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It'll Be All-Light

Image by @guilhermestecanella

It's true. The universe is conspiring.

FOR us - NOT against us - and it's time we all started to realize this truth.

I have had the privilege of speaking with some of the most intelligent and inspiring people this week for my new podcast "Denby Does Dharma" and all it took to 'prove' this theory correct, was to step up and believe in myself.

For most empaths, healers and light workers, it's uncomfortable being in the spotlight or having the camera trained on us and us only. A lot of us prefer to either share the space with others to take the pressure off or guide instead from the sidelines and because of this reluctance to 'be seen', we often share our teachings in either written form or anonymously. Or sometimes not at all.

This is the Age of Aquarius however and it's all about speaking up, embracing our voice and contributing to the collective in a way that honors not only the message we are personally feeling compelled to spread to benefit others, but our own karmic path as well. It's time to shed the fear of repercussion and step onto the stage without hesitation because right now, there are literally millions of people who need to hear our message and we may as well take advantage of this tool called the internet, while we can!

I reckon I have procrastinated for long enough this year, so I finally took the leap of faith to launch my podcast and now after only a few short weeks, I have finally realized what the blockage was for me. It wasn't so much the fear of being seen, because I have been outspoken for long enough and through critique and acclaim, developed a relatively thick skin to cope with whatever may come my way. What I discovered through this process was my innate fear of rejection, of not being received in the way that I intend and hence, potentially ridiculed or ostracized for whatever I share and believe in. It's been an interesting process and wound to own, move through and shift to a higher vibration because ultimately, it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks of me - and this applies to us all because we all have similar fears as humans sharing the same DNA.

All that matters is what we think of ourselves.

It all comes down to how much we value ourselves and whether we believe in what we came here to do in this lifetime. Whether we are ready to embrace our fullest self and accept whatever may come with that embodiment.

We talk about taking 'leaps of faith', but what does that actually mean? To me, it's not so much about taking a 'risk' as the phrase implies, but a choice, the pivotal decision we make to stretch ourselves out of and beyond our comfort zones for no other reason than we simply must. In fact it is probably more accurate to describe this as a 'calling', a response to one's higher self in the moment and the moment where we merge completely with our light and God's.

So, I swallowed my pride and let go of how I perceived I was going to 'perform' and be received. I put aside my concern about whether I was going to be good enough or fall flat on my face and look like a fool - and did it anyway - and it was the best thing I have ever done.

Where have you done the same to shift stagnancy that you weren't aware existed? Have you taken a chance on a long-held dream and trusted that the universe will support you? Have you been able to transform your fear into your ally, no matter what the situation?

This is what I feel we are all being called to now, this embracing of more of ourselves as we negotiate unknown terrain and uncertain times. It's time to put everything on the line and follow our hearts not our heads anymore because if there's one thing I know with absolute certainty, it's that our heads will only keep leading us down the garden path and further into energetic oblivion if we let them.

I have spoken with some incredibly inspiring and intelligent people as a result of stepping out of the shadows of my own making and what lights up my soul the most, is that through my decision to surrender and trust, I am now able to support more people than I ever could before when I was stuck in my own worry and allowing my fear to keep me small.

When you find the courage to change your reality, you encourage others to do the same.

Here's the link to the You Tube chat I had with the divine Carrie-Anne Fields and Marie Russel, two courageous yogis who are speaking their truth and shining their light with love and the purest intentions. Wouldn't have connected with them had I not transformed my wounding into my medicine.

This is the greatest gift we can give one another - the gift of self empowerment. We cannot possibly know exactly how we may influence someone else, but by being authentic, breaking away from the status quo and following our heart, despite whatever expectations or imaginary voices try to stop us, we really do help each other remember who we are and what we are here for.

Great change is upon us brothers and sisters and now is the time for us to acknowledge our greatness. I'm not talking from ego or vanity either, I'm talking from a deep, soul-centered knowing. It's also the time for us to anchor our light even further, to stand strong in the purity of who we are and to activate our consciousness to the next level, especially ahead of December 21st. Please click on this link to listen to my interview with Steven Strong about this prophecy and what you can do to assist. This will be released on Tuesday as a podcast also.

On Thursday a second podcast will be released, one with Dr David Martin and his wife Kim, two incredible and enlightened humans who do so much for the world and whom I am truly blessed to know and interviewed. Hop onto Apple Podcasts, go to 'Spirituality' and type in "Denby Does Dharma" and it will come up.

Yoga wraps up this week on Friday and then I head to Uluru for 3 days for the above event. I will be offering casual classes throughout the holiday break, starting with a lush 2 hour immersion on Christmas Eve (11am - 1pm @ $50) with sound-healer Matt joining me to play the didgeridoo plus my annual Boxing Day Detox on Saturday 26th (11am - 1pm @ $50). New Years Eve (daytime) ceremony is nearly full so make sure you don't miss out because this annual gathering is the best way to sign off on the year and call in the best visions (and version of yourself) for the one coming.

In the New Year I will offer Monday, Wednesday and Fridays @ 9:30am - 11am and Sunday @ 4:30 - 6pm, until school starts back on Wednesday 28th. Please text me to book and bring $30 cash. 6 spots per class. These will commence January 4th.

There are a few spots left for my (women only) Farmstay Retreat @ the bespoke "Willow Farm" estate in Berry also, so please have a look and let me know if you are keen to come. Just a short drive to experience the ultimate in country comfort, full moon ritual, yoga, meditation, massage and horse-riding (optional). I will be hosting these regularly throughout the year, for both men and women too.

Take it easy this coming week. We have the total solar eclipse tomorrow and that is bound to stir up some interesting vibes, so stay calm, ground yourself and remember who you are. Shine on. Believe in yourself and don't ever give up on your dreams and know that whilst all is transient, it is also happening for your highest good.

The universe has your back - and so do I, if you want some healing support.




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