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WANTED: 7.7 Billion Musketeers

Updated: Oct 15, 2019





When you know a fair bit about spiritual things and you’ve made it your life’s work to intuit, inquire and investigate things from all angles and all dimensions, you can often forget that the majority of other people actually don’t understand even the simplest soul-related precepts.

You can forget that what you understand and accept as pivotal to life and love in all its forms, may often be viewed by others as a maze of confusing and headache-inducing anecdotes, accompanied by too much incense and some badly done dreds.

You can forget that not everyone can read the signs like Skippy can.

To illustrate – and believe it or not my lunar lovers out there – a lot of people haven’t yet made the connection between their psychological behaviour and the cycles of the moon, or linked rising mental health statistics to the deteriorating health of the planet. A lot of women out there are still not au fait enough with their own moon cycles to understand how Luna orchestrates every nuance about their femininity, on every level, and they certainly don’t see how pumping themselves full of hormone replacements and drugs to control their uterus each month, is unnatural and unnecessary.

It can sometimes feel like the adult version of joining the dots, this putting together of all parts of the cosmic puzzle (and ourselves as we travel) so we can glean deep understanding and actually receive the teachings that are being offered to us all each month, but that is exactly what we need to be doing if we are to keep co-creating a new tapestry of raised and expanded consciousness.

Truth is, we can’t know everything and we can’t all know everything.

In fact, we don’t want to know everything because that just immediately erases the possibility for mystery and intrigue and those heart-palpitating moments of adrenalised excitement, that let’s face it, make life interesting.

There’s a huge difference between believing and knowing also by the way, but that’s for another newsletter. Just know for now, that with knowing, comes great responsibility and without it, we remain in a rut of our own making.

It’s not fair to ‘blame’ the moon for all human reactivity however, because all She is doing, is bringing the things we need to become aware of, to the surface of the pond – the collective pool – so we can create healing for ourselves and each other. She is supporting our individual and communal growth with (yes, sometimes) tough love, but always unconditionally and with the highest of intentions. If our personal pond happens to be full of stagnant scum and the fish in it have all died, that’s of our own doing, not Hers. It’s up to us to work hard at cleaning out, filtering and restoring as clear a (self) reflection as we can, at all times, so we can take ownership of ourselves and create the space to breathe and thrive again; whether our heads are above water at times, or at others, underneath it.

So. Expect some bullying, backstabbing and general bitchiness this week thanks to some strong planetary oppositions, an almighty T-square to Pluto and the aftermath of the Aries full moon (landing today) that is all about triggering us royally in order to shift patriarchal aggression into compassionate assertion.

You may become aware of some hidden agendas, secret whispers, conspiracies and manipulations of the cerebral kind going on right in front of you and possibly also behind your back, so keep your ears, eyes and hearts, peeled and wide open. Expect the best but prepare for the worst as they say.

We’re certainly seeing the next layer of cray-cray in this regard, spewing forth from the Whitehouse as more bigoted pillars of patriarchy and patriotism are uncovered and crumble around you know who; who won’t last another term either, just quietly.

Sidetrack for a mo: Don’t you ever wonder who ‘they’ are? Every time any of us quote something or regurgitate some tidbit of information or folklore, even a weather forecast, we always add ‘them’. ‘That’s what they say’ or ‘they say that blah, blah, blah’. I wanna know who the heck THEY are and why they have been given so much credit!? I think it’s high time we erased this involuntary and vacuous dialogue from our vocabulary, don’t you? I don’t care who they are or what they think, suggest or profess to know. I choose to make my own decisions, carve my own path and make my own mistakes so I can learn from them, not because they tell me how or why or when. If we keep blindly and unconsciously following things like this that might seem insignificant to the majority but that definitely still exert control and influence over the way we communicate and collectively anticipate, then we will remain stuck in old patterns and unable to think, act and (re)create, for ourselves. They is old school and right now, old school ain’t a good school as far as facing the pressing problems of the world like climate change, poverty and political heresy go. As far as I am concerned, they can go jump!

Sorry. Just had to get that off my chest! Aries made me do it.

Moving on. Focusing on you, setting new boundaries and not taking things personally – at all – is going to be your saving grace for the next few days.

Monday 14th sees the Sun square Pluto and the beginning of the end for many things in our lives. With Pluto representing the underworld and the Sun, the quintessential spotlight, I’m sure you can imagine what this means. Come out, come out, wherever you are and stop shying away from your power! You may take a few paintballs to the arse but at least you’ll know you’re alive and at least you’ll be calling the shots (as you take a random few, pardon the pun).

Better to die on your feet than live on your knees; Courtesy Emiliano Zapata and of course, Midnight Oil.

