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Fire and Floods, Sex and Freedom





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As I write this week’s newsletter I have to admit I am struggling with the news that Donald Trump survived The Impeachment. With such a blatant abuse of power and despite the reams of evidence the Democrats obviously had, it appears there are still enough morons (read: Republicans) out there that will blindly defend idiocy and misogyny, at any cost. Quite disappointing. And scary.

I have searched every orifice of my being to find a positive side to this turn of events and can only come up with the following: for some reason (known only to god at this point), the world obviously needs to experience and witness further degeneration and offensive commentary from this man. This is the only thing that helps me cope with the reality that someone like Trump can get away with such atrocity. I mean, if these things he has done re the Ukraine are deemed ‘unimpeachable’, what else on earth will he be allowed to get away with? We all know he has an incredibly defiant and inflated ego, but now he is really going to be unstoppable (and unbearable) as he no doubt interprets this ‘win’, as permission to do whatever the heck he wants, without consequence. Judging by his behaviour since this victory, I’m quite sure he believes he will remain in office for the term of his natural life.

Make no mistake, the monster is well and truly loose. But not so lucid it would seem.

As February continues to unfurl, it’s a good time to check in and reflect on whether we are moving from our highest integrity and still on track re where we chose to place our attention at the start of the year and what we wanted to create moving into this new decade. The last three full moons of 2019 involved lunations at 20 degrees and we have started 2020 with the first of another three consecutive full moons at 20 degrees as well. Coincidence, I think not, because we know they don’t exist don’t we!

This mathematically-magical alignment just proves how the messages are ramping up more than ever and how insistent the universe is getting with us, almost desperately drawing our focus to more and more subtle (and not so subtle) synchronicities than ever before. Mother really wants us to get with the program and get with it fast. The planets are lining up like cosmic chess pieces, preparing us for deeper revelations and higher experiences as humanity evolves into quite literally, another dimension altogether and if you didn’t believe in fate, destiny or kismet before now, you most certainly will after this full moon in particular. Let me explain why.

This week we are going to see the effects of the Leo full moon (on February 9) continue to influence our decisions, actions and intentions, thanks to the incredible line up of planets supporting the Lion King. After a weekend that no doubt brought some intense conversations and maybe some unexpected revelations as well, the possibility for quantum shifts in perception increases greatly. No more pussyfooting around the issues that keep coming up for us to address. No more hiding behind the skirts of illusion and pretending all is well in our world, in our family or within our relationship, or upholding inherited dialogues such as ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ or ‘that’s just the way it’s always been’, because that doesn’t honour who you are or what your soul is here to accomplish.

Call time out on these things if they apply to you and utilise all the celestial support that comes to each one of us now with Mars (the planet of action), The Sun in Aquarius (the great liberator) and a Moon governed by Leo (the ultimate courageous light warrior), all conspiring to create our highest good. It's time to let your inner shaman loose, gather all your talismans and magical tools and step into the world, all nadis on!

On Monday 10, Venus (the planet of beauty, love and abundance) conjuncts Chiron (the planet of sacred love and healing), so your values (Venus again) around relationships, dynamics and emotional discipline, are getting an upgrade today. Expect to receive more obvious divine downloads and your relationships to shift toward deeper levels of connection and commitment. Remember that Chiron teaches us that its okay to feel pain and to be upset; its what you do with that energy that makes or breaks you. Before any kind of healing can happen, we must acknowledge what is, the truth of the situation, and be willing to surrender our attachments to wanting things to be different. For those of you who have been looking, you may also find your tribe this week, or the next members of it as your soul connects to the cosmic smorgasbord that's on offer. Your responses to others will be passionate, authentic and productive!

The rest of the week should hum along nicely until Sunday 16 when surprises are placed on the universal table. #16 is all about unexpected events and shifts and inspiration from above and out of the blue) and the whole date adds up to #13 which is the number of the Divine Feminine, empowerment and connected to 'the unexpected' as well. Your psychic skills and intuitive insights will be going through the roof today and have the potential to redirect the next phases of your 'grand plans', your life purpose, to where they need to go. Just stay grounded so any creative inspiration can channel with grace and ease.

