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It's Been A Year

"It's been a year... what the fcuk is going on, here?!"

A few months ago a good friend sent me a music video created by singer-songwriter-bellydancer-artist, SaHaRa PiKSie, performed by her funky self and her equally bohemian beau, Big Daddy. She, dressed in a pink onesie with flying dreds and oozing attitude, and he, in a fluffy robe complete with a tassled mala and ukelele, I assumed they were from Byron. Turns out Israel is their 'hood. It seriously brought tears to my eyes - the good kind - and was the belly laugh that I had needed, for a long time, and whilst the lyrics are obviously tongue-in-cheek, they are poignant, honest and intended to send a definite message.

Here's the video link for those who haven't seen:

"It's been a year. What the fcuk is going on, here? "Good question guys, good bloody question.

As a global community we have now endured well over 12 months of dictatorship and tyranny. At every turn, new BS "rules" and made-up regulations (not laws) have been imposed upon us at the behest of an elite international mafia and upheld by the corrupt governments, institutions and corporations they collectively control. We think we voted them in, but we didn't; their's is a coordinated operation that leaves nothing to chance in its quest for absolute rule. Anyone with even a basic education can see that this whole plandemic has never been about health or our "best interests", but about the incremental removal of our human rights and the establishment of complete and utter totalitarianism. "Communizing" the Western world. Whether people choose to acknowledge and work with this hard to swallow truth, is another matter entirely of course and yet sadly, literally millions of our fellow humans continue to acquiesce and follow the mainstream narrative towards (their) certain death, volunteering themselves as guinea pigs, playing along with "directives" and even going so far as to "dob" their neighbors in for not towing the popular line. Neighborhood watch, gone horribly awry. These people may (temporarily) feel safe in their bubble of compliance and righteous in their trust in fascist authority over Divine Law, hoping to "get back to normal" and able to travel to their favorite wineries again, but in truth, it is this blind ignorance that will bring about their demise, and when that reality really kicks in - the one where they realize they actually supported the "wrong team" and allowed genocide to unfold because they were too proud to change or question the media - they are going to have a very hard time processing it. In fact, it will break most of them.

I have no doubt that all the sages, seers, masters and mystical alien beings out there, are looking down at us all and shaking their collective heads (and tails) in dismay at the moment.

As yogis and healers of various kinds, I believe one of our main roles is to hold the space for others so they may too, come to a deeper understanding of life and light within themselves and learn how to digest what the world presents them and yes, this does require next level compassion. It's not about agreeing with them, it's about embodying loving allowance and moving from a neutral space, as best we can, yet at the same time also holding a strong line of elder integrity and discernment. As yoga teachers especially, that responsibility increases because we are in a position (again) of privilege, required by our allegiance to Source, to stand in our truth and offer support and solace to those who struggle with grasping concepts and finding their own. When they are in need of healing and ready to receive, we need to be there for them. We are the ones who scatter the pebbles throughout the forest in the hope they will follow, and if they don't, then at least we have done our part and offered the tools with love.

As such conscious beings, I believe it is our duty to ensure that others have an equal opportunity to express their views, to live their lives in alignment with their values and to practice compassion and tolerance whether another viewpoint challenges our own or not. We don't have the right to tell someone else what to think or do, and by the same token, they don't have the right to demand we follow suit and homogenize ourselves to fit into their mold and what the "majority" deems necessary. We cannot all think and act the same - nor should we as variety is the essence of life after all - but what we can do and what we must practice, if we adhere to the eight limbs of yoga in any shape or form, is allow others to voice their opinions without fear of ridicule or rejection, and to decide how they want to live their life.

I don't remember reading anywhere in the Bhagavad Gita saying we should conform, acquiesce or submit our divinity to another entity, a (perceived) "higher" authority other than God. The text invites us to honor ourselves, our truth, and tells us "it is better to live your own destiny imperfectly, than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection."

Nothing in there saying, "if the opportunity should arise, thou shalt inject oneself with man-made poisons in order to protect others (and so you can look like a saint)" either.

The very essence of yoga is built on the core principle of Ahimsa – non violence – in all ways and yet what we are still witnessing is a growing division within the yoga/spiritual community, despite mounting expert evidence and astounding statistics connected to these jabs for example. As the song says, after 12 (plus) months now, how long do people need to suffer and complain until things start becoming so obvious that they can't ignore them, until there is no other explanation than the one that is staring them in the face, and has been all along?

