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Behind Enemy Lines

Image by @rafaelrex

This is where we are now folks. Behind enemy lines. Surrounded but NOT defeated by any means.

As this spiritual world war 3 intensifies and we continue to witness the further dismantling of all patriarchal and satanic structures, take comfort knowing that amidst the chaos we are experiencing and their vain attempts at maintaining control, that we have indeed penetrated behind enemy lines and that we have foiled their attempts at further manipulation and descent. The light has infiltrated the dark to such a degree that there is no going backwards now and this is exactly why they are behaving as they are and pulling out "all the stops" so to speak; because their world is in its death throes. How long it will take us to complete our mission, who knows, but the good news is - and what I have been shown and told to share - is that we are holding strong and we are not faltering, no matter what they throw at us. We are showing up in our light and we will not retreat.

All aspects of our being are being pushed to new levels of endurance and it is now that we really need to step up (again) and keep weaving in the new earth reality together.

So many of you have woken up to your innate spiritual gifts through this whole experience and that is a beautiful thing. There are also of course, many people who have been sacrificed on the battlefield so far and many who will continue to fall as they make whatever choices their souls deem right and necessary for them in this lifetime. I'd like to acknowledge here, all those who have died from the "vyrus" C19 (or whatever you want to call it), from other dis-eases as a result of not receiving medical attention or surgeries they needed and of course, those who have taken their own lives because the trauma got to much for them to bear.

All these people are star seeds in my eyes and regardless of whether or not they see through the illusions as we do, believe in the pandemic or choose to receive a jab that they don't fully understand, they deserve our respect. Everyone has chosen to be here on earth at this juncture to experience what they need to experience and so I bow in reverence to each one and thank them for the role they are playing in raising collective consciousness.

I refuse to give up on my fellow humans whom are processing at different stages and speeds to myself, nor on the human spirit and our innate ability to rise together against adversity.

Trained as I am in natural medicines and yoga therapy, I have always trusted in the wisdom and healing power of Mother Nature. I have never doubted Universal Truth. Even in those times of great personal challenge and in the spaces where I have temporarily lost my faith and my focus and perceived myself as mortal, separate and alone, I have always managed to find my way back from my dark nights of the soul. I attribute this to the powerful practices I have chosen to embody for years. It doesn't mean the pain is less - often it can increase, depending on the catharsis one is moving through at the time - but it does mean I know I will always triumph. I stumble, fall and stuff up as any human does, but I am never extinguished because of my unwavering commitment and knowing that my my soul is a conduit of service to not only my highest self, but to the highest self of all others. I know who I am and what I am here to do.

As advocates of preventative medicine and clearing and resolving one's spiritual imprints as the way to achieving balance and harmony in the physical, mental and emotional layers of self, I know you too, will choose no other way but through.

Under the Virgo full moon this week, I wanted to speak to three commonly misinterpreted systems that we humans often rely upon to assist us (during tumultuous times especially) and they are shamanism, witchcraft and astrology.

Shamanism is often misunderstood in the western world. There are very few true shamans left and no, they are not plugging their wares on Facebook in case you wanted to google them. They are the wise ones living in the shadows, doing the hard work on behalf of humanity and to levels that most of us would have trouble comprehending and they seek no recognition or accolade. These masters, these seers, have not only developed the supernatural abilities that (I believe) we all have access to as our birthright, but they have completely conquered the ego and this is what enables them to meet, match and conquer the darkness that prevails and keeps shape-shifting in response to the energies we are co-creating within the communal field.

They have no agenda other than being who they were born to be and supporting unity consciousness.

Ancient shamans were "classed" depending on their specialized gifts. Some would work to ward off evil spirits, some would conjure spells and utilize black magic for specific purposes or outcomes and others were powerful medicine men and women in possession of extraordinary healing skills. Some could manipulate the weather and commune with the elements, perhaps to ensure a good hunt or to alleviate a particularly debilitating winter, while others served as conduits between deceased relatives and the ancestors so their villagers could find peace and comfort and learn how to transmute inherited trauma.

In a nutshell, shamans were constantly "behind enemy lines" in some form or another. They have mastered the art of inter-dimensional camouflage.