Mercury takes a turn into retrograde on Monday 17, as the last quarter moon makes its mark. Last quarter moons are all about release, letting go and creating the space for deep and lasting forgiveness. Basically whenever the moon starts getting smaller, it's a call to us to shed and empty out our emotional and spiritual baggage as well so it takes up less room in our hearts and minds. It's also a potent time to cast clearing spells and dissolve karmic binds. Mercury is retrograding in Pisces this time at 12'. Pisces is the planet of sensitivity and mystery and this is important because this MR happens right before the Pisces new moon on February 23 and will help you see what you couldn't before, but that was definitely impacting you on several levels. What this means in a nutshell is that you will be more able (likely and willing) to pierce through any illusions, delusions and confusion in your life and see well beyond the veil, into solutions and peace. Sometimes we have to throw everything up in the air and let it settle as it may, before we can move forwards with renewed faith and enthusiasm.

We make such a big deal out of Mercury Retrograde but it's really not something to freak out about, avoid or pretend isn't happening either, it's actually a very powerful opportunity to take back our power, step up and become more self aware; of our thoughts, how they are born from beliefs and then how they translate into actions. When we do this, we can create new avenues of engagement and abundance for ourselves. It's universal law that we gotta go through the gunk to get to the good stuff, because if we don't, we don't learn our lessons!

Knowing what we don't want, is the first step towards discovering what we do want, because you can see what doesn't work and what you don't want to repeat! This puts you in a place of empowerment, so make time this week to prepare yourself for the deeper transformations coming and I will explain more in next week's newsletter about how you can do that and what will best support you.

We also have Valentine's Day coming up this Friday 14 so for all the lovers and would-be lovers out there, here's a quick little history lesson about what this day is actually all about.

Once upon a time in pagan Roman history there was a festival held to avert evil spirits, purify the city and release the energies of health and fertility. The citizens did this by sacrificing goats and a dog (in reverence to 'Lupercal', the great she-wolf), making luscious, fecund cakes and holding fertility rites of passage that involved young men clad in bloodied goat skins, running through the streets slapping any maiden who wished to conceive, with said bloody goat-skin. Highly romantic I'm sure you'll agree and nothing like the hallmark versions we celebrate today! No wonder the Pope of the day called time out on it and changed it to the more palatable, less-sexually charged version we know now as 'Valentines Day'. Makes chocolates and roses pale in comparison doesn't it.

FYI, in the founding legend of Rome, Romulus and Remus were discovered in a cave at the foothills of Palatine Hill by the she-wolf 'Lupercal', who suckled them until they were rescued by a passing shepherd. The festival was born after this to pay homage to its two young founders and the wolf who saved their lives. Y'see, the truth is always stranger than fiction!

Some other interesting things I wanted to share with you this week are some insightful spiritual downloads about the whole Coronavirus situation. And please, don't panic, rather take this information as it is intended; to make you aware of what you can do as a light worker to maintain energetic clarity and power for yourself and for your global brothers and sisters.

I have been hinting for some time that the consequences of 5G would manifest in ways that we may not consciously understand but that would be indisputable and unfortunately, include an increase in carcinogenic, contagious and ‘mystery’ diseases. Sadly, that time has arrived earlier than any of us would like or had predicted (as I am not alone in saying all this), but it is here and rather than freak out and collapse into fear and despair, I believe it’s always better to know stuff so you can then get pro-active about how you can best respond; because our response is crucial in determining our well being moving forwards as conscious beings, individually and as a group.

We all have equal potential to ‘create’ or 'awaken' cancer (and another crony I work with all the time, the epstein-barr virus, in its various forms) in our energenetic systems because these things actually reside dormant in our cells waiting to activate through trauma and/or karmic initiation, depending on how you look at it, but what is coming in now for our species, is a rise in life-threatening illnesses in general.

The potential for new and un-treatable viruses is increasing and these things have either been circulating around in our environment for ages (but haven’t taken hold till now because our immune systems haven’t been compromised to the degree that they are currently, thanks no thanks, to all the 5G) OR they have actually been deliberately created and spread by the ‘powers that be’ in their attempt to reduce the population and retain totalitarian control. Perhaps it's a combination; organisations taking advantage of a situation and milking it, who really knows, but you do have to ask yourself why immunisation has been pushed so hard and for so long? It's a controversial topic so best that you research and find your own peace with it.

Such intentional violations to control the populace however, have been committed generation after generation and as much as we may like to pretend that we aren’t part of the problem, we are. Like our ancestors, we all have contributed to the situation we face now, in some way, consciously or unconsciously, because nothing happens by chance, accident or coincidence remember. Ever. If we are complacent and don't participate, we are effectively allowing the atrocities to continue for example. Right now, we as in humanity, are reaping what we have sown, so the big question is – what are we going to do, now that we see the truth and choose to own our part in the play? Are we willing to work on our own wounds to become clear conduits again for the success of the collective or are we going to keep making excuses for the way the world is, passing the buck and acting like nothing is wrong?

If there was ever a time to think outside the box, now is it people. Now. Is. It.

And even if you don’t believe in these or any other spiritual and energetic explanations for what is happening now, at least investigate ‘globalisation’ to understand the stages of said process if your more logical self wants to grasp what’s going on right under all our noses at present. Either way and whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to get used to the word ‘conspiracy’ during this decade because 9 times out of 10, and as I said earlier on, the truth is always more unbelievable than fiction.

For example, the situation we find ourselves in now re 5G, brought about by our addiction to technology and needing to be everywhere at once. Coronavirus and 5G are definitely connected.

5G is quite literally, military level radiation and we are breathing it in, walking around in it, sleeping in it and basically immersed in it 24/7, regardless of whether there is a tower close to our home or place of work, or not. And despite the claims that 5G is ‘not as strong’ as 4G in terms of its emission range – which is around 1000 feet compared to its predecessors’ 10 miles – it has 1-millisecond latency, 1000x bandwidth per unit area and 100% coverage. Sounds pretty powerful to me so I reckon this ‘argument’ that the new wifi is weaker and that’s why there have to be so many towers constructed so close together, is royal standard bullsh*t. This stuff kills and unfortunately there are no places for anyone to hide, anywhere, anymore because they rolled the bloody thing out under cover of darkness, literally!

“The 5G’s millimeter waves were not tested for their impact on human health before thie deployment. In practice, we do not know what the health effects of long-term and close proximity exposures might be. Once deployed, it will not be possible to avoid 5G radiation exposure – our environment will very much be saturated with low-power millimetre-waves in order for 5G to perform correctly.”

Professor Leszczynski of Queenslands Griffith University called it in 2017 and luckily for us, he’s still voicing his concerns to anyone who wakes up and wants to listen.

Have you noticed there are less bees and insects in your garden for instance? Or all the dying bees congregating on the beaches because their radars are completely out of whack? Have you been experiencing regular headaches, lethargy, insomnia or irritability for no apparent reason? Have your kids? These are not random or unrelated episodes; they are directly connected to the poison that is 5G.

These things and more are exactly why I wanted to make my new healing space a completely wifi-free zone. You can book in for a private session with me here and experience the difference for yourself. On top of the energetic work I do, it's seriously next level. Just click on the 'bookings' tab up the top of the page and it will take you through to all your options.

It’s not all doom and gloom of course – unless you let yourself wander down that road – and there are always things we can do to counterbalance all the negativity and shadow. As aware souls, it's up to us to lead the way for others and to stay strong in the face of adversity. This is the path of the modern-day heart warrior, I believe, so here are my top 13 tips to support you and keep you grounded and safe on all levels of your being:

1. Ensure you smudge yourself twice daily with sage – morning and night.

2. Get shungite crystals and place them in every corner of every room in your house.

3. Shungite pyramids or cubes are the most protective shapes to get, but tumble stones are okay too. Just be mindful of small children and pets!

