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Is There Any Love In A Lie?

Can there be love in a lie or is it all deceit and darkness?

Some people have definitely made lying an art form, in fact, I would even go so far to say that some people have never uttered a truth-filled word in their life, so what does constitute a "lie" and why do so many choose bent over straight?

Let's get clear about the word itself to start with, then we can dive into the myriad expressions of it and some of the reasoning attached.

The cynic in us would describe a lie as "anything that comes out of a politicians or car salesman's mouth", but the official description from Merriam-Webster Dictionary actually is, "to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive" and therein lies the heart of the verb; "with intent."

Everything in life comes down to intent, but does that excuse anyone from taking responsibility for their actions, just because they "had a good intent", but unfortunately the words or the actions, came out the opposite to what they imagined; or, were misconstrued?

This week I had someone lie to my face when I could actually see the energy of the lie, written all over her face. You know the look I'm sure, especially if you work with vibration. This is what happens to any of us who can read energy and are highly intuitive; it makes it very difficult for anyone to pull one over. My son has even said he "won't bother" lying to me because my "spooky senses" will know he is and that he won't be able to get away with it! Gotta love how my gift works as a disciplinary tool without me even having to do or say anything. Anyway, I digress, back to this woman who chose a lie over love; and I say "over love", because energetically, that really is what a lie is - a momentary choice one makes to swap a truthful and loving response, for a deceitful one.

Whatever their motivations, they discern an untruth to be better (or more comfortable in their body, mind and heart), than being open and honest.

Now I am not saying I have never lied in my life because that would be a lie. Of course I have. I have told fibs to cover my behind and fudged stories to avoid taking the blame (or to lessen the consequence) and when I was younger it must have been amusing to witnesses because I would seriously flush bright red any time I tried to tell a whopper; I literally could not hide it. The things we (all) do as tweens and teens are often reprehensible yes, but it is all still part of our learning curve and discovering boundaries that will define who we are later in life; boundaries that we will have to work at exposing and dissolving later in life in an effort to set ourselves free of karma of course, but that's another topic. Hopefully as adults, we develop a deeper sense of integrity and ability to show up and own our sh*t when required, but of course, that isn't always the case.

The Universal Truth is that everything happens for us, not to us, and hence, all experiences and all our in-the-now-perceptions and responses, are necessary.

I am sure you have given compliments or told a "white lie", when it wasn't an accurate reflection of your true feelings, but hey, this is all part of being human, growing up, making "mistakes", understanding what is hurtful and what is more appropriate in certain circumstances and learning how we ourselves "tick", so we can engage with others with more authenticity and care. Interestingly, this is also how we build trust.

It takes courage to admit you are wrong, afraid, hurt, unsure, or just sitting on a completely different fence to someone else, but this is what we all need right now - spiritual bollocks.

Ultimately there is no right or wrong as you know, there is just awareness and love and limitless experiences that we call in for our soul's benefit, but the journey to get to that inner space of knowing, is more often peppered with uncomfortable and challenging experiences designed to help us mature and grow into being the most conscious individual we can be, than it is not.

I have always preferred the raw truth to a gloved lie and I think most people would also.

The whole truth is always "easier" to digest and process in the long run, even though in the moment you can feel like your heart's been ripped out and trampled on. As a species, we just don't have time for fake and fluff anymore, nor is it an energy worthy of our attention during a time when humanity is being called to step up, take personal responsibility for themselves and align our collective field with the universal vibrations of this Aquarian Age ushering in. We are all co-creating "the new earth" as we keep saying and hearing, so therefore we are each uniquely responsible for the 5D part we play within this 3D "reality".

We cannot find FREEDOM, in any sense of the word, if we don't activate (and use) our FREE WILL with integrity and courage basically. We also cannot find "happiness" nor the 5D answers to the questions we have, if we insist on searching for them inside the matrix that is the 3D plane. It has to come from within US.

I get part of me called in this experience with this sister as a reminder (for me) to keep detaching from what other people do, say, think or feel, so it's all good in that respect. This is a big challenge when you are someone who constantly wears their activist heart on their sleeve and I know many of you reading this, do the same and can easily relate. The thing that intrigues me is why she (perhaps) didn't feel safe enough to share who she truly is with me, especially after knowing me and receiving my healing support for several years. Have I failed as a teacher to strengthen her belief in herself and her ability to speak up, or was this just a momentary lapse into what was easier for her? Was she even aware that was what she was doing or not or was she just pressed for time and had to rush off, who knows. I'm not taking it on and I certainly don't need or want anyone to agree with me, but as a seeker who strives to walk her talk to the best of her ability, I do wish to understand the motivations (on both our parts) behind this encounter because I sincerely believe it is important we all do our inner work in this way and have these transparent conversations with ourselves whenever something like this arises. To have the self respect to do this work and then extend this respect to others in all our encounters, despite differing opinions.

None of us are "receiving" anything from anyone at any point in time - nor are we being a "victim". We are in truth, "co-creating" with others (all the time) and therefore, there is a lesson for us, a gift to be gleaned and an opportunity to heal something inside ourselves so we don't draw a similar (repetitive) energy to ourselves again, every single time.

So this is what I have come up with; and have also cleared all potentialities with ritual. Her lying to me could represent my own inability to face truth. It could have been a reminder from the universe to keep speaking my truth regardless of other's opinions and to keep holding the line (and the light) strong, or it could have been another opportunity to teach me to fully accept that all is actually divine and totally okay - a kind of "each to their own, go in peace, namaste" message - which was intended to alleviate some of the pressure I sometimes put on my higher and human selves, to "save" or "awaken" others.

