Yoga Burnout: the new norm

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Being a yoga teacher is hard work and like any physical job, it can take its toll. Burnout is always a risk.

Those of us who have been teaching for long enough will relate to this completely, and if you haven’t reached your saturation point yet – that point where one day, somewhere between your second class and your fifth, you realise you have actually crammed way too many classes into your working week for far to long and no wonder you can hardly get out of bed because you’re so buggered!, or you’re sick on a regular basis because your immune system is shot to shit – don’t worry, it will come. In one flashing moment you will face the reality that you are not the super yogi that you thought you were, that your body has a use by date like every other and that people will actually cope if you have to cancel a few classes because you’re outta gas.

This learning curve is all a natural part of your journey as an ever evolving teacher; learning your own limitations and respecting your own boundaries so you can teach others the same.

Yoga burnout is actually more common than you think. Most yogis just don’t talk about it. It’s th