time, foundations of security (in different forms, not just financial) but if those structures no longer support our emotional, mental or spiritual growth and don’t mirror where our soul is leading us to, then we need to find the gumption to stop, reassess and replace them with more fluid and nourishing patterns and practices. One’s that also contribute towards building a more sustainable, fair and expanded collective matrix as well, so that everyone thrives.

I get messages regularly from people thanking me for speaking out in public and I am very grateful for and humbled by your support, but I am still waiting for more of my shamanic brethren to take the risk and take up the mantle alongside me. Humanity needs more light leaders to step up and inspire more members of their respective communities now because this work does require a united team of powerful masters using their gifts in service to Great Spirit and mankind.

I spoke about the expressions of detachment and connection in my Soul Survival 101 course this week and I’d like to share it with you here. As healers of all kinds, we have been trained to be compassionate, to take on the wounding of others, to alleviate their suffering as a way to clear it for them and to also take on the responsibility for someone else’s journey, but this is an old way of thinking and operating because it keeps us caught in the pattern of obligation. It also feeds ego because ultimately, nobody can heal anybody as there is actually nothing to ‘heal’ per say, there are just aspects of a person/a soul, that need to be reintegrated and loved back into balance. As I have said many times before, planetary and collective energies are shifting from structure to formlessness, from rigid holding patterns to organic flows and as energetic beings, humans made up of the same cosmic elements, we also need to do the same if we are to upgrade our own systems and remain aligned with how nature is evolving.

This is where the art of detachment is so important because it shows us how to reclaim our own energy whilst encouraging others to do the same and discover their own personal power.

What I mean by that is, when you no longer carry the burden of others as your own or agree to ‘fix’ what they believe is ‘wrong’, then you indirectly (and directly) initiate their awakening because you have created the space for them to step up and wake up to their innate truth. By doing this, by stepping back and choosing not to throw a rope and buoy every single time, it doesn’t mean you don’t care or that you aren’t being compassionate, it just means you are choosing to not sacrifice yourself for them; or prioritize someone else’s needs, above your own. You can still love them, guide them and wish them well, but you won’t let yourself get lost in their story anymore and this is so important especially now at a time when so many are looking to blame people for their circumstances and looking for the next scapegoat to unleash their frustrations upon.

Spirit is the one who ‘heals’ after all – not the ego – and when we lead by example by just being ourselves, the light we create by doing so, is more than enough to illuminate the way ahead for others to follow; if that is their chosen destiny.

And this is why speaking out more in public is so important now because your words and the sharing of your sacred rage (which is healthy by the way), has the power to initiate great awareness and action in the hearts of those who are listening; and who are (most likely) contemplating the same. They just need to see they won’t be alone if they take the risk to speak their truth.

So this week, tap into the strength of Capricorn - the ‘get things done dude’ – and the tenderness of Cancer – the mama hugger/nurturer – and relinquish some restrictive (mind) control in favor of some creative (heart) demonstration. Make some time for self nourishment and reassessing what is working and what isn’t working in your life right now because the stage is set for some serious individual renovations and the rewriting of group intentions. When we lean into the unknown instead of resisting it vehemently, and choose surrender as the ultimate expression of our soul’s strength, magic and metamorphosis always result.

This is how we transmute grief into gratitude and our wounding into medicine.

This is how we dream the new earth into being.

Blessings and love,




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