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The Ultimate Reality Show




Image by @markcjn

Ah, the rain.

Such a beautiful sound to wake up to and yet there will always be someone who complains about the weather and how it’s interrupted their golf plans or their garden party. We are all entitled to our opinions of course, but I will say, when we start perceiving the weather as a hindrance instead of the life sustaining system that it is, we have been well and truly programmed. And I’m a country girl, so I’m not talking about flash floods and natural disasters here, I’m just talking about the daily dronings that we all at some point, have given our energy to.

Our wise and hardier ancestors endured far worse than us when the weather turned sour. They didn’t have the luxuries of central heating, undercover parking and home delivery. They had to suck it up sunshine and accept whatever nature dished out and if that meant giving birth in a blizzard, they would seek shelter if possible and just get on with the job. Life would just happen.

I remember watching ‘Vikings’ on Netflix last year and apart from having several past life flashbacks, it reminded me just how resilient the human spirit actually is. Sure it was harsh terrain and they were regularly wiped out by weather, disease and bloody battles, but at least they lived life with passion and purpose and remained intimately connected to Nature, to their land and their gods, no matter what manifested. There were still those that sought to overthrow and control and those who stood up to defy the generational tyranny, but they all understood the cycles of the earth and worked in with them rather than against them. I fear we have become a little soft and complacent over the ages in this regard. We have surrendered our sovereign power and/or had it stolen from us and what we are witnessing in our modern day lives, is the same sh*t different story happening all over again because we have forgotten who we truly are. We have forgotten that Valhalla exists and that we were born to fulfill our souls' destiny.

We are warriors, architects of peace and the rightful keepers of Natural Law. We are all indigenous custodians of Light and Love.

Rain, hail or shine, learning to appreciate the moment and allowing yourself to experience it to its fullest, is what living is all about. Not having a conniption because the weather bureau told you to and this leads me to the power that the media has over all of us. Yes, I am going to talk about this because it is so important that people understand the degree to which they are being hoodwinked across pretty much every aspect of their lives. And because there really are more pressing issues at hand that need our immediate attention.

In case you didn’t know, there are six companies – families – who own ALL the mainstream media outlets. That includes your ‘trustworthy’ channels of 7, 9 and 10 and yes, even the ABC.

Our world is just one big umbrella system that allows the super wealthy (minority) to get away with ruling the less affluent (majority). It’s depicted as a triangle (with a delicate pointy tip mind you), exerting predetermined power over its solid, grounded base. It goes against all mathematical and scientific rationale, but there you go, it’s our reality (for now). Flip it over however and we revert back to how things should be, the true expression of democracy and equal rights.

The inverted triangle, the symbol of the Divine Feminine, the sacral chakra, connected to our Kundalini (base) essence and the seat of our mighty ‘I AM’ presence.

You see, they needed to distort sacred geometry in order to do what they do, so they inverted and desecrated all that is sacred and in doing so, cleverly confused humanity as to the true meanings and origins of all symbols in the process.

And they have deliberately done this from the beginning for one reason only: to benefit and serve the darkness.

These elitist families include the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Bezos, Koch, Gates and Mars clans. Together – on paper at least – these families combined wealth equals $600 billion. During this plandemic alone, Jeff Bezos (Amazon) has made an extra $434 billion (!!) and I have no doubt that they all have squillions more stashed away for sure because these people always have a plan B, a James Bond style, 'exit-stage-left-after-self-destructing-all-computers' strategy ready in the wings. They know one day it will all come crumbling down once their little ring is exposed and that day my friends, is coming very very soon.

In addition to these global tycoons, the Walton family just scrapes into the ‘club’ with a cool $150 billion; their matriarch Alice is reportedly worth $55 billion on her own, making her the richest woman on earth. HRH QE2 comes in way down the list with only $530 million to her name. Poor thing. Just as well she gets so many freebies and gift cards. As ruler of 32 countries, 54 commonwealth countries and landlord of about 6.6 billion acres (1/6th of the world’s surface), surely she could cough up a few more quid. With this kind of kitty, she basically has the power to end world poverty and erase third world debt with one small wave of her gloved hand and yet she chooses to retain the title of oligarch (on behalf of Satan) instead. Sick.

There’s a lot happening in the world to make all our stomach’s turn in fact. This worldwide push to normalize pedophilia for a start. The mandating of mask wearing and forced vaccinations, another. Our governments are making decisions on our behalf – that are not actual laws by the way – whilst we sit transfixed to our tellies, drinking in the constant flow of some of the most mind warping propaganda the world has ever seen and pretending it’s not really happening to us.

What part of this circus are we not getting yet? You won’t be going on that overseas trip this year or any year in fact, if you don’t start seeing the truth. These psychopaths are running the show and so far, we are letting them get away with it.