At what point does the lamb realize the path isn't leading to another grassy paddock?

Anyone who is speaking out about their beliefs, anyone who is putting forth a counter argument and anyone who is promoting debates and discussions that oppose the majority-ruled, mainstream propaganda machine, is being branded as dangerous, ignorant or even in some cases, idiotic. Like a modern day heretic almost. It’s absurd and quite saddening to be honest. My latest podcast with Dr Andy Kaufman exposing the fraud only lasted two hours on my YouTube channel before they took it down as "violating community standards" and containing "medical misinformation." My David Icke one got four hours airplay till they snuffed it out and gave me a warning. You gotta laugh.

Dr Kaufman and I talk about C19, the V, the "shedding" situation and my personal theory that this is actually connected to five-gee and powerful spellcraft, more than something transmitting physically from human to human. We're working with frequency after all and so far, fear has proven to be a grand conduit, in their favor. I started talking about this when the shedding thing first came up months ago, as the first incidents of transmission were being reported - mostly as menstrual bleeding and related hormonal imbalances - and everyone I mentioned it to, both doctors and healers, hadn't considered this. I wrote about it on my pages and then mentioned it in my podcast with Dr Christiane Northrup (on May 7th) in fact, but even she didn't pick up on it. I will do a live to explain what I have been shown because more people will start picking up on this soon for sure.

Here's the link to Dr Kaufman:

I was actually called a "heretic" this week by some random Facebook follower for posing some different ideas about Jesus' heritage and suggesting that history might not be as correct as we believe it to be. Interesting how it always seems to be the Bible worshipers that attack me for posing alternatives, never those from the esoteric community when I suggest they expand their perceptions, as I always strive to do. The light workers always receive and consider the information with maturity and if they disagree, they explain why and this is good because a conscious debate should always be had if we are to grow and learn. Those however, who have been "born again", never fail to judge and pontificate at every turn, and I must say - without judgment because everyone is entitled to their own beliefs of course - that I do find that a little, well, hypocritical.

Humans always fear and put down, that which they don’t understand and haven't integrated. It's connected to the wounded healer and empath-narcsissist programs we are still collectively admitting and clearing.

Knowing this and knowing that we did sign up for personal growth in this lifetime - particularly when we began our yoga teacher trainings - how about we evolve as a group and start doing things differently? Instead of tuning out to what we may initially see as radical ideas because they press our buttons and trigger our sense of safety and control, I suggest we keep the conversations going in the spirit of education and accessing higher knowledge and in honor of those who have walked the path of intense change and challenge before us. Also out of respect for the learned abilities of our brethren because we all have unique gifts to share. If our ancestors chose resignation over revolution and sacrificed their dedication to finding the truth to the powers that ruled at the time, then quite frankly, none of us would be here as we are today. We owe it to them to continue the line of awakened heart warriors and to embrace the new as a way of moving forwards, in love and awareness.

Civilizations have been broken and re-birthed on the blood, sweat and tears of people who have stopped, turned around and stood up, who questioned and used their intuitive discernment and who dared to shout "ENOUGH!!" in the face of their enemy. As yogis, as devotees to Ahimsa, yes, I believe we should be opposed to anything that threatens our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health! In the very least, we should do our research until we are Krishna-blue in the face and fully satisfied that there is no threat.

Over time we have separated ourselves from nature – and as a result, our own inner nature – to the point now that we have lost the ability to discern and decide for ourselves. We have become our own worst enemy and in that process, we have separated from the truth of who we really are; which is, divine, sovereign beings that are the same, but different. This has been deliberately orchestrated by those ruling oligarchs that I have mentioned before, as a way to dilute wisdom and then completely disconnect all human tribes from all expressions of their indigenous roots and from our sacred rites of passage and the spiritual practices we have inherited that nourish and develop our sense of who we truly are, because that is what enables them to attain, and retain, power.

We need to start living, not existing, and no longer accepting less and less and then thanking them for the crumbs they arrogantly hand us, pretending to care. We need to start claiming our inner authority and co-manifesting the new earth that we all dream about for ourselves and our children, and we do that by saying NO to them, and YES to us. In every moment.

It's been a year already. Let's not make it a decade.


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