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Balance Doing with Being: Astrology for Sept 9 - 15


More wild weather, more gun massacres (in the US) and more collective unconscious behaviour (everywhere) this week just passed. Let’s pray things settle after this Pisces Full Moon exposes and erodes the roots of what and who’s creating it.

Monday sees a 9:9 code of completion – 9th of the 9th – consolidation and healing flow in, so make time to rest, surrender and have gratitude for all the lessons you have learned so far. Each one is an intricate and important part of your soul’s weaving back to heart, truth and love, even if it didn’t feel like that in the moment. Mars trine Saturn today invokes a passionate, heart-centred energy, one that reiterates the #9 qualities of opening your heart to align fully with the divine ONE HEART of the universe. You may feel strong surges of vitality today so if that happens, put that towards fulfilling your responsibilities (Saturn-inspired) because that will give you the will power necessary to persevere and trust in what’s to come.

Tuesday 10th sees the only time during the year where Neptune and Sun are opposite one another, which means there will be some intense show-down type energies circulating that could threaten to erode your focus and how strong you feel within yourself. You’ll feel the calling more urgently to turn within and hear (and heed) your inner voice, so tune into your mystical side and get out into nature to unplug and defrag today. This planetary combination does have the potential to taunt us, trick us and make us doubt our own abilities because Neptune governs imagination and illusion and the sun is basically one heck of a spotlight that will channel unwavering light into any shadow areas where it is needed. Almost like an interrogation. You might feel like throwing the towel in and walking away from something, or someone, after months, perhaps years spent, investing and creating, so remember to breathe and be patient.

Pisces is a highly emotional sign and we are also leaving the Age of Pisces and heading towards the Age of Aquarius, so don’t give up, hold strong and keep the faith no matter what shows up in your face (and heart) this week!

However, there is also a harmonious trine between the Sun and Pluto with this Full Moon that will help you tap into your personal power and slay the demons so to speak. Call in your dragons and ride out the storm.

Thursday sees Mars square Jupiter (in Sagittarius, its own sign), helping to initiate new energy for you. You have the vitality gleaned from Monday and now Mars gives you a definite push forwards. Just be mindful of any habitual push-back. Stand up for yourself but not from a place of aggression or wounded retaliation. Find the courage to move forwards with steady and deliberate confidence instead.

Friday 13th is one of my favourite days of the year because in truth, it relates to the Goddess and all Her creative, empathic, intuitive powers and has nothing to do with superstition. The number 13 is also ruled by Venus and we all know what She is about! Get in touch with your divine inner genius and womanly, highly intuitive essence today because when you move from that space, so much good juju and possibility, flow. The fear-based superstitious beliefs just feed into the patriarchal system and that doesn’t serve any of us anymore.

Don’t be a “Triskaidekaphobe” – someone who suffers from the fear of the number 13.

There are many fortuitous connections to 13 – the 13 lunar cycles; the 13 densities or realms of existence; the 12 disciples (plus Jesus) = 13; the Aztec and Celtic calendars revolved around the number 13 (Aztecs 4 periods of 13 years and the Celts, 13 months in a year); and the 13th Tarot card is ‘Death’, the card about endings and re-birthings. Whatever you believe, try and stay in your heart and breathe out any old attachments, fears or tendencies to play with the dark, because it is old and has no place in the light. Look at what still lies underneath, listen, be introspective and allow transformation to happen, because when transformed to the highest frequencies, superstitious becomes auspicious; much like the lower energy of selfishness, now transforms to the higher expression self-love.

On Saturday 14, it’s not time to picture your new reality, it’s time to LIVE it.

Things look quite a bit brighter and more abundant today thanks to Mercury and Venus entering Libra, creating an energetic environment of peace, diplomacy, forgiveness, conscious communication and balance. The Moon is also the farthest from earth that She will be all year – this is what is known as a micro moon – but don’t interpret that as Her being any less illuminating or potent! This just calls us more deeply to noticing the subtleties of energy and how we are receiving and responding to even the slightest vibrations around (and within) us.

The potential for accelerated healing is great today, where the time between thought and the creation of ideas and the actual physical manifestation of said ideas, shortens.

Allow yourself to feel and receive the positive transformations that come after we find the courage to face the truth. This Full Moon is also conjunct Neptune and Neptune rules Pisces, hence, don’t be surprised if you start suddenly being able to download, sense, activate and remember, some of the most powerful energies of your life to date. There are multiple trines, conjuncts and oppositions between some major planets with this Full Moon, so be sure to pay attention and surrender to what your guides are sharing. This is the next level of your next level basically – but you not only have to be ready and willing to receive it, you must be committed enough to act upon whatever spiritual information is shared with you also.

Basically think it and it will happen, so be super mindful of whether your head and heart are aligned today and from this point forwards, because you will create your reality; and it will manifest immediately.

