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Through The Looking Glass

The second I heard about covert19, alarm bells went off in my gut. I KNEW it was a hoax. Nothing about it aligned with my Spirit.

And as triggering as this may be to some to read/hear, any light worker truly connected to Mother Nature and who has done the hard yards to transform their personal wounding into their medicine, would have also instantly seen through the manufactured veils.

I have to be honest with you. It has simultaneously astounded and saddened me that so many are blinded to the obvious and have chosen doubt and fear over instinct and faith when they have been presented with what really is, their (and our) first MAJOR spiritual challenge - a bonafide 'spiritual war' - in this lifetime as a collective.

This is the first time in our recorded human history, where every single person on the planet is affected by the same sh*t, at the same time. What an amazing opportunity to clear all tribal trauma and unify in love and compassion! To set our swords down against one another and train our attention towards the real enemy.

Everyone's base chakras are pretty much being blown apart with all expressions of safety, security (financial, emotional, sexual), authenticity, how we nourish ourselves and one another (animals and the earth as well) and how grounded we are on all levels of our being, ALL up for dismantling and re-calibration.

Despite this 'gift in disguise', what has happened is it has driven a wedge within our communities which has only resulted in (further) division and disrespect; at a time when each soul soldier is needed to show up in their fullest light.

Instead of seeing it for what it is - which is a golden opportunity to step up in higher service for humanity (and self) by embracing the next level of whatever their particular gifts are - they have caved into bypass and denial. Often without even realizing (consciously) that is what they are doing.

They have knee-jerked from the head and forgotten the heart is where their salvation lies.

Ego has also played a big part as many strive to 'think' themselves through this situation. To become gurus or idols (false of course) when they haven't completed their own self mastery work. And those thought leaders whom we have all admired and followed almost 'religiously', are turning out to be frauds and part of the very matrix we need to dissolve.

You really do have to retain your sense of humor - and have a good cry when you feel too - otherwise it can just get overwhelming. And I know many light warriors are feeling the pinch now from carrying so much for so long. Just know you are seen, honored and held by legions of benevolent beings and that things are starting to lift.

So I wanted to take a moment today to invite anyone who started out at the beginning of this - what really is, a plandemic - to take a pause and tune in a little deeper. To open themselves to something new today, without attachment and without judgment. To consider the plethora of information and wisdom that is available now and revisit their original assessments. Just as an exercise in self observation. In expansion. In love.

Try and embrace a new perspective, a different approach, a way of receiving, thinking and feeling, that you haven't considered (or wanted to entertain) before. Be willing to remove some patterned masks and dialogues, in the yogic spirit of self inquiry and give yourself permission to break free of the past, if even for a short while. If it really doesn't resonate for you and you cannot shape shift yourself, then fine, all good, continue as you were before. All I am suggesting is that you consider a new way and activate that part of yourself for a few moments in time, just in case there is something there that is waiting for you to find it. Remember it.

I invite you to connect with yourself more intuitively and more esoterically, even if (especially if, in fact) it makes you feel uncomfortable, agitated or vulnerable, because it is within those exact spaces, that we discover who we actually are. And because no matter what you may be thinking and feeling on the surface - and although your true soul self may be buried under layers and layers of conditioning, projection and fear - I will always hold strong to my faith that hope and healing ARE yours to reclaim.

All you need do is TRY.



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