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Astrology For July 8 - July 14

Updated: Jul 10, 2019


I’m just going to come out with it. This week is gonna hurt.

After that total solar eclipse – which was one of the most powerful new moons of 2019 by the way and THE best time to cast your wishes, spells and highest intentions out into the universal matrix – things will steadily intensify until culminating with the Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse on July 16th. The #8 rules this next lunation which is a good thing because that will help provide some unexpected surges of lion-like courage to support the increasingly heavy burdens being placed on brain and brawn.

From now till then we are in an intense eclipse doorway, so this week you will need a spare pair of undies and a seriously thick skin at all times.

The week kicks off with Venus at the helm, which is to our advantage because she is the planet of love and abundance after all; but when she squares to Chiron, it means we will need to be hyper aware of not giving away our power because we feel sorry for someone else and what they are going through. Be compassionate and lend a hand of course, but don’t get onboard anyone else’s sinking ship because we are all in the same boat now as far as facing our fears and needing to lick, salt and seal old wounds. She’s also sextile Cancer in Uranus (in Taurus) today, which can inspire us further re satiating our pleasure senses in ways that we have yet thought to explore.

Today and tomorrow Monday 8th, sees Mercury move retrograde (and conjunct Mars through Leo into Cancer until July 31st), as well as Chiron (which moves on Tuesday), bringing SIX planets into retrograde at the same time – Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and Chiron. Hooly-ma-dooly. Expect the usual MR disturbances around electronics, communications and delays in travel plans; and then some. Continue on with projects already begun, but wait before starting something brand new, just to be on the safe side. I would also advise that looking into the mirror to maintain a more reflective tone rather than outwardly and towards the aggressive one that Mars is going to try and invoke within us with this configuration, would be the better way to spend your spare time; if you have any that is. Also, don’t say anything unless it is of the highest vibration; just say it in your head instead. Up-level your own mindset and don’t worry too much about what everyone else is doing because you could end up feeling like a battered sav if you do get too embroiled in other peoples’ stuff. There is going to be a lot of past life and current life past stuff, bubbling to the surface this week. It will be wise to maintain your distance and remain a conscious observer as much as possible.

FYI the final MR of the year hits us on October 31st – Samhain or Halloween – providing three weeks of next level galactic trick or treating no doubt, so mark it in your diaries and order your invisibility cloaks now!

Astrologically, Tuesday is also one of the lowest-vibe days of the entire year. I suggest waking up and straight away popping on your imaginary padded suit before leaving the house and remember to stay away from confrontations with other humans at all costs. You can thank the Sun for opposing Saturn, known as the cosmic police or the law enforcer of the zodiac, for creating this ‘perfect’ environment for conflict and calling to account; and yay, the fun continues on till Sunday 14th, where Pluto swaps places with Uranus for a solar face-off like no other.

Again, head down, asana up and just get the job done.

There is some light coming this hump day however when the Sun trine Neptune offers a short reprieve; just be careful not to let fantasy overtake fact because we will still be a bit like ‘piggies-in-the-middle’ of the Sun-Saturn-Pluto three-way that will be activated every dang day. Saturn is as close as we want him to get to earth on Wednesday as well, which could make you feel like you’re in a time warp. Prioritise rest and relaxation today.

Things will appear as either slo-mo or time-lapse, depending on your particular circumstances. Stay alert because you may be more accident prone than usual, or more vulnerable to outbursts and hot flashes of over sensitivity.

The onus of such behaviours are of course totally on whomever exhibits them, a reflection of their own stories that they still need to heal, but just take extra care and be more aware tomorrow, about who comes into your energy field and what their true motivations are. You don't have to be too suspicious or cynical, just vigilant. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and you deserve respect and support, not being dragged down by another who perhaps seeks to control, coerce or covet. Venus is still is working here through Uranus to enhance your desires, your levels of excitement and your need for wildly creative play and deeper emotional connection, which is kind of an interesting contrast to what I’ve just described in the above paragraph, so hopefully you can see how important it will be to maintain your focus, stay in your heart and make the most of any insights your gut and heart share with your head.

