Breaking Free

Are we really heading towards a full blown Apocalypse or are we actually flowing organically yet disruptively, into one mother of an Ascension?

Image by @fuuj

This is the multi-million dollar question on everyone’s minds (and lips) at the moment and alas, there is no fixed answer because collective consciousness is (and needs to be) fluid in order to provide all souls with the karmic experiences that they need, to evolve.

All we have right now at this juncture in time, are a bunch of creative hypotheses, psychic projections and a handful of pretty wild (and actual) “conspiracy theories” – most of which are (ironically) being perpetuated by the mainstream media themselves!

As they spread lies about viral deaths and dismiss our valid concerns about being ruled by a bunch of sadistic Freemason Demolay pedophiles masquerading as politicians who appear to be hell-bent on handing all Australian