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100th Monkey, Where are you?





How have you fared this week dear ones? Did you buy into the daily news casting spell after despicable spell on the general populace again or have you managed instead to tune into your own source of information – your heart, your gut and your guides – and hence, maintained your sane whilst others around you floundered like fish out of water?

It’s an interesting time to be alive that’s for sure and nobody is immune to the cray cray it seems. I stumbled across a couple of well known spiritual teachers online this week, one telling their thousands of followers that “wearing a mask = narcissist” and the other saying that using crystals, burning sage or even practicing reiki, is the devil’s work and that we should be turning only to god and the Bible for all our needs right now. Yes, believe it or not, this, from two of the worlds’ most prominent “self help” authors.

I have always encouraged healthy and intelligent discussion about what's going on in the world at any point in time (and more so this year obviously) but when I see those in positions of influence in our community, making what truly are just inflammatory statements and inciting further division within the global tribe, it really gets my goat. Have your perspective for sure, but don't make others who don't share it out to be wrong, sinful or plain stupid. I feel it's important to maintain a sense of equanimity, compassion and above all, patience with those who may (A) not share your view or (B) are only just coming to the woke circle and struggling to digest all the information that is out there because we can always learn from one another. The newbies to it all are also the ones we need to be tending to gently, supporting their growth so they can make up their own minds, not telling them to blindly follow someone else's agenda because they've sold books or have the gift of the gab.

It's so important to avoid polarizing from within the collective right now, despite how passionate or persuasive one may be.

I have also had to unfollow another well known figure this week after discovering she and her posse are die-hard Trump haters – to the point of verbally abusing anyone who might cautiously dip their toe into any newsfeed they have going; which is what I did of course. Silly "deluded new-ager" me. Again, all fine, her personal choice to speak her mind – but more concerning (for me at least) was not just the group's inability to see through the illusion that is the whole BLM story (and just blame Trump for everything), but also their tolerance for (and denial of) those witches who are throwing spells around in ‘support’ of riots as a 'means to an end'. I mean, seriously?

There is a battle going on between ‘white’ and ‘dark’ witches – has been for eons – and many dark ones on this earthly plane have been plotting to assassinate any ‘good’ politician (yes, they do exist) and their support teams, in the name of the antichrist. These mages and warlocks wield and work with some seriously malevolent energies and they are in full support of the NWO. It's what they signed up for this time round and yes, some of them are so well disguised that even their own covens don't suspect them. So, if someone who says they attune with nature's energy and can speak with ancestral spirits, cannot see and receive this truth, then I’m sorry, I am not going to keep following them. In fact, I'm going to block them because I don't want any connection to that vibration, particularly when they literally come over to my page to troll and attack me personally.

Is this how spiritual people behave?? No, it's not. This just shows they are seeking further notoriety by deliberately rallying groups within the spiritual clans against one another, and more importantly, feeding into the mainstream narrative to keep the concept of duality alive. And that is not in alignment with the principle of “do no harm".

Duality is what we are trying to dissolve people, NOT create more of!

BTW, here’s an interesting link for anyone who wants to get up to speed on what Trump has actually done since occupying the oval office: He may not be a ‘light worker’ and he might not be your cup of Tetley tea, but he certainly isn’t a child sex trafficker like those in the swamp he is attempting to take down (and succeeding at doing). Is he the lesser of the two evils? You bet and that works for me at the moment because I know what Clinton & Co actually are, and trust me, you do not want those people getting any more power than they already have. You want to be taking that team down, not the administration that is exposing their corruption. Don’t take my word for it though, do your own research and follow the missing children and money trails till you get what I’m talking about.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if we had Australian politicians who actually gave a sh*t about our own great country to the same degree as Trump? Where's the passion to "make Australia great again?" Oh yeah, that's right, we have a bunch of freemasons at the helm, of course they don't want anyone other than themselves getting ahead.