I’ve never understood the whole “richest on earth” or “the most beautiful woman or man on earth” concept either. I mean really, how on earth can you gauge or rate such things? And more interestingly, why would you want to? How much money does one person need to live comfortably? Do you need to have private jets, gold-plated appliances and a concierge at your beck and call 24/7? Does it make you a better person because you can afford to slather caviar on your face every night or bathe in raw milk just because you can? Does having boatloads of money or being ‘ridiculously good looking’ automatically equate with eco-consciousness and giving a hoot about those less fortunate than yourself? No, it doesn’t, it just feeds into ego, into 'I want' and the desire for more and more (without conscience), so why do we keep buying into the illusion of celebrity-dom and mogul-dom as if these people and their lifestyles, are the be all and end all to life?

Because they need us to and because they are vampires in every sense of the word.

Because that system they created (for their own arrogant benefit), requires slaves to uphold it and as a collective, we have willingly and unconsciously complied. The inversion of the true systems, remember. They need us more than we need them and they know it. Hence all the effort expended to ensure we keep following like good little sheep, as we have for eons, and following the well worn trails they lay out for us to tread. God forbid we should stray off track and start thinking for ourselves!

Well guess what, that’s exactly what is happening now. We are thinking for ourselves and we are seeing right through the stained curtains of illusion that they have held up between ‘us’ and ‘them’ for so long. And those veils are not actually woven with the golden threads of philanthropy, piety and divine privilege as we have imagined them to be, they are stained with the blood of innocent children, stitched together with the literal skins of those brave souls who sacrificed themselves in a herculean effort to wake the majority up. Every single child who has suffered incomprehensible trauma at the hands of these vile criminals (who are not even fit to be called humans), is an absolute hero in my eyes and they deserve our attention now. And those who live to tell their stories are so much more than survivors; they are true warriors.

We cannot let any of their lives be in vain. We must find our sacred rage and speak up about these atrocities to expose these creatures for what they truly are and what they really do behind those gilded doors.

Have you noticed the blatant symbols on display at the ‘Occult Oscars’ for instance? The long red carpet representing the evil bloodlines and the long line of blood rituals that have been performed (by all involved) to get to this ‘elevated’ stature of celebrity/worship. The triangular carved set designs suggesting a strong Illuminati influence. The grand walkway leading to Egyptian pillars reminiscent of the temples (complete with palm trees) where ritual sacrifices were performed. The huge Germanic phoenix and eagle emblems (not so subtly) perched above the entrance and best of all, the golden statue itself, ‘their alternative deity’. Oscar just happens to look a heck of a lot like “Ptah”, an Egyptian god who apparently ‘thought the world into existence’ and was later reborn as “Osiris”, the god of death. All totally coincidental and just good use of creative license, of course.

Remove your blinkers and you will see just how dastardly this passageway they all walk actually is. You will see that what is portrayed as a world to admire and aspire to – where those we idolize and worship like gods among us and who live the life we are conditioned to all ‘dream’ of – are in truth, promoting a corridor of unimaginable evil that leads straight into the bowels of hell. Take away the Adrenachrome and you will see their true demonic selves.

We are living WW3 right now my friends and it most undeniably a spiritual war.

I find it interesting that amid what is the sick Jeffrey Epstein saga, not one celebrity or politician who has been proven to have flown to his insidious island (some on numerous occasions), is now completely silent. They’re all on the logs, signed themselves in so there's no accident there and yet not one is trying to defend or deflect the accusations leveled against them. And all those admirable women in the public eye who have in the past made such a song and dance about standing up and joining hands for women’s rights and human rights in general – Ellen and Oprah at the front of that posse in particular – why are they now at a loss for words? They love a chat don’t they? None of them are raising funds to help the victims, none of them are speaking out against it on their social media platforms and I wonder why that is?

I hate to tell you – if you haven’t already twigged by now – but pretty much every person in Hollywood, in the music industry and in the extended political, religious and even medical arenas, is involved with this worldwide satanic-pedophile network in some capacity. Anybody in a high position of office, anyone with their own TV show and anyone with a string of blockbusters and Oscars under their belt, is guilty, in some form or another. If they haven’t participated in human trafficking to get a leg up the ladder, they most certainly know about it and in my book – as I am sure it is in yours – that makes you just as responsible for the crimes against humanity.

Accomplice or perpetrator, makes no difference to God. You’re either in or you’re out.

We’re going to start seeing less and less of our ‘favorite’ icons in those trashy magazines out on their latest shopping jaunts or taking their kids to Kindy dressed in couture transgender garb. All photos will be rehashed or edited to look recent. And you won’t see so many on your screens either because they are all basically ‘on notice’, at home wearing 'special anklets' designed for the privileged few if you know what I mean. Any ‘new release’ movies would have been made a long time ago in preparation for this moment. They have plenty of entertainment fodder in their libraries to keep making it look like life continues on as usual for them but you have to remember as I mentioned earlier, they have been planning this for decades. They have an alternative strategy for anything we throw back at them and of course they are going to do all they can to keep up normal appearances. They’re paid actors remember and they are “all in this together”.

