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Bloodlines and Songlines

Image by @cassi_josh

The layers of depravity are actually WAY beyond what the 'normal' human mind can comprehend and fathom. Plus, the predictive programming has done such a 'good' job on sedating people's natural curiosity and instinctual drive to question, inquire and challenge, that they literally cannot grasp/digest the possibility that 'reality' is in fact, the illusion, not the other way around. Their pineal glands are also completely shot, for all the reasons we know about.

Their reality is the illusion and the illusion is reality. Everything they don't want to believe, is real; and everything they DO believe, is fake.

The fall of humanity from the higher realms and dimensions, took place over eons and we are now making the climb back up from these lower realms to the point of consciousness where we are evolved enough to even ACKNOWLEDGE there IS duality and that we've been living (or rather, existing) in a state of complete control and brainwash for so long! Phew!

The loss and subsequent regaining of AWARENESS, has taken a LONG time to recover and it is this energy that has inspired this post today.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in which I am trained, states that awareness corresponds to the Stomach channel (and Spleen), the EARTH ELEMENT, hence, if we are disconnected (and synthetically sedated) via this organ and energy, it follows that we will lose the ability to discern, digest and determine and our desires will quickly take over to replace intuitive integrity, personal sustainability, decision-making and self response-ability. On a side note here, we react from our lower mind and RESPOND from our higher mind.

Humans have been disconnecting from the earth and their original, natural selves for centuries, severing their umbilicus to Mother (to self and each other) and replacing it, "feeding" from artificiality, in the quest for "immortality". Food of course is the obvious avenue here, but nurturing self also encompasses emotions, thoughts, actions and energetics.

The indigenous prophecy that was completed in January (12-13) this year at Uluru, was (as we've been told), about eradicating all black magic, voodoo, evil and shadow, from the earth. I was out on the land as you know, holding my 'Desert Dreaming' retreat when this was happening. It's WHY I went at that particular time. From my understanding, this "Great Ngaltawaddi Ritual" was performed by the traditional elders with the intent to re-establish the birth-cord, the bloodlines, between humans, Mother Earth and the Great Central Sun Mother, encompassing also their intuitive gifts, gut-mind, gut-heart and primal sense of response-ability; that is, their ABILITY to respond.

The next galactic-expanding event is on December 21 and will be multi-layered and multi-dimensional as well to weaves in with all the above; but I will share more on that later.

This ceremony heralded a massive purge for mankind because to do that and clear all expressions of evil from this world, it would all first need to rise to the surface - from under the ground (literally and figuratively), and from within our subconscious memories - to be remembered, experienced, integrated and transformed back to light.

Now this process we are in now, it will take years, so we have to let go of our "are we there yet?" dialogues and get used to living in the present moment like never before.

It's taken billions of years to manifest this discord and right now, billions of beings on the planet continue to carry loads of ancestral trauma ONTOP of their own personal baggage. It's going to take time to unravel all this sh*t and what we are witnessing, is the beginning of this miraculous reset.

What needs to happen is we need to let go of our fear of DEATH and embrace this transitory phase as a privilege to participate in, as we walk in service to future generations. To embrace our own indigenous intelligence and start behaving as custodians of the land and of the people, as our first nations' people have done and still do. They have been leading by example for so long and yet we have ignorantly and arrogantly cast them (and their wisdom) aside. This must stop altogether now if we are to collectively 'ascend' and move to the 'next level', that will honor ALL sentient beings equally and consciously.

This is the work we volunteered for and we must now show up and just do it.

We must heighten our AWARENESS, fine tune our radars, sense and feel from higher states of consciousness and work to surpass the ego, the mind and our group programming.

When the stomach meridian is switched off or depleted in some way, one loses the ability to see and process, what is quite literally RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. This is because the channel runs from under the eyes, down the front panels of the body through the throat, breast area, belly and thighs (simplified version), effectively creating an 'armor'. When this armor is compromised, when their earth element is unplugged and polluted, people cannot cope, conceive nor receive.

