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Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Image by @kydroon

No truer words were spoken (or roared).

"Growing up" is possibly the most challenging thing that will ever be asked of us as spirits in human suits because - and contrary to popular and instilled belief - we are not just growing up physically as we age, we are growing into a more expanded and intelligent version of ourselves (ideally), as we grow in emotional, mental and spiritual prowess. In other words, just because you've swapped your Bonds onesies for a Gucci suit and tie, doesn't mean you've mastered the art of adulthood.

Make no mistake dear ones, we are witnessing a worldwide pandemic, but it has nothing to do with a virus. Perhaps the pathogen is us.

Many have joked over the years that humans are in fact the cockroaches, ruining and polluting the world for all the other incredible creatures and creations that share this planet with us, and if the past year is anything to go by, I would have to agree. For all our "superior intelligence", wisdom and innovative brilliance, we sure have messed things up haven't we?

I mean, it's taken a little over 12 months for the elites to create the grand illusion that they wanted, to crash the global economy to their advantage and to cleverly persuade the population they are in danger of dying from a germ that has existed for centuries and one that actually helps maintain and upgrade our immune systems to keep us robust and in tune with Nature. We have compliantly collapsed under their fear and propaganda-mongering to something no more dangerous than the common cold (to the majority of humans) and are now volunteering ourselves as lab rats in service to the most elaborate hoax humanity has ever seen, effectively taking part in the biggest medical experiment ever undertaken, with no actual scientific necessity and no guarantees.

It's truly remarkable and it begs the rational question, "How has this happened?"

There are many hypothesis we could discuss to help shed light on why people have surrendered themselves in the face of adversity and so quickly, but I believe if we work backwards to examine the roots and foundational structures that have enabled much of what is manifesting right now, we will discover the answer. Or at least, some kind of understanding.

One given is, we have all lost touch with our indigenous selves. We have forgotten the power we can wield when we are plugged into the power of the earth. It's that simple.

As modern, white cultures nowadays, we have little to no respect for the land, other than what it can provide for us, and we use and abuse nature (and animals) to feed our whims and desires. We no longer honor the cycles as our ancestors used to and we hold little regard, if any, for those who continue to tap into those elder energies in the hope of igniting the primal memories of their brethren. We no longer engage in the sacred rites of passage we used to that were necessary to challenge, expand, support and develop us on all levels - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually - and so what happens is, we end up relying upon, or falling back on, what we can see. We fixate on the 3D things as "truth", as "reality" and as the only thing worth preserving, when in fact, this is only serving one fourth of who we actually are.

We have becomes slaves to the tangible and lost a big part of ourselves in the process.

Humanity is going through one mother of a ritual right now - the one bridging adolescence to adulthood - and none of us can escape it. If you haven't done your homework yet or learned how to pull your big girl (or boy) pants up by now, sorry to say, but you're gonna find the next stages of this transition a tad uncomfortable and probably the rest of this article, triggering.

"You can only be awake to what's going on, when you purify the parts of yourself that keep hooking you back in."

I posted the above on Facecrook this week, but what does it actually mean? Well, I was referring to the process we must all embrace as we mature, the one that requires us to recognize our patterns and start cultivating the discipline to call ourselves out when it's needed. To parent ourselves, if you like, and to extricate ourselves from the web of lies and deceit that have become the basis of our multiple cultures, for donkeys and then some.

Of course, not everyone has had the benefit of being raised by conscious and kind parents and that's blatantly obvious, courtesy of all the (horrific) statistics reflecting neglect, abuse and abandonment recorded around the world. Finding a healthy role model for children nowadays is proving more elusive than the proverbial hen's teeth, but the truth is, while none of us is "perfect" or without flaws, there are certain values and ethics, codes of conscious conduct, that have been "divinely infused" into our genetics and (I believe) over time, those who seek to destroy and desecrate the sovereign soul (the human), have deliberately sabotaged these light and loving qualities through the insinuation of their own "satanic programs".

Why? Again, the answer is so simple it's difficult for the average Joe and Jane to comprehend.

