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Great Expectations

December 7 - December 13

Image by @craft_ear

When we get caught up in expectation and outcome, we automatically set ourselves up for disappointment because very rarely - if ever - does life go "according to plan".

It's important to understand the difference between expectations, hopes and dreams as well, because this trio often get mixed up and misconstrued, even with the best of intentions. So let's take a look.

On its own, the word "expectation" conjures up a sense of obligation and when coupled with (or targeted towards) a specific event or person, it immediately brings attachment as well. By projecting into the future - which is not necessarily always a bad thing - we unconsciously bind ourselves to a particular result and then, if we don't end up experiencing said perceived "result", that can lead to, in the very least, disappointment, and in the extreme, despair and depression.

It's healthy to have hopes and dreams of course, but the difference between these and expectation, is acceptance.

In order to fully accept whatever manifests - after we have released our hopes and dreams to the universe - requires great presence and it also requires that we embody each now moment with the level of consciousness we have at the time. When we can do this, we free ourselves from myriad possibilities and allow ourselves to align with what actually manifests, trusting that it is for our highest good (and growth), in that moment, through that experience. Doors are constantly opening and closing for us, we just don't always see that when we're in the midst of chaos. Some doors offer very clear and benevolent opportunities for change whereas others can appear as revolving and repetitive situations that we would prefer to avoid and yet are exactly what we need to experience until we finally get the message. Regardless of what type of doorway, gateway or portal presents itself to us, it's up to each one of us to discern when to open and walk through some and when to close and resolve others. If we think about it too much and procrastinate making a decision, we will get our fingers jammed for sure. The trick is to think with your heart, not your head and seize the moment when it appears.

Expectations dampens spontaneity and it also erodes our ability to trust our intuition.

It's the understatement of the Epoch, to say 2020 has been a tumultuous and testing year for pretty much every single being on the planet - I include the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms along with us humans also - and with Christmas edging closer and closer, there are still so many things left unresolved within the collective field. If you haven't already started, now is as good a time as any to start looking at your personal habits in regards to expectation and whether you are willing to surrender even more of your stories, especially in relation to December 21.

So what is all the fuss about this date and what does it mean for humanity?

From my understanding, there are several powerful 'events' happening on this particular day. Firstly, it's either the summer or the winter solstice, depending on which side of the equator you reside. Secondly, there is a Grand Conjunction occurring between Saturn (contraction/dark/Satan) and Jupiter (expansion/light/Yeshua), where these two planets align basically right next to each other - at zero degrees in Aquarius (AIR) - for the first time in 400 odd years and they won't get back into this exact position again until 2159, so it's kind of a big deal.

This foretells a great societal shifting, the likes of which our species - let alone our generation - has never seen.

This means more exposure (of the dark and corrupt systems), more reform (of industries), an immense change in cultural attitude and perception and more spiritual awakenings. 2020 is the year of seeing the truth, I have said this before in my newsletters. The truth shall (literally) set us free, but we have to be willing to acknowledge it within ourselves first and then speak it out loud to others, if it is going to be activated and make a difference.

And this is where the third 'event' happening on December 21 comes into play.

We have been told by our indigenous elders that on this day a great prophecy will take place; but there's a catch. In order for what they are calling "the magic box", to switch "on" and elevate light and consciousness for all, there needs to be a certain number of people channeling love and good vibes towards Uluru, which is where the box is located. The elders have invited us to support their secret ceremonies by holding Mother Earth and the highest intentions for all sentient beings in our hearts on this day and at a particular time. You don't need to be out on country or even in Australia, to assist.

You can visit this website for exact details:

As we do this, I believe it's also important that we let go of all expectations as to what will actually occur once December 21 comes and goes. Are you anticipating to see aliens materialize out of the Great Mother Rock and start speaking to people? Are you assuming this energy streaming in, is a guarantee you will "ascend"? What does ascension even look like to you? Do you imagine suddenly possessing psychic skills you didn't have before, or being able to walk between dimensions at will?

Maybe all of the above (and more) will happen, but the more we expect, the more we project and the more we project, the more we separate ourselves from the magic of the moment and all it can offer us.

I suggest you have a vague "plan" and a grounded vision of how you'd like to feel and how you wish the world to be as and after these three potent events land, yet still keep some empty space for the natural process of energetic evolution to unfold. For many - especially those who are yet to embody full awareness of themselves and grasp the magnitude of all that is happening this year - December 21 will be just like any other day. They won't notice a shift and they won't feel any shivers down their spine to signal an energetic upgrade. They will just be carrying on as usual and doing their thing, which is all perfect and fine. The beautiful thing to know however, is that in spite of many of our brothers and sisters not being open to what will be flowing through from the cosmos, they will still all receive exactly what they need.

The universe is an "equal opportunity employer" remember; everyone is offered the same non-judgmental chance to step up and embrace their best.

I launched my podcast this week and within 24 hours it was included in Apple's Top 8 shows, so thank you to everyone for your support and who downloaded and left a review. If you haven't yet listened, here's the link:

"Denby Does Dharma";

If you can download and then please write a review, that helps the show gain traction and I would most appreciative. I have been recording some great interviews these past weeks with some awesome Aussies who are sure to inspire you as we collectively move towards even deeper states of alignment and being. I also have some next level speakers joining me from overseas soon and am still pinching myself! I'll drop some names soon.

I'm also speaking as part of an incredible lineup for the online Freedom Celebration on December 12 and 13. I am thrilled and honored to be included in this stellar lineup which includes legends such as Dr Carrie Madej, Dr Will Tuttle, Dr Ken Morris, Kelly Brogan MD, Henna Maria and Tom Barnett. Can't wait to make my contribution to collective consciousness so please share this with all your peeps so we can spread the love and awareness.

Find more details on their website:

This week invites us to pause and listen to our inner guidance, to make some space for quiet time and to pay attention to the messages being transmitted from within. This can lead to new and inspired plans, finding a new direction with your work if you have been feeling flat or un-enthused for a while and even give your relationship a good kick up the backside (if it needs it), to bring back the spunk! Always a good idea to end the week practicing more compassion, tolerance and acceptance for where everyone else is at and this week is no different, especially because by Sunday, the energies of life-death and total transformation land through the energies of Neptune and Mercury. Avoid causing dramas but at the same time, don't shy away from having any deep and intuitive conversations that you know its high time to have.

The main thing to remember is that fear keeps us small and stuck and separate.

We have been deliberately programmed to fear death because that's what makes us easily manipulated. Fear keeps us immersed in low and dense vibrations, making it impossible to visualize a better way and a lighter path and it certainly makes us distrust the power of love. If you choose to let your fear of change, endings and death in all forms, dominate every decision in your life and stop you from taking chances, considering new options and speaking up when your heart tells you to regardless of repercussions, then your experience of the world that is coming - the wonderful world that is being co-created by those who have surrendered their ego and their fear of death - is going to be challenging. Your soul will still evolve, but your path will be slower and your lessons more arduous. It's really that simple.

You need to get out of your own way in order to get into your right way.

I choose the higher timelines of LOVE, FREEDOM and DIVINE TRUTH AND JUSTICE and I surrender fully to my intuition because I know and trust that I am ONE WITH ALL THAT IS.

I sincerely hope that you remember that all this is equally available to you too because I would love to have you by my side.




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