Traditionally, the shaman is concerned with the health of the entire environment, the collective, not just individuals. It is a different level of "healer". They carry the responsibility of uplifting group consciousness and bringing forth information and enlightened and timely messages from the other realms, from the planes of existence that the human cannot normally see, access or appreciate. Diving in and out of the different worlds - lower/underworld, middle/present and upper/future - is not something to take lightly nor is it devoid of very real physical, psychic and spiritual risk. I don't get why everyone wants to be one. The "job" comes with great responsibility, it requires great sacrifice and often where you "travel to", or get "taken to", is not selfie or social media friendly, at all.

The point is, you cannot blanket define what a shaman or what shamanism is and the same goes for "witchcraft"; and yet this is what we often see in our extended spiritual communities. Nor should one glamorize them.

There are many different types of "witches" and they each follow particular rituals that may vary from others practicing "The Craft", depending on what they choose to embrace and what their unique gifts are. It's important to note also that "wicca" - which falls under the umbrella of "paganism" - is quite different to what the western world tends to lump into the one "witchcraft" basket and that the practice of the "dark arts", can be exactly that; dark. It is not always positive or benevolent and anyone that says there aren't any witches or warlocks on the planet right now doing some very nasty things, is delusional. Paganism was a term coined during feudal times, to describe those who lived on the land with nature and who didn't follow Christianity. It encompasses "wicca" (also called "eclectic witchcraft"), which was founded in 1950 - by a man who was no doubt considered a tree-hugging hippie in those days - Gerald Gardner. Those who practice "witchcraft" are regarded as having a particular "skill set", an ability with "magic", but they are not automatically pagan or wiccan and not all wiccans are witches or pagan either! It gets confusing I know, but goes to show how we as a society, often naively or arrogantly homogenize (and demonize) people based only on what we have read in our history books.

I think it goes without saying that when we become privy to and realize we are also currently witnessing the mass-scale sorcery that has been unleashed upon the world for centuries and we understand how satanic blood rites and the weaving of "spellcraft" has targeted our species with deliberate and yes, wicked, intent, that we are going to be disturbed and confused about all that we have come to trust about our living world. We must keep an open mind when it comes to what history reports as "truth" and "fact", for sadly, most of what we have learned and been taught at school and university/college, is founded on lies and deceit and only reflects the perspective of "the victorious side" at the time.

He who wins and he who has the most money at the end of the day, gets to tell the story basically and unfortunately that has resulted in a not-always-neutral, unbiased narrative.

Astrology adds another layer to our experience on this planet (and beyond) and both the shaman and the witch, approach and interact with the lunar cycles in slightly different ways, contrary to popular belief that they all follow the same script. Shamanic astrology for example, is "animistic", meaning it focuses on working with the spirits of the ancestors, Gaia, the elementals, the rocks and trees and the crystal and plant kingdoms, in order to understand "The Great Mystery".

Vedic astrology differs from its shamanic and western counterparts in that its roots are firmly tethered to the Vedas, the ancient yogic scriptures that studied the planets and other celestial bodies. The zodiac symbols, the planets, the various "houses" and interpretation of the "aspects", differ greatly between Vedic and Western astrology. A basic explanation is that Vedic astrologers make use of what is called the "Sidereal Zodiac" on the basis of the positions of the stars in the sky, whilst western astrologers utilize the "Tropical Zodiac", determining the start of signs with the Sun’s orbit around the Earth and using the terms "square", "sextile", "conjunct", "opposition" and "trine", to explain planetary anomalies.

With the growing popularity of full moon circles and lunar gatherings in recent years, many "healers" are unwittingly practicing moon rituals without fully understanding what they are doing or who and what they may be engaging with, and to be completely honest, at a time like now when there is so much energetic turmoil and change and "interference" from various energetic sources, this can be quite dangerous. It can also create the potential for those with ill intent, to hijack and siphon energy for their nefarious means and we have seen this happen via (some of those) mass online meditations for example.

Right now as I finished typing that paragraph above, I got a text reminder from the store "Witchery", something about a discount reward. Seriously, you cannot make this sh*t up.

I have researched the manipulative relationship between the moon and the human from various sources and resonate with many of the galactic truths I have discovered, stories that explain hybrid breeding programs, soul harvesting machines (AI) and the (horrendous) manipulation of the menstrual cycle, information that will blow your mind and alter your perspective of life forever. Now, instead of getting all feverish with expectation and worshiping with rituals to "align" myself with Luna - and sometimes almost feeling a pull of obligation to perform a certain way in order to receive the benefit or wisdom she supposedly offers each month, least I "miss out" - I detach and discern through a new lens.

