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Your Fear Will Set You Free

Image by @peterconlan

I wonder if President Franklin Roosevelt understood exactly how poignant and profound his words actually were when he infamously stated, "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself."

As humans, we all share several "primal" fears but there are also multiple "learned" fears that we have in common as well.

The two most common fears that all humans share are related to physical preservation and the psychology of integrity and life, although some theories suggest there are actually five collective fears so let's have a look.

1. The fear of death or extinction.

This is the fear of no longer existing in any form, which is where those who have no faith in an afterlife of any sort, struggle so deeply with surrender and trust. People who have connected with what is often called "the bigger picture", a "universal force or intelligence" that is higher and mightier than themselves, will have embraced and transmuted this fear; and most likely done so at the beginning of their spiritual journey because they know their physical body is but one aspect of their soul's expression and that their soul is eternal and hence, can never "die".

2. The fear of physical damage, mutilation or sickness.

This relates to our fear of losing some functional part of what makes us human. The expression "of life and limb" illustrates this attachment to the physical aspect of self and also what (or who) we perceive we would be, without all "our natural born bits in tact". We assume we will be less than, more vulnerable or rendered useless, if we are physically compromised in some way. Phobias like being eaten by spiders or abducted by aliens for example, also thread into this fear. You only need to look at any incredible para-athlete or person who has suffered injury yet continued on and flourished because of their challenge, to know this fear is not insurmountable. Steven Hawking, Helen Keller, Nick Vujicic, Adam Kellerman and President Roosevelt himself (paralyzed from poliomyelitis) all come to mind; not to mention Einstein, Michelangelo and Mozart who were all believed to be "on the spectrum", but described as "eccentric" at the time.

3. The fear of autonomy and losing our personal freedoms.

This one relates to our intrinsic fear of our natural (birth) rights being restricted, reduced or removed altogether. Nobody likes to feel "jailed" or imprisoned in any way, nor dis-empowered in the different ways and to the differing degrees that we have witnessed over history and certainly during 2020. When we feel this fear, it gives rise to anger, angst and often results in rebellion as that part of us that values freedom in all its forms, reacts to the threat of control and oppression. Claustrophobia is tied into this fear as the manifestation of internal panic and anxiety attacks that affect one's mental, physical, emotional and spiritual/energetic bodies.

4. The fear of separation, which includes abandonment, rejection and feeling disrespected.

This fear is what keeps most people silent, afraid of speaking their truth, of "coming out" in some way or of being seen as stirring the pot and therefore, risking the judgmental, pointing fingers of others. It's essentially the fear of being bullied and also ties into the energy of submission and compliance because nobody likes to be singled out or labelled as a "danger" or an "outcast".

5. The fear of ego death, meaning, our ego is exposed, humiliated, shamed and our sense of self - our constructed "identity" - is threatened.

Point number 5 is a big one for us humans to work with (and master) because the only way we can achieve "enlightenment" or advance along our spiritual path with any integrity and authenticity, is via the ego dying; and our ego knows this all to well. This is why it works tirelessly 24/7 and then some, to keep us entrapped in our sense of "I" and "me" so we can continue to feel safe and validated (in and) by our beliefs and programs.

Like death, fear is a fact of life, a necessity for our survival, however, like the ego, fear can quickly take over and consume all other senses, leaving us feeling like a shell of our former selves and encapsulating us in a constant state of flight, fright and/or freeze.

In hindsight, it's not hard to comprehend just how deeply humanity has been played and manipulated by a small group of puppet-master psychopaths whose only "redeeming qualities" are understanding psychology and how the human works, is it? They have been very successful in getting the humans to submit and comply and even dob one another in as they police their own and all "in the name of public safety."

Zen teachings of the past say that if the ego were an engine, fear would be its fuel.

Fear is undeniably an intense and impressive force - equal only to that of LOVE - yet if acknowledge and channel it with deliberate intent and consciousness, we can actually transform it from our number one enemy into our strongest ally.

