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Here We Come, Ready or Not

November 16 - November 22

Mercury post-shadow ends November 18

Eclipse season begins - November 30 till December 14

Image by @sixteenmilesout

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. NOT.

I am pretty sure most people are feeling anything BUT festive with tempers on tenterhooks, next level fatigue, aches and pains and many chucking massive tantrums and firing off random rants from all angles as they too, struggle to make sense of the topsy-turvy world that's manifesting right now. Christmas is the furthest thing from any of our minds as we try and wrap ourselves around the emerging reality of a "new world" order, of any sort. Everything IS totally upside down and as a species, I do believe we have some serious re-balancing and community service repair work to do before anyone can kick back and crack open the eggnog.

All I can say about this coming week is: get your boy scout and brownie hats out and prepare for the unexpected 'cause shizz is about to get REAL. We've just had the Scorpio New Moon activated - on Saturday 14 - and this lunation aspect is always a potent opportunity for us to reset and rebirth ourselves, however, in all honesty I'm a bit reticent to use the word "reset" anymore because it's kind of getting steam-rollered out so often and being used to describe everything from the "Great (NWO) Reset" to the "Great Awakening Reset" - plus everything else in between - that it's all getting a bit too convoluted for my liking.

I'm going to stick with "re-calibrate" for the time being because that feels a bit more aligned with what's actually going on.

Re-calibration invites us to continuously reassess our compass, to attune to the direction we started out heading towards and to maintain committed to the original cause (and course). In order to do this, we need to pay attention to how we are digesting and integrating the information we receive as we journey along so that we can maintain said course and stay focused on fundamentals (aka our intent) and right now as we all witness and participate in what is undeniably one of the greatest energetic and physical transitions in our known human history, I reckon staying clear and keeping our "eyes on the prize", is of utmost import.

As the pointy end of 2020 edges closer - laden with all the usual tinsel and turmoil this time of year usually involves as well - I reckon this month is a really good time to deepen our shadow work, to reflect upon how we've been processing all that has occurred since the January conjunction and to keep working on exfoliating the next layers of our individual stories so we can stay in our solar plexus power and remain calm as the eye of the storm. There's no nice way to say this dear ones but it is going to get rougher, tougher and quite a bit narkier for a while, that much is guaranteed and we are going to need "all hands and hearts on deck" as I often say, more than ever as we cross the threshold into 2021.

So what will the first year of the new century bring?

Well it's anyone's guess at this point. There's a lot of speculation and a lot of astrological theories floating around but as you know, where (and how) you place your own focus, will create the 'best' timeline for your soul to experience, so it really doesn't matter what happens "out there" or what anyone else believes. There will be a divergence in December on the solstice point and those who have been paying attention will know that this has already been initiated in the group consciousness, courtesy of the current US election. December 21 will see a bifurcation (a two-pronged split) of timelines where souls will choose one of the two paths available: that of higher consciousness and freedom or that of lower consciousness and (continued) slavery. It's up to you to look for the cosmic clues and decipher which political party represents witch, sorry which, state of being. If you choose to focus on sovereignty, creating optimal health on all levels for yourself and the resurrection of human rights, then that will become your reality. If you choose to believe that mandatory vaccines, masks and 24/7 surveillance are a necessity for your health and the advancement of society, then that is what you will manifest for your soul's growth.

Everybody will match with the exact vibration that they need, deserve and require for their soul's growth, so there is no wrong, left, right or better.

Obviously nobody can make this decision for you, but I can share with absolute certainty, that one road will align you with Mother Earth's trajectory and one will not. It's totally up to you to discern which track to trek - the high road or the low road - and ultimately it doesn't matter in the grander scheme of things because we will all eventually end up at the same destination. The trip will just be a bit more hectic if we individually and collectively choose the path with less light.

Along with that cathartic New Moon, we also witnessed Mars stationing direct and whilst most of us tend to train all our attention on Mercury and whatever he's doing within the constellations, Mars is actually the one to watch because he stifles our flow more intensely, governing our passions and drive, our energy levels (constitutional and daily expressions of) plus our general sense of motivation and overall ability to pull ourselves out of a rut (and out of our proverbials) and move forwards. As ruler of Aries (or Ares), the god of war, Mars has the potential to either boot us up the butt (to get us going), or boot us in the head (and hence, stop us in our tracks) and I know many of us have definitely been feeling the latter over this last wee while since Mars has been occupying the retrograde position (since September 9).

