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Handshakes & Heartbreaks

Like all "good" Gregorian dates, Valentine's Day has also been hijacked, reconstructed and then regurgitated back into the social matrix in a much more "palatable" way.

Unlike a firm handshake that is commonly used to "seal the deal" and demonstrate mutual commitment, Valentine's Day can either bring love to the tantric table or break hearts wide apart.

I'd like you to try something for a moment.

In your mind's eye, picture life in the 13th century if you can, to ancient Rome in particular, and cast your gaze into the tapestry of this time-honored city that often appeared 'civilized' and circumspect, yet as archaeology reveals, was anything but. Just beneath its shifty, sand-blooded surface - lay another world altogether.

Find yourself standing in the center of a pre-Roman festival, surrounded by pastoral-living people dancing about in a wild pagan mix of hysteria, ecstasy and varying degrees of nudity. Designated priests (called the "Luperci"), have just sacrificed a goat and a dog and are tracing the blood (mixed with milk), over the foreheads of two of the young (naked) male Luperci, with a bloodied knife no less. They laugh out loud (this was a mandatory ritual requirement, according to paleontologists), before joining in the communal feast, after which the still-warm skins of the sacrificial animals are sliced into thick thongs that these men then playfully "whip" random women with. As they run amok through the village in a fevered, satanic state, any female whom they smack in this way, is immediately considered "blessed" and supposedly rendered fertile. It's quite the carnal carnival.

Prehistorian rumor has it that women were paired off on the day with men by means of "lottery" as part of this festival also; a great night out for all the singles no doubt. No car keys needed, just BYO pelt. It is suggested that all this is connected to the Roman legend of Romulus and Remus, brothers who were raised by a she-wolf (Latin for wolf is "lupus"), as well paying homage to an ancient deity that protected the herds from wolves. The ritual commenced at the site of the cave where the she-wolf lived. As a "fertility" rite, this was also in honor of the god "Faunus" who was in charge of all things fornication.

The height of romance don't you agree?

Naturally, the Christians were appalled and forbade this behavior, renaming it "St Valentine's Day" under the orders of Pope Gelasius 1 (in 494 CE) and changing the date from February 15 to 14. Any festivals that were seen to promote blood lust, gratuitous sex and associated auto-erotic violence, immediately disappeared from the annual schedule, effectively taking all the "fun" out of living (for those who were living in that level of consciousness at the time and participating in such; I am not saying violence is fun of course) and further establishing the grip of sanitized religion over the free will and inherited shamanic practices of the people, which were often and mostly harmless, but on occasion, did tend towards a less salubrious nature.

There are myriad accounts of similar situations throughout history if you do your homework. Pretty much every festival that we celebrate today, has its roots in some sort of occult ritual or witchcrafty wildness.

I totally forgot it was Valentine's Day today and was only reminded when I bumped into a friend in the afternoon whilst walking the dog, but I don't put much stock in the Gregorian calendar anyway, let alone Hallmark merch. If anything, I follow the 13-month Lunar system or the Mayan calendar.

Whilst we're on the subject of blood, sex and kink, I'll segue into "The Faustein Bargain" now, another playbook from history that follows a similar vein to the frenzy that was Lupercalia; well perhaps in some way. Certainly when it comes to seduction and sacrificing one's morals in the heat of the moment, they do share common ground. You may have heard of it, or know of the idea without knowing the correct title, but the Faustein Bargain refers to the moment where one, on the brink of despair and/or driven by greed and a thirst for fame, chooses to "sign their soul to the Devil" and it's the topic du jour at the moment because of all the corruption being exposed in the arenas of politics, entertainment and religion especially. I believe it's important to understand the subtle and obvious nuances of what is involved with this fastigium of all satanic contracts at this point in our journey, because we are each approaching a time where we will be invited to either put our own pen to this darstardly piece of paper, or, defy all mortal temptations and instead choose to stay on the path of love and light.

I am applying this pact to the C19 vaccine dear friends, so please read on to get up to spiritual speed.

You don't need to have a science or medical degree to understand what is rolling out now in regards to mandatory vaccinations, imposed lock downs and surveillance or the continued assault on our personal and collective freedoms. There is ample material out there now that explains in no uncertain terms, just how dangerous the ingredients are in this experimental shot for example. Ignorance is a choice in this day and age of online information. Plus, there is a plethora of recent and unbiased studies and articles written by world renowned experts, explaining how (and why) this "jab" is already causing death and irreversible damage to those volunteering themselves as veritable guinea pigs.

In the absence of animal trials, humans are quite simply taking the place of rats, mice and monkeys.

What is imperative for people to comprehend in this whole situation, is how different this particular vaccine is to previous ones and that it is in truth, not a vaccine, but rather, "gene therapy", an "operating system" that has been openly admitted by the creators themselves, to adulterate your genetic coding and hence, change what it means to be human. This is where you use your imagination again and see yourself standing with pen in hand, reading the fine print of this Faustein Bargain and really comprehending the repercussions that will most definitely ensue, should you place your signature on that devilish document.