Having said that, for the next few days keep sitting tight as you have been doing over the past few weeks and keep focused on what you want to manifest through all this change and transformation. Remember it’s the journey that’s important – who you are when you arrive at your destination, having grown through circumstance and learned lessons, is what life is all about – not the end result. End results can (and do) change, depending on whatever we move through on the way towards those goals and through the unknown. Like with yoga – witness who you are and observe what your inner dialogue is during the postures, instead of worrying about whether you can execute the ‘perfect’ pose by the end of your practice. No point in being all uptight and agitated because you didn’t end up where you expected and hence, missed the gold offered to you along the winding path.

Be in the moment, as it is, as you are, and all will work out as it is meant to.

Now. To the weather – and not from the mundane perspective of “Wow, how’s the weather today? What a beautiful day it is blah, blah”, because all those boring phrases we vacuously pump out to one another every single day when we cross paths is so useless and fake; programmed words we speak out of either obligation or disinterest in connecting deeper with someone. I share the following from pure desire to reiterate urgency and individual responsibility in regards to planetary health and because we are at the precipice where trans-season morphs fully into Spring; or Autumn for our northern cousins.

Warning: the following may confront as much as it may inspire.

Apparently we are in for a very hot and very dry Spring before Summer even gets a look in, one devoid of rainfall and fraught with fire and wind. This is due to what is called “increased stratospheric warming”. So what is this and what does it mean for us and the planet?

Basically, it means things are seriously stuffed up and shifting big time and that we have run out of opportunities to reverse any sort of damage our collective pollution has wreaked on Mother.

We know that an increase in world stratospheric temperature, highly exacerbates global warming. We have known about this for decades but instead have chosen to drag our feet and pretend we have nothing to do with it. Well news flash for all the skeptics and non-believers out there – we have everything to do with it. Our ignorance and our continued insistence on using fossil fuels like coal, plastic products of all kinds and even natural gas, is now having an irreversible affect on all life on this planet.

A fan of reality TV? Well guess what, this is the biggest reality shock-show of all as we now have to sit back and watch the planet fall apart around us as it tries to rectify the damage and keep sustaining all life in the process.

We know that a 1 to 2-degree increase in global temperatures creates a catastrophic situation for all sentient beings. As a custodian species responsible for protecting all others, we don’t have time to fluff around anymore. The time setting ‘goals’ for even the very near future, is over. We need to act NOW. Yesterday in fact. So yes, whilst our presence is most definitely making things harder, there is also the truth that the earth goes through phases and cycles regardless of whether a parasitic species such as humanity, is present or not. She has work to do and she morphs as She needs, but make no mistake, we are now more of a handicap than of benefit to Her.

Fact: All human activities that release pollutants into the atmosphere, alter said atmosphere.

The increased carbon dioxide spreads around to envelope the planet like a blanket, trapping infrared radiation (felt as heat). CO2 is on of the main gases responsible for the absorption of infrared radiation which comprises the bulk of solar energy. Ozone depletion occurs when chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) and ‘halons’ – gases formerly found in aerosol spray cans and refrigerants – are released into the atmosphere. Ozone sits in the upper atmosphere and absorbs UV radiation that is harmful to humans, animals and plants. All CFC’s cause chemical reactions that breakdown the ozone molecules, hence reducing its capacity to filter out the bad UV rays, so, we are effectively weakening and destroying the very layer of protection that allows all life on earth to survive – the barrier between us and space – or in plain words, certain death.

The ozone hole refers to the depletion of the protective ozone layer in the upper atmosphere. It currently sits over earth’s polar regions. If you are unlucky enough to live directly under these areas, guaranteed you will be experiencing increased health problems for a start.

Ozone is primarily created at tropical latitudes, where large-scale air circulation patterns in the lower stratosphere, move the ozone towards the poles where it builds up. During winter, the air inside the polar vortices becomes extremely cold, which is necessary to create the clouds that shield us and that reduce the destructive components of ozone. Here, chlorine transforms into ozone-destroying molecules – without cold winters, we are fcuked. Without cold winters, the earth cannot continue this chemical exchange necessary to ensure we stay protected. At the poles, CFC’s attach to ice molecules and when they start to melt, ozone-depleting particles are released to do the dirty work of breaking up the bonds within the ozone layer that absorb the dangerous UV.

When we keep releasing all these chemicals into the atmosphere (and of course, into the ocean, which is also our oxygen-giving-creating atmosphere), we are directly contributing to the mass deterioration of this life-protecting layer.

It’s interesting to learn that there are particular natural processes that remove stratospheric ozone from the atmosphere. The sulphate particles blasted forth from volcanic eruptions for example, provide the perfect antidote to ozone, offering up to decades of protection. This week alone – and on the same day, Thursday September 5th – there were three eruptions in Peru, Mount Ubinas – and this, on a day where the advanced energetic codes were also streaming through the earth matrix and creating great shifts and conscious transformation. Esoteric tune-up’s, on a global scale. Coincidence. I think not. Mother Nature is executing her Plan D, not B. Destroy everything toxic ahead of Creating again.

In really simple turns, imagine the earth wrapped in a thick blanket, one that traps heat underneath it (close to the surface) and prevents any air escaping (to rise and release out into space) and hence, cooling things down and maintaining balance.

