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And The Oscar Goes To...

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

You would be forgiven for thinking I am talking about The Don, especially in light of the stellar enactments he has been putting on show to defend his most recent wave of BS – or even of Scomo, our very own dishonourable leader because let’s face it, he has also been telling some tall tales as well, especially around climate change and a little thing called ‘fact’.

However, I am actually referring to Joaquin Phoenix and his stunning performance in ‘Joker’.

There is such a thing called 'creative license' and this film has it in spades, but whilst it is of course based on fantasy and fiction, I find it interesting that it also shares some powerful parallels with what's unfolding in real life, right now as well, drawing attention via its own genre, to some serious issues we all need to be facing and some big conversations we all need to be having.

And with the energy of this coming week, the timing for its release couldn't be better.

Joker is quite possibly the movie of a generation. It’s a haunting yet deeply intuitive treatment of how the world views and handles the vulnerable, the different. I was in tears only a few scenes in and whilst sure, there is a lot of angst and violence throughout the film, that’s actually not what I noticed the most about it. Maybe all my years in the film industry have trained me to not buy into or fully notice the graphic special effects, but all I saw was the character, one Joaquin so brilliantly crafted from start to finish.

Phoenix’s Joker has done the impossible, meaning he has rewritten the role that the equally gifted Heath Ledger made infamous; and then some.

What affected me the most was not just the brilliantly articulated journey of Arthur Fleck’s gradual and escalating psychological collapse, it was realising just how fragile and tenuous the human mind actually is and what can so easily happen, when people are neglected and traumatised from a very young age. The old saying “there’s a fine line between sanity and insanity” has never been more proficiently conveyed. I have always been a fan of Joaquin Phoenix and after seeing his performance here, I have no doubt he will win the gilded statue for this one. In fact, I’m calling Oscars all round for Joker because the screenwriting, directing and cinematography, were all impeccable. They managed to communicate mental (ill) health in a whole new way and shed light on a pandemic that we all will be able to relate to in some way. Yes, Joker is raw, brutal and certainly polarising, but above all (I believe) it is liberating.

Liberating because it unapologetically shows how we are all responsible for the society we live in and the casualties it creates.

It reiterates the current climate of the world too. We are all co-manifesting the realities we are witnessing around the globe right now. We all have a responsibility to one another, regardless of any differences in our race, religion, perspectives, financial status or choice of sexual partner. We continue to point the finger at one another because something inside us recognises a wound that is yet to be addressed. We attack one another because the fear of being exposed and attacked ourselves, convinces us to ‘get in first’ and claim the ‘upper hand’. The longer we keep upholding the separatist beliefs that determine 'the haves' and the 'have nots', the longer the (inner and outer) violence will continue.

That to me reflects more mental illness than the person who is actually suffering from a legitimate affliction – the hostility that drives one human to assault another because of their own inability to accept and allow divine diversity. To live and let live.

These are unprecedented times on the planet people and we are all being called to hold more expansive, collective space as we work on the next layers of our own personal stuff. It takes kahunas, let’s be frank and it does often involve (and end) in blood, sweat and tears.

As we are (sadly) getting used to, there’s been more violence and vengeance going on this week with multiple stabbings, random shootings and the unexpected closure of the white ribbon charity here in Australia, which is ironic in the worst possible way because this group was one that advocated men speaking out against violence towards women and just days before they folded, another nut-job shot and killed his estranged (and pregnant) partner. He had allegedly been stalking for her months and yet it was not being followed up on, despite the department knowing all about him.

How many times have we heard this one? Oh sorry, you need to be dead before we can issue an AVO. Or you need to have reached a particular ‘governmentally approved’ level of fucked-up and dangerous, before they take notice and do something preventative. We know the welfare system in this country abysmally fails innocent women (and children) as far as child support goes and this is yet another tragic example of it.

