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Virgo, Vision & The Vatican





This week sees three powerful trines to Uranus, a Virgo new moon and Mercury moving into Virgo territory. Yup, it’s all about Virgo (!!) and all in all, it will be a great week for speaking the truth, learning the truth and manifesting (and grounding) the next level of soul-centred truth for ourselves.

I wanted to begin this week’s newsletter with a re-iteration of what I mentioned Wednesday 21st could possibly bring:

“It all kicks in on Wednesday 21st, activating the 21st century code of “the truth shall set you free” and simultaneously opening up the portals connected to higher purpose, personal and group truth, grounded creativity and limitless joy! Today is also connected to the Royal Star of the Lion, #23, so stay alert for opportunities where the scene may be set for some awesome and overdue breakthroughs.”

This good ‘breakthrough’ news manifested on earth with Cardinal Pell’s appeal being rejected and him being sent back to prison! This is the epitome of what this day’s energy is all about. THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU/US FREE. AMEN! It certainly set thousands (alas, maybe millions) of abuse survivors around the globe, free; those still present and passed over.

This overdue act of justice is proof that the light is winning and that the patriarchal structure that is the Catholic Church, will continue to crumble, regardless of however the Pope and his corrupt assembly continue to try and ‘rectify’ things.

The Royal Counsels and their sentinel Lions are working hard to ensure this work keeps spreading through the very foundations of the Vatican, one of the most powerful global organisations born of greed and power.

BIG things shifted on Wednesday and you may have even felt it coming in on Tuesday eve. I didn’t sleep a wink and spent the night filtering all manner of ancestral trauma that was coming to me be to be cleared. Stuff around sexual distortion, abuse and historical programs connected to will power, mind control and tribal incest. It was full on. If you recall any dreams of your own on those nights that were particularly perplexing, didn’t make sense at all or that just confused the heck out of you – or seriously scared you – you would have been assisting in the process and doing your bit to help the collective subconscious channels shift. I hope you gave yourself a good smudge when you woke!

Earth was also on the receiving end of a 500-million years old cosmic ripple at the same time – like a tidal wave of multidimensional proportions – which was the result of a black hole consuming a neutron star way back when. It only just impregnated our solar system and earth's magnetic/energetic field, so no wonder things were haywire and we were all over the shop.

In addition – yep, the joy just kept coming this week – Pauline Hanson was seen sporting the obligatory Akubra out at Uluru, hanging with the traditional elders and not only asking their permission to climb the great rock, but afterwards, vocalising her intention to lobby to keep the climb open! OMG, just when you thought this woman could offend no further. Not only does she represent all that is racist, bigoted, unconscious and intellectually suspicious in Australian culture, but she now arrogantly offends the first nations people, on their sacred soil. First, she climbs their icon and second, she tells them they should keep it open because closing it is “equivalent to closing down Bondi Beach.”

She’s also actually saying that Uluru belongs to all Australians and that it’s not their right to claim it as theirs, nor to stop us from climbing it. Watch A Current Affair on Monday night for the full story. I am sure it will be next level cringe but we really do need to see what this woman is up to because this one will affect us all because as an evolving collective, we are still seeking to rebuild right relationships with our indigenous people’s, not agitate things further by saying things like “you don’t own the rock!”

Aboriginals don’t claim to ‘own’ anything – not like white man does – they acknowledge that they are the original custodians, the shepherds, the ones taking on the ancestral responsibility of caring for the land for as long as they breathe. They take this very seriously and they do it for future generations and because their destinies are entwined with the land, not separate from it. It’s a completely different kettle of fish to what our western cultures do which is stamp our names over the land, making it our ‘property’ and then a lot of the time, depleting it to serve our selfish agendas. Not a lot of caretaking going on with white man in general – you just have to take a look at The Great Barrier Reef and the Murray-Darling River system here as prime (unconscious) examples of how we’re ‘looking after’ Mother Earth down under.

As seen in the show previews, I found it interesting that she could only get past the first section, just before it gets really steep and then opted to climb back down. Was this because she suddenly remembered she doesn’t like heights? Because she was wearing the wrong shoes? Or because Spirit had just decided enough was enough?

I don’t think we need anyone to ‘please explain’. We we all know the answer here.

