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Breaking Free

Are we really heading towards a full blown Apocalypse or are we actually flowing organically yet disruptively, into one mother of an Ascension?

Image by @fuuj

This is the multi-million dollar question on everyone’s minds (and lips) at the moment and alas, there is no fixed answer because collective consciousness is (and needs to be) fluid in order to provide all souls with the karmic experiences that they need, to evolve.

All we have right now at this juncture in time, are a bunch of creative hypotheses, psychic projections and a handful of pretty wild (and actual) “conspiracy theories” – most of which are (ironically) being perpetuated by the mainstream media themselves!

As they spread lies about viral deaths and dismiss our valid concerns about being ruled by a bunch of sadistic Freemason Demolay pedophiles masquerading as politicians who appear to be hell-bent on handing all Australians on a platter to communist China, they continuously drip feed our subconscious’ with daily subliminal messages about ‘new normals’ and ‘a new world order’, whilst encouraging group paranoia about the coming ‘necessity’ of keeping our children boxed up in plastic in order to get an education.

Where on earth will this madness end?

I’ll tell you where it ends. It ends when we pull our heads out of our backsides and start standing up for our rights!

Humanity has been suffering from amnesia long enough. We have spent enough centuries being enslaved by those who hold the purse strings of society and way too much time entertaining collective avoidance. It’s time we woke up to the reality that we have all been played like fiddles by these filthy Freemasons and began pushing back. Peacefully, consciously, but nonetheless, pushing back.

It’s inspiring to see so many of us sharing our views and concerns about the realities of how our world works and exposing the network of filth and corruption, but we need to be posting our concerns on the very pages of those who seek to control and destroy us. We need to be bombarding their social media platforms and clogging up their news feeds with our 5D-in-action voices of ‘no more’ and ‘we do not consent’. They need to know that we know what they’re up to and that we will not sink in submissiveness any longer.

Yes, it is dangerous to do this and yes they are throwing all they have at us now in their last ditched efforts to maintain power and erode us of every living freedom, but that is exactly why we need to move now; not later, not next week or next month when the weather is warmer and more comfortable to go out and petition, because we quite literally, do not have the time.

Every day some new BS flushes down the political pipeline at us, like sewerage that we cannot avoid and that is because during these ‘lockdowns’, they have been conjuring up (yes, using witchcraft and sorcery) and passing all manner of illegal Bills that have only one purpose in mind: to divide, distress and disempower, we, the people. Everything they do, is designed to sever the connections we have with one another by force feeding lies and inciting violence and fear. But we are above that dear ones. We have a power to wield that these soulless creatures are afraid of and all we need do, is TRUST in it’s ability to eradicate these horrors. When we fully embrace our power, we create an unbreakable Alliance of Light.

I’m talking about the power of the sovereign, human spirit, empowered by the One True Source.

Sorcery is indeed being used in this spiritual war, make no mistake. People who are buying into the psyops and dialogues that either paint Trump as a sinner or a saint, need to realize he is neither. He is a man and he is a puppet, working for a criminal hierarchy, just like all the rest of them in office. They are all pawns on the same chess board, working for the same masters; they just look like they’re in opposition. Do some research and you will discover this is how all wars are manufactured and how all coups and corporate and military takeovers operate. It’s always the same bunch of crackpot cronies at the top, manipulating the masses to make more money. Trump has just got an incredibly good PR team who throw public good deed after some dastardly-behind-the-scenes ones, in an attempt to keep us all blanketed, confused (and comforted) by illusion and hence, serving their purposes.

This is not a battle between good (Trump) and evil (the Deep State). You must expand your mind further. It’s an extraction. The Luciferians (those uber elite of the elites I just mentioned), want to rid the world of all the Satanists (the vampire occultists) that stand in the way of their global domination. We’re simply swapping one band of bad guys, for another.

Trump has definitely done some great things during his four year term, but remember that 2020 is THE year of seeing through illusions and that NOTHING (and therefore, NO-ONE) is as it seems.

This is why it’s SO important to not ‘take sides’ but to put all our faith in GOD ALONE.

For sure, there are plenty of witches and warlocks doing some very bad things with their skills to support both these sides – have been for years as I said – and this is contributing to the intensity and pure wildness we are all experiencing, especially in connection to the disturbing dreamscapes, visitations, (attempts at) entity possessions and general psychic fcukery that I know many way showers and esoteric healers have been experiencing of late. We are being attacked by ‘our own’, or rather, by those who once walked Pachamama’s path with respect and honor, but who have quite literally, sold themselves to the devil and are supporting his agenda. In exchange for what? Who knows, I can’t even begin to imagine, it’s a headspace I don’t wish to occupy. That’s a journey for only them to travel and reap the consequences, but I can tell you, there won’t be any picnics waiting for them when they do eventually arrive on the Creator’s doorstep and have to face what they have done.

So what the heck do we do, you ask?

Well, we can’t fight fire with fire, that’s proven to backfire (pardon the pun) and matching violence and hatred with more of the same is only going to add casualties to an already depressing list. That’s what they want us to keep doing because that’s what we’ve always done in the past. We need to be smarter than that now and stop being such patterned and predictable creatures. They see us all as cattle, as sheep – awake or asleep – because we have blindly followed the same tracks for so long. It’s time to snap out of it and change tack.

The only way to conquer these energies is to elevate our own and start embodying the very thing that these people, these perpetrators of despicable evil, detest and fear; and that is LOVE. When we unite in unconditional love, we become their greatest nightmare.

We can’t fight a 3D war when we are living in 3D, which encompasses all the expressions of shadow such as grief, doubt, shame, guilt, blame, anxiety, trauma, fear and procrastination. We MUST raise our vibration first and we do this by clearing all residuals of these energies within ourselves.

We ‘fight’ back – or rather, we respond – by refusing to align with the vibrations they want us to take on. We focus instead on holding fast to our belief in one another and to the duties we swore to uphold when we chose to come into a world that included this timeline. We keep shining our light and we don’t give up. We link arms and hearts and spirits with others who are called to this work and we don’t allow ourselves to get disheartened or dragged down by those who are not yet able to join us; or by brethren who chose to betray us. We practice compassion and care for every sentient being because some just haven’t recognized they are divine just yet. When they do, they will join us, but right now it feels safer to hide and cower. In the meantime, we can remind them what true freedom is by breaking off that well worn trail of torture to pig-root around, express our opinions, share our voices in the absolute fullest expressions of who we are and demonstrating what it looks and feels like, to live one’s heart out! And then we let go of the outcome and keep moving forwards.

When we truly embody the work of God and suit up in His armor, the agitation or burden of others whom are yet to step up (and what they represent), doesn’t affect us. We can march on unscathed, unattached and divinely focused on the mission. The war may be won but the battles will continue and this is why it is so important we remain calm, collected and conscious, every step of the way.

This is how we break the spells that bind us and mirror back to the darkness, its weakness and shortcomings.

Get typing and posting on those media channels and let them know we are onto them and that we are not giving up. Find the strength and solidarity we need in numbers and seek to build one another up so that this timeline will indeed be one of ASCENSION; and sooner rather than later.



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