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Unconscious Colonization

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

We are in for some interesting "road trips" next year family and it all kicked off this week.

The ceremony at Uluru on December 21 was not just one part of a greater solstice-slash-grand-conjunction planetary event that served to unify all humans and usher in a huge shift in collective consciousness.

It was a moment in time where we each decided to rewrite our Akashic Records. Or not.

While all us Aussie light warriors have been getting super excited about the New Age landing and prepping ourselves for this once-in-our-lifetime ritual, the true elders (of this country) have been standing patiently in the background, watching and waiting - without judgment or blame - as they always have. They know this is just another cycle and they have seen many. Their ancestors witnessed Ages come and go - and the "New Agers" of each time - come and go with them. They do not attribute the same importance to exact dates and specific times as we do because they haven't lost their connection to the Mother and Her seasonal ways like we have. They are the compass.

They have never aligned with our calendar - the Gregorian one - nor have they been driven by the same economic systems. For generations we have been forcing them to comply and adopt our value systems, concepts which are completely foreign to them.

They know everything happens when it's meant to, they have their own hierarchy and they have certainly perfected the art of patience.

There are many in the spiritual community who genuinely seek to learn the knowledge of our Traditional Owners, but few have the time, patience or commitment, let alone the "listening ears", to show up in the way that is needed to receive the wisdom. I have a basic understanding of what's involved because of my own experiences and connections, but I am still learning.

White/western man is always in a hurry, always wanting more. He often misses the subtleties and nuances. He rushes to run before he can stand, let alone walk and he loves to be "first in and best dressed". This is a behavioral pattern that no longer serves anything or anyone, in fact, it hinders our evolution and the potential for developing real and authentic connections between indigenous and non-indigenous.

My mentors are telling me there needs to be more work done on meditation, trauma healing, diplomacy and protocol and genuine effort applied (by both parties) to help restore mutual respect in regards to how white folk and Original People interact. Unfortunately, despite the majority having the best of intentions, New Age naivete is doing more damage than good in many instances and naturally this has all come to a head at the tail-end of 2020, because the way we have been engaging with (or perceiving) the Originals here in Australia - consciously and unconsciously and as individuals and groups - definitely needs more work.

We've come a long way in recent years with a lot of people doing great things supporting various communities and indigenous charities for example but the fact is, if we really want to learn more and improve our relationship, we need to show that we are consistent, genuine and above all, worthy of receiving their sacred teachings. In order to do that and to be in resonance with the integrity required, we need to acknowledge our Traditional Owners in the way that they deserve.

We still haven't done that "correctly" in Australia and I feel this is a big part of why this sense of separation and distrust still exists between white fella and black fella tribes - because we haven't said sorry; and meant it. Rudd may have had the right intention when he uttered the words back in 2007, but words are nothing without follow through and since that historic date, nothing has improved really for our Original People's.

The spiritual community is searching for connection to not only their true soul selves but also to the spirits of the land and so it makes sense that we are going to want to be included in rituals and ceremonies, especially ones that involve all of humanity, however we must remember that lore and protocol are everything to Original People's and it is not our right to come in and try and re-frame or manipulate situations to our advantage.

That is actually a (subtle) form of "colonial-mind".

When we come in thinking we have a right to receive from, influence, align with or overlay our beliefs with those of the Custodians', we actually don't; especially without proper introduction or invitation. What that is doing is imposing our privilege and beliefs and how we think humanity is evolving (and should evolve), onto the Originals and then we insult them further by telling them they must upgrade their ways to keep up with "the times".

Having said that, I do believe that everyone on Earth would benefit from staying open enough to adjust to the current vibration so that we can all stay in highest alignment with Gaia and Her ascending consciousness, but in truth, it's a very fine line of distinction. A very sensitive balance needs to be found between that expanded concept and how things are in real time because when we start insinuating the "new" over the "old" (because we believe the old ways no longer serve in their present form), it can all go pear-shaped very quickly. Intention and integrity are key.

As a collective we are only just at the beginning of that journey now that the energetics have shifted and we need to allow some time for things to settle before we jump in and assume everyone is (or should be) on the exact same page as us.

We must remember that December 21 was just a marker for the Age of Aquarius, it wasn't a sign or proof that we suddenly jumped multiple dimensions and are all enlightened and now therefore "equals" as spirit elders holding equal tribal responsibilities. This frequency will take quite a while to filter in and anchor properly. Each Age is 2000 years and the shift in between each is around 200 years, so we all need to slow down and be gentle with ourselves and with each other because yes, whilst we are all equal energetic, co-creative beings and no one person or group has a monopoly on love or ascension, we each still have different roles to fulfill, hence the need for mutual respect and reciprocity is super important right now.