The first time I visited Uluru, I was actually witness to a rescue. Apparently an Asian tourist had tripped and bounced down through several deep ravines until a tiny outcrop literally saved what was left of his ignorant life. As the sun set over the great mother, helicopters swarmed precariously close to the outcrop in order to retrieve his broken and battered body and word among the observers was that he may never walk again. It wasn’t the visual I had imagined as I sat on the red earth, dumbfounded and equally disappointed by yet another human's disrespect, yet (still) praying for his sorry ass and asking the spirits to forgive him because he obviously needed some help waking up. The brave people who risk their own lives to save people like this also, must be sick and tired of doing so and the elders, whilst they don’t like us climbing what is regarded in their culture as a living, breathing being, they don’t like seeing anyone get hurt as a result either. They are a compassionate and giving people and (astoundingly) they don’t hold grudges; they don’t even have a word for ‘grudge’. Luckily for us hey. They grieve for all those who are injured (and who die) because they feel responsible for them, being their land and all. From that perspective alone, it’s just so wrong to put them in that position.

If the rock belonged to white man however, I reckon the first response would be to collect disclaimers from everyone to ensure that no blame was admitted and that no responsibility was taken. Sad but true. Just goes to show the difference in attitude and duty of care between our two tribes.

It was a surreal and sobering thing to watch and I remember thinking – as I continued to pray and as unspiritual as it may sound – ‘that serves you right for desecrating a sacred site mate’.

Every year since, I have seen people drag themselves up that rusty-chained walkway in 40+ degree heat, wearing little more than singlet dresses and high heels (seriously, I kid you not), lots of thongs (not so bad but still stupid), drinking beers and always with a bad (read: unconscious) attitude to match. I even saw one father (last year actually) with a toddler strapped to his back! I have seen people toss their rubbish, spit and stub out their cigarettes with no regard as they escalate and one charmer who stopped half way to bare his bits and base chakra to all below. Apparently also on the top of the rock, it’s like one massive toilet, littered with congealed faeces, urine and toilet paper – matter that ends up sliding down and into the sacred Mitujulu water hole when it rains. There are really no words to describe how revolting and inappropriate that is. It makes me embarrassed to be Australian.

And you wonder why the indigenous want to close the climb Pauline.

Watch this space because it is surely going to turn into the next big controversy and right ahead of the big event at Uluru in January that will usher us all into the next century and the next level of awareness. However, I fear Ms Hanson may miss that boat.

So, onto the stars and more positive things!

As already mentioned, this coming week sees three planets trine with Uranus, the planet whom we already know is the wrecking ball of the cosmos and designed to bring breakthrough and boundary-expanding energies to the forefront of our reality, especially when we fail to initiate change for ourselves because we’re too chicken, too lazy or too busy – and sometimes, too stupid.

First up is Venus on Monday 26th (bringing new found freedom to relationships), then Mars on Wednesday 28th (be bold but be cautious) and followed closely by Mercury on Sunday September 1st and also bringing with it, heightened intuition, an ability to see new perspectives and some extra and much needed ‘horse-power’. It’s interesting also because here in Australia we are slowly moving towards spring, the season that governs the physical eyes, our sense of vision (insight, hindsight, foresight) and our ability to perceive and intuit which is the most suitable and expansive direction to take as we journey onwards and upwards.

Are you seeing and perceiving the reality of your situation, or just ‘looking’?

Where in your life are you still avoiding facing your deepest truth?

Do you feel bound or restricted and unable to express how you really feel?

Do you regularly suffer from migraines, joint pain or eye fatigue?

Are you still procrastinating about taking that ‘risk’ that you know you need to?

Are you able to discern the best direction for your next phase of growth?

Do you feel obliged or burdened by others or the ‘role’ you have been playing?

Wednesday 28th is all about possibilities and trusting your gut. Mars trine Uranus brings with it fierce independent energy, so you may feel enthused and charged up, ready to action some of your latest goals and ideas now that winter is backing off. Just believe in yourself and what you offer because there is lots of joy and abundance to be had today if you do. The world is your oyster.

Thursday 29th is ruled by the universal number 31 (29+8+2019=31) as well as number 11 (2+9=11), which is all about unleashing your inner genius and learning how to master the moment by paying close attention to how things are manifesting around you – and how they may be quite different to the story in your heart and head. The Sun is trine Uranus today which will stir up an intense desire to be free, to be open, to change your plans as you intuit and to explore new perspectives and angles that may serve you. Stand up and stand out and believe in your personal power. Mercury will also enter Virgo today, bringing with him the potential for empowering and magnanimous conversations that can change not only your immediate situation or perspective, but on global scale, ‘talks’ between world leaders may also be infused with more love and any building volatility ‘de-fused’ – such as what we are seeing continue between China and the US. Good news for the stock market (hopefully). It will be all about the facts and nothing else; not fictitious projections, personal agendas or resorting to muscle or ‘nasty’ words in order to gain the upper hand. I think China is in for quite the surprise (in regards to its collective ego energy). I do see the country getting the equivalent of a smack on the hand by the western world this week as majority, sensibility and accountability, rise and rule against this ancient entity. Watch Hong Kong closely and also keep your eyes peeled as to how the Australian government responds in relation to existing trade and telecommunications agreements.