With Mercury (in Scorpio) trine Neptune (still retrograde in Pisces) the next day (on Tuesday 15th – both at 16 degrees and with #15 being the number of spiritual alchemy coupled with the planet of expansion), and #16 being able spiritual transformation as well, you’re going to feel all your senses switched on and your creative juices flowing like there’s no tomorrow. Roll with your imagination because you are seriously able to channel some incredible spooky stuff right now! BE the energy you wish to experience and will it into being-ness. Get out into the garden, back in front of a canvas or the piano or put passionate pen to paper, whatever works for you; just channel every last ounce of sacred information that comes through you. Expressing your creative self is not only cathartic and deeply healing, it’s also going to put you in the perfect (and most grounded) energetic position, to receive the insights that Venus (sextile to Saturn on Sunday) will be offering you, on this full moon day in particular. If you’ve been dancing around a decision relating to romance or finance of late, today is the day to make a stand and just do it.

The presence of Jupiter brings positivity and good news remember, so take a chance and trust in your divine self because you do have all you need, within in. Rumi says so after all.

My full moon circle is tonight after yoga, starting at 6:30pm, so if you feel a last minute calling to come join in and receive some insights and support, just pop along!

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is all about the self, new beginnings and initiating change, so now is actually the perfect time to fulfill that dream, do something for yourself and basically prioritise your needs. Just make sure you stay in your heart so you don’t get distracted or lured away by something (or someone) that looks better than it actually is (and because an unresolved part of you, yearns for any sort of change and doesn’t care too much about how that comes in). Be responsible and as always, be present to what your body tells you in each moment. I felt to include this paragraph from last week’s newsletter again because it is still so relevant.

This full moon on the 13th (UTC) has many layers to it in fact and each one is profound, weaving a very deliberate tapestry towards the planetary event happening on January 13th next year and the start of a new century, 2020. It will inspire our independent streak, giving us the courage and stamina to keep going and keep believing that we deserve to claim our little pocket or patch of magic, on a hill with a rainbow and a unicorn grazing in the paddock. Hey, if we don’t have dreams, we’ve lost half the battle already and it’s exactly the action of ‘seizing the day and living in the moment’ with all our heart, that Aries stirs us to do right now.

The number 13 is energetically and conceptually connected to death, rebirth and change, it is the number for the divine feminine, Sunday is the 13th day of the month, plus October is a #13 universal month! This day creates a double 13:13 code, meaning it’s a very deliberate PAY ATTENTION sign from the stars to you. But the fun doesn’t stop here folks.

As well as the 13:13, it’s also a rare 20:20:20:20 code.

The Sun (in Libra) and the Aries Moon (both @ 20 degrees), form a T-square to Pluto (which is also @ 20 degrees) and on top of that, the Moon is trine and the Sun is sextile to Jupiter (which is yep, @ 20 degrees). With four X 20 degrees packed together like this, we are going to receive a wake up call like no other.

The T-square demands we remove our masks (yes, we all wear them), deal with what we’ve been hiding underneath them and get with the program, which is, get ready to step up alongside your fellow man and take action to create the awakened world we all want (and desperately need). There is no more room under the bed for our unresolved palaver and there is certainly no more space in our weary and weakening souls, to keep denying our feelings and packing them away into our organs, joints, heads and hearts, pretending they will dissolve after enough time has passed to the degree that eventually they won't worry us so much.

The pond, remember? Clean it out properly, don’t just top it up with the hose and hope for the best. That’s not you embodying or applying your natural alchemic self, at all.

Time heals all wounds yes, but only if you clear all the trauma at the time of damage, otherwise you will drag a Santa-sized sack load of sadness into the future with you – and within you – for however long you have the strength to and until something big enough happens and you finally decide it’s maybe time to drop it. That time is now. For every Tom, Dick and Harriet.

It’s time to be persistent, consistent and most of all, resistant to our own crap.

What all this promises, is a sudden and overwhelming-in-a-good-way wave of universal reckoning. Moments of ‘ah-ha’, of heightened peace, of people suddenly getting the whole spiritual journey and of trust finally penetrating even the most hardened of hearts.

Extreme polarities and intense alignments like these, only ever spell one thing: RESET.

We need intensity and agitation in order to affect change, otherwise we will just sit in our personal potholes and convince ourselves that we are actually happy and satisfied and that all is in fact well in the world (and our world); and we’ll then numb out letting others do all the hard yakka.

Meanwhile however (and back at the ranch), ‘grandma is still laying in a ditch by the side of the road’ and we are no closer to defeating our demons or embracing our destiny as we sit complacently on the porch with a warming beer, lamenting about what could be and who should be doing it.

Theses could-of-should-of-would-of dialogues I mentioned last week; they so gotta go. And yes, you can cue the Deliverance banjo in your head if you feel to because that is exactly the vibration that currently needs to shift.