This planetary combo also calls forth a strong desire for independence in relation to love and finance. Maybe you need to rework the family budget so you don’t feel so reliant upon (and possibly a little controlled by?) the sole ‘bread winner’; or perhaps the time has come for you to tell your partner that you actually do want to start making babies and taking your love and lives, next level.

Whatever it is for you, use your imagination and be open to all possibilities because the universe always supports you when you speak your truth.

By Thursday, we have a configuration like no other, a trinity of epic-ness and yet also with the potential to cause riots – Sun trine Neptune, Mars square Uranus and Mars trine Chiron – one that is guaranteed to stir your deepest soul yearnings and remind you what you are here for, in relation to being a conduit for change in the world. Today, you will most certainly want to bring all your knowledge and spiritual power, to the table. Not from ego and a need to be seen, but rather, from the stance of deserving to be acknowledged for your valued contribution to the collective. The positioning of the Sun and Neptune in particular, will increase levels of compassion (on a global scale as well), so we could see some situations that have been dragging on regards the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, suddenly improve because at last the love has reached the hearts of those who have been instrumental in deliberately keeping those people at arms length or in detention. Almost like suddenly, those people in power positions can see just how horrendous those situations are and that it’s just not the right or humane thing to be doing, regardless of political agenda or fear mongering within communities that have demanded such separation and racist atrocities continue.

No human being and no family unit, deserves that kind of treatment.

Make space on Thursday to pause, breathe, be super observant and consciously choose to step away from the whatever it is, that your gut tells you will not serve you if you step into it further. We can thank the volatile square between Mars and Uranus for this, which luckily, only happens once this year. Something profound and powerful is shifting within each one of us. As our own boundaries distend and alter, this causes us to feel even deeper rawness, which can present opportunity for those less conscious, to take advantage of our vulnerability and exploit it (ie: us) to their advantage.

Walls will come down, literally and figuratively and won’t that be a wonderful thing!

So Thursday is a good day to re-focus on your personal dreams and what you can do using your skills, contacts and divine initiative, to manifest more love into the world as we know it, because in between these eclipses, is the perfect time to regroup and reset. By Sunday, the infamous chant may have to change to “Thank god it’s Sunday (not Friday)!” when the Sun moves opposite to Pluto by then with the sole purpose of witnessing, negotiating and holding the space for our gracious surrender.

Chiron is Pluto’s biggest moon and is still influencing us by weeks’ end, encouraging us to let go and let god.

Now, Pluto is an interesting little nugget. It takes 248 years to orbit the Sun in a dramatic see-saw type arc that sees its temperatures fluctuate like no other planet. In fact, it’s known as a ‘celestial snowball’ thanks to a methane-iced surface that has been observed by astrophysicists for years now, as making a very slow yet very deliberate journey back towards the Sun. Right now he stands 3.6 billion miles away from Ra, hence the extreme chill factor. The 'Wildling' territory of The North (GOT), would look and feel like Bali in comparison and if you were to stand on Pluto, you would have to squint hard to see even the tiniest pinprick-size dot of sunlight. Having been disregarded for decades only to be recently regarded again as a valid planet - but only as a ‘dwarf' - I have a bit of a soft spot for Pluto; the underdog of the universe (as we know it). I draw courage and inspiration from his determined path because it reminds me that no matter how small we may be, feel or think we are and despite all the odds stacking up against us, that it’s never about size, location or who you know: it's always about trust and heart and a deep belief in self and purpose.

That’s my interpretation anyway. Maybe it also has a bit to do with the fact that I have always loved Pluto (the dog) in the childhood cartoons I inhaled each week, because he was such a loveable ditz with a heart of gold. He never gave up and he always seemed to beat and survive, even the most un-survivable odds! Ditto Wile. E. Coyote.

