It's Been A Year

"It's been a year... what the fcuk is going on, here?!"

A few months ago a good friend sent me a music video created by singer-songwriter-bellydancer-artist, SaHaRa PiKSie, performed by her funky self and her equally bohemian beau, Big Daddy. She, dressed in a pink onesie with flying dreds and oozing attitude, and he, in a fluffy robe complete with a tassled mala and ukelele, I assumed they were from Byron. Turns out Israel is their 'hood. It seriously brought tears to my eyes - the good kind - and was the belly laugh that I had needed, for a long time, and whilst the lyrics are obviously tongue-in-cheek, they are poignant, honest and intended to send a definite message.

Here's the video link for those who haven't seen: