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Divine Balance Or Bust

There’s been so much synchronicity for me this week and I am sure it’s been the same for you too. October is going to be a tumultuous month and there is certainly a lot happening in the ‘stars’ but as we know, change and challenge are necessary pre-requisites for deep cartharses.

This first week of October interestingly coincides with ‘Golden Week’ in China. As we know, China is working through some massive karma this year – which I wrote about in newsletters at the beginning of 2020 – and along with all the imminent Aries/Mars retrograde/Pluto/Scorpio action coming up, we will close out the month with All Hallow’s Eve (in the Northern hemisphere); or Beltane (here in the Southern). Fire. Works.

October 31, commercially referred to as ‘Halloween’, is a date that traditionally provides a powerful gateway for communicating with and honoring the ancestors. Over time however, it’s been hijacked and morphed into one of trickery (trick or treat), deception, shock and surprise, horror and chaos and various other expressions of darkness and witchcraft. Make no mistake, “The Craft” is being manipulated by certain covens around the globe right now (to nefarious means sadly) and like those who have studied the ‘light’ arts all their life, these people are also extremely well versed in the workings of seasonal energies and human psychology. They know exactly how to manipulate the energy of the equinoxes and solstices and how to utilize other ‘power’ dates on the annual calendar for example, as do those of us who work with the (higher) light, so now we find ourselves in this see-saw situation where both parties (light and dark) are tapping into universal vibrations and timelines to create their intended outcomes – for the light, that is love and expansion and for the dark, that is hatred and the desecration of all that is good and godly, basically.

As a result, there are psychic attacks and entity interference occurring on a daily basis. Thankfully these despicable attempts to maintain control and keep humans enslaved are being negated and deflected as fast as they are being sent out by those world healers and indigenous elders with the skills to do so. One thing is certain at present and that is, we seriously don’t want (or need) to be placing ourselves in harm’s way if we can avoid it, so if you were planning to go out with your kids on All Hallow’s Eve (without wanting to alarm you), for your family’s energetic health and protection, I would suggest you don’t this year.

The first day of October was a cracker. It ushered in the Aries (Ares, god of war) Full Blood Moon, the announcement that the POTUS and the first lady have covid (aka “the flu”) and the satanic blood sacrifice of an unborn child, pretty much guaranteeing that this is going to be THE month of GRAND ILLUSIONS and next level sorcery.

Now it’s no secret that a large percentage of people in the world are not fans of Donald Trump, but wishing someone ill (or death) is not in any way, the action of a conscious human being. So if you are one of those who jumped for joy at that news and is hoping he gets a really bad bout or suffers horrendously (or even passes) because you hate him so much, shame on you I say. Regardless of your political persuasions, it is just not cricket to wish such a thing on another human being and not just because it clearly reveals a personality that is unevolved, but because it plays right into the hands of the “opposition’ (ie, the IlluminNazi), by creating further separation within our collective.

I’m just going to call it: if this is you, you’re letting yourself AND the team down.

Now more than ever we need to be a united force of love and compassion, attentive to our every thought, word and deed and brutally honest with ourselves and the unconscious wounds we still carry, because this is a big part of our awakening process. Whatever you feel about Trump in this particular situation is a very clear indication of how far along your spiritual journey you really are because if you profess to be all 5D and ‘ascending’ and yet your thoughts (and speech) demonstrate otherwise, then you basically have a bit more work to do dear one.

This is why we must remain vigilant with ourselves and work constantly to create congruency between our thoughts and speech because when we do that, we shine the light of integrity for others to see and (hopefully) follow.

When anyone is sick – yes, even drug lords, pedophiles and the Ivan Milats’ of the world – as healers and mystical mentors, it is our role to practice equanimity and send unbiased prayers and light. Or if we don’t feel called to send such, then the very least we should do is not wish them any ill (pardon the pun), or worse, death, because all that does, is reflect how unevolved we actually are, not to mention, shows what is really resting in our hearts. If you regard yourself as a spiritual person – especially as a teacher or a leader in some capacity – the only way to respond to these sorts of situations, is to rise above your personal opinions and beliefs and find compassion for your fellow man; no matter what he or she stands for. And then hand it over to God because it's actually none of our business.

Illness is a great teacher and it is also a great leveler.

This is a huge lesson for the yoga and spiritual community right now: allowing one another our differences of opinions and still choosing love and acceptance in every instance, despite what comes up for (and within) us.

This is also a micro lesson for each one of us to apply to our own life situations closer to home in respect of how we communicate, judge, ostracize and disconnect from one another, just because we have opposing views and visions. I’m not saying be a doormat or don’t speak your truth here, I’m saying aim to be the bigger person by holding that space for all expressions and variances to be voiced as they deserve. The ‘do unto others’ deal.

It takes effort to constantly move from these higher states of consciousness for most people because we have all been living in (and raised within) a society that has been deliberately constructed to manipulate and control us; and for specific hidden purposes. To make us behave in certain ways, follow certain rules and stay in the ‘group’ lane at the allocated speed for ‘the sake of everyone else’s safety and well being’. Individuality has been allowed free reign (to a degree) and yet at the same time, being your (fullest) self has also been discouraged (think 'Tall Poppy syndrome'), especially if you threaten to rock the boat or influence others to step off the well worn cattle track and hence, turn their focus away from the powers that be that rely upon being worshiped and obeyed (the false idols of TV, media, celebrity, consumerism for example) and back onto themselves and what their needs and wants are.

In the current world climate, you could be regarded as more of a ‘danger to the community’ if you do this by questioning the official narrative than say, a convicted child sex offender is. You may not know, but recently a bill was passed that grants such criminals ‘working with children’ checks (in the UK), so I’m not being melodramatic here. Here’s the link:

Or this absolute atrocity. Thank god this woman is no longer in office. Didn’t see this on mainstream news when she was though, did we?? These are the sorts of things that our governments have been passing through parliament behind our backs whilst we’re all fighting over who’s wearing a mask or not.

On one hand – and depending on personality, life circumstances, beliefs and karmic choices – some people will always perceive those who draw lines in the sand and step out of the collective production line, as a threat to their own existence, while others will praise, support and even admire those who do so. This ‘judge, jury and executioner’ paradigm is a very old and dense residual consciousness that still lingers in our collective field, but it is not part of our original human nature. It was learned (or rather programmed) into us eons ago and we are starting to dismantle it now.

The only way we can transform or transcend our now reality and start to embody higher states of consciousness, is to practice BEING those higher states of consciousness in every moment.

This is the big message of this month (I believe), especially with the predicted next round of circus sideshows on the horizon. We’re going to need to take our rituals and mind-body-spirit routines next level, apply even more discernment and patience to everything we see, hear and engage with and exercise even more unconditional love towards every thing and every one we encounter. And yes, this includes pedophiles.

Ain’t gonna be easy, but this is what is required of us as sovereign beings in service to the light.

I wrote about "spiritual adulting" this week because global society appears to be having one whopper of a tantrum, "all-together-now" style as life shifts in ways that are making every human on the planet face new levels of uncomfortableness. Maybe this is because so many are actually behaving like spoiled teenagers, un-friending, blocking, disassociating with and lashing out (verbally) at anyone who 'makes' them think outside their usual sphere of contemplation or whom they perceive as a 'threat' and hence, disturbing their current and comfortable status quo. All normal human reactions of course because we do all like to maintain and assert our boundaries and beliefs as we see fit, but I'm curious as what lies at the core of all this, from the energetic perspective.

My take on it is simple. We are all growing up.

I don't mean physically, although there is an element of that as our cellular structures shift beyond their previously limited abilities and frequencies. I mean emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We are all being invited by the universe on a daily basis, to expand our personal levels and layers of limitation via the exact circumstances that are unfolding around the world now, and to voluntarily place ourselves in a space of deeper presence and contemplation in order to comprehend, appreciate and then action, our new perspectives (as suits us as individuals of course), with the view to maturing and developing, the Self.

This to me, is what “spiritual adulting" is all about.

It's the ability to put up one's hand and say "yep, that confuses or doesn't resonate with me, can someone please explain", or "I just cannot wrap my head around that, it goes against all I stand for, but I am at least open to listening and trying to understand". After doing that (with humility) and it still isn’t a “yes” for you then great, move on knowing you showed up as best you could and that you grew as a person (and a soul) from the experience.

Our willingness to admit to ourselves (and then others) that a long held belief or way of being actually doesn't serve our highest anymore and that we are ready to break free and open to new information, reflects great spiritual maturity and elevating consciousness.

Now I'm not saying we all need to agree on the same things of course, what I mean is that in order to co-create new realities for our collective in a way that ensures that the "All" survives AND thrives – and with maximum success and cohesion and minimal negative impact for all other beings sharing this planet and the etheric realms with us – ideally, each individual needs to reach a certain level of self control (and self responsibility), so they are able to hold space for opposing viewpoints and suggestions without falling into fear, feeling the need to fight or caving into flight mode. When we own our stories we are less likely to react like a ratty teenager and less likely to take things personally and/or be consumed by the desire to defend ourselves (and our 'territory') and what makes us feel safe and therefore ‘in control'. We can let go of the need to maintain the 'upper hand’, which is really just us still moving from ego, yet unable to see we are doing so.

Self control is different to the ‘being in control’ scenario I just mentioned above because when we are able to navigate, regulate and then liberate (and articulate) our thoughts and emotions with a high degree of self awareness and consideration for (and yet not attached to) others' responses, we automatically move beyond the base or denser 'primal-survival’ energies and into the more subtle, 'lighter' spaces of equanimity, reciprocity and the wisdom that comes with age (and from integrating and embodying knowledge). We begin to surrender and trust in the flowing and intelligent processes of life.

One thing is for certain, we are all on a massive learning curve right now and we are all working with our shadow in some way or another, even if we don't consciously recognize that we are.

Keeping this in mind – and especially under this Aries Full Moon which is the quintessential 'warrior archetype' who loves a good battle, a fiery exchange/discussion to prove his point and who unashamedly feeds off the energy of confrontation and stimulation (to encourage growth and expansion) – perhaps make time over the next few days to practice some next level 'adulting' with yourself and just observe (without judgment) what some of your own knee-jerked'ness may be.

Try not to reprimand but rather re-calibrate in the moments you intuit you could do with some loving discipline, for it is in these 'scratchy' and disquieting moments that the greatest and deepest healings can occur for us.

Also trust that when the puppet masters (via their minions in the form of PM’s, premiers, ministers, CEO’s, police chiefs and media figureheads) ramp up their game and start throwing more intense things at us – desperately trying to make it appear that everything is lost or going backwards and not in our favor – that their actions are actually simultaneously activating more people awake. See them showing their hand (as they are obliged to do out in the open) as a good thing because when more debris comes up to the surface and to the attention of the collective mind, this just provides us with countless empowering opportunities to alchemize the sh*t out of it.

Try shifting your perspective this week (and for the whole month if you can) to seeing all the forms of fear porn as a key to transcendence rather than an instrument of pain and therefore, as the next stages of the story arise, you will receive them as confirmation that love is slowly but surely breaking apart all that no longer serves the highest good of humanity.

Wishing you all a peaceful and productive week.




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