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The Truce of the Matter





We are in the midst of the battlefield right now, between states of being.

Much like in ancient times when both sides suffered numerous casualties, leaving all involved bloodied and battered, yet neither prepared to "give in" just yet. The result would be an uncomfortable stand-off, a truce of sorts, where all agreed to let their troops rest, restock supplies and call for reinforcements until such time that fighting would resume.

This is where humanity currently stands. In limbo, between "realities", between one state of consciousness and another. In the uncertain space between "what was" and "what will be".

Nobody knows what will happen next in life and this is what makes this space such a potent and positive one. All we need do is stay focused, stay grounded, replenish our own reserves and keep loving everything that no longer serves us, to death.

Right now we are literally balancing upon the energetic precipice between two Ages - the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius - and when you understand what that means exactly, it will help you make sense of all that is currently unfolding in our modern day world. It will help you comprehend the multiple layers and forces of nature that are at work and in play right now also and hopefully that will bring you a deeper experience of calm, trust and inner peace.

Last Tuesday, the 3rd of November, the planet of communication - Lord Mercury - came to a standstill, as all planets do before turning direct again. The day of the Presidential election. Now, when you have studied the occult and understand how important numbers, dates, times and seasons are to these people, you will begin to grasp the magnitude of what many brush off as mere "coincidences".

Rule number one in the spiritual handbook: THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES IN LIFE.

Essentially, every date and every event in our recorded human history, has been hijacked from the light and then manipulated to serve the various agendas of the darkness. This is why such intense information has to be "leaked" out in bite size pieces for the majority of people to digest in stages because if they were to suddenly become privy to it all and expected to grasp just how interwoven and polluted our societal structures actually are in one conversation, they would literally spontaneously-combust. However, now thanks to recent decades of conscious, awakening activity and millions of people doing their personal work, healing their wounds and waking up slowly in alignment with their soul paths, more citizens of the earth are finally able to comprehend the magnitude of the situation they find themselves living in.

This is what is happening now as we witness Universal Truths coming out, across the board.

The situation in America right now for instance, is an incredible opportunity to stop, rest and reconsider where we have been placing our energies. How we have been "fighting" the inevitable if you will, the changes that are destined for this planet and the human collective, whether we see or agree with them or not. To contemplate how our personal energy contributes to the collective one and how we can temper ourselves to be of higher service, outside the sphere of human reactivity and need.

We are being invited to upgrade our own systems and reboot how we connect and communicate with one another because quite honestly, the way we have been relating to one another - and for eons - just doesn't cut it anymore. It's disgraceful in fact, the way humans have treated one another - not to mention animals and the environment - but let's stick to the human side of things for the purposes of this blog.

Criminality and duality are not part of our true nature and yet we have been raised, trained and conditioned, to believe (and accept) that they are. To believe that we are not interdependent or sovereign beings. We have been taught to blindly believe that the way the world operates is as "good as it gets" and that our voice is inconsequential because trying to challenge those in positions of power and privilege, only results in pain and suffering for us. But why do we have this programming and why do we automatically direct the blame at one another instead of those who created the system in the first place?

Because we have been enslaved for so long that we have forgotten the origin of our being.

All that is hidden is percolating to the surface of our collective conscious minds and spewing forth into 3D expressions right in front of our eyes now, to the point where it is absolutely undeniable. Truth is, we have all been played, as we have been playing each other and that vibration, that intent and those associated 3D practices, along with all the avenues of distortion and deceit that go with them, just don't resonate with the ascending vibration of our earth at this point in time. Regardless of what you believe personally, it just doesn't. We don't have any more time to waste and we certainly don't have any more excuses to pull out of our butts in relation to why we haven't got our sh*t together yet.

It's purely fear and all the associated vibrations of the fear energy, that keep us stuck in ignorance, anger, hate and continued inertia. At some point we all need to look at ourselves as we look at one another and be accountable for our part in perpetuating this imbalance.

Last months' full moon that was conjunct with Uranus - the planet of breakthrough and freedom and that governs Aquarius by the way - created a revelatory and revolutionary shift on all levels and this is connected to what we are witnessing now in the US of A. We are all experiencing and upgrade and so now, the best thing to do whilst receiving a "spiritual service" if you will, is to make a cup of tea, sit in the garden patiently and contemplate life from a non-reactive heart. It's the perfect opportunity to settle your mind and regain control over it especially if your thoughts have been running away with you throughout this whole political circus and reclaim your inner wisdom. Your power.

This spiritual war - literally World War 3 - is about harvesting your mind after all, harvesting all our minds and all that makes us who we are and so it is imperative that you retain yours, use critical thinking and anchor your mind in your heart, otherwise you will risk becoming vulnerable to psychological and energetic hijack. When you understand energy, the occult as I mentioned earlier and how everything works, you will know this to be true. Transhumanism and Artifical Intelligence are not a secret any more, they are out on the table and accessible in the public domain now for you to research and discover how connected they are to what is going on now. The best thing you can do is keep inquiring and speaking your truth, but don't get caught up in petty arguments, don't allow yourself to be distracted by agitating opinions or projections and strive to maintain equanimity and peace with every thought and certainly with every word that you do speak or write.