So on Sunday, keep working with whatever it is that blocks your divine resolve and keep your eyes on your own ‘rising above adversity’ experience. Today is your chance to step into your role as leader and master of self, more fully and with deeper conviction. You just gotta shake shit off first and be prepared to sit in some uncomfortable bits as you move through that transitional phase; and until the new frequency fully embeds in your cells. The lunar eclipse is only two days away so do be gentle with yourself, but also don’t shy away from calling yourself out when needed because this kind of self monitoring and self discipline will go a long way to building your resilience for the next few days.

Be like a dog with a bone – like Pluto – and never give up on you!

I’ve had so many messages from people this week saying, “WTF is going on?!” re the energies right now and asking for advice as to how best navigate through it all. Eclipses call us to shed unnecessary baggage so we can move forwards and embody fresh energy. A new moon eclipse is like a new moon on steroids; ditto for a full moon. They both invite us to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and anchor ourselves completely in the present. But wiping the slate clean takes effort, so the intensity that this eclipse has brought up – in relation to massive survival stress plus subconscious resistance to change – will play out for many as the ego battling not only with itself, but also leave it struggling to comprehend how a future without it in command, could possibly look, let alone succeed. Such is its nature. Arrogant and all-wanting.

My answer to you (and myself) is always the same: forget who you think you are and be who you know you are.

And in case you were wondering, there is absolutely no point fighting a cosmic vibration like this – one so great and so ready to expand – from our limited human positions. It not only drains our spiritual energy, but our mental, emotional and physical reserves as well, so don’t be surprised if you’ve been hit with migraines, extreme fatigue or teetering on the edge of being struck down by some random germ. Don’t give the flu any energy whatsoever by the way, cleanse and smudge your aura and wrap yourself up in the sacred Violet flame, focusing intent around your occiput (back of the neck/base of the skull) as this is where they – bugs, viruses and negative entities that is – try to enter your energy system. A few drops of essential oil (Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Thieves or Oregano) on this point and on the soles of both feet, will also help boost your immunity.

Depletion is the new black at the moment; every healer I know, including myself, has taken one hit after another this year as they morph through their own next rites of passage. All we can do is surrender into it because we do not have the advantage here; we only have our free will to counsel us towards the most conscious decisions as the proverbial hits the fan. The moment we do so and accept what is happening – choose it in fact and embrace change as an integral part of our species’ journey right now – we will drastically reduce the casualty rate, for ourselves and others. Make the choice to keep standing with sword in hand and defiance in your breast and you will keep being bathed in blood and tears.

We are warriors of the heart now remember. We don’t need to rely upon steel and armour to advance our situation as our ancestors did. Nor do we need to use ruthless and manipulative words born from distorted minds that believe ‘peace’ can only be achieved through dominance and submission.

LOVE is our only weapon of choice now.

When you understand how energetics move, interlock and stimulate every atom on the planet, it’s no wonder two volcanoes exploded under the solar eclipse – one on Stomboli Island, Italy and the one whose aftershocks have repeatedly rocked the San Bernadino region of Southern California (the biggest in 25 years; 6.4 and then 7.1) since Wednesday. Interestingly, this is Death Valley territory.

You may have been having your own little explosive catharsis at the same time, alongside millions of others that were integrating that new moon eclipse shift. It was HUGE. Many of us jumped timelines as well, but that’s another newsletter altogether.

We know California lays on the San Andreas fault line and the Stromboli region has also been haunted with regular and spectacular eruptions for much of the last 2,000 years thanks to a subduction zone formed where the Eurasian and African tectonic plates collide. Mount Etna in Sicily is also located on this Mediterranean ‘ring of fire’, known as the Calabrian volcanic arc. These guys tap into the African fault system – into the Motherlands’ mother-load basically – along with the south pacific group of volcanoes sharing the same name and that have been brewing and bursting periodically for the last couple of years. Just look at Indonesia’s Mt Batur as the perfect example. You don’t have to be a geologist to predict what is possible.

