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Going by what the media is reporting and people’s ridiculous reactions and behavior this week, one could be forgiven for believing the end of the world is nigh.

And FYI, I received a full chakra upgrade via dreamscape last night thanks to the crystal grid I placed under my bed, so I am even more on fire than usual with this week’s words!

#1 fact for all humans to remember: Fear breeds violence.

People have been getting into physical fights this week over who gets the last toilet roll on the shelf – even pulling knives on one another and getting arrested – it’s LUDICROUS!

How the collective responds to this ‘crisis’ is of the utmost importance right now because despite millions of woke people working hard to establish a new level of consciousness and response-ability for so long, it looks like it hasn’t been enough after all. And despite their incredible knowledge and support, we don’t actually need an ascended master to tell us what’s going on with our globe at the moment, we just need to (have and) exercise some common sense; something that too many appear to be lacking.

Truth is, Mother Nature is just doing what needs to be done when humanity gets out of hand.

In energetic (and scientific) terms it’s called a ‘correction’ and no, we don’t have to fully understand why it is happening and what the minute details are, we just need to acknowledge that together our species has co-created a situation that now requires some intense adjustments and that nobody will be unaffected. Animals and vegetables included.

Let’s start with some myth busting to clear the air and the slate, for sanity’s sake.

Thousands upon thousands of people die each year from various mutated strains of ‘flu’ and other viruses. "In Australia alone, influenza on average causes 3,500 deaths, about 18,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP consultations"; ( You just need to google the stats to see for yourself that the vulnerable in our communities have been dying from seasonal-related illnesses for centuries. It’s sad, horrible and very distressing for those people and their families of course, but it is part of life, of nature. The strongest survive and absolutely everyone dies at some point – exactly when and how, well that is to be determined between one and their maker. This is a wake up call for all of us to value our health and look after ourselves – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And to not be so fixated with the drama others manifest for themselves, or take it on as our own.

Dis-ease manifests in our outer etheric layer as a concept, a karmic challenge, an ancient belief or ‘hand-me-down’ distortion, so seek to clear and contain your entire being and you stand a better than average chance of remaining well.

Next, the pollutants we have been spewing out into the environment for generations, have perhaps finally caught up with us. Our immune systems are compromised because we have literally sucked the life out of the planet to the point where She can no longer support us in our billions and keep regenerating healthy foods and landscapes for everyone. Especially when all we do is keep plowing our way through new terrain and indigenous land, to build swathes of housing estates. At some point, the resources are going to run dry.

Add 5G toxicity to this and we have a recipe for absolute disaster; and for all sentient beings.

Now to China. Yes, they retain a rather large and scary stranglehold on the entire world market because guess what, our governments have signed blood contracts with them for plastic sh*t and every other conceivable convenience for way too long, but that does not make them the villains here. It does make them a power to be reckoned with and a culture with ingrained motivations that no one really understands completely – thanks to its communist roots and pretty horrific history – but what country doesn’t hide a shady past or have archives of genocide tucked away in its darkest and deepest? Yes, we haven’t seen hide nor hair of the riots in Hong Kong since COVID-19 came on the scene, but is that connected? Maybe, but the Murdoch’s of the world sure ain’t gonna let us all know about it, because it serves them much better, to spread rumors and fears that send us spiraling into Apocalypse-mode and hence, keeps us under their 'control’.

People living in fear are a lot more malleable than people living in light.

We are all human and together we make up humanity. Let's be mankind, not mancruel and stop pointing the finger of blame at innocent citizens just because they happen to have different colored skin. Every society in the world has underground groups pulling strings that influence and manipulate the matrix, not just China. The boys' club is everywhere.

To top it all off this week – and ensure people are really scared and willing to follow the next doctrine that will undoubtedly pour out of the mainstream mouth – they show movies like ‘2012’ on the weekends when most people are home in their cocoons, trying to recover from the shock of the previous week. It’s so predictable you have to laugh.

I mean really, the Illuminati agenda couldn’t be any more obvious than a middle aged man growing a bun and a beard.

So. What do we do? How are we to respond and how can we prepare for ‘what’s coming next’?

By remaining neutral, that’s how. By staying calm, clear and sane. By keeping your marbles and not buying into the hysteria that surrounds (and that grows) each day, especially if you’re one of the spiritual crew who have put so much work and effort into developing your higher self of late and going ‘next level’. If anything, this situation calls for us all to embody our next level like never before.

I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed to see that my own supposedly conscious and yogic ‘hood, has also succumbed to the toilet paper and rice hype when I went to Woollies last night to get some things for dinner – yeah, FOOD, you know, the stuff you would really need for an end of the world situation. It made me sad (for those who have caved to the pressure) but also because I feel for those in our communities who are being left without because of the paranoia of others. The elderly, the sick, those who can’t get to the shops for whatever reason. How about sparing a thought for our fellow man instead of hoarding everything for ourselves? Whatever happened to the mindset we’ve been cultivating for a few years now of “we’re all in this together” and “together we can make the difference”? Out the proverbial window when it comes to Sorbent obviously.

Apparently – at our esteemed governments suggestion – we are supposed to greet one another with a ‘good pat on the back’ instead of a handshake now. How about bowing with Namaste instead? Much more respectful and gentle and at the same time, allows you to keep safe if that’s what you’re really worried about.

