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This Is Your Life

Image by @diesektion

As esoteric practitioners and believers (of all kinds and modalities), we have a basic understanding that all we need to 'heal' ourselves, is actually contained in our very cells and energy field, but I wanted to expand on that and share some suggestions that will help you contain your LEF (luminous energy field) and reinforce your protection through ALL layers of your being (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).

Please understand that anything I suggest here is from my own experience as a shamanic facilitator and yogi of 20+ years and that I am not advising you to ignore your doctor or other therapists' protocols in any way, nor replace that with my advice. Take it or leave it, with love.

I wanted to address this vaXcine situation because it seems things are ramping up in this area and more and more people are really starting to freak out about the possibility of being micro-chipped and force jabbed.

Keep in mind also that the more you feed into fear and project that reality into your future, the more chance you have of experiencing it literally in 3D and when we match that (dark, dense) frequency, it consumes us and drains our light.

So. Some facts first:

1 We know that this experimental V is being rushed through by an agenda to surveil and control the populus 2 We know big pharma is under NO obligation to ensure this product (or any of their products), are safe and effective 3 We know that this vyrus has never been officially identified, and if they haven't isolated and identified the strain, then it doesn't exist right? HCG or not, if it doesn't exist, it's not a pandemic and we don't need a 'cure'. 4 We know this coVid V is 100% experimental 5 We know it will target and adulterate our RNA 6 We know that RNA decodes/deciphers our unique genetic information 7 We know that altering our RNA will affect our cellular and energetic integrity and hence the function of future generations 8 We know there is a high probability that this VaX will make us STERILE (and our children if they take it) 9 We know vaXcines are FULL of poisons such as heavy metals, detergents, even formaldehyde; not to mention pork gelatin, cow fat, chicken cells, MSG and aborted human and animal fetal cells! What part of this says 'natural immune protection'??

We are also acutely aware that Mr Gates from Hell is funding these v's, despite the fact that he has absolutely no medical training, just bucket loads of money and powerful buddies who are equally corrupted.

We also know that (most, not all) scientists love to "play god" and it's those ones who are now selling their souls and aligning themselves with this Frankenstein plan to vaXcinate the entire world. Ego, much? They have forgotten that GOD is actually in control of the human body, mind and spirit and that no human is above the laws of the universe. Play god if you want, but understand the consequences.

So how DO we prepare ourselves energetically for what (it looks like) is coming down the pipeline re the big V?

1 We strengthen our energetic force fields by raising our vibration beyond the scope and influence of any physical agitent 2 We don't feed into fear because that weakens our immunity 3 We ramp up our auric protection so it becomes impenetrable 4 We purify our bodies and thoughts of all toxins and conditioned programs and we ground the residue 5 We practice mindfulness and become a daily walking meditation of light, peace and equanimity 6 We don't align ANY of our soul self with low vibrations 7 We support other light weavers when they stumble so we maintain the collective grid 8 We fully embody our sovereign powers for when we do that, no-one and no-thing can harm us (us, living AS 5D) 9 We wear the armory of god 24/7 and we do not allow ourselves to be afraid of death/transition/change.

And above all, we accept our fate/destiny, however it plays out, because we are immortal beings and we came here KNOWING we have the strength of the sacred armies, helping us all to RISE and REBIRTH.

We don't know if we are here to survive this sh*tshow or if we came here to serve humanity by helping ensure the NEXT generation goes on to live in health and freedom; but we definitely know we are here to activate, participate and liberate, however we are called to. So follow your heart, speak your truth and don't let the bastards get you down!

Not saying it's easy. Not saying it's for everyone. Just sharing what I have been shown and what has always worked for me.

Now is the time to keep up with our divine training and take our levels of trust to the next level because we are most definitely, the ones we have been waiting for.




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