Everyone has their own opinions about world politics and that’s as it should be, but ultimately we should be able to put down our differences and come together as conscious and mature adults, in the spirit of FREEDOM, UNITY and LOVE. If not for ourselves, then for our CHILDREN and their children, because we are all custodians of this earth after all and it is our responsibility to look after the land for those who come after us. We are borrowing it from them and that means working together to find resolve and create reciprocity so that the greater good can be achieved and maintained. Broomsticks and baseball caps aside.

After this week, it seems to me there’s still a bit too much ego floating around for that to be able to anchor fully just yet.

Venus stationed direct again on Thursday after several weeks of turning our relationships upside down and making us dig deeper into our emotional bodies and we are also still recovering from that potent Cancer (again, emotions) new moon eclipse and the Solstice shift last weekend. The Schumann resonance has been off the charts as well – no surprise – and that has certainly been stirring the collective cauldron, driving wedges between people and steering us seemingly further away from the united space that we actually need, to maintain our spiritual power. Early in this week on Tuesday 30, the invitation comes from Jupiter and Pluto again – conjunct for the second time since January this year – which will bring in a powerful expansive and abundant vibration to help nudge our imagination and innovative prowess to the next level. Those who were in Uluru for the event on January 12 – 13 like myself, you may want to tune into that energy again to help channel the healing worldwide. MR (Mercury Retrograde) is sextile Uranus today also, which helps us merge our higher and lower minds, so use your intuition and unify your left and right brain so you can find a harmonious balance between your ‘thinking’ self and your ‘being’ self.

Wake up that critical thinker within!

Crab season (July) continues to flow on with Wednesday 1 opening up a juicy portal with the Sun sextile Uranus and MR square Chiron (the planet of healing). This means revolution through LOVE is possible at last! It will be important to stay grounded and compassionate however as you watch others around you most likely continue on their own trajectories that may not align with this energy, but trust that by staying in your heart, you will create a subconscious yet very real tether to the truth for those who (may not know they) need it. On Sunday 5 we have the full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn which again is a wonderful opportunity for us as a group to manifest freedom, heightened intelligence and knowing, deep healing on a soul level and (fingers crossed), social reform, thanks to the Sun sextile Uranus and the moon trine Uranus (the planet of break down to break through). I'll be doing my medicine circle on this eve, the link is below. The energy of today will help us feel empowered by love and joyfulness and the divine dreams we hold for the future, so make sure you focus on positive thoughts and don’t buy into the fear stories or projections of others. And especially don’t listen to the media! Stop feeding the ‘what if’ dialogues and give your full attention to all the good things that are happening in the world – and that can happen in the world when we let go of programming and surrender to the universal plan that always has our highest and best in mind and at heart. You manifest what you give energy too after all, so give your energy to the best possible scenarios today – and moving forwards – because that is how we shift the dynamic from fear to love.

I tell you though, despite all the celestial support we are being offered and despite all the amazing activists that are speaking out to try and help people see through the illusions, the elites must be having a good belly laugh at how good a job we are still doing at dividing ourselves on their behalf. We’re doing the work for them, the longer we remain in ignorance, separated by opinions and refusing to open our minds to some (yes, confronting) universal truths and harsh realities. So much has changed since the beginning of this plandemic, so much new information is out there and even those who told us to 'stay home, wear masks and stay safe', have been drilled by authorities to the point of confessing they may have over-exaggerated statistics and even that lock down was probably not necessary! Yes! If you go online you will find updates from the CDC and the WHO themselves, not to mention copious videos on YouTube from reputable scientists and scholars such as Robert F Kennedy, Dr Kaufman and even the Dr who originally invented rotavirus vaccines, deconstructing the whole shebang and questioning the legitimacy and safety of their planned, rushed, C-19 vaccination.

We gotta stay current and aware peeps otherwise we risk that 'new normal' sneaking in that none of us want. And in all honesty, aren't your babies worth the effort?

