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Disclosure #4

As usual, receive what you will and leave what doesn’t resonate and please don’t take offense because this isn’t personal and it’s not about who or what is right or wrong. It’s purely educational and information that I recommend you investigate for yourself as I have. I'm just presenting concepts for you to consider, but I will say you will have to open your mind quite a bit more for this one folks.

Through the reams of research material I have plowed through to date - and it’s a lot, trust me - it appears that at its core, the New Age movement started as an occult program that was deliberately invoked by certain individuals to harness the powers of Satan. Its very roots hark back to the beginnings of Freemasonry and Marxism, ushered into being by some extremely dodgy characters that shared the same elitist pride as well as (often) the same bloodlines and together they forged the first of the "secret societies".

It's no mistake that the term "New Age" mirrors the "New World Order" languaging - and the idea of a "One World Religion", AS the new expression of Spirituality - and this is exactly what the Cabal cult is leading humanity towards.

Since its inception, this "spiritual system" has enabled as many souls as possible to be harvested, in particular, those who weren’t immediate or obvious “fans” of the darkness, as well as those who weren’t avid followers of the Bible but were sitting “on the fence” so to speak. This includes the naive, the ignorant and yes, all those beautiful, honest souls who just want to help and be of service, but who are perhaps slightly gullible and therefore more easily manipulated than others.

And if we’re honest, that’s been all of us at some point in our lives.

We can only know what we know, when we know it, after all. That’s the difference between a “belief” - that which we put energy into, to prove its worth and therefore validate ourselves (and keep feeling safe) - and “knowing”, which is the embodiment of something as an absolute Truth, without question. Interestingly, the latter is where we are no longer bound by the fear of needing to feel safe and hence, we can experience and engage, with more presence and faith.

Beliefs restrict us; knowing sets us free.

This is not to say that everybody practicing “new age” therapies in some form or other is an occultist nor that they are deliberately doing harm through their work because that simply isn’t the case, but it does open the door for us to dive a bit deeper into the origins of energy work, the various ancient philosophies and teachings and the motivations of those who drove them, so we can be sure that what we are practicing, is a true expression and a devoted work, to our Creator, and not an inversion in any shape or form.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of spiritual people who are doing amazing things with their gifts and helping people in myriad ways and yet at the same time there are plenty who are naive and genuinely unaware and who are engaging in practices that are putting themselves and others in harms way, whilst believing it’s all “light” and therefore “all-right”.

What I seek to address here, is what is behind the New Age movement and to explain how the undeniable manipulation by several prominent figures in “the movement” whom we are all familiar with - including the “self help” arena as well as the tantric and kundalini communities, has adulterated the industry and intentionally steered it away from actual “true light".

By creating a “cult” that appears to promote love and light, but that in truth, encourages love of the self above love of God, the demonic forces (or darkness) working through such people, have managed to brainwash billions of unsuspecting and honest, earth-loving souls.

For example, Jesus doesn’t say “I am the light”, He says, “I am the Truth, the Way and the LIFE (and no-one comes to the Father but through me)”. Lucifer has always been translated as the “light-bearer” and mankind has grappled with this for centuries because light means good, surely? Light is trustworthy and innocent, but what we also need to ask as conscious soul seekers is, when we follow the light, who are we actually following?

Anything that encourages you to worship another god or entity other than the One True Creator, is going to have a nefarious agenda.

This isn’t to say that you should stop honoring Mother Earth or showing reverence for the divine in nature, working with the elements and sending love to all sentient beings however. It’s about discerning where you place your energy, being acutely aware about whom you are actually “honoring” and aligning yourself with Universal Truths over inherited “truths”; or in other words, practices that have been reinforced and hence become popular (again, often via spell craft and sorcery) until accepted as industry standard protocol.

The New Age Movement has led us to believe that WE are God and that WE, as the self, are all-powerful, all-knowing and all-important. The ego has run rampant in this program and as a result, we are now seeing gurus being exposed as “false light workers”, sexual predators and agents of the darkness, both subtle and deliberate, both conscious and unconscious. This was always on the (tarot) cards by the way.

If this “system” was pure and clear, we wouldn’t be seeing this type of corruption would we? If it WAS inspired and supported by God, we wouldn’t be witnessing all the BS coming out of the woodstock-woodwork now, would we? I don’t believe so.

Yes, you are love and you deserve respect and recognition as the beautiful and unique being that you are, but your purpose is to serve as a conduit of God and to allow the light to move through you. We're the support team. It’s really that simple.

This is what the true meaning of “channeling” is all about. Anything else that comes through, cannot be guaranteed as authentic or originating from God Source and that is because there are so many - like millions - of counter entities, dodgy portals and hijacked grids that are operating at multiple levels across multiple dimensions, that the average human is incapable of detecting let alone managing. There’s no guarantee either that all the “angelic” beings that one encounters, are actually angels of pure light and not demons in disguise, because this is what they do! They push-and-pull us through all manner of tricky and deceiving wormholes, weaving us in and out of ourselves with sneaky mind-fcukery games that appeal to our human vulnerabilities and lower-self desires, and because we want to be seen, acknowledged and admired as the “shaman” that we know our higher selves to be, they always find new and cunning ways to lure us in and keep flattering our spiritual ego. They are brilliant at this. Countless centuries of practice will do that.

When you understand how the main four corner earth portals work, which demonic generals are guarding these gates (and their various disguises), what their roles and intentions are and how all they want to do is keep humans caught in a web of pain, suffering and endless “shadow-work”, you start to grasp just how dangerous and dodgy the spiritual-psychic realm really is. It’s not somewhere you want to hang out on a regular basis, if at all. Sorcery, in some form or other, is at the essence of pretty much every esoteric teaching that we admire under the New Age umbrella - including yoga believe it or not - and most people are yet to make the frightening connections.

It’s our ego that says “I” instead of “God”.

FYI, I’m not talking about your “I AM” presence here. By making the human believe (and then declare) that they are equal to God by stating, “I am a shaman, a healer, a whatever” - and please note, this is very different to our “Mighty I AM presence” or "Christ Consciousness" if you prefer - then all that does is release and reiterate the dark vibration of blasphemy.

“I AM A 'blah blah blah'…” is a clever inversion of the original “Mighty I AM”.

When we believe we have the power to reset grids, remove or reverse curses or even “heal” or cure anyone or anything, we have lost our sense of energetic integrity because that work, dear ones, is for The Creator alone to sort. Even our beloved Akashic Records are up for investigation if we're really serious about walking the narrow path to salvation because if any human had truly figured out this karmic gig by now and shared their discoveries with the world, none of us would still be regurgitating the "same-shite-different-spiritual stories" that we are.

We'd all be sleeping peacefully in the bosom of Being.


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