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life”, according to Oscar Wilde, but personally I reckon nowadays it’s actually more the opposite and I also believe it’s no coincidence that a film like Joker has landed on our screens at this time when things are steadily growing more hectic and distorted in the real world. Divine orchestration? Yes, if you’re conscious, no if you’re not, but whatever you believe, it’s certainly another blanket message of ‘mirror, mirror’ for humanity. Remember the impact of Avatar (released in 2009) at a time when collective awareness was on the brink of expansion with people opening their minds (and hearts) like never before as they searched for the truth and to make sense of the rapidly evolving world.

Never doubt that there is always a spiritual explanation (and agenda) for everything that manifests on this physical plane we inhabit.

There have been new bands of consciousness streaming into our energetic spheres for a couple of years now, vibrations that have a specific purpose to target and highlight the areas within society that need to be restructured – the global financial system, the religious (and inter-woven paedophilia) orders and the networks charged with protecting children (and families). Unfortunately, the victim toll will continue to rise for a while longer and not just because humans are so slow to catch on and make change, but because the power embedded in these systems, has its roots so deep in the very fabric of society that it is, quite literally, a fight to the death between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’; or light and shadow if you prefer.

Actually, when you look at those three systems together in the one sentence, there’s the heart of evil right there – the procuring of children and the money that keeps it all in play. And everyone under control.

It’s all getting a bit too much now though isn’t it? It’s times like this that I believe we need to step off the merry-go-round and tune back in to what is important and what we can do in the moment, to influence the collective vibration in a positive way; and before we blow our blood sugar levels sky high with comfort eating or by falling off the wellness wagon in some other way.

Let’s focus on manifesting some happy stories this week because in all honesty, the rate of crazy is escalating day by day and it will bring us all down if that is all we are concerned about. Let’s turn our attention and our powerful energies, towards the potential and the power of now.

So. This week we actually have some fabulous astrology and numerology to support the seasonal shifts, but it does come with a bit of a warning.

For starters, Venus is going to be in for a bit of a thumping after some recent loved-up lounging around with Libra. She will now have to contend with firstly, fiery Aries, then Scorpio, before topping it off with Uranus! BOOM! CRASH! OMFG!

Come Monday 7th, the need to rest and relax into the moment as much as possible is highlighted, so take care to pause, find your stillness and get out in nature (time allowing). Whether that’s a fully fledged bush walk for you or the simplicity of taking off your shoes and pressing your feet into the grass during your city lunch break, it doesn’t matter. JUST DO IT. Set your intention to stay in the vibes of peace, love and mung beans because today in the stars the Sun squares Saturn in Capricorn and this is especially poignant because it is the final time this positioning occurs before the massive cosmic event that I keep talking about that’s happening in January 2020. Today, next level responsibilities and the pushing of boundaries are highly likely, making you feel overwhelmed and obliged to extend way beyond yours; which of course lends itself to regret, resentment and general discord. Keep your head above water by not procrastinating or taking anyone else’s hullabaloo on. Take action, call things out but maintain your inner balance and patience.

If you buy into the tension, you just become part of the problem.

FYI I have had one room become available for my Uluru retreat in 2020 that will see you sitting right in the middle of all this incredible astro-indigenous-energy, so let me know if you are going to answer your soul’s call and participate with us in this once-in-all-our-lifetimes’ prophecy. I cannot stress enough, just how special this time in our history, is.

The storm continues on into Tuesday 8th and whilst the number eight symbolises power and strength and I read this is a good omen in part, plus, the universal date of #21 is one that connects us to “the truth shall set you free” – things can and most likely will, quickly slide into debauchery thanks to Scorpio’s typical yearning to push some buttons just for the sake of pushing; and maybe out of boredom as well, who knows. Venus and the spiky scorpion have a bit of a love-hate relationship because Scorpio does have a tendency to be jealous, obsessive and slightly possessive in love truth be known and Venus really just wants to flow along, be in the moment and keep the peace so everyone is happy and comfortable. Venus is nice where Scorpio is naughty. Venus doesn’t like confrontation, where Scorpio relishes the chance for a fiery altercation, especially if looks like it could lead to some unbridled ‘make up sex’ afterwards. That makes the dispute all the more worthwhile for them; where Venus would be left feeling like her heart (and her bits) have just been minced through the tenderiser.