Have you been righteously vomiting your anger and frustration outwards at others or have you been able to turn within to look what agitates you, straight in the eyes in order to discover its divine source and diffuse its charge? Have you been moving from a base of love or fear?

I admit, I have been see-sawing between the two as some old habits got the better of me, but I have managed to yank myself back by the short and curlies and into my I AM presence pretty quickly, reminding myself that I am a work in progress and therefore responsible for my own thoughts, feelings and actions. It's nobody else's fault or problem, if I have a problem with someone else's behavior, opinion or comment. It's all about me - just as it is all about you and how you choose to move and manifest in each moment. A good lesson for us all to repeat methinks.

Think back over the past 3 months and observe how maybe some of your plans, ideas or even health goals, have left you feeling less inspired and uplifted and more like someone has gifted you a pair of cement booties which instead of grounding you, only make you feel heavier and more stuck in the mud of your own making. Have you been struggling to move forwards with certain projects, feeling despondent and/or unenthusiastic in your relationship (and/or with yourself) and just generally wiped out as your body (and mind) have been overwhelmed with trying to process all the tumultuous energies moving within our collective field?

Yeah, I reckon I'd be hard pressed to find one person on the planet who hasn't been affected by all that's been going on during this phase, which is why it's so important now to acknowledge what you've been going through, why you've been going through it and what you can do now to resolve the unresolved and purge some past pains in order to move ahead with renewed vigor and positivity.

Where have you surrendered your personal power?

Have you been playing into victim mentality more than usual?

Do you need to do more work on acknowledging and integrating your shadow self?

How are you utilizing your intuitive gifts to support yourself self during these challenging times? Have you fully EMF-proofed your house yet, as all the increased wifi pollution could be influencing your sense of well being and mental/emotional/physical integrity.

Do you need to revisit some old sensitivities to make sure you're not living in delusion?

How do you want to feel as you move into the future? What do you need to activate or action now, to embody a more peaceful (but not passive) heart space as the world changes around (and within) you?

Basically, how do you wish to show up in the world and what are you doing on a practical level, to support that vision or highest version of yourself? Are you being your own best friend or your own worst enemy?

The fun promises to continue this week and beyond with the arrival of the final eclipse season for 2020 starting on November 30 with a prenumbral lunar eclipse (in Gemini) - which interestingly coincides with Ophiuchus, the 13th sign, coming in to play (quite literally) until December 14. Actually Ophiuchus hangs around till December 12, but the eclipse cycle ends on the 14th with a powerful total solar eclipse. This won't be visible for us in Australia unfortunately and I had planned a retreat to Patagonia for this very event but obviously those plans fell apart with the arrival of "the pandemic", or plandemic to be more accurate because if you haven't noticed yet, over the past few weeks as October was smashing us all around the chops and revealing even more global deceit and corruption, the citizens of the world were waking up to the reality that they've all been swindled big time by the elitist powers that be.

If you haven't connected the dots between covid19 (read: "Certificate of Vaccination ID, 2019") and "2020 being the manifestation of George Orwell's 1984" (and then some) just yet, you should start doing so immediately, if not sooner.

There is some good news on the horizon however because by the end of this month, all planets - minus Chiron and Uranus - will be stationed direct - and this bodes well for humanity. This particular galactic group alignment heralds new beginnings, (spring) clean slates and the activation of higher awareness that always comes after achieving closure and completion, so now is the time we dig down and keep going. Keep the home (and hopeful) fires burning in your heart because "it ain't over till the fat lady sings" as they say - not by a long shot - and we are certainly just warming up our group vocal cords and psychic powers at this point in time. The conscious choir is getting ready to rock!

We all have a lot more to say and a lot more work to do, sh*t to shift and love to give, so don't give up just yet, despite what the road signs may say.