Seems like a lot of head work, but this is actually the level of self-inquiry required right now if we are to really excavate our own dense, wounded stories - and any associated energetic tributaries - so we may start embodying a more heart centered, grounded and non-judgmental space of compassion and acceptance of one another.

It's all about love and let go, live and let live and laughing at our "little/lower human selves", wherever possible.

Knowing this soul as I do, I am sure her intention was innocent and spiritually naive. She most likely just wanted to avoid a confrontation and not upset me, or get caught in a situation where she may feel she had to defend herself and I totally get and respect that. I totally also get that this was perhaps more of a lesson for me than it was for (or about) her, don't worry, and so I am choosing to see this experience as a reminder of how far I have come in my own healing journey and that people like this are exactly why I live, love, share and advocate, as I do. She has been a catalyst for my own innerstanding and for that I recognize her as my teacher in this instance. We are all one and we are all reflections of one another's sovereign selves, waiting to be claimed after all.

I hope my sharing this experience gives you some concepts to play around with for yourself if or when a similar situation presents itself for your advantage.

For the week coming in, it will be a good idea to pay attention to your motivations, thoughts and feelings and how they manifest into physical actions because we are in for a rough ride for the next few months, despite what any self-appointed gurus may be saying; such as, phew, it's all over now (thanks to "the inauguration", or that mask mandates have been relaxed in your state, for instance) and that we can finally get back to "normalcy". Far from it brothers and sisters, sorry, and if there's anyone out there that still wants the world to go back to how it was, I would strongly suggest some serious navel gazing (and maybe some plant medicines) stat, because that existence we were all living in, that "normal", was anything but. Normal is another word for slavery.

This spiritual battle is only just ramping up and this is why so many of you are feeling exhausted and cranky, why your bodies are falling apart, why you feel like you're losing your mind and why your hearts are losing hope. Being on the front line is hard yakka, whether you are participating on the physical or the etheric; both require endurance, discipline and intense training - and that is exactly what you as a light warrior, have been preparing for all your life, just like those brave humans in the National Guard and the Military Police. You have been readying for the fight of your life and your soul has always known that pulling apart and exposing corrupt structures that have existed for centuries, was never going to be an over-night job. You knew it was always going to be an inside one (in multiple ways).

If you are feeling the pinch, please make time to rest, do a heavy metal detox and switch off from your mission (temporarily) so you can re-connect with your divine guidance and faith again.

Mercury is retrograde now till February 21 (and then in post-shadow till July 2 when it goes direct), so things may have a tendency to go a little bit pear-shaped if you aren't diligent in each moment. Observe the energy of your beliefs before you commit them to paper or to speech and take response-ability for your own interpretations so you can avoid releasing any lies or "un-truths" out into an already discombobulated and to be honest, deluded (for now), collective field.

With so many planets in Aquarius, we are virtually guaranteed celestial success, even as things appear (and do) crumble and fall around us. Venus enters the sign of the water bearer on Monday, but we already have The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn there and they will be joined by the (new) moon in Aquarius on February 11; and yes, that fuses the numbers 11 and 8, both powerful harbingers of change, awakening and empowerment.

In simple terms, this means there is a rapid acceleration of freedom and the energies needed to liberate humanity from systems that have traditionally suffocated and created suffering. Unconditional love replaces condition and control. The key is to be willing to open ourselves up to new perspectives, however resistant and thorny they may make us feel, in order to establish clearer and more conscious communications.

Aquarius is an air sign, connected to "the internet of things" and this is all happening whilst Mercury is retrograde, in Aquarius! Venus in the mix reminds us that beauty is also an intimate part of tragedy and transformation and how tapping into and expressing our unique creativity, can serve as the perfect vehicle to anchor love and peace as Gaia as it shifts to new frequencies. This will all peak on February 6 with a potent square between Venus, Saturn, Chiron and Uranus, a formation that will undoubtedly draw your focus to how you can be of service to others, just be mindful of not perpetuating any habits of self sacrifice, drama-queen-ness or impulsivity that you may have moved from in the past.

This is where we must remember how lucky we actually are to be here at this point in time and experiencing this truly incredible dynamic in human consciousness and to privilege we have now as participants co-creating the next legacy of light for future generations.

We are currently clearing the energy of co-dependency from our group consciousness and it's a doozy dear ones. Look at how you might be upholding this frequency - consciously and unconsciously - and how it may be controlling how you are showing up in the world. Maybe also check out "The Invention of Lying" with Ricky Gervais for some comic relief.

There are some great interviews up on my podcast "Denby Does Dharma" right now, last week with international activist Henna Maria and this Tuesday, with Australia's "first witch to come out of the broom-closet", Fiona Horne. Both are amazing women sharing their wisdom and thought-inspiring, educative views that I hope you enjoy and get a lot out of. Don't forget to download episodes and leave a review as that really helps my ratings; please and thank you. I'm speaking with Jamie McIntyre this week also, founder of the Australian National Review, Australia's only free and independent press network. That will be up on February 9.

Here's the podcast link:

Look for the (potential for) LOVE within any lies you may sense from others, conjure up or say out loud yourself and always give permission for yourself and everyone else, to just BE.

Focus on your own intent.



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