This is what we (all) do though when we give our ego permission to lead the show and convince us – without seeing the previews and grasping the plot (and ending) of the movie (read: our life) – that trying something new is way too dangerous, too physically demanding or just not worth the effort because we’re going to fail anyway. Plot twists are what makes things interesting though aren’t they?! The unexpected ups and downs we have all experienced in various forms that add juice to our journey and provide us with limitless yarns to share around the campfire or across the bar. I don’t know about you, but for me, hindsight has provided me with enough gumption and guts to roll with the inevitable punches life just keeps on throwing and to cultivate an inner space of ‘detached engagement’; meaning I am present but I am not going to take (your) things personally.

We are more likely to take things personally when we remain out of (internal) balance and when we don’t live in the moment.

With this full moon we also have Mars (named the planet of war by the Romans because of its bloody red colour and also Aries, or Ares, being the Grecian appointed god of war) sitting opposite Chiron (the master and often mischievous healer); Venus (the planet of peace, love and beauty) opposite Uranus (all about agitating for transformation) and Mercury (the quintessential messenger) trine Neptune (the planet of collective expansion).

Together this creates the potential for the numerous patriarchal powers of the past, to finally evolve into a higher vibration, one that mirrors the current direction of growth that (most of) humanity is striving to take; that of the sacred earth warrior, assertive yet loving, determined yet just and always for the benefit of the group. Our inner genius is rising too and we are all revising our methods of communicating with one another, moving from opinionated and dogmatic, to objective and intuitive.

It’s a rough and rousing time to be alive that’s for sure and the best way to ride the transition, is to keep showing up as you are, with love in your heart and trust in your belly.

We are all being awakened to the potency of our own psychic gifts with this full moon and as that settles, being asked to commune with love, non-verbally and more consciously. It's love in action and leading by daily example, basically.

It’s no coincidence that the last few weeks – even the past few months and certainly since 2019 started – have seen global outrage about climate change and more people wiling to speak up, rally together and defend what is precious to them (and to all of us in truth) – the planet!

This is Mars and Chiron at their crony activist best, make no mistake.

Next weekend looks particularly interesting, starting with Saturday 19th where things start getting jiggy with Mercury (in Scorpio) sextile Pluto (in Capricorn), again, both at 20 degrees; and Venus (in Scorpio also) sextile Saturn (in Capricorn with Pluto), both at 14 degrees.

What does that all mean? It means you’ll be able to make inroads with people you are already aligned with and have the reasons why you established clearer boundaries for yourself in the first place, indubitably affirmed by witnessing the behaviour of others around you who aren’t actually vibrating at your frequency after all. There may be a few reality checks coming up that may require you to reassess who you share your energy with and who you would be better off without. The number 14 is connected to the ‘scribe’, one who has the 'gift of the gab' and whose ability to translate ideas into initiatives, inspires others. As mentioned earlier, the number 20 is all about awakening and manifesting conscious change; and always with the greater ‘team’ in mind. Together, the energy of these numbers has the potential to activate the altruistic you; the you that truly wishes the best for others and who is willing to give his/her all in order to see the collective, the cause, even their own (and other species), continue to survive and thrive.

In simple terms, it means more people will be equally concerned about the welfare of other beings, as they are about themselves and at the same time, will no longer be prepared to sit silently on the sidelines as injustice and evil run rampant. More people will give a sh*t.

Sunday October 20th, with the 14 degree factor, promises to be a cathartic day, so watch the news to see how things play out in the social, political and economic arenas as the concept of ‘us’ begins to expand next level and even supersede, ‘me’. New alliances forged through trust not fear, agreements signed that equally benefit both parties (or countries) and relationships mended where previously, antagonism and coercion have ruled the game and kept benefiting only one side. Keep an eye on China and the US and Turkey and Syria for starters.

This week I encourage you to investigate what your personal attachments are and discern if they are helping or hurting you. Become aware of your internal polarities as the outside external polarities peak, fire, then dissipate around us. Can you remain calm as the eye of the storm? Can you break a habit, stop projecting, let someone go, take a new direction, set yourself free? It’s time for deep, intimate investigation – thanks to Pluto, Lord of the Underworld – and brutal honesty with ourselves; and each other.

It’s time for each one of us to answer the call to action ahead of 2020 which is going to be a powerful year for everyone, one that will require us to listen deeply, see clearly and trust our intuition, implicitly.

At the essence of all this is the million-dollar question: are you truly ready (and willing), to do something with your life now?

Why not take charge of yourself? Why not lead yourself into the next glorious phase of your gifted and ready-to-ripen life and stop complaining about what you believe or think you don’t have? What is stopping you from seeing all the gifts, hearing all the blessings and breathing in all the joy that you possibly can??

And remember – no matter what the stars, prophecies or ‘persons of certain persuasions’ say – everything always begins (and ends) with YOU!

How your life looks, is always up to you dear one.

AHO, Amen and Infinite love and gratitude,




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