If you haven’t yet watched last year’s Oscars presentation with Ricky Gervais as host, please do. He gives them all a right royal roasting and makes it blatantly obvious to everyone in the room that their days are numbered. I love watching the crowd’s reactions as he unapologetically drops truth bomb after truth bomb and this is where you really see these deep state ‘actors’ pulling out all their skills to cover up what they’re really feeling inside. Now they're acting. Just watch Forrest’s face.

Cosmic-wise, we are finally at the tail end of Mercury Retrograde with the post shadow phase clearing out on July 26/27, so time for a happy dance and a reset of our priorities. Finally, our communication channels clear so we shouldn’t feel like we’re having to negotiate knife edges every time we open our mouths or touch our keyboards. Life will continue to be a rather wild roller-coaster for quite a while longer yet though I’m afraid, as certainly evidenced by what’s going on in Victoria at present. The first two weeks of August as we venture into Leo land is going to unleash the next relay of sacred warriors within the community and simultaneously cause great awareness alongside further dissension as people are pushed to their limits of understanding and integrity. We will all have to make sacrifices and compromises in response to what our governments are going to try and impose on us in the coming days, things they are doing without our consent, so stay strong in your soul and keep up your physical and mental health routines and your spiritual hygiene practices because we all need to nurture our ability for long term endurance now.

The sprint of these first 6 months is over and many are feeling the exhaustive pressure from all the shifts and changes in frequency we have been exposed to and this is exactly what the nefarious forces are waiting for. They are hoping we will weaken and collapse – give up and give in – so we must keep holding one another up, keep sharing our unique and powerful voices and inspiring others to wake up and rise up. Sure, we’re going to peeve some people off and lose a few more friends or followers, but that’s part of the process of finding your tribe. Everyone is entitled to reshuffle and realign with whomever feels right for them, so try and practice detachment and compassion if and when this happens for you. We are co-creating this reality on earth right now after all, so it’s always going to be better if we can be patient with one another, accept our differences of opinions and turn our focus to the task at hand which ultimately is, preserving the integrity and freedoms of the human race. Not to mention, our DNA.

Surely a cause worth uniting for yes?

I’ll be hosting another shamanic full moon ceremony (online) to celebrate the Aquarius Full Moon on Saturday August 3rd. I will also be incorporating prayers for the children and sharing some techniques to assist you with clearing and protecting your energy field also, so if that calls to you, please contact me for bank details to reserve your spot. The Zoom link will be posted in the event page (Denby Sheather on Facebook), on the day.

Also a special Lions Gate Portal Ceremony on Saturday August 8. Another 'don't miss'.

I know there’s a lot of information to take in and I know that a lot of what I am writing about lately is confronting and often sounds unbelievable, but it’s my purpose in this life to activate and call my fellow humans to action. I know it’s possibly triggering many of you and that many may misconstrue my passion as being patronizing, but please understand that it is not personal and that is not my intention to alienate or upset anyone. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with these realities. Even though I have known about many of these things for decades, I was once in your shoes and I get how strong the temptation is to switch off and reject all the horrible things that are coming to light now. I also trust that we have each chosen to be here on earth at this tumultuous time for specific reasons now and that we are all capable of great compassion and personal growth if we can just find the courage to push through our own comfort zones and conditioned understandings.

Check out Agenda 21 and the World Economic Forum’s plans for world domination if you're keen. Also the WHO and their current curricular push to teach four year olds how to masturbate.

Here are the links:

You have to register/sign in to get into the layers of their plan but well worth it. You’ll be astounded at what’s actually involved with ‘sustainable globalization’.

Don’t bother going to the WHO site to check this last one as they’ve already hidden and debunked it. I have seen the booklet they have put out and listened to interviews from concerned teachers trying to stop this rolling out. Also, don’t trust the ‘fact checkers’ out there, just follow the money trail again. They are all under that same umbrella I mentioned at the start. Funny that.

Some others to look up and listen to include: Rhonda Kourie (expert/lawyer on Agenda 21); Dr Zach Bush, Dr Andy Kauffman and Dr Vernon Coleman (for true facts about covid); Amazing Polly on YouTube (for well researched videos); Spiro Skouras (on YouTube); LondonRealTV and The Highwire with Del Bigtree.

Knowledge feeds empowerment dear ones and right now, we need all the collective LOVING power and heart-driven determination that we can muster.

My shamanic sanctuary is always open so please reach out if you need any support on any level. Now is the time to receive and regroup before the next storm rolls in.

Blessings and gratitude,




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