The moment you digress into shadow activity within yourself in any form, you become a target and as you would expect, on the battlefield, you will be taken out in an instant.

Our enemy has been invisible for so long that we have pushed those memories and traumas so far into the recesses of our collective mind that it's hard to remember let alone accept, that this is what is happening right now, but it is dear ones and it's vital you understand this. Everything has been mapped out and advertised to us in plain sight for decades and yet, because we have been deliberately "dumbed down", we have difficulty seeing what is as obvious as the nose on our face. We don't want to believe what was because it will confirm that what is, is in fact, not what we have founded all that we "are" upon, and this is the crux of the matter.

Identity and ego need to shed in order for us to embrace our "I AM" presence and live from our soul.

If you don't have a solid foundation or connection to your soul self, aside from all the materialistic and worldly things you have acquired, and you rely solely on the identity you have created through achievement and acquisition in this life, then you are definitely going to be struggling with all that is unfolding. If you have a strong core, don't identify who you are with what you have and have worked on your "issues" over time to come to a place of alignment and energetic integrity, you will most likely be feeling at peace. Uncomfortable of course because that is only natural to be nervous during times of great change, but there will be a solidity, a knowing within, that feeds your faith and keeps you grounded in love regardless of how the physical circumstances mutate around you.

Identity is ego and right now, the ego is experiencing death throes like never before because this is vital to the survival and evolution of our species.

The only way to unify is through the experience of division and this is why we have all these powerful planets circulating and interacting with one another in rare and deliberate formations around our earth at this time. They are holding the container for our highest and best and instigating the shifts within our group mind and heart that need to happen. So we can see we are all on the same bandwidth and on the same trajectory as a species.

It is time to trust in "the process", not "the plan" as many suggest, because remember, God laughs at man when he suggests such. He does however, respect those who engage in life's process using their gifted free will and this is what we are all equally being invited to do now. Our Maker is asking us all to "remake" ourselves so we may "graduate" to the next level of our soul selves and become the divine conduits that we were born to be. So we may align with this new Age of freedom, awakening and ascent.

The Age of Aquarius is dawning peeps and I suggest you get readied for what promises to be one mind-blowing and earth-shattering transition that will peak this summer solstice on December 21.

This moment in time heralds a fortuitous "tipping point", a zero point manifestation that will alter the course of humanity forever. The energy that will generate and radiate around the globe from this particular event will either "rock" or "roll" the human, meaning you will either reject it or receive it, depending on how you have been preparing your vessel. If you have been purging and purifying your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual layers, then you will be able to energetically align with these new frequencies streaming in, the frequencies that have been pre-ordained to take Gaia to Her higher levels of consciousness. If you have not been aligning with the light, clearing your wounds and instead been sticking to pattern and the past out of fear and ego, let's just say you will have a less enjoyable experience when these frequencies start flowing in and will most likely manifest more density and repetitive karmic "lessons" for yourself as the world cycle elevates and expands.

So you can see, you can choose to experience the new earth or not. It's totally up to you.

If you are keen to end your suffering and participate in this blessed time with your global cousins and to leave the past behind completely to step into the unknown - and yet the completely "known" to your soul - then now is the time to get serious about how you are reacting to what is now unfolding in our midst.

I wanted to share some loving reminders that I posted on my FB page this week because I think we could all do with some at the moment.

* There are no “sides”.

* We are currently creating unity THROUGH the experience of extreme polarity.

* This is the only way that duality can dissolve and resolve.

* We are all on the same human “team”.

* We all want freedom, prosperity, equality and peace.

Every human possesses an inner energetic radar, a “truth compass” if you like, that alerts them to danger, conspiracy, lies and BS and for some of us, this intuitive instrument is a little more fine tuned than it is for others. This depends entirely on where peeps are on their spiritual journeys so it's not a judgement, it's a soul reality and the way you shift this and take your power back, is by becoming aware. By waking up.

Strip away all the personalities, all the mainstream narratives and especially all your own judgments and opinions that really only serve to perpetuate the ingrained program that we are all separate (because weren't not!) and hold fast to the Universal Truth that Oneness, Divine Justice and Love always prevail. Make time to settle down, watch what unfolds and stay in your hearts. Learn how to discern how FEAR (darkness) and LOVE (light) manifest themselves on this plane and then choose wisely; and if you don't know how to do this, reach out to someone who can show you.

Hold strong and keep the faith brothers and sisters. We need to move through this illusion, this duality and division, in order to UNITE and the honest truth is, we are all exactly where we need to be, "like" it or not.

A wee warning for the new moon in Scorpio coming up on the 15th also. We tend to focus all our attention on the potential of the full moon, but it is the New Moon that we need to be aware of, especially now. The New Moon is the "dark horse" in the lunar cycle, often seen as an opportunity to set goals and plant new seeds - which it is - but it is also the favored time for the darkness to ramp up its nefarious intentions too. My advice is that it would be wise to shield yourself at this time and consider refraining from any ritual work, just until things stabilize.

Wishing you all a peaceful, protected and empowered week.




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