One thing is certain: if these molten monsters all decide to get together and start their own ascension party, it could be lights out humanity. It won’t matter if Yellowstone doesn’t get an invite.

Now of course, it’s not just us humans that feel the wrath of the mother matrix shifting; the animals (with all their telepathic gifts still in tact) sense impending disaster and will suffer along with us; the environment and all sensitive ecosystems intuitively react as salts, minerals and elements organically transmute, and then chaos floods our collective frameworks, typically expressing as political dissension, increased social unrest and escalating violence, to use just a few examples. We have seen all these things and more, accelerating on a daily basis for several years have we not? Have enough people made the connection between the condition of their personal energy and that of public and planetary persuasion yet? It’s a simple joining of dots really.

Something to ponder. Now, for some more ecliptic enlightenment.

The way humanity nowadays responds to an eclipse is a whole different ball game to how our ancestors used to, that’s for sure. Many ancient civilisations such as Chinese and Egyptian, saw eclipses as evil omens and a sign that the end of the world was near. Mass panic would ensue whenever the sun inexplicably ‘disappeared’ and many believed they were being punished by the Gods and that the darkness heralded their imminent deaths. Watch “Apocalypto” by Mel Gibson for a graphic recount, if you’re game. Group terror more often than not, spiralled communities into desperation that led to depraved acts where human sacrifices – often newborns torn from the womb and young virginal children – were offered up to appease the gods they believed had been offended by their actions. Their own medicine people told them that blood spilled would help balance the scales of karma and that each time the eclipse appeared, they needed to repeat these rituals in order to banish all wickedness. Yeah it was a pretty gnarly time in history and one I would not return to again any time soon.

Superstition was born from eclipses and the fears ancient people attributed to them.

In 585 BC, the Romans even ended one war because the high command interpreted an eclipse as a disapproving sign from the heavens and confirmation that things would not end in their favour. Good news for their enemies. In contrast, the ancient Greeks were all over the lunar cycles, being among the first to make accurate predictions through their devoted study of astronomy and mathematics. Aristotle apparently tweaked that the earth must be a sphere, from observing the shadows it cast upon the moon.

Maybe all that olive oil does make a difference. Having Athena Pallas on your side is a massive bonus also.

Today, eclipses (and extra special full moons) even get their five minutes of fame via mainstream media, as if being on TV suddenly makes credible what millions have been practicing each month, holding space for the entire planet ‘behind the scenes’. Much like how meditation is now openly validated because scientists have ‘proven’ that it works.

It helps to have a good sense of humour in this spiritual industry, that’s for sure.

Now, onto the promised explanation of The Second Agreement (by Don Miguel Ruiz), “Never take things personally.”

This one is really going to help us get through the next post-eclipse seven days and prepare us before the next one lands on the 16th. I am pretty sure not taking things personally, is one of the hardest things the majority of us struggle with, because we are constantly bombarded with pressures to perform, impress, inspire and compete, in both our professional and personal lives. If we happen to be having a bad day and are feeling lower than usual – or suffer from anxiety or similar – it’s going to be even more challenging to detach from the actions (or in-actions) of others and not hold ourselves as the source of fault.

Not taking things personally when we (for example) already work in a saturated industry that is ultimately all about getting up and personal – such as the yoga world – takes daily commitment. One needs to work at maintaining a healthy level of detachment and keep focused on creating outcomes that bring them joy and abundance, not ones that reinforce lack or comparison. It all comes down to belief in yourself and what you offer, but also trust that there is enough to go around, for everyone. If you don’t cultivate this, worry, doubt and insecurity will take hold and co-create the space for more fear and failure to manifest.

Once someone else’s opinion becomes more important to you than your own, that energy threatens to unravel your head, heart and spirit – faster than you can say Sat Nam.

To be honest – and this week is after all, about brutal, bone-splitting truths – mastering this first Agreement can literally birth or break you. Giving too much energy to what others are doing, from either the perspective that they’re doing good things that you would like to be doing yourself, or they’re doing ‘bad’ things that you wish they weren’t and that threaten the abundance of others, will ultimately drive you nuts. Best to Just. Let. It. GO.