4. Place the shungite ‘tiles’ around your modems and computers for direct protection.

5. Wear shungite as jewelry or place a chunk in your handbag, bra or pocket.

6. Watch what you eat. Always choose organic, sustainably sourced products.

7. Drink plenty of water every day. Coconut water and herbal teas are good too.

8. Avoid alcohol if you can because it just dehydrates everything, plus disturbs your ability to channel energy clearly and for any length of time and harms your liver, the main organ responsible for healthy blood, resolved bloodlines and immune integrity.

9. Walk barefoot for at least 10 minutes every day to ground any excess energies rising.

10. Play Schumann Resonances at night as you meditate and get ready for bed.

11. Meditate for 10 minutes a day – preferably twice – with a crystal grid for extra juju.

12. Don’t take things personally and work to release anything you pick up from others.

13. Ramp up your spiritual rituals to strengthen your aura and DNA. (I can help here).

These are extraordinary times on earth dear ones and they are calling for us all to pay extra attention and exert extra effort in all aspects of our lives so we can keep up with the shifts, stay aligned and decipher the messages when they come through; without losing our magic or our marbles!

These are the best guys to buy shungite from as the quality is guaranteed. Like moldavite and many other rare crystals, you can often purchase inferior stones online without knowing it. Unfortunately the market is rife with inferior products, or ones that have been sourced illegally or immorally. I have no affiliation with these lovely people other than I get all my shungite from them and fully trust their integrity.

After my amazing adventure to Uluru recently, I am in the process of putting together another once-in-a-lifetime trip to Patagonia this time, where we will witness the next total solar eclipse. The last one in 2017 saw the activation of the entire ‘bible belt’ across America basically – and hence, delivered a mass collective wake up call. This next one coming on December 14, 2020, promises to reprogram humanity yet again, which is why I wanted to take a group of like minds and hearts to receive the energy directly as it passes over the Andes. Where we will be, is the best place in the world to see it, plus we’ll be right in the middle of Puma territory (the elusive endangered mountain lion), surrounded by breathtaking scenery (like you see in the post cards, complete with Llama), lushed up in yoga yurts (for the ultimate eco-luxe experience) and connecting in ceremony with local traditional owners (receiving healing with elders guaranteed to change our lives). Add daily blissing out with yoga, meditation and shamanic healings with me and you have another YSJ retreat like no other! All my spiritual adventures are about connecting people to nature and activating their 'inner nature', so they can start reducing their personal footprints and learn how to be of greater service to the planet at the same time.

If you are interested, please email me on and I will send you details and costings. As usual, there will be 12 spaces available so together we create our sacred coven.

I also have a few spots left for my 13 week Mana Medicine Mentoring course, starting online in a couple of weeks (end of February). It is open to any sisters keen on learning the foundations of shamanic practice, the protocols of energy work and living in spiritual alignment, so please get in touch asap to secure one of the remaining spots and take advantage of the early bird special ($1,599) which I have extended to February 14. After that, it will be the usual price of $1,999 (still an absolute bargain for what you will receive!).

Sending love to all, hoping that you are dry and safe with this torrential rain and asking Maa to make the deluge as gentle as possible and with minimal damage. Visualising it funneling to exactly where it needs to go; that is, over drought-stricken country, all areas burned by fire (and putting out any remaining ones as well), filling all dried out dams and flowing into all catchment areas. May all the wildlife also find hiding places to ride it out and stay safe.

The past few months have been discombobulating to say the least but such is the power of Nature hey. One minute we are quite literally dying of thirst and the next we are drowning in too much water. One thing is for certain; our climate and our country is calling us to task and shifting in ways we never expected. I hope that as we move forwards and process all the grief and loss, that all the trauma will serve to help us forge stronger alliances within our communities, to find our collective voices on the political stage so change actually happens and that we finally acknowledge the vital role (and invite them to participate) that our first nations people play in helping us all live more consciously and with more respect and love for this country we call home.

Enjoy this powerful week, stay calm, breathe deeply and tread lightly at all times.





"We are just visitors to this time, this place. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow and to love; and then we return home." (Australian Aboriginal Proverb)


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