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There Is An Alliance & It Does Have Our Back





I’ll be honest with you; I haven’t slept much this week.

My mind has been overflowing with information, downloads, memories and hyper-concern for my fellow man. I know what I have to share is controversial and yet what I know in my gut is truth and must be spoken. I hope you will receive it well because we are running out of time.

We have been banging on about ‘waking up’ and ‘ascending’ for years but I don’t think anyone really grasps what this truly entails.

Waking up is NOT just about practicing 5D love and light or connecting to your healing gifts and intuition. It is about taking off the blinkers and SEEING the harsh reality of how the world we live in (at present) has deteriorated and that there is most certainly a battle between good and evil happening right in front of our closed (third) eyes.

When we wake up, when we un-numb ourselves (which is happening now as more and more respectable and intelligent people of note uncover these ‘conspiracy theories’ the governments are shoving down our throats right now) and when we make a conscious choice to say NO to all the mind, body and soul programming we have ‘unconsciously agreed’ to for generations, we finally become a formidable force of COMMUNITY of LOVE and of CHANGE.

THIS is waking up.

Waking up means we need to deliberately shake people up, grab them by the hand and heart and shout out loudly; “THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW BROTHER! BELIEVE IT! SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS SISTER!!”

As an activator, this is what I am doing now with these words that I write and with the celestial guidance and insight that I have. You too, have the power to open your eyes and join the dots. So will you?

Every day the truth is becoming clearer and clearer. As people adjust to the pace of current life – for the moment because everything is temporary remember – more are understanding the magnitude of it all. Yes, life will never be the same again, but we couldn’t have continued as we were for much longer otherwise instead of a virus – that has been blown way out of proportion – we would have perhaps seen the Yellowstone supervolcano go off instead. Lights out, full stop when/if that happens, but honestly, She is the least of our worries right now.

What we are dealing with at present is far more life-threatening.

I’m hoping we learn a few valuable lessons through this whole (concocted) Coronavirus situation, but if I had to narrow it down to just one, it would be RECIPROCITY. The realization that in order to receive, you need to give. That full and conscious participation requires one to give back. That one can’t keep taking and draining and bleeding things dry and still expect the tap to flow.

I say ‘concocted’ because this virus has been ‘advertised’ in media and movies (even as a series on Netflix!) in recent years, warning us of something like this happening; and this is exactly how shadow operates.

FYI – and according to scientists in the know – if a virus can be PATENTED, that proves it is MAN MADE.

Okay. A quick history lesson here before I go on: Spiritual law dictates that Shadow is required to show us what their plans are – they actually have to show us what they’re getting up to and put it in plain sight – it is part of an ancient agreement. Think of the ‘myth’ that one must ‘invite’ vampires into their home otherwise they cannot enter and do harm; it’s in the same box as this. Then, once these shadow beings expose their agenda to the greater community via movies and media and the like – and we still do not see what they are plotting – then be it on our own heads.

If we don’t take action, we have effectively (and unconsciously) given our permission for them to do what they so readily want to do. How does this happen you say? I would never give my permission for such atrocity! Well, sorry, but we have because we continue to ignore the symbols, we don’t want to believe in the boogeyman and we have been conditioned to be too polite and too compliant for too long. We don’t question the authorities that govern us – including various religious bodies (which actually have a lot to do with this at the root level) – and hence, they get away with murder. And I am not kidding when I say that. They literally get away with murder.

Human trafficking and pedophilia are what makes the world go round for these people and they are at the core of what we are dealing with right now. Add drugs, pornography and prostitution to the list as equal close seconds because they control these circles too.

I know this sounds absurd and that you are probably thinking I have finally lost it and succumbed to some crazed cult, but deep down, your soul, like mine, knows that the truth is always stranger than fiction. You know the statistics on missing children, you know sex and drugs are more prevalent that ever. You’re intelligent and you have put two and two together in moments of clarity when time and circumstance has allowed, but you’ve also packed it away for whatever reasons because your higher self, your just and righteous self, just can’t understand it. I get it, I really do. But you need to receive this now and when you do, you will discover the full truth for yourself. If you do your research and also meditate to ask Source for guidance, you will be shown. In our hearts we know this is happening and we need to start standing up, thinking for ourselves and walking our (light) talk with more conviction than ever.