When this happens, the entire structure and function of all planetary systems, have to adjust and find ways to reboot in order to keep going. This is what we are witnessing now.

By the way, these chemicals can remain in the atmosphere for up to a century, which is why we have no time to waste talking and hypothesising anymore.

Scientists have observed one ‘positive’ thing about stratospheric warming and that is the absence of the spring Antarctic ozone hole. They believe this is due to the rapid rise in upper atmosphere temperatures; meaning that the super cold polar stratospheric ice clouds (that create the chemicals that destroy ozone), may not form because of the heat. Secondly, they believe that increased winds associated with this rise in temperature, will carry more ozone-rich air from the tropics to the poles, which will help repair the ozone hole. Along with this, they expect Antarctic sea ice to continue to melt as more warm water moves to the poles because of these westerly winds. My heart breaks for all the beautiful animals there now facing a slow slide towards extinction thanks to (a lot of it), mankind.

Now. I’m not sure if you remember me mentioning a few months and several newsletters back, that from the spiritual perspective, the ozone hole was related to the closing of conscious layers and an undeniable sign that a new vibration had landed on the planet.

To those in the know spiritually, this ozone hole is seen as being connected to closing the gap between all conscious and unconscious beings – the supreme crown of enlightened presence – bringing all of humanity onto the same page basically and effectively manifesting the ‘new earth’ paradigm. Sealing the fear out and the love in. It is also connected to specific and deliberate planetary alignments; the powerful ones we have been experiencing for quite a few years actually. Everything has been conspiring and collaborating to create this. We have been doing our personal work and feeling the effects as the earth has been doing her work simultaneously and feeling the effects.

I also intuit that because this world ‘crown chakra’ is recalibrating at such an accelerated rate, that this has everything to do with the rising statistics in human crown chakra imbalances – that is, mental health conditions.

When we ‘lose our minds’ (literally and energetically) and cannot connect to the higher realms of divine intelligence and inner knowing, we become more vulnerable to toxic programmes and behaviours. The more people that wake up, claim their sovereign selves and disconnect from the sordid matrix that is society and all its outdated rules, regulations and distorted values, the more it influences the health of the collective pool. This is where our work lies. It’s up to each one of us to tame and train our minds through meditation and mindfulness, in order to break those imprints and bonds and begin healing the etheric layers of the planet; not just those within ourselves.

There is NO separation remember; we are all interconnected and reliant upon one another. EVERY system, EVERY being.

In recent years, there have been (scientific) reports that the hole in the ozone layer is actually SHRINKING. It’s closing in, getting smaller. How could that possibly be?

Is this because our collective efforts at reducing pollution are actually taking hold? Are we managing to reverse some of the damage? Or is this because the hole actually represents the hole in humanity’s heart and mind and that thanks to growing awareness, more people waking up and consciousness rising in recent years, that shadow, that emptiness and the separatist belief system that has controlled all humans for so long, is finally losing the battle and succumbing to the light? Are we winning the war against ego?

Yes, that is exactly why and yes, ego’s power is dissolving.

The light of love is healing the world, slowly, one soul at a time and this manifests as another thread or piece in the ozone puzzle, repairing, coming back to centre, returning to and remembering its highest function and role as a powerful, healing entity. When we all start waking up and walking more responsibly on the earth, this hole will close completely, make no mistake. We are witnessing this now and we are winning the war against the dark, dense and intrinsically evil patriarchal energies that have governed humanity for too long.

When we take back what is ours, when we start loving the earth, ourselves and each other, when we step up to protect world heritage sites and to defy the corporations that continue to mine and destroy natural resources for profit and power, we start shrinking and sealing that ozone hole.

When hierarchy dissolves for good, we will see a whole new world emerge.

This is why we cannot give up now! We are at the precipice of mass healing. The end of one era and the commencement of another. 2020 is going to see everything change for everyone and this is a big part of why I keep sharing the incredible opportunity to participate in my Uluru retreat at that time next year. January heralds the anchoring of this new earth reality. It is just simply not an opportunity to miss if you are a spiritual person, energetic healer or light worker of some sort. Only a couple of spots are left.

In the meantime, to help you manage all the energies coming in this week, here’s the link for my next Full Moon Medicine Circle to be held at Qi Yoga Freshwater on Saturday 14th.

I’m also excited to let you know that yoga-wise, we have two new classes on at the space: Thursday 7am – 8:30am with Christina Pateras and a great Glute class with Nick Pateras on Saturday’s at 9:30am – 10:30am. I did this class yesterday and it was fantastic! A real workout for your butt as well as an informative and intuitive sharing. Everybody’s butts need a tone up I reckon – they certainly need to be switched on so the rest of our practices are also – so please make time to come along soon for this class and learn how to do that, safely and with expert attention to your specific buttock needs! Contact Nick on 0424 617 147.

Anthony’s meditation course commences in a couple of weeks also so don’t forget to check his website out and make time to try this one too.

Here’s the link to his website:

Blessings and love and stay in your flow!




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