Bloodlines and Songlines

Image by @cassi_josh

The layers of depravity are actually WAY beyond what the 'normal' human mind can comprehend and fathom. Plus, the predictive programming has done such a 'good' job on sedating people's natural curiosity and instinctual drive to question, inquire and challenge, that they literally cannot grasp/digest the possibility that 'reality' is in fact, the illusion, not the other way around. Their pineal glands are also completely shot, for all the reasons we know about.

Their reality is the illusion and the illusion is reality. Everything they don't want to believe, is real; and everything they DO believe, is fake.

The fall of humanity from the higher realms and dimensions, took place over eons and we are now making the climb back up from these lower realms to the point of consciousness where we are evolved enough to even ACKNOWLEDGE there IS duality and that we've been living (or rather, existing) in a state of complete control and bra