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Gemini Full Moon: Flight, Fright, or Free-ze?

Here come some Gemini full moon hits. And truths. This is my sign, and my moon is also in Gemini, so, read on at your own risk.

We are all feeling heavy, humid, and harassed, in various ways. Our deepest wounds are resurfacing, our oldest stories are recycling, and yet despite the agitation and busyness of our daily routines, we are feeling stuck, limited, and often as if we are under attack; from both humans and entities.

Our minds (egos), are battling with our souls. The mind thinks it knows what's going on, and thus projects us into future realities that we cannot possibly know will actually eventuate, whilst at the same time, our soul is kicking back with a cold one and smiling wryly at its human meat suit, because it knows exactly what is taking place.

You see, our/the ego perceives things as "bad", whilst our/the soul, trusts in the process; no matter what is unfolding.

We're seeing this now with so many online influencers (including truthers of various kinds), continuing to feed the worst case scenarios and drawing attention to all the darkness hanging over humanity in any given moment. There is so much propaganda being driven into our subconscious minds right now, many are getting lost in it, and unaware that their mental health is being affected with every negative post they share. I know how this feels because I've been there and I've had to work hard to shift my dynamic out of that slump so, as the saying goes, "the bastards don't win".

The world is seriously behaving like its on crack right now, folks.

People are losing their minds. People are losing their lives. What we believed to be true and trustworthy, has gone, and those we relied upon to "keep us safe" and/or "always tell us the truth", have been replaced by a plethora of individuals displaying next level spectrum disorders. And no, I'm not having a go at anyone genuinely suffering from any sort of psychological or behavioral imbalance, I'm just stating a fact, and that is, that everyone on Earth is vulnerable to energetic manipulation (and DNA corruption), and that this has been, I believe, deliberately orchestrated by the you-know-who's to keep us dumbed down, medicated, and separated from our light self (and each other).

This Gemini Full Moon is a wake up call of gargantuan proportions. It has initiated fresh surges of solar flares (contributing to headaches, brain fog, nausea, fatigue etc), and as I said before, it is dredging up our ancient traumas so we may take (yet another) intimate look at who we think we are, and where we are going.

Newsflash: NONE of us have it all figured out.

We need to remember that the night is darkest just before the dawn, that the path is always the rockiest and most precarious, just before it clears to reveal a new horizon. This IS the healing journey, and not every phase of this journey, will be, or needs to be, comfortable, or positive. You're allowed to feel crappy, angry, and sad; it's kind of a prerequisite if you consider yourself a seeker. Things NEED to fall apart - WE need to fall apart - in order for things, for US, to be "re-formed".

Unfortunately, the current astrology is saying, unequivocally, that we haven't seen the worst of it yet. There is way more crazy to come, and it will most likely get sooooo stupid, that we will literally feel as if we are living in an actual asylum. (Which we already are I reckon, because this is a prison planet after all).

So, how do we move through all this with grace and ease, and not get kicked to the kerb as (the majority of) our species moves closer towards its predetermined date with disaster, aka AI, and being integrated fully with technology?

We man up - or pull up our big girl pants - and we face our fears. Again. And again. And AGAIN. We lean into our shame, we embrace our guilt, and we allow ourselves time to grieve what (our mind/ego) had hoped for, and wanted/wished to see happen, and focus intently upon what is happening in the NOW. This is what being sovereign requires.

You know what determines "future" timelines?

You're IN one now. You are LIVING a timeline, right this very moment, so stop waiting for another one, or a more "special" or "better" one, and just BE in THIS one NOW. Stop putting expectation ahead of presence. You already have all that you need (t'was gifted from your Creator), and every day doesn't have to be "higher" or "lighter", or else you're doomed, or a failure. Try sticking less labels to everything and looshing yourself back into "what if" and "should of/could of/would of's". LET. GO.

Please know this to be true: there is absolutely nothing you could have done - nothing that ANY of us could have done - that would have made a difference to this moment now. Let that sink in. What you have now, is a blessing, and that is all that matters. This spiritual battle has always been about growing up, from spiritual adolescence, to spiritual adulthood. The child clings to hopium, unconsciously driven to express each and every desire, need, and fear, in their egocentric quest for attention and love. The adult (ideally), has shifted their perception of authority from being "out-there", to an energetic that lives INSIDE them, thus tempering their emotions, mastering their minds, and tethering their spirit body to their meat body to become "embodied". But the peer group, societal pressure is bad, and it continues to swell as more people stay adamantly concreted to their denial platforms refusing to hear, or see, what is the obvious truth to those who have managed to set themselves free.

There IS light at the end of the tunnel, but in those moments where we can't see it - or when we fall off the spiritual wagon for whatever reason - it will help if we can just sit down, take some deep breaths, and acknowledge that maybe there's a reason for that. Just because we can't see results just yet, doesn't mean we won't, nor is it confirmation that we have to change anything either. Things are on track, whether we know, or like it, or not.

Maybe we will start figuring things out, when we stop trying to figure things out so much?


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