In order to manipulate, control and eventually, completely enslave and "upgrade" our species according to their AI specifications, that's why. If you cannot see this, or you aren't even willing to entertain the possibility that this could be on the cards, then you are ignorantly playing right into their hands. For example, what we are witnessing in society now that is gaining more and more traction every day, within the LGQBT and transgender "movement". I warned of this months ago, stating that the organizers of this movement really should be more aware of the dark agendas and behind-the-scenes-depraved-beings that they are unconsciously aligning with. The "pride" collective is going way beyond its original intention of just wanting a safe space for individuals to express their sexuality and be accepted for who they are. It now includes subtle grooming of minors and even encouraging them to participate in or attend parades that - I'm sorry if some take offense to this, but I actually don't care - can only be detrimental to their psychological health. How can exposing naive children to the kinks and peculiarities of adult sexuality, not damage or impact their innocence?

Cross-dress by all means people if that's your bag, but don't cross moral boundaries when you do it. This collective is being used to usher in Transhumanism via the dissolution of the traditional family unit and the homogenizing of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, not to mention, perpetuating and fixating on "identity", which is actually the antithesis of spiritual evolution; and most don't get it.

I do believe that (and regardless of what pronoun one attaches to), as humans, we are intrinsically "good and godly" beings; pedophiles aside however, although they too are on their karmic journey and showing up in the role they chose for this lifetime, so if we're going to be all "5D and magnanimous", we then have to reserve our judgment and elevate our vibration to one of higher acceptance and love, don't we. Easier said than done of course.

Okay, rant over. Back to the purpose of this post.

There will always be a few "bad apples" in the communal cart and we all have an ego to manage, but essentially, we are all made of the same empathic vibrations and most of us are living from the space of loving kindness.

Now as teenagers, we're not expected to fully grasp every mind-bending adult concept out there and that's because our primary job is to explore, experience and push boundaries to discover who we are and what we are capable of; all the while feeling safe and protected by those who love us, that is, our families. As long as we have that safety net to fall back on, we will feel a growing confidence to defy and deny as our individuality calls us to, but if we don't and those "role models" are lacking or completely absent, what do you think will occur?

Panic. Fear. Self abuse. Violence towards others. Acting out. Addictions and world-class tantrums. All the things we are seeing play out now across global society.

Is this because too many children of God were neglected when it mattered the most? I dare say, a big fat "YES".

Too often we focus on telling others what to do, how to behave, dictating what is right and what is wrong and reminding them of what will happen if they don't "tow the line" for the benefit of the common good, but how much time or effort is actually spent on educating - or rather, reminding the human, throughout adolescence - about their true soul nature and the unlimited power that comes when one embodies all they were ever destined to be? The answer to that is, zero, unless you've been raised by conscious parents who know all this stuff and refuse to homogenize their offspring in the same ways most of their peers do.

Our school systems certainly don't adhere to these values either - surprise surprise - because that insidious institution was created with the sole purpose to disempower humans in favor of parrot-regurgitation of "information" and masterful mind manipulation. If you fit in and followed their rules, you'd graduate and get a "good" job that pays well and become an "upstanding" and respected citizen in the community. All you need do is swap your integrity for a piece of paper.

I think most of you reading this will agree that life experience and authentic self expression, are way more important and reveal way more about a person, than the collection of plaques they display on their wall. Knowledge is NOT wisdom.

All of this plays into and characterizes what I call "adolescent ener-genetics" and to be quite frank, as I said at the start of this article, THIS is the real pandemic we are facing now. The wounded inner child will seek - nay, need - the approval of an external authority to validate self and this can only manifest if we have skipped the traditional rites of passage and not learned the skills of self-support, self-trust, self-empowerment and self-love. If we have not navigated our inner landscapes, the wilderness within, to conquer our demons and develop inner strength and invoke our own blueprint of sacred strategies to nurture our continued growth, then we will acquiesce and we will bow down to "the establishment" and we will trust their solutions because we don't have (or trust) our own.

And we won't notice we're on the slippery slope until it's too late.

At some point the teenager needs to stand up to the parent - the boss, the government, the authority figure - and individuate, to demonstrate that they can in fact "survive", that they can self actualize and make their own decisions. So fellow custodian, if you have managed to raise a child that can think for themselves, who rejects the herd mentality whilst still respecting the views and varied abilities of others and is dedicated to working in service to the collective so that all may benefit, equally, then you my friend - and your awakened children - are welcome at my fireplace any time.

The past few weeks have seen social media climate exploding with next level frustration, growing fatigue and increasing disdain for anyone daring to express a differing opinion to the status quo and whilst we (should) know (by now) that the mainstream news is 100% fake and nothing more than an evil-orchestration-up-to-no-good and not a true depiction of what is actually happening around the country, still, we are seeing way too many people feeding into this story. You just have to look at what people are posting, the aggressive tones woven within their written words and their continued and ignorant insistence on proving themselves right and all-knowing. I understand people are over it, that they are tired and cranky - heck, we all are! - and that they just want to get on with their lives, but at what cost? Can you put a price on freedom? Would you sell your soul?