Hopefully several world leaders will choose to swallow some truth and humility pills this week and hence, give everyone some much needed breathing space.

Virgo is the sign of the altruistic peacemaker, the maiden (reflecting purity of thought and intention, not necessarily virginal purity) and is the one who listens to all sides and opinions, thinks deeply, considers all the different perspectives and then decides what course of action will best serve the majority. They are generous souls, excellent listeners and organisers and can be relied upon to get the job done, but they can often suffer in silence and collapse into depressive or obsessive behaviour because of the pressure that brings. They are perfectionists by nature, experiencing anxiety on a regular basis and hence find it hard to fully relax and let go. Most of us struggle with meditation, but a Virgo will be an expert meditation-avoider. They can also become serial procrastinators and retreat into their intellect to deal with matters of the heart, which of course, makes relationships a tad challenging, especially if matched with a Gemini or Sagittarius; mostly because these two signs are not at all conservative and their habitual struggles with self discipline, will possibly drive super-structured Virgo, mad over time! There is always something going on under the surface with Virgo, so don’t ever mistake their silence, for indifference, for they are constantly assessing and calculating events and the people around them. No detail escapes their attention and they have a memory like an elephant.

The earthy New Moon in Virgo peaks on Friday 30th – my beautiful son’s 13th birthday also – and with a conjunct to Mars, it promises to deliver inspired ideas, positive vibes and heaps of free-flowing energy to help you get things done and dusted. With the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus all in Virgo today, their combined energy will support any creative projects that stimulate interesting new ways of living, working and being. Virgo also heightens our awareness about our health routines and habits and how committed we actually are to caring for ourselves on a daily basis. Guard against impulsivity today too as Mars can often bring with him a sense of subtle urgency and impatience that may interrupt your ability to reason well and clearly with others.

This day is essentially giving us a universal ‘green-light’ to start anew and if any sign can make sense of the current chaos, it’s Virgo.

A couple of cool things coming to the studio in the coming months – Anthony Ousbeck will be hosting a meditation/mindfulness course each Wednesday starting on September 18th @ 6:30pm till 7:45pm. Anthony is a local earth warrior whose own life journey will no doubt inspire and enlighten you. To inquire/book, please contact him directly on 0404 721 616.

I’ll be hosting a special Spring Equinox/Ostara circle at Breathing Space on September 21st so please come along to get aligned with the season and set some abundance intentions for yourself (and the planet).

My 5-day winter-spring bridging immersion will be held on September 16th – 21st @ 12pm – 1:30pm, honouring the Chinese clock energies that are opposite to and that invoke the spring organs and energies of liver and gall bladder whilst providing deep support for the small intestine (digestion) and heart (circulation) at the same time. Liver time is 1am – 3am and gall bladder is 11pm – 1am, so we obviously can’t practice then; we can however, work with the supporting meridian channels to establish energetic harmony and integrity. This will help create stability as well as flexibility and balance us out in mind, body and spirit. It’s also a great time of day to practice because your digestive power is peaking and it will provide you with good, clear energy for the rest of your day.

General rule of thumb: don’t do a spring yoga intensive, if you have a dodgy lower back. Spring yoga is all about expanding from your core, from an already (or relatively) strong belly and back, so if that isn’t there to support you, opening out of a weakened centre is not going to create flexibility or build strength. It also won’t feel very good and can set you back (emotionally, mentally and physically), instead of propelling you forwards. If your back is bad and you are keen to get into the seasonal swing, please talk to me about getting a personalised program for home so you can restore lower back integrity and then feel safe and confident to stretch out and about when you’re ready on all levels.

Take it easy this week, keep it simple, remember to eat well and rest lots and maybe start introducing some lighter, greener foods to your diet to start your liver cleansing. Book yourself in to some of the above offerings coming up to support yourself and remember it’s not spring 100% just yet, so my advice is hold off on the intense spring detoxes just yet until trans-season is over; heralded by the arrival of the Equinox on September 21st – 22nd (in the southern hemisphere).

Blessings and love,



"When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator." Mahatma Gandhi


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