I guess the invitation is that each global cultural leader/leaders, discern what is simultaneously best for their own people and the collective interest/growth as we all prepare to move into the unknown future together. The Anangu (pronounced "ah-na-nu"), may hold the sacred keys and ceremonies on our behalf - on the world's behalf in fact and done so for millenia - but the reality is that now, everyone's communication skills could do with some tweaking so confusion and misinterpretation can be minimized.

Here are some facts about indigenous protocols that have been shared with me that you may find interesting:

  1. No one elder (Auntie or Uncle) has the authority to grant permission

  2. Every request needs to be submitted through the correct council channels of the area involved

  3. Requests are then taken to the community so all families can share their views in discussions thoroughly before an official permit is granted or rejected

  4. No elder from another area has the authority to grant permission on another tribe's land and they certainly cannot hold ceremony themselves without being invited to do so and after being welcomed and smudged by the local elders

  5. Just because someone is elderly, does not mean they are an authentic elder

  6. Nobody in community agrees on anything, they always "debate"; it's just their way

  7. There is no such title as "King" in indigenous culture; such a title just reinforces the feudal system the Original People's are trying to escape

  8. The Originals are not interested in our "New Age" spirituality. They have their own ancient stories and powerful connections to star beings, celestial guardians, ET's and serious "magic", that would literally blow most of our hippie minds.

Please note: this information is shared with me by trusted local and connected sources working out on country with community at Yulara/Uluru and from my mentors who work with Original People's both here and internationally. I am merely the messenger. The above points must not be assumed as a blanket statement for all tribes in Australia as each has their own lores and protocols.

It's also important to remember that as spiritual beings, as humans on our own karmic trajectories, we each have our own interpretations of everything that we encounter in life. Just because one person jumps online and shares their perspective about what's happening around any sacred site or situation, at any given time, doesn't make it universal truth. That would be like me doing a tarot reading and then saying what I was shown, was absolute. It might be right for me and possibly resonate with a few others, but that doesn't mean it is gospel for everyone else on the planet. Someone else might have a completely different response/experience and receive totally different information about the same situation/event horizon - or interpretation of the same cards that I tap into - and that's as it should be.

This year is all about each one of us taking personal responsibility for our gifts, our voice and our soul intentions after all. We all have our unique skills and we all get shown what we need to see when the time is appropriate, the question is; are we spiritually responsible enough to know what to do with that information when it comes in? I am always concerned when I watch people making prophetic spiritual statements about communities and culture because often all it does is set people up for attachment and then disappointment. It can also pollute people's own intuitive connections and power because they now have an unconscious expectation.

Be on the lookout for this as it is another subtle form of "guru" energy.

Now that we are on the other side of "the event", it's easy to say "well let's just move on, no harm done", but the reality is, harm has been done (or has been perceived to be done), both directly and indirectly and on both "sides". Many with indigenous blood in their veins have been offended and many well-meaning spiritual folk are feeling confused and disheartened too, so we cannot dismiss how this has affected anyone as that isn't the compassionate way. It also doesn't resonate with the higher frequencies of spiritual reciprocity and accountability either.

Myself and many others believe our extended community now has the opportunity to see and address how broken our current way of communicating with the Original People's actually is and that now we have the chance to rectify any remaining shadow energies connected to colonialism that need to completely dissolve and resolve. Solutions and remedies are already in the making so I will most certainly communicate any offerings that are shared with me in upcoming newsletters and you can discern if they are for you.

We are all heading into very new, un-chartered and unstable spiritual territory over the next few years, nee, decades. We are all integrating myriad portals and activations we have navigated this year, as well as the mind-blowing ones we encountered this week so we need to allow enough processing time, down time if you like, before we will be able to clearly see the path ahead as revealing itself fully. I believe we all need to be mindful of the wounding our Originals still carry (inflicted by our ancestors) and how colonization still influences our own psyches, whether we are aware of it or not. White man arrived on these shores in droves and instantly moved to manipulate and divide the local inhabitants, even deliberately turning them against one another, destroying homes and families and polluting hunting grounds. To top it all off they set about desecrating sacred sites and enslaving everyone as they raped, pillaged and massacred their way to "victory" on behalf of the Crown of England.