Why else is the world the way it is? If everybody was moving with the highest intentions, we wouldn’t have poverty, crime, abuse or separation in any form. There would be enough food, shelter and income for everyone. It wouldn’t be hoarded by an elitist, racist, cabalist few and we would certainly not find ourselves (yet again) on the precipice of extinction!

As part of the human race, each one of us is guilty of self gratification, at some point, in our various individual ways. We’ve all demanded faster internet, convenient 24/7 shopping, round the clock/round the year supplies of our favorite foods and never ending supplies of all the creature comforts and little luxuries we have come to rely upon; although they’re not so little because the effort and energy generated to create these first world pleasures for us, has come at a remarkable cost to the earth.

We need a new vision and a new way of being and we seriously need it ASAP.

It’s no longer appropriate to just satisfy the senses and continue avoiding the spiritual self. What we need right now, is for everyone to reach the conclusion that self care, self responsibility, accountability and self mastery is where we should be placing our focus and placing our trust. Not in governments with secret agendas, loose tongues and even looser morals. No more bowing to the masters of wealth and wickedness. No more enslavement brothers and sisters!

This situation heralds a shift towards self governance and the return of the power to the people; we just need everyone to read the memo in FULL – regardless of how disturbing the truths within it, are – and embrace their intuition to take action.

Regardless of where Venus sits or how Jupiter is rotating at present – although they do both currently bring hope and positive support – profound shifts are on the cards for us all over the next few months; and it will be (a few more short) months before this catharsis starts to settle and we can start seeing right through the veils of illusion and fog that have been created to distract us. I keep being shown (as others are also) that mid-late April will turn the tide in our favor. China is already back on its feet according to reliable sources, the virus has stopped spreading, people are recovering and the economy is rebooting. The ‘curve’ is a lot shorter than we are being told but ‘they’ don’t show us that on Channel 7, 9 or 10 do they? No, because that would reveal the light at the end of the tunnel well before they are ready to show us it exists and they want to keep us in fear for as long as possible.

Deep state relies upon us remaining in a ‘fear state’.

Please don’t get stuck in another rut – initiated by fear and panic – and don’t buy into the drama that envelopes society like a thick smothering blanket. It looks like it will keep us warm and safe, but it will in fact, be the death of us because that blanket is flammable and full of hidden toxins. Breathe that in as they wrap you up in stirring stories of communities banding together and rising from the ashes and all you’ll get is asthma. Believe what the mainstream is pumping out right now – including the glossy commercials with soapie stars and celebrity chefs rallying the aussie troops in the spirit of oneness – and it will only end in tears. It’s cleverly disguised BS designed to lull the masses into a false sense of security and 'connection'.

The only thing we need to be focusing on is ourselves. Who are we when faced with challenge? How determined to fight for your rights, your loved ones and your freedom, are you? How we respond when the chips are really down and whether the well being of our fellow man remains a primary concern, even if it could involve personal sacrifice and discomfort in the short term, is a big part of why we are where we are – our inability to consider the needs of tribe over self and to do the right thing, by not only our own species, but others that share this planet with us as well. Our egos have led us to this point where we have collectively (and unwittingly) dealt ourselves into a game where the rules are not quite what they seem.

And this is EXACTLY what ‘they’ have wanted. So let’s look at who ‘they’ are then.

Have you ever wondered who ‘they’ actually are and why ‘they’ influence our dialogue on a daily basis?? How often do we hear ourselves saying this word in response to power, control, not being able to get what we want and in passing as we discuss the ‘status quo’?

I’ll tell you – it’s A LOT – and it is time you knew the truth. Are you ready?