This is why we have such high stats in blood issues, obesity, cancers, anxiety and escalating mental health. The blood is corrupted, as are our bloodlines. We self sabotage, our cycles (eating, sleeping, menstrual cycles for example) go out of whack and our energetic systems weaken and start 'picking up' lower vibrations in an effort to 'fill up' and keep the human functioning. This is also why there's so much distortion connected to fertility, increases in birth defects, behavioral issues and menstrual problems, even STD's; we quite literally, infect one another's blood.

I believe this is also why so many sensitive and open children are labelled as 'on the spectrum', because their genetics ("energenetics" as I call them), their family bloodlines, are toxic, both physically and mentally; because their spiritual lines are. Everything plays out on the 3D field as a reflection of the 5D one remember. These children are so pure and evolved, they are literally having to adjust to the density of this world as they process and purify the expressions they have inherited AS their physiological constitutions. They are trying to acclimatize.

Now this is my own perspective and what I have witnessed over the years from my own personal and professional experiences, so please feel free to disagree or share your own perspective and knowledge about this. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Perhaps consider this - if you are blessed with a special/gifted child in this way - that it isn't a curse but instead an invitation to clear your family trauma, any lingering ancestral stories and step the whole family unit UP, spiritually, so you can align with your child's frequency in this way, instead of medicating them and bringing them down to our (and society's) dense, sedated reality/level. We understand now how pivotal gut health is thanks to recent research joining the dots, so I suggest this without judgment and because I have also walked this path of completing what were 'open' healing cycles, within my own family. It works.

Blame, shame, guilt and grief stories are always associated with chronic stomach/earth imbalances, so now more than ever it is vital to cleanse your system, ground yourself, return to more nature-based foods, practices and intentions and simplify life as much as you can.

When our ST/SP/earth element is balanced and strong, we can reclaim our sense of self. We feel empowered. Confident. Clear. Decisive. We become reliable, stable, content, trustworthy. We are less easily manipulated and less prone to gullibility. We can stand strong in our convictions, protect who (and what) we love and not sacrifice or renounce our sovereignty. We will defend what is right and just, not only for self, but for the benefit of others, of our tribe. For the children yet to inherit the earth. For the future bloodlines.

So, you can empathize when people demonstrate an inability to comprehend or expand their boundaries in current circumstances, because to do so, to them, means the destruction of all they know and trust and depend upon, for 'sustenance'; even if it IS fake. Even if that false reality is killing them slowly, they will defend and uphold it, because to do otherwise, ALSO symbolizes death to them. Have compassion. Understand that they have lost touch with the cycles of life and are caught in the web or wheel of death, and ignorant to it at the same time and that's not a nice frequency to be living in.

They need to re-establish their umbilical connection to Mother and Divine Self, to family/parent/tribe and resolve any lifetimes where they themselves have been outcast, castrated from purpose and personal power, abandoned, betrayed and deceived - AND also where they have DONE these things to others. As we all have at some point in our soul journey because that's how we learn and evolve.

Their soul needs to make amends where it is appropriate, so they CAN reclaim their power and plug back into the life force of GAIA. To heal and complete their karmic cycles and move up into higher states of consciousness. Of awareness.

The big fat irony of all this is, when we are born as humans, we HAVE to cut the cord in order to live, hence, the memories of confusion around abandonment, survival, receiving and connection, are also transferred and then, quickly forgotten. We become energetically compromised because the primal part of us knows we NEED to disconnect, in order to SURVIVE. We NEED to forget, in order to remember - or at least create the space for memories and potential to return. To reconnect the cord and reclaim our wisdom, as is our birthright. This could perhaps explain some 'love-hate' relationships, but I will explore that concept in another post when information comes to me.

So. That's a lot to take in and I salute you if you've made it all the way to the end here and are sitting in presence and willing to consider all that I have shared. Even if it doesn't resonate, I appreciate you taking the time.

Sending you all love. Get out today and tether your belly to Pachamama and see what comes through to you!




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