We must remember that white man has taken their land and stolen their children. Their spirituality is the last bastion for them, so no wonder they are so protective of it.

The pain is still very raw for many indigenous and as healers and weavers of all kinds and of all nationalities, I believe it is our soul duty to do what we can to sort this separation once and for all. It's a big part of why we have incarnated now and onto this particular island. We need to acknowledge and clear our own inherited traumas and be mindful to not perpetuate any narratives around ego, control and money either for those stories no longer serve anyone person nor do they support collective evolution. As white fellas, we all have our own backyards to clean up too. This is about everyone doing their bit so we can repair and reunite in forgiveness and unconditional love.

It's also about reaching out with open hearts and with the humility to learn and understand more about this incredible land and Her people that we all share, love and call home.

Aquarius is about collaboration and community, not color or creed. It's about uniting ALL living men and women of the living soil. In LOVE. Yes we are all cosmic custodians of the Earth (and multiple galaxies) and yes we all deserve recognition as such, but knowing we still each hark from specific galactic tribes, should each tribe be diluted or disarmed in favor of creating one giant melting pot? Isn't that a form of "spiritual globalization" and what we are trying to avoid?

Uluru is the solar plexus of Gaia, the spiritual heart of The One Divine Will, the Mother of All whose web lines, ley-lines and song lines span and encapsulate the entire globe, so as individuals (I believe) we must strive to self monitor our "will-power" expressing as our personal power coupled with Universal Will and always strive to ensure that we are tapping into and aligning with the tapestry of Spirit's intentions, not just serving ourselves.

When we do that, we serve our highest self and the Rainbow Tribe's highest and best automatically anyway.

This final week of 2020 is showing and teaching us many things and this will continue as we flow into the next year of this new decade. We are all going to be challenged beyond all previous limitations and to be honest, it's going to be pretty uncomfortable most of the time as the truth continues to set us free. We end the year as we started it - with a Full Moon in Cancer on December 29 - and after this lunation, more is going to be revealed to us in the coming couple of weeks, culminating in some intense astrological configurations on January 6 (Mars into Aries, expect firecrackers) and January 20 (no surprise there - US Inauguration - but also Moon conjunct Saturn). The first 6 weeks of 2021 will be no doubt be "WTF ones" ushering in volatile political, social and environmental experiences. Time to buckle up big time brothers and sisters and stay as neutral as possible. FYI, the Moon was hijacked long ago to manipulate and harvest feminine energies and Saturn is Satan's home planet, so yeah, you get the picture.

If you have chosen the fear timeline, sorry, but you're gonna have to get ready for more density, projection and angst because you have unconsciously chosen the extinction path. If you have chosen the love timeline, well done, but you will need to ground and amplify all the positive juju you are feeling and prepare to hold space for those who chose the opposite because walking this path doesn't necessarily mean all is going to be a bed of roses.

There is big work to be done and the others will need us, even though they don't realize it now.

We will also need each other in the days ahead, so stay strong, stay calm and earthed in your hearts and remember to give yourself a day off from saving the world every now and again. We're working in relays now. You may be a limitless spiritual being inhabiting a human body, but you do still need to digest everything through this limited human suit, so drop the baton, go gently and eat pizza every once in a while if you want.

Also don't forget that this life is just a glimpse or a nano-second in the grand galactic scheme of things and that you have had millions of others and will continue to have millions of others after this one. There is absolutely nothing to fear; or lose. You are light and as a child of God, as the infinite Atman, as a reflection of all the elements, you cannot die; you merely transform.

This is what shifting consciousness looks like dear ones and it was never going to be a stroll in the park. Receiving higher activations in truth is rarely about experiencing an increase in happy-happy-joy-joy moments and suddenly seeing unicorns, it actually involves us stepping up to the plate and being ready, willing and able to hold and manage, deeper and more intense esoteric practices.

Like now, our real work begins.

To help, I am holding my annual farewell to the year during the day on New Years Eve. This is always a very potent clearing and healing ceremony and for obvious reasons, it will be online this time. Makes no difference to the energy though, you'll still feel it, trust me. I am also around over the holiday break for shamanic sessions (online) so don't be shy.

Have a listen to my latest podcast with the lovely Tammy Cox also when you have a moment:

Wishing you all a peaceful transition into the New Year. Let's focus on embodying light and love to the fullest and letting go of the past that no longer serves any of us.



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