All this unsettled energy is doing, is upholding the paradigm of duality and moving us all further away from the end goal of unity consciousness. The more we fixate on opposites - even if we think we're doing this from a positive perspective - the longer it will take us to create the "new earth".

People's inability to man up in the moment, to admit their part in co-creating the game (the trauma, the issue, the drama) and basically show some maturity and be responsible for themselves, is sadly causing further (not less), division in our communities and yet this is all part of the purging process. I stumbled across some horrendous online groups on Facecrook this week that truly took my breath away. The amount of energy people are expending on pulling others down - interestingly mostly directed at "truthers" and those who have had the kahunas to speak out publicly since this whole sh*tshow began - just to justify their own beliefs and illusions, is deeply concerning, not to mention disheartening. It's classic playground bullying. My "lunchbox" is better than yours crap.

Size only matters when you're an adolescent by the way.

When people are not willing (or have not been taught how) to look at their own wounding and instead choose to persecute and attack others in an effort to keep feeling superior, then, "Australia, we have a problem".

This is a dangerous energetic loop to find yourself in (especially if you're starting to see this applies to you) and right now we are witnessing the next layer (and majority) of humanity revealing themselves as Exhibit A, caught in this cycle of blame-shame-guilt-deny and insisting on perpetuating duality and division no matter what; both internally and externally.

As things start ramping up during this month of June, people's limits will start to get stretched and this is because what they have spent months adjusting to and getting vaguely comfortable with, is now going to be challenged and expanded by even more chaos and unknowns, hence creating new and unfamiliar territory for everyone to embrace and (find a way to) navigate. This is a necessary stage of our healing however and one we must all travel as we move out of the container of childhood and into the dominion of adults, but it is by no means fun.

Low-vibrational attitudes and behaviors are exactly what hooks one back into the matrix and until the adolescent psyche really gets that, it will keep repeating the same lessons, unwittingly empowering the belief that someone or something is "doing" all this to them, when in truth, they are the one doing it to themselves. If you can strive to let go of your attachment to all your painful stories and start living with more loving allowance, you will organically start moving towards living as an awakened and aware adult.

Think about that for a moment.

If you truly believe in - and have embodied - all the spiritual speak and practices you have spent years learning and researching, you will know that "what we think/believe, we create". Stop waiting for your past to "heal" so you can feel whole, or for someone's apology you think you deserve because all that does is keep you stuck in the past. Don't wait for something outside of yourself, to change something inside of yourself. That's the definition of insanity right there and that's exactly what these elite psychopaths at the top of their self-appointed food chain, want you to keep believing. They want you weak and doubting. They don't want you to remember that you do have the conviction and the courage to change whatever is and to trust that your voice has real power. When we remain in this frequency - in what is really the old model of reality of "cause and effect" - they will keep using us as their pawns. It's time to call Check Mate.

We don't need to wait for something or someone, to take our pain away, to do or say something to make us feel better (or safer) and we definitely don't need permission from anyone other than our higher self, to be who we came here to be and experience what we chose to experience in this lifetime.

YOU are the master of your own destiny. YOU. Nobody else. Not even your folks.

You CAUSE the EFFECT. This is self mastery my friend and when you do that, guess what?



I have some amazing podcasts coming up, here are the details.

"The business of death and destruction", featuring the empowered voices of environmentalist/economist/innovator extraordinaire Dr David Martin and his equally amazing wife Kim; Finnish activist and soul sister Henna Maria; Israeli politician Ilana Rachel Daniel and intuitive master teacher Laura Eisenhower. Streaming live at 5am AEST on June 16th on my FB Denby Sheather page.

"Food as Medicine" with Australian author, foodie, Ayurvedic therapist and all-round amazing yogi, Jody Vassallo, streaming live @ 11am AEST on Wednesday June 9th.

"Integrating the external algorithm" with Oracle Girl, late June, date TBC.

"The Myths behind Women's Mysteries" with Collette Corcoran, a French-based UK healer and spiritual teacher, where we will discuss the myths surrounding fertility and IVF, menstruation and menopause, womb trauma and the moon matrix plus the Feminine archetypes. Date TBC.

I hope you can tune in to receive their wisdom and to ask your questions.






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