To be blunt my friends - and I do not intend to scare nor bully you into anything here, this is merely me sharing a spiritual reality - once you consent to receive that needle into your body, you need to know that you will never be the same. In this life and in any others.

This is not conjecture, fear-mongering or my personal opinion. This is medical, scientific and spiritual FACT. The manufacturers and media actually cannot legally (or ethically) call it a "vaccine" because it isn't one, it is "gene therapy", a product that contains identified nano-particulates ("microdust") and a variety of chemicals, non-natural additives and bona fide identified poisons that have all been proven to have detrimental negative, immediate and long-lasting effects on the human.

Once you alter your DNA, the very blueprint that makes you YOU, there is no reverse route. You cannot detox these heavy metals, toxins or fetal tissues that your body has been violated with. No amount of sage, colonic therapy or daily ice baths, is going to cut it. You need to know the full story and you need to know it before you are sitting in the doctor's office, rolling up your sleeve. This is what informed consent is and at the moment, we are not being told the truth about what is in these products and instead, are being bullied into taking them and tricked into believing there is no other way that our immune systems can function without it.

Your immune system is a work of art and it relies upon the presence of viruses to stay that way.

So. After you've received your jab, you may or may not get any adverse reactions. Depending on how strong your system is, you may have mild irritation or, like thousands of others who have already taken it ahead of you, you may develop Bell's Palsy or a rare blood disorder. You might be perfectly fine and go on living as if nothing is different, and I sincerely pray that is the case, but you might also suddenly succumb to a mysterious illness in a year or maybe three, which no doubt will not be recognized as connected to the jab and blamed on something you have done. Incapacitated, the burden of care will fall to your family and friends because the Big Pharma Cartel remember, gets off scott-free (no) thanks to the Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 that protects them from any annoying complaints from the people they view as vermin. You are on your own and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

That ink you signed with earlier, was neither invisible nor erasable. It was in blood. Your blood.

Excuse my language, but Satan really is a bastard, there's no two ways about it. Your soul is your collateral. It is the only thing you have in this world that nobody can touch; but you have to protect it as such. To do this, all you need do is remember how sacred you are and what a gift it is to be human in this life; then you determine to do whatever needs to be done to protect your sovereign, supernatural self. Yes, it is challenging to step into and hold that space, but it really is that simple and we are all capable of doing it. We just need to know and fully appreciate what's at stake here.

As a spiritual seeker or teacher, there should be nothing in this world worth even considering sacrificing your soul for.

I know you are on your own pathway dear one, but I urge you not to sign this hideous contract. Instead, I lovingly invite you to find the courage within yourself to rise above the fear-filled propaganda pit and connect with that part of you that unequivocably respects life - your life - and the sanctity of all life. I ask that you investigate, in depth, everything connected to this vaccine - even it feels uncomfortable and confronting when you discover it - well before you blindly accept it into your holy temple. I gently remind you that your light and your consciousness are precious beyond measure and that as a soul being who has chosen to incarnate here for the events playing out along this temporal timeline, you have the power to either revere or renounce, this, your birth right. I hope you will choose the former and never give into the darkness. I know many of you are scared - I am too - but I refuse to surrender my eternal essence. I know many of you believe the "powers that be" have your best interests at heart, but believe me, they don't, and so, you need to claim authority over you.

Remember that the only "power that be", is GOD, the Creator; not science, not Fauci and certainly not any psychopathic story connected to one Johann George Faust.

Here are a few video links relating to all I have discussed today. I hope you can make time to watch them.

My round table discussion with some incredible Australian freedom fighters:

MUST WATCH about what's going on in Australia re Agenda 21:

More facts about C19 and the jab:

Believe it or not, this is where they are herding us into:

My latest offering to help counteract all the crazy that is going on:

The astrology (thankfully) this week will be more gentle with us after the multiple offenses unleashed on our senses during the previous one, so you can relax to a degree. Do keep up all your grounding practices however and stay focused on harnessing and then expressing, what makes you unique. This week is all about what really lights you up. The energies are fully supporting - almost mildly agitating - you to the point where you cannot ignore your inner voice, that insistent calling to be your best self, anymore. It's time to channel and share, whatever "special" that helps you to live and love in trust right now, so that those brothers and sisters who are ready to transform their own stories, can see what fearless soul sovereignty and embodiment looks and sounds like. The more you step into your own power, the more you create the space for others to do the same. Just ensure you remain detached to any outcomes and don't take on the responsibility of carrying others through the fire. Everyone needs to walk their talk and learn their lessons in their own way and in their own time, but that doesn't mean we have to give up our hope that others will eventually shift themselves to another, higher frequency. Energetically and ethically, we are absolutely "allowed" to show or lead by example.

In truth, we are all like the little grain of sand caught inside the clam. We can succumb to claustrophobia and wither away or we can open ourselves to the environment we now find ourselves in - both inner and outer - and allow ourselves to become the pearl. To evolve into the next expression of what is really, our divine illuminated self.



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