At some point along our evolutionary curves, we must all learn when it’s necessary to say, “zero fcuks will be given today” and just get on with being our extraordinary selves!

And if unsure, shut up, sit tight and channel light.

Unfortunately, these astrological line ups could cast negative repercussions over more than our day to day experiences; it could herald some serious (global) banking upset or trigger some (even more) turbulent weather, like maybe another earthquake – definitely more sink holes or some mudslide action – because earth-master Taurus, is deliberately pulling Uranus’ strings. With Uranus being all about breaking things up that need to shift for the greater good, this could stretch a lot of people to their limits and then some, as they are forced to adapt, ready or not. If you don’t have a spiritual practice yet, this would be the week to start cultivating one! Cancer is primarily concerned about home, security and nurturing the self, and with Mercury in retrograde in this zodiac, there is a heightened invitation to pay attention to matters regarding our home sweet homes. It’s also about womb and mother energy and resolving any inherited (and accumulated in this life) wounding around the feminine, how we were mothered as children and how we mother ourselves (and our own children) as adults. Maybe instead of being the happy place full of joyous memories, home instead reminds you of traumas you would rather forget or are yet to resolve. Pay attention to what (or who) may be lingering in your domestic shadows and still in need of forgiveness. Include yourself here as well.

When we finally accept that we can’t be all things to all people and just get on with being ourselves, THAT is the moment we cut all cords to giving a hoot about what others do or say and THAT is when we stop taking things personally.

Until you clear the pain pathways and release those unconscious parts of you that trigger, drive and enslave you, the same old story will continue on and it will always be personal. We all have the power to reclaim the forgotten parts of ourselves and to transform all the inherited genetic density that doesn’t support the evolution of our cells towards the light anymore. This includes physical and psychological ailments that have been passed down from one generation to the next and as the indigenous prophecies promise – we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are able to do this work where our forebears could not, because we have the knowledge, the tools and the spark in our bellies and hearts, to make it so.

I hope you find contentment in the knowing that when you do finally put your needs as a priority, you sow the seeds that will bear (fortuitous) fruit for lifetimes to follow. You’ll also be cutting some big ass cords for your ancestors in relation to respect, reciprocity and even reprisal.

If there’s a ‘secret’ to life, it’s probably pretty close to this: nobody is going to do your work on your behalf, live your life for you or sacrifice themselves, to save you. YOU have ALL the power.

The kind of chivalry or devotion or distorted loyalty, whatever you want to call it, that drove others to carry collective burdens or martyr themselves on pyres in the hope of changing the status quo, doesn’t exist anymore; nor should it. The modern equivalent would be throwing yourself under a bus for your beliefs, for your best friend, your own child, or with visions of awakening communities. How many people would reciprocate such a grand and noble gesture if one being were to do that on their behalf? Do you know someone who would stand in the face of adversity or willingly burn in the flames to demonstrate that level of unwavering devotion to a cause or a calling? I would argue there are very few, if any, alive today, that would ‘take one for the team’ in such a way.

Actually, Julian Assange just sprang to mind. And Jesus.

The responsibility lies with each of us, equally, so let’s stop volunteering our heads up on a platter and heal the hereditary wounds that tie us in to tribal obligation and feeling less – or by the same token, better – than anyone else. Because it’s BS. Let’s stop taking things personally as if there is something intrinsically wrong with us and our way of being and instead start moving towards the deeper lessons that our souls chose for us to experience in this life.

See how you go with all this and I look forward to exploring The Third Agreement, “Never Assume”, with you next week. It’s going to be a cracker but I have full faith in your ability to show up and shine on through! Mentoring others through these kinds of things is my specialty as well as you know, so please reach out if you feel the need for a session. I’m around teaching and treating as usual these holidays, in person or via Skype.




“Nations, like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light, is the same as the survival of the soul.” (Victor Hugo)


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