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Disclosure #5

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

This is the most controversial disclosure so far and before you read it, please note that it is NOT directed at ALL people’s in this particular religious group or who practice this particular faith. It speaks to the small group of elitists - aka philanthropist psychopaths - who are not just deliberating destroying their own people, but the rest of humanity as well.

Firstly, you must understand that there are “bad eggs” in every religious sect including Christianity, Catholicism and even Hinduism - India is manufacturing the Astra Zeneca vaccine for example, which is according to doctors and the stats, the “worst” of the three options - and that what you are about to learn, has been proven through countless testimonies, written (and video) documents plus historical accounts. You won’t see it covered by mainstream media (of course) because they own and control that, but also because that would be perceived as being “anti-Semitic”; which is ironic because this term was actually invented by this group to ensure they would remain protected from critique. It also enables them to point the finger back at those who dare to question their ideals and their (self-appointed) authority.

So, before you read any further, please determine to move beyond “labels” and accept the universal truth that all humans have the potential to be horrid. We are at an absolute crucial point in our evolution now. Several timelines (or possibilities) are available to us and we must be mature and brave enough to consider any and all options if we are to gain the advantage over our communal enemy.

The information about this minority group and its motivations has been collated over decades and by many renowned experts, religious scholars and conscious researchers and now at this time in history, it is vital that the good people of the world finally comprehend who is actually at the epi-centre of this global satanic cult. This is not creating division or judgment, it is revealing historic truths.

Understand also, that the individuals in this particular group have absolutely no qualms whatsoever in harming other humans, including their own brothers and sisters of the same belief; hence the terrorism that is unfolding in Israel at present. We are also seeing their next attempt at autarchy unfolding in India as they cleverly manipulate and exaggerate statistics. Remember that India is a third world country with an already overwhelmed and understaffed medical/hospital system, where an average of 23,000 people die, every day.

Have a read of this if you're still unsure.

I have seen recent footage of people wrapped up in black plastic bags as if they are corpses, having cigarette breaks in between being filmed by TV crews! I have also watched home videos from locals living in India, showing anything but the covid chaos and death occurring on the streets that is being reported by MSM. Do not believe what the news reports people. Your tell-a-vision is a propaganda tool designed to program the human's perception and digestion of trauma and consequent panic response.

Interesting to note also, that the Grecian pagan god (or witch rather), "Medea" (pronounced "mee-day-ah"), priestess serving the goddess "Hecate" - the Dark Mother of all Witches - was all about fiddling with perception, being deceptive and casting spells to disrupt and re-route communications, so it's not too hard to figure out the connection here with modern day "mee-dee-a".

The cold hard truth is: those who are responsible for all the NWO atrocity from the beginning - and for all of the torture, control and manipulation of mankind - are those identifying as Jesuits. In other words, the Jewish Mafia.

Zionist Israel is the creation of the Jesuit Order. Click on the link below for a brief yet descriptive history lesson explaining the connection between the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church. It will leave you in no doubt as to who is running the show and always has been. This is not a one-off article either, everything I have come across from multiple other sources, points to the same conclusions.

This micro yet obscenely masochistic group has been orchestrating and amplifying evil here on earth, war after war, massacre after massacre and takeover after takeover, all to further their unquenchable thirst for wealth, fame and power. All they desire is to maintain their stronghold over the world population to further their own agendas and line their own pockets.

For those who may be struggling at this point to grasp the magnitude of this situation and/or even have the ability to take it on board for consideration, I hear you. This information challenges everything we stand for as decent human beings, but we must remember also, that life is diverse, human nature is unreliable at the best of times - at least until the collective wounding is resolved - and that there are multiple mysteries of the universe that still elude even the most inspired and intuitive of minds among us. Just know for now, that what this group of misguided maniacs craves more than anything, goes way beyond an over-active thirst for power and fame and limitless experience. They want complete control. Without accountability or conscience.

They want to BE gods, because the entity they worship, wants to BE GOD itself.

When God granted the earth to man and woman, he did so to everyone, not just the Jewish people. Some went ahead and appointed themselves “the chosen ones”, revering Abraham and rejecting Yeshua as The Messiah, which obviously caused separation as it established an inner cloister of hierarchy and command, whilst others remained devoted to Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus) and His teachings. It is the latter who are being targeted and terrorized by the former now.