Remember that we have needed to see the extremes of polarity/duality in order to stimulate our personal and collective concern and using our free will to move ourselves towards unity consciousness. The sad reality is however, that the majority of people don't (and wont) give a toss about anything outside of their contained sphere of "life" experience - their happy bubble if you like - until their backs are right up against the wall and all they have come to love and rely upon, is literally and actually threatened. Until they are literally hanging by a thread over the cliff of "I didn't sign up for this sh*t!!" This ingrained belief system we all carry residual energies of in our cells, has everything to do with the transition we are making right now, the one from the "me" mentality, the service to self into the "we" realms of compassion, connection and higher states of consciousness, the service to others mentality.

It is slowly dawning on us that we are all links in the same chain, so, if brawny Bob up the top holding onto that uprooting tree stump, is the only thing separating us from certain death in the awaiting abyss below, then we sure as hell are going to be loving on Bob big time and cheering him on to stay strong and hold it together for all our sakes! His burden becomes ours because we finally 'get' we are all ONE.

I suggest one of the main blockages to this becoming our reality, is this. Most people are not prepared to sacrifice even the smallest of their own personal comforts or pleasures and if they ever found themselves in Bob's shoes, most would be unwilling to even endure a small splinter in service to others without wanting or expecting some sort of compensation in return for doing so. A reward if you will, for doing what really is the right thing to do at this point in our evolution so that all beings may endure the current situation with minimal casualties and successfully evolve our species into an awakened future. It's astounding really and it's the ultimate expression of selfishness and ego and yet this is exactly what humanity is facing as the divide between those who are willing to surrender what they have/know/are/and have been, and those who are not, grows wider.

I'm sure you can conceive that in satan's manual of mayhem and fcukery, inciting anger is a number one priority. Anger breeds division as it swallows whole, those who embrace it. All the bad guys need do then, once conjuring up some basic spellcraft, is sit back and watch humanity burn itself into the ground and what have been seen this past week, especially when it comes to the political arena? Hatred, judgment, riots and fingers of blame, shame and guilt being pointed every which way as power-thirsty patriarchs orchestrate the "old ways" in their desperate attempt to maintain control and the upper hand. It's been Mars energy way out of control basically, a "let's push the wounded buttons that we know will discombobulate the entire population and then await the right moment to interject with our problem-reaction-solution scenario". *Cue some evil laughter in the background because these are exactly the sort of warped and twisted energies that are playing the left and right fields right now.

We the people, are merely pawns for those in power seats to play around with and in this giant chess game we are all participating in, (sadly) no blow is too low for them.

They are intent on turning us against one another, eroding our sense of family and friendship (including gender identity), the communities we have worked so hard to establish and nurture and above all, our connection to Source, to God. They aim to weaken us to the point where we don't have the strength to care or retaliate any more and that is where the greatest danger will present itself; when we become complacent and disconnected. This is why we need to be more vigilant than ever in the way we communicate with one another. We need to be hyper-aware of our own inner dialogues and spiritual scars that can (and do) trigger us at even the slightest insinuation from someone else and keep striving to rise above our "little human" selves and into our higher states of being. We really do need to put our swords down against one another and rally together for the common good of humanity.

I guess in a nutshell, November is going to present us with a portal to embody next level transparency and to receive further Universal Truths as we choose to either extend the olive branch with love and compassion and a desire to let go and let God, or keep whipping one another into spiritual oblivion with it instead.

This week coming my Facebook page "Denby Does Dharma" will be closed and then reopened (under the same or very similar name) as a subscription only group. The annual contribution is equivalent to one shamanic healing with me ($250), so I am sure you will see and appreciate the value of this offer. In this group I will be sharing my usual daily posts, weekly videos, regular group Q&A sessions and basically all the juicy cosmic information as it comes to me from my guides and my heart. I will not be posting content as I have been on my other Facebook pages - other than work related retreat information and the like - so if you wish to be in the exclusive group to keep picking up what I've been putting down, I hope you will reach out and sign up.

My "Denby Does Dharma" podcast is almost ready to launch! I am recording a few more interviews this coming week with some inspirational Aussies who are leading with heart, walking their talk and lighting up the world in their own unique ways, so I am super excited to share this new avenue of my work with you (and the world) and look forward to your feedback and of course your suggestions and requests. My main intention with this podcast is to acknowledge the amazing therapists we have in our own country and to help restore the energies of unity and peace within the yoga and spiritual communities.

Sending you all blessings and love for a peaceful and plentiful week.



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