Starting with tomorrow, Monday March 9, the Virgo full moon will bring a lot of healing and uplifting energy from the heavens to our tables and on the same day, Mercury (Virgo's ruling planet) stations direct after quite a few weeks of turmoil and tossing us about. Safe to say it’s going to be a big day for transformation and good vibes. The Moon is opposite Neptune and The Sun is in Pisces, creating the space for us to (finally) merge head and heart. Neptune is here to spread (energy, love and compassion) after all, so focus on cultivating healthy healing energies, not the doom and gloom that is being smeared across our countries, one by one.

In the southern hemisphere we are sliding into autumn, the season of release, grief and surrender, whilst our northern cousins move into spring, the season of detox and reset. Coincidence? Well we know those don’t exist, so no, it’s not. It’s divinely timed and aligned and our mission (if we choose to accept it) is to wake the heck up now and keep a grip on our sanity so we don’t get swept up in what can only be interpreted as last ditch attempts by the patriarchy to maintain their power and keep the servants (us) in line.

It’s not a conspiracy after it’s been lit up by universal truth.

The big underlying message I see with all this is that we have missed a great opportunity to evolve. We still haven’t embraced the reality that we are all one, that we are all in this together and that we actually do have the power to change the status quo. But what do we do instead – well, the band of consciousness that hasn’t realized this yet that is – we stockpile supplies and fight in supermarkets showing our absolute lowest and worst, because we don’t trust or believe.

Mad Max wasn’t such a wild stretch of the imagination after all.

Our species hasn’t been that great at adapting to ‘alternatives’ – be they fuel, food or fashion related – and has instead chosen to remain addicted and attached to what we ‘know and trust’, regardless. To our comfort zones essentially. For example, common sense (again, assuming one has it) would suggest that if you can’t find toilet paper, look for something similar such as tissues, hand wipes or even small towels to do the job and then wash them. How about having a quick shower to clean your backside instead. Plus, there are always leaves. Just sayin’.

We may not have a planet B, but there is always a PLAN B.

We’ve had Pisces shining the spotlight on all our subconscious gunk and now with a Supermoon in Virgo, as Mercury stations direct at last, it’s sure to be another week full of shocks, surprises and potential spack-outs. So let’s take a look.

Starting with tomorrow, Monday March 9, the Virgo full moon will bring a lot of healing and uplifting energy from the heavens to our tables and on the same day, Mercury (Virgo's ruling planet) stations direct after quite a few weeks of turmoil and tossing us about. Safe to say it’s going to be a big day for transformation and good vibes. The Moon is opposite Neptune and with The Sun in Pisces, this will allow us to merge head and heart and deepen our intuitive selves. Neptune's role is to spread (magnanimous energy, light, unconditional love and compassion), so focus on expanding healthy healing energies and being a part of the solution; not on the doom and gloom and toxicity that has been proliferating instead.

Wednesday March 11 opens up a fortuitous #11 portal which heightens our intuitive gifts so pay attention, don’t let yourself be divided (within self for a start) and connect to the divined energies that this #9 universal date brings, which is higher wisdom, heartfelt leadership, forgiveness, acceptance and listening to others in order to find solutions that serve everyone. Sun sextile Jupiter today will bring in good fortune and positive vibes as well. Focus your intentions on feel-good not fear-bad, because this always elevates the conscious field in ways that we can't even yet fathom fully.

By Saturday March 14, everything is all about self expression, feeling free to share your thoughts and what your sacred self senses and intuits, so make time to appreciate the good things in life, the beauty of nature and the nourishing depths of your various relationships. Today, Mars sextile Neptune (romantic, mystical and spiritual) and The Sun sextile Pluto (goes to the core, purges and empowers through facing fears) will help us step up and shine the light of love and truth so that others may follow and discover their own inner power as well and this is how we change the world. By example.

This week could actually herald the beginning of the people taking their power back from the patriarchy. Anything is possible if we want it bad enough.

Virgos are also great at discriminating, discerning and making good use of available resources when the chips are down. They are master builders, apt at utilizing current opportunities and re-cycling whatever is on hand at the time to improve performance and outcome, kind of like an astrological MacGyver and definitely someone you want on the team. Virgo also sets a good and ‘admirable’ example through self leadership and integrity, so make time over the next seven days to consider what sort of energy you are embodying and putting out into the world and whether you are a healthy addition to the team; or if you still need some tweaking.

Are you aligning with peace or chaos? Fear or love?

Above all, trust that the messages we need to hear right now, are making their way through the ethers to our heads and hearts. We just need to allow them in.

Prepare for a significant turn of the tide very soon dear ones and be ready to ride that wave when it comes. Here some things I am offering that can help you do that.




My weekly shamanic healings (in person and via Skype), continue as usual, so don’t be shy in reaching out. What you discover in these sessions, will change your life for the better.

Stay sensible, grid your home and up your self care rituals. Travel if you want to, just be aware and take extra precautions. Above all, know that everything is exactly as it is meant to be.

Blessings and love,



“There are only two emotions – fear and love. Go with love.” (Wayne Dyer)


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