Interesting isn't it, that the mere uttering of Jesus' name in the presence of demons (or humans possessed by them), is enough to send them squealing back to hell in a heartbeat. Why IS that, if Jesus (A), doesn't exist, (B), lived, but was a fake, or (C), has no real authority? Buddha doesn't pack the same punch, nor does Krishna or even Shiva, the "mighty" Destroyer. Only a humble carpenter who preached about love and is repeatedly remembered in the scriptures as the "Son of God". Food for thought.

Here's another "fun fact". Judaism mandated circumcision but not all Jews agreed with nor wanted the procedure. Some scholars even suggest that this practice was an “excuse” so certain Jews could separate themselves from their brethren and further distinguish themselves as “special” - “cleaner” in their eyes - and all under the guise that it was “sacred” or “purifying”. Whether it was a bonafide “sacrifice” to cleanse male babies of their “sin” or not, I personally think it’s ridiculous (not to mention barbaric) because babies are born in love, not sin. You’d also be hard pressed nowadays to find a nurse that doesn’t recoil at their memories of having to assist such operations, or a baby that hasn’t grown up into a man still carrying subconscious trauma from this “abuse”.

Genital mutilation aside, The New World Order and all its associated playbook scenarios, is unequivocally a Jesuit creation.

As I stated at the beginning of this article, it is important as you read this, that you don’t default to the standard response of “this is just racism” and/or “anti-Semitic” conjecture. Your defensiveness or inability to receive the Truth, does not change what is. I was also shocked and in denial for a long time when I discovered the connections because it was just too hard to digest. I didn’t want to be seen as racist or dismissive or judgmental of people’s feelings and their heritage either because that’s not who I am nor what I support or promote in any shape or form and I certainly didn't want to face the possibility that all my years of yogic training were based on lies and deific deceit. As part of my "awakening", I made sure I interviewed several well educated and thoroughly researched individuals and they have all confirmed the same things I discovered through my own initial investigations.

Just as the CIA coined the “conspiracy theory” phrase to debunk anyone who dared question the suspicious death of JFK (which is now well known to be an inside job, a deliberate assassination because he wanted to leave the fraternity and expose the "cult"), the term “anti-Semitic” was coined by these mafioso's as a way to protect themselves from critique and deflect and then hypocritically, demonize anyone who dared to question them. It is their wild card and they know it because still to this day, people are reticent to use it. It perpetuates the divide and conquer dialogue and the humans’ unconscious need to stay enslaved as a drone species (and as an individual), compliant and quiet, supporting a “psychological program” that was, again, manufactured by the Cabal to keep the humans in check.

We are (apparently and hopefully) living in the age of full disclosure now however and as truth seekers and speakers and healers in our various ways, it is our DUTY to call this evil out. This is also NOT about racism and never has been. This is about identifying a select group of individuals who crave power and who lust after blood and money and shining the light of Truth and Divine Justice into their perverted shadows.

It is vital that humans understand that ALL they care about is desecrating all that is pure and holy and that is because they worship (and work for) Lucifer, the "light-bearer", aka, Satan.

There are many different factions of the Jewish faith and not all believe that Christ is the Messiah; many idolize Abraham and believe he is the Savior, not Jesus. By the way, if you don't know already, "racism" was another satanic program constructed to pit humans against one another. It is not our innate nature to hate our own species as we have been led to believe.

The reality is, we live in a world where differences of skin color, cultural background and religious belief were never intended to be pre-requisites for insanity or incitement and yet this is exactly what we are dealing with here. Pure insanity. Of biblical proportions.

We are all under attack right now. Our brothers and sisters of the Light, all around the world, are experiencing the same challenges and facing the same nefarious forces and they need our prayers to vanquish the darkness now. The only way any of us will ever escape this matrix, is if we stand up, say no and refuse to acquiesce. That includes non-compliance to the latest government roll-outs of more "covid rules and restrictions". That means not cancelling your classes and keeping your yoga studios open. That means business as usual and serving your customers and communities as you always have. That means living life as you deserve and desire because that is the only way we will break free of the spell they have cast us under.

It's also time we stopped calling others "sheep" and condemning them for their ignorance and fear because we have ALL been sheep. We have ALL been corralled and contained by these self appointed "masters", without knowing it. They see us as fools, as fodder, as subservient creatures created to serve and submit, quite literally. But no more.

Everything changes the instant we stand up, say NO and look to the true light leader of the world.


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