I’m not going to tell you exactly who ‘they’ are because that takes away your personal power and as my dear friends and followers, I respect your free will above all else and I will always encourage your using of it. Hence, I am going to share some links with you and strongly urge you to investigate for yourself. Even if it means you have to sit down for a couple of hours and watch a video from start to finish like I have and till your eyes are falling out of your head. Even if it means you are going to feel extremely uncomfortable and sometimes physically sick as the truth of what some people are capable of, hits home. I remind you that being a learned spiritual being, requires that you acknowledge the presence of both light and shadow and understand the part that both vibrations play in life, so this will undoubtedly be a rite of passage for many of you as you see things in a new and challenging way. But it is necessary for you to know this now and you do have the time – we all do – and you know I don’t share information or stress things unless they are of the utmost importance. Please continue to trust my judgment and my intuition because if there was ever a time for you to do that, it is NOW.

I will warn you that you are going to discover some pretty grisly truths about this world and what the human-hybrid is capable of. That it is not all peace and light as we assume or hope or have been led to believe. That there are some extremely dark and evil people living among us pulling puppet strings and that there is most certainly a battle going on that will determine the course of all our lives very soon. If we don’t see this, if we continue to live literally ‘in the dark’ and cannot find the courage to open our minds to fathom reality as it has been conjured up for humanity for eons and into the expression that it is today, we are going to suffer unimaginably. And moving to New Zealand won’t fix it.

What I am sharing with you are not conspiracy theories – they are conspiracy FACTS.

Do not rely upon the main funnels of media information for they are owned and controlled by the 6 main corporations that actually own the world. News ‘facts’ trying to debunk what is rising from more and more reliable ‘independent’ sources, are fed from those at the top of the chain who are responsible for this situation in the first place! FYI there are only about 150 companies that control 80 - 90% of the world’s wealth and they are owned (correction, have been inherited generationally), by a very small handful of ridiculously powerful families. You can count them on one hand and they include the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s. Squillionaires.

These families also control big pharma (creating diseases and ‘curing’ them with vaccinations are their specialty), all global financial and banking institutions (which are not owned by governments as we are told) plus they pretty much all operate under the guise of philanthropic charities, including orphanages, child care centers and youth mentorship programs that incredulously, display their pedophilia/occult logos IN FULL VIEW. If you don’t know what to look for, you won’t see it, but once you do, you will be astounded at how obviously in our face this is. The videos will explain more but check these out as common examples:

If you’re completely honest with yourself, you have suspected all of this at some point, but brushed it off as too wild and surreal to be true; but it is! It is super hard to comprehend and then process and I hear you and feel you; but sadly it’s not fiction. You can’t un-see or un-know this stuff, but you need to if we are going to change the world, so buckle up and get prepared for a ‘wake up call’ like no other my friends. We’re in this together and we will win the war once everyone cottons on to what’s really going on.

I always believe it’s better to know than not, because that then returns the power to us so we can do something about it!

Make no mistake, these groups are pure evil, but you make up your own mind after watching these videos and looking at the faces of the people exposed within them. Men and women equally vile. If you don’t see the extremely disturbing energy and the ancient darkness and wounding haunting their eyes, I don’t know what else I can show you to convince you. If your soul resonates and you wish to know more or need some support to digest it all, you know I am here for you.

As a shamanic practitioner I am able to move between realms and access various libraries of information to assist during such times as this. I have encountered many dubious entities and energies in all my lifetimes of travel and have many years of experience clearing and dissolving and banishing them in this one; but it is not work I would encourage everyone to do as it is obviously intense and can be dangerous. As a result of all this etheric battling going on, there has been an increase in paranormal activity and agitation on the physical plane. It is why the fear has been able to spread so quickly and easily. I know a lot of you have felt and experienced this – and some of you may work with this already – so if you do, please contact me as there are some new skills you should know of to ensure you are fully protected as you work like this from now on because things have shifted dramatically and the way we work with energy, therefore also needs to. If you are being ‘visited’, having disturbing dreams or regular visions of things that you just know are not your own, then please reach out for my assistance immediately.