One positive out of all this anticipated disturbance is that you will finally see exactly who you are in relationship with and how you have been sacrificing and side-stepping important parts of yourself in order to avoid being alone. From there, you can choose YOU (or not) and if you choose not, know that you are only plastering another band aid over an issue that at some point is going to come back and bite you (harder) on your butt-ocks!

By Saturday 12th – the number connected to heartfelt education, purpose-driven research and sharing from the heart so others’ may learn and benefit – Venus opposes Uranus for the only time this year, creating instability, unpredictability and some definite fireworks in romantic relationships. Don’t be too quick to share your truth in the heat of the moment and maybe take some deep breaths when your partner or new love interest says ‘we need to talk”, before baring all. Be receptive, be patient and maybe also keep your mouth shut if you sense opening it is only going to add fuel to the fire in other words. Having to get the last word in edgewise, will only make a bad situation, worse. Pick your timing as impeccably as you pick your vocab – and maybe pick a pet project to start on this day so you have somewhere positive to channel your creative energy instead of it heightening tensions.

When the Aries full moon beams down on Sunday 13th, the magical Divine Feminine number, plus October is a universal #13 month, it means there will be myriad opportunities for activating your divine mission at last! Things are going to decidedly shift under this particular lunar spotlight. Aries is all about me-myself-and-I, so now is the perfect time to fulfill that dream, do something for yourself and basically prioritise your needs, especially if you have been putting your plans on hold for others or feeling left behind as everyone else advances forwards whilst your projects seem to remain permanently on hold.

My medicine circle is on Sunday 13th at Breathing Space – 6:30pm after yin yoga – and I hope to see some familiar and new faces in the group.

It’s totally normal to feel resentful when you see others rising around you whilst you stay stuck in a rut, but how we respond to these external stimuli, can obviously be the making or the breaking of us. Be the composed eye of the storm and observe others (and yourself) from a distance, that way you can discover what works and what doesn’t; plus, avoid getting roughed up as you do so.

Who cares what anyone else is doing, really?

Every soul is on its own trajectory and that has nothing to do with us. We can either waste time stressing about what (we perceive) someone else has and what we don’t – for example money, fame or a million followers – or we can focus on ourselves, stop taking things so personally and become accountable for our own actions, thoughts and eco-conscious creations. That way, we become a light for others to be inspired by, not someone who complains, compares or covets.

All these things around ‘lack’ will resurface ahead of this full moon because that’s what Luna does – She brings all our fears up in order to gift us with another opportunity to separate ourselves from the illusion of Maya (Life) and get with the true program; which is living in alignment with our purpose and honouring each experience as a catalyst for deep healing.

Thankfully, Jupiter is on the cosmic scene as well this week, forming a positive connection to both the Sun and the Moon and basically offering us all a lucky break, an unexpected blessing and the promise of abundance and success. Happy dance moment. Just make sure you stay in your heart so you don’t get distracted or seduced by something (or someone) that looks better than it actually is (and because an unresolved part of you, yearns for any sort of change and doesn’t care too much about how that comes in).

Be responsible and as always, be present to what your body tells you in each moment.

A reminder that we have the amazing Mick Barnes from The Yoga Factory in Annandale holding a twice weekly beginner’s yoga class starting this Tuesday. When I met with Mick I was seriously impressed with his integrity and his approach to yoga. After 30 years of teaching and witnessing pretty much all one possibly could in this ever-changing industry, he remains a beacon of light and authentic self expression. I encourage you to come by on Tuesday evening for 6:30pm and experience what it’s like to practice yoga with a true master teacher. I'll be there with bells on!

Don’t forget I am teaching tomorrow for the public holiday – a special 2-hour yin immersion with loads of props, long holds and delicious releases – so please come along and receive some seriously deep chilling out.

Sending you all love and blessings for the week ahead and if you feel to connect for some healing, I am around for sessions.





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