This is what we are all here for after all - to remember our own innate powers and stop shying away from the greatness that we actually are. You don't need to wait with baited breath for the latest You Tuber to spout the months' forecast so you can feel safe or clear or happy or even make decisions with confidence just because the stars are in a certain position or shining over your sign. You can do that in each now moment by calling forth and activating your own celestial channels of information. Your pineal gland has a lot to do with that, but I'll go into that further in another blog.

Remember also that everything I share is a mirror of my own journey with shamanism, witchcraft and astrology and it is no doubt different to yours, so please know that I am not suggesting that what I have discovered is the "ultimate truth" nor for everyone to adopt. What I can say however, is that the life lessons never end if we are willing enough to embrace the uncomfortable reality that not all our beliefs, systems and even ancient protocols, are happening for our highest and best. If we are to "ascend" and embody a "fifth dimensional" reality, surely everything we have come to know and trust, also needs to re-align and elevate in accord with where the collective vibration and Gaia are growing into?

If you follow your gut and dig deeply into "real" history, "alternative" philosophies and into your own heart's knowing, who knows what you will find and how that may open you up and help set you free.

I do not attach my energy to whatever the moon is doing or supposed to be offering anymore; I trust my intuition and the wisdom in my cells instead. I do not feel the need to follow the phases as diligently as I used in order to fulfill or receive any teachings or special insights, for I know now that they already reside within me. I do not need anything from her, other than her presence in the sky to remind me that I am the center of my (the) universe.

When we get stuck on any kind of program, way of being or body of work and/or "proven" information, we can leave ourselves vulnerable to stagnancy and pattern. We can also become adamant and stubborn as we defend what we know as "truth", to be "right", when in all probability and knowing how tiny we are here on this globe (or flat pancake, whatever you believe), in comparison to the rest of the galaxy (as we know it now anyway), there is always going to be something new and exciting waiting to be found on the other side of our "edge".

Everything in our world is up for discussion now and I believe it is part of our duty as light workers (and certainly as light warriors), to challenge the status quo, to keep expanding our own limited mental, emotional and spiritual realities and to never stop seeking answers or inviting new perspectives into our field, for this is how we grow and serve and assist in the evolution of our species.

HomoSapien into HomoChristos or HomoLuminous, remember.

I know that there have been many scholars over the years who have peppered many energetic systems with both positive and negative imprints but I do not know exactly how western astrology came to be the dominant system that it is, nor do I know exactly where the teachings behind the zodiac authentically originate. There are obviously several branches and "schools" of thought out there that espouse different things and that resonate with lots of people and that is good; we all must follow what feels right for us. My own curiosity however, drives me to find clarity as to which trajectory point or crux in humanity's timeline, were shamanism, witchcraft and astrology manipulated by dark forces to become more like the concepts and vehicles of control and even as "new age" trends that we see nowadays, and less like the unadulterated practices of our original ancestors that were designed to connect us to this natural world and all the others around and within us.

I actually believe you don't need to cast any cards, chant any spells or idolize any (false) gods to get what (you think you) want because all of that "magic" that you seek, already exists within you. Disarm the programs and soften the shell that keeps you blocked and weighed down in doubt and unknowing, so all your interstellar memories can rise and you can know. The very fact that you are living, breathing, sensing and being, should be enough confirmation of the majesty and power that is you!

Our experience of everything in this life after all, hinges on our capacity to choose when to go within, when to own our stuff and how to expand without fear, attachment or creating (more) story.

When you discover yourself "behind enemy lines" this week - which really is just being "in" whatever intensity and present to whatever circumstance that manifest - what will you do? What part of yourself will you drawn upon to keep your heart afloat and your boots on the ground? Now that Mercury is in post shadow (till March 12) and no longer roughing us all up next level, the invitation to deepen our ability to recognize the parts of ourselves that sneakily interchange as "friend" and "foe" on a regular basis, increases exponentially. Practice discerning where to place and amplify your energy and attention and creating the inner alliances that you seek, deserve and desire no matter how the lines in the sand may shift over the coming months.

Choose to see your enemy not just as the external foe that it is, but also as the lost, forgotten and wounded aspects of yourself and in that ah-ha moment, strive to vanquish all that stands between your true self and Source, both inside and out.



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