Now, I am not saying that COVID-19 does not exist and that social distancing and self isolation are not necessary now to ‘slow the curve’; they are. We need to be sensible and look out for each other. What I am saying is that behind all this, there is a massive and hugely distorted agenda, one that you can easily trace all the way back to ancient Rome in fact. It’s no coincidence that Italy is so on the map right now, given its history of blood, death and mafia-led, religiously-cloistered corruption. This information is public knowledge and available on the internet so I suggest you log to read it all sooner than later, while we still have access to it.

On a lighter note, here’s what to look forward to astrology wise.

Tuesday and Friday both activate a #11 portal, which kind of book ends this week with positivity, new beginnings, transcendental perspectives and a collective willingness to break down in order to break through. Good news yes? Mars conjunct Saturn (which is in Aquarius now) will activate our responsibility to self and to all beings in fact and if we can just band together and make a concerted effort – and hold strong to it and each other – we will create the potential to bring about great healing and change. Listen to your intuition, trust it and acknowledge any premonitions or insights that you receive this week, for they are all divinely orchestrated; thanks to the energy of the 4:4:4 code happening on Saturday 4. This energy brings discipline (on all levels of being) and a heightened awareness of our sacred soul purpose. Venus trine Saturn helps us make light of all the hard work we have been putting in and Pluto conjunct Jupiter (which only happens every 12-13 years incidentally), will help with the uncovering of hidden truths and the restoration of peace.

We couldn’t get better stars this week if we tried basically.

My fortnightly offering of a FREE YOGA CLASS ONLINE is on again this coming Saturday, on one of the most sacred and celestially-protected days of 2020 – April 4. This day brings in a 4:4:4 code, one of divine and sacred support from the angelic masters themselves and one that we should all open our hearts to. My class will start at 4pm (of course) and run till 6pm, during which you will receive my signature restorative practice with plenty of healing activations woven within. I hope you can join me to receive some love and to help co-create the spreading of more love to all our global brethren. Here’s the link:

Yes, it’ been a somber and serious newsletter this week for sure, but I have a mission in this life and I embracing it completely! We all have a purpose, so I hope you are inspired to rise alongside me in your own way and participate like never before. Make time to read all this again, watch the links and connect with your highest heart and guides so you can make sense and then see sense of what is happening on our earth at present. There will always be another Coronavirus (or worse) and there will be other attempts by the authorities to thwart, control and de-populate, until we break the chain of command. If we use this time wisely, we can stop them in their tracks and change the narrative for good and for God. Literally.

Remember: in order to fight with your light, you first need to know who your enemy is and then, what weaknesses to target. Therein lies your success. Shadow is all about ego and accolade and their symbolism will be their downfall, as QAnon promotes (look these guys up also). Look deeper and you shall see what has been hiding in plain sight. Look for the cracks and when find them, sage that sh*t to death as you channel love and healing into every broken thought, feeling, deed and energetic orifice. And do not rest until the darkness lifts and shifts.

You and I were born for this dear ones so let’s get to work!

Sending you all love, strength and awakening vibes; and please feel free to share this with as many people as possible.

PS. Some things that are helping me stay present during this ‘retreat’ time; diffusing Lemon, Thieves, Rosemary, Oregano and Eucalyptus oils, constantly. I love Rare Earth, Healing Essences and Auroma brands. Playing various Schumann Resonances. Sitting in the garden, drinking tea and talking to my plants. Communing with my crystals and downloading all sorts of funky stuff! Sorting out my vegetable patch. Washing bedspreads and blankets in prep for winter. Trying to find where I hid my Ugg boots. Playing with Blaze and going for walks. Meditating and doing yoga. Giving myself a healing treatment on my own table. Researching. Writing like crazy. Cleaning out my cupboards. Watching Netflix with Max. Eating too much chocolate. Vacuuming under my bed (finally, haha). Laughing at myself. Practicing gratitude. Smiling at strangers from a distance when I do venture out. And lots of just being.





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