This Is Your Life

Image by @diesektion

As esoteric practitioners and believers (of all kinds and modalities), we have a basic understanding that all we need to 'heal' ourselves, is actually contained in our very cells and energy field, but I wanted to expand on that and share some suggestions that will help you contain your LEF (luminous energy field) and reinforce your protection through ALL layers of your being (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).

Please understand that anything I suggest here is from my own experience as a shamanic facilitator and yogi of 20+ years and that I am not advising you to ignore your doctor or other therapists' protocols in any way, nor replace that with my advice. Take it or leave it, with love.

I wanted to address this vaXcine situation because it seems things are ramping up in this area and more and more people are really starting to freak out about the possibility of being micro-chipped and force jabbed.