From the physiological fence, the two big ones are the "fear of heights/of falling" and the "fear sudden, unexpected noises", which we ultimately perceive as certain death; or at least leading to damage and/or demise. You only have to watch a newborn to see how this neonatal imprint expresses, for example, when a baby's sense of support is threatened or when a loud noise frightens them into a reflex response of some sort.

Psychologically, it's the fear of failure, or conversely, the fear of success, plus the fear on not being lovable or finding true love, that haunt our subconscious.

The first step any of us needs to take towards healing our stories and finding any sense of real and lasting inner peace, is to acknowledge we are indeed wounded and that as a soul, we have chosen our specific "kinds" of wounding. What we are each carrying, in our hearts and in our heads, is not by accident or coincidence - two things that don't actually exist in this universe of organized chaos and perfection, in case you didn't know.

Everything happens for a reason and we have chosen what we will experience in human form, long before we 'arrived' in the womb.

This is the first Spiritual Truth that everyone must come to terms with - and embrace - if they are to advance on the path of self responsibility and self mastery.

Next, we need to understand that no matter how hard we try and think our way through life, it will never work and this is because the mind is not in charge of us, energetically; the heart is. Well, let me rephrase that, thinking with your head might work for a certain length of time, but ultimately, that approach does have a use-by date and it usually ends in tears.

The only way to operate as a complete and conscious being, is through the heart center.

Thirdly - and this is the one I believe most of us struggle with - is the Universal Truth that "what we believe, we receive". This invites us to take full accountability for our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds and to accept that we are not victims in any shape or form, despite our circumstances and what experiences we are moving through. This principle, this teaching, tells us that if we believe in something, we will energetically magnetize it towards ourselves before manifesting it into our 3D reality and that we do this in order to learn how to fight, meet challenge, to stand up for ourselves and resolve and dissolve karmic stories and scars that no longer serve our soul's development. We "call in" situations - and yes, (by design) they are mostly negative and confronting because this is the only way we can test ourselves and develop resilience through resistance.

If everything in life was a constant conveyer-belt of happy-happy-joy-joy, rosy encounters devoid of any organic or activating stimulus, we would all slip very quickly into complacency and the miss the myriad opportunities the universe offers each one of in every single moment, to advance, evolve and "ascend".

Consciousness participation along with self accountability, would dwindle dramatically.

What began happening - and what continued throughout 2020 - was the undeniable realization that what we experience here on earth and in our individual bodies and "realities", is the direct result of the stories and stressors that we have chosen to experience in this incarnation.

All illness originates in the subtle outer layers of our being-ness. Then it filters through the various layers of our aura - or what in shamanic terms is called "the luminous energy field" - till it lands in our physical body. This has always been the prerequisite for all energetic healing systems. Nothing happens to you; it happens for you.

Nothing, no imbalance nor belief, starts in the physical and works its way out; it always begins in non-physical and translates into the physical and I suspect the majority of "healers" and spiritual/health practitioners, have forgotten (or are unconsciously denying) this Truth.

I'd like to tie this in with the global situation we find ourselves in at present because this has actually got everything to do with this "p(l)andemic" and how we are approaching and navigating it.

As a soul, you are an expression of infinite light, a child of God, of Creator, of LOVE. There is nothing wrong, bad or inappropriate about you and yet, as this complete entity, there exists an urge, a calling if you will, to experience all that you know yourself to be, through the gifted experience that is being human. So you choose a set of varied experiences, much like a check-list, with the deliberate intention to provide yourself with opportunities to embody that which you already know you are, on the 3D plane.

Many call these "soul contracts" or agreements and they are exactly that - pivotal points that come into effect at certain times during your human life, in alignment with your choices and soul desires to learn.

Warning: this next paragraph may upset some readers so please know that I share this with utmost compassion and care and the desire to deepen your understanding. If you wish to speak with me about your experiences in relation to what is written below, please reach out for a session or a phone chat.