So here’s a list of the things below that will help wake you up and the (rough) order in which you ideally should tackle things. Note that each of these ‘steps’ will take you not down a ‘conspiracy theory rabbit hole’ – because seriously, grow up, that term is so done now – but connect you to your own inner power so you can start engaging with life fully, armed with higher knowledge and fresh discernment. You can google all this easily enough, or visit my Facebook pages and request to join my private Denby does Dharma group.

1 Nazi “Operation Paperclip” and MK Ultra (mind control)

2 Cloning in Hollywood and the Music Industry, CIA connections and the truth about JFK assassination

3 Satanic rituals and child trafficking, Cloning, Adrenochrome, DUMB tunnels and Jeffrey Epstein. Watch 'The Fall of the Cabal" documentary series by Janet Ossebaard.

4 Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030

5 World Economic Forum Globalization plan

6 Psyop’s, martial law agenda, Antifa (Psychological operations using police, military; and who funds them)

7 Vaccines, this vy-rus pandemic, lock downs and microchip agenda

8 Mainstream media manipulation and surveillance via 5G (and who funds them)

9 HAARP weather manipulation and Monsanto (and who funds them)

10 False Flag events (9/11, Iraq War, multi-generational Bush administration corruption; and who funds them)

11 Freemasons, The Bilderberg Group, the Rockerfeller and Rothschild’s dynasties

12 Luciferanism, The Club of Rome, The 300, Illuminati and The British Royal Family

13 A.I and Transhumanism.

The last point is really what this whole scenario is all about. Neutering humanity and hijacking consciousness. Desecrating life force and altering our DNA to create a new 'hybrid' aka godless, species.

And no, this is NOT a synopsis for the next Star Wars-slash-Avatar trilogy. They have been showing us what their plans are via those kinds of movies, for years. We've just been too dazzled by all the celebrity BS to notice.

That list should get you well on the way to grasping exactly what is going on in our world right now and yep, it's full frikkin' on. As I said, you are going to be challenged way beyond your comfort zone and will possibly reject a lot of this because your cognitive brain won’t be able to cope; and I get that. I have the benefit of years of processing it all ahead of you, which is why so many like myself are here now trying to show the way so the mistakes of the past aren't repeated. We’ve all been ‘dumbed down’ and 'stood down' in order for them to sell us the lies they needed to, but the only way to fight the enemy is to understand the enemy, and this evil has been buried so far under the collective carpet for civilizations, that we have forgotten it’s still there. When you open your mind to try and understand and then integrate the ‘impossible’, you actually start creating the potential for deep soul healing; and that is what is needed, ASAP. We all have a responsibility to look into the shadow of humanity – by looking into our own personal shadows first – in order to clear this trauma and this is what the “next level” of work that we all talk about, is actually about; but that so few actually do. THAT is true yoga in my book; the willingness to sit with uncomfortable truths in order to learn and transform them into light.

We are being called to do this now. To embody our sovereignty by dissolving the bonds that have enslaved us ALL; and it has nothing to do with skin color, culture or creed.

Those of us who have been walking this path for years, have been preparing to hold the space and shine the light for our brothers and sisters as they wake up, so please, if you need support, reach out. I am here for you – this is what I was born for – and never have I been more committed to speaking the truth and loving the darkness to death, than I am now. You can book online for a remote session or come see me in my studio if you prefer (and want some hugs at the same time). Please visit

Also make time to listen to these two videos featuring Dr Zach Bush and Tucker from FOX News – possibly two of the sanest and most intelligent people on the planet. Certainly two of the bravest.

My Term 2 yoga schedule will start July 20 (till September 20) as follows: Monday and Friday (ONLINE) 9:30am – 11am; Wednesday 6pm – 7:15pm (AT STUDIO) and Sunday 4pm – 5:30pm (AT STUDIO). Attendance confirmed with pre-payment of $300 (1 class per week/per term); $350 (2 - 3 classes per week/per term). Please email or text me to get bank details.

My Moon Medicine Circle on July 5 details are:

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Love and strength to all,




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