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Be the tool you are designed to be!

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

For many years I’ve worked on healing my inner child, balancing my divine feminine (and masculine) energies, clearing my chakras and meridians, negotiating karmic trauma, sealing soul contracts and basically exploring and amalgamating every other potential energy sphere and scenario you can possibly think of (lol) in order to find peace and experience spaciousness, and yet still the journey continues. Regardless of how many wounded pathways have presented themselves for resolution, there always seems to be more! And if we’re doing it ‘right’ this is exactly how it should be.

I know I am not alone in feeling this. It is a very common ‘complaint’. I hear this all the time from friends, family and clients and I’m sure you do too. I know that you’re feeling it, especially if you’re an empath, psychic or working in the field of healing in some shape or form.

The journey is the focus, not the outcome because the outcome is always the same. We always return to what we are – pure light and pure love at some point in our evolution – so there is absolutely nothing to fear, except as we often say ‘fear itself’. This human journey is all about remembering this intrinsic truth and trying to resolve lessons, not add new ones that just extend the learning longer (and often more painfully) than is necessary.

“I’ve been working on my shite for YEARS! WHY is there still MORE STUFF to clear?!! I’ve seriously had ENOUGH OF this f’ing crap!! How do YOU cope?!”

Sound familiar? Yep. I hear ya and I feel ya peeps, I really do. But this IS the work.

The longer we stay attached to the paradigm that what we seek resides ‘out there’ and that we are separated from ‘it’, the longer it will take us to awaken and ascend.

Right now everything is about showing up and moving through, but without the attachment to pain body or the belief that we have to be, or that it is our lot to suffer in order to grow either. I’m not sure I agree with that particular Buddhist tenant, but that is another post for another time.

I have been shown, and I remember, multi dimensions and alternate realms, and from this higher perspective I truly do understand why things are as they are. I converse regularly with beings that are not of this world, above and below, and this is a big part of why people seek me out for healing; because I can do this and have lived through many different circumstances. I know how to hold space for others navigating the same or similar. I can facilitate the deep and often dark soul conversations that we all need to have in order to heal, and my age, experience and willingness to be in and share my own intrinsic vulnerable humanness – wrinkles, warts and all – is a big part of this. I am the wounded healer.

I couldn’t have done this when I was younger, no way! It’s taken me most of my adult life to realize that I don’t need any tools or talismans either, as lovely and as nice to have as they are. I am the tool. My voice, my words, my gifts, my intentions. I don’t need anything in my hands (or heart) except love. And neither do you.

I learnt this a few years back when traveling overseas to a place renowned for powerful energy, a massive planetary portal in fact, and have followed this ‘rule of thumb’ ever since. It was an important part of my development as a healing conduit and has deepened and magnified my work ever since.

Now I’m no meditation guru and that’s okay because I believe we are all our own gurus anyway and possess the ability to pause and be still if we chose to do so in any moment (we’ve just lost touch with how to do that), but I do believe it’s important to practice mindfulness more and more each day and more than we already are because things are ramping up and accelerating and calling us to. The world is quickening. We are expanding rapidly. Things are getting real funky, real quick.

So contemplate this today if you will: What if we all woke up one day and collectively, consciously, deliberately, just made the choice to change? How would that look to you? Can you envision the world making a decision like that, above personal agenda, for the benefit of all life on earth?

Can you imagine everyone deciding that today or tomorrow or three Sundays from now is the day where the line in the sand is drawn and moving forwards, NOBODY is allowed to smudge it out and redraw it time and time again?

What would happen if we chose to drop all our stories, forgive absolutely everything, own all of our own shit and create a completely new planetary canvas where everyone and every being is seen, heard, honoured and held?

Can you see every individual owning their stuff and looking honestly at where they can release all attachment, pain and patterned reliance so that natural alignment and flow can be restored?

Is is possible? What do you believe? What would you be willing to sacrifice for the greater good? Are you already doing it? Where and how in your life are you creating, nurturing and allowing space to just be?

I wonder what sort of world would manifest if we all just decided to get out of bed tomorrow – or at a mutually agreed and convenient time (lol) – and say ‘Today’s the day I choose to surrender all peripheral tools in favour of activating the greatest one of all – MY SELF!”

Let this day be the one where you happily admit that you are a tool and that you don’t have to be the sharpest one in the shed – you just have to be a willing one!



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