It all kicks off when you "arrive", that is, when you are born and for many - depending on which boxes they ticked - that can be the first (and sometimes the last) experience they will have in human form. For some souls, miscarriages, stillbirth, early death as a newborn (including "cot death"), birth defects and even abortions, are soul experiences they have chosen for themselves as they navigate their spiritual journey back to Self. Sometimes it is enough for them to feel the love of mother in the womb or to be cradled in her arms momentarily after birth before slipping away. Sometimes they need to resolve a karmic agreement with their mother through the experience of childbirth and the challenges through gateway offers, before passing back to spirit form. (Fathers are included here as well of course, as these experiences involve and affect all members of each soul family.) Sometimes the new soul chooses a body that isn't fully functioning, that is physically, mentally or emotionally "different" or "deficient" for example, as their particular challenge in life.

Everything and anything is possible and no one experience is "better" or "worse" than another. Every experience serves a "higher" purpose and as humans that struggle with making sense of circumstances and seeing the lessons and offerings within uncomfortable and traumatic situations in the moment, we often don't comprehend the "gift" till later. Naturally, we need time to be able to transform our "grief to gratitude".

Each experience however, is valid and necessary for that particular individual and this is where most people come unstuck because we cannot understand why someone would "volunteer" for hardship, trauma or incomprehensible abuse and that is because we are only seeing it through the eyes of the human, not the lens of the spiritual master.

The Truth teaching is this: our journey begins from the moment we "allow" a certain imprint or "samskara" into our energetic field, into our aura, and then into our human vehicle and we do this so we can learn through trial and tribulation, to rise above adversity. We literally learn how to "vanquish evil from within".

This Universal Law applies to everyone who has died from C19 and to every person who will be damaged or die from the vaccine. Unconsciously, they have chosen these experiences and have given permission for something to permeate their field, so that they may engage with it and manifest the outcomes that their higher self needs, deserves and desires.

None of us have acquired the level of divine intelligence needed to fully understand that yet, nor is it our place to judge or condemn any experience we witness others moving through. That is between them and God.

This is not easy stuff to hear, let alone stomach, but these are the spiritual truths that you need to understand and accept, if you are to walk the path of healing and certainly as a teacher of healing in some form. Anyone who tells you anything different, is not being honest with you and that could be for any number of reasons. Please note, this is not a criticism, it is an observation gleaned through decades of professional and personal experience.

If we are to survive the next few however many years of change and expansion, we all need to develop our senses, our telepathic gifts and our intuitive knowing.

We need to understand our own energetic systems, our own "light bodies" and keep honing our spiritual skills and practices, not blindly following the words of others and hoping they will fix things on our behalf. That is a big part of why humanity is so stuffed up right now - because for too long we have listened to (and trusted) external authorities and ignored and suppressed our own.

It's time to know ourselves, trust ourselves and believe in ourselves 150%. Only then will we be able to take "right action", for ourselves and on behalf of the collective.

IF you know you have chosen the higher timeline - since December 21, 2020 especially - then you will know you are completely safe from any man made virus. You know you are protected and that you have not chosen to embody that expression of fear for yourself in this lifetime. You are one of the light warriors who has self-activated enough to be able to see through the multiple illusions and into the core of the matrix to understand what it is and what you need to do to dismantle it. Well done you! This is big work and it will continue for a while longer. Keep fighting, keep rising and keep facing the shadows as they reveal themselves because they are all coming out of the woodwork now that more light is unfurling and blasting from the hearts of empowered healers around the world. Keep doing your personal work, facing your own demons and stay open to new information, different perspectives and unforeseen situations, for this is how we shift the human collective and simultaneously transform our wounding into our medicine.

Much has been revealed over the past twelve months and there is much more to come dear ones, certainly in regards to the spiritual war that we are all participating in.

Remember that you chose to be here for this catharsis of consciousness and that you do have the skills and the wherewithal to meet, manage and move through whatever comes your way. All you need to do is believe in yourself and in the potential of your brothers and sisters. Also, don't forget to forgive yourself in moments of fear, weakness or vulnerability because these emotions and experiences are not signs that you are "failing", they are in truth, confirmation that you are "feeling" and responding and alchemizing density and darkness as you encounter and embody all that you are; all of your LIGHT.

Love your fears to death and they will set you free.



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