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The Only Way Is Up





I am back from the red centre and landing gently after a week in 45-plus degree heat! Getting into the water asap always helps to regulate the system after being baked to that degree, so I’ve been doing very little other than dunking myself in the ocean and meditating in the garden and just allowing myself the space to integrate everything that I received. Have also been loving the downpours that have been peppering the last few days; rains that have all been initiated from the work done by the elders at Uluru FYI. Interesting isn’t it, how they arrived at a time when conversations about climate change and how it links to culture, spirituality and personal karma, have begun to penetrate the (white/western) mainstream conversation, slowly but surely. No such thing as coincidences remember.

I hope you have all been keeping well in my ‘absence’ and easing into 2020 nicely. I did think about squeezing in a newsletter whilst I was away, but it would have been rushed in the end and I didn’t want to do that to you; or to me. So here I am, rejuvenated and full of potent shamanic juju and inspired ideas to share with you, this week!

It’s always interesting when you return home after being away and disengaging from your usual routine. We’re all guilty of burning the candle at both times, spending too much time on computers, social media and zoning out in front of the TV for example – not to mention absorbing the dreaded wifi 24/7 – but until we extricate ourselves from that web, we often don’t realise how much we are addicted to it. After taking a break, I often find I don’t want to engage with what is going on in the world because I know it will pull me out of my bliss and disturb my recalibrated energies, but of course, that is part of the lesson; learning to be present despite all the hullabaloo going on around us.

So much goes on when you move from that devout and detached space, without the intention to interfere or impose, but to just be in the moment to witness Mother Nature and receive whatever She choses to share with you – and this is a big lesson I believe for all people making their spiritual pilgrimages to Uluru especially. It is not about us and what we think we can do for Her; it is always about Mother choosing whom is ready to work with Her and then granting them access (or not).

No amount of sage waving, sound healing or chanting mantras from another dimension is going to get you the acknowledgement you seek. That’s ego needing to be seen.

So with all the talk about spiritual ‘activating’ and ‘awakening’, I started contemplating: What exactly IS it?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the moment when aliens beam down (or beam you up) and implant (either telepathically or physically) a whole new reality into your brain. It isn’t heralded by the sudden spouting of light language or prophetic dreams that suddenly anoint you with Jesus abilities upon waking either.

Answer: Activation is the embodiment of our natural state of being. That of LOVE and that of JOY. It is the action of choosing to be what we our soul was designed to be, without all the ‘who’, ‘I’ and ‘me’ attachments.

And if there are any side effects or ‘proof in the pudding’ re activation, it will most likely be the purifying kind where your physical body needs to release and excrete residual crap (literally); most likely using your bowels or some other body part, as the conduit.

Shamanic rites of passage and the level of skill that is required to actually clear the collective debris, is not fun and it is not comfortable. There’s no peace, love and lentils in those moments let me tell you, just hard core shifting and the practice of extreme surrender.

Luckily, Mama Rock meets everyone where they are at on their spiritual path, hence, everyone will have a different experience of (and relationship with) Her. Depending on how much work you have done on yourself and how ready you are to be initiated to whatever ‘next level’ is appropriate for you, you may have amazing, beautiful openings or you may be pulled further into shadow and feel heavy, sad and even sometimes deeply disturbed by what is coming up for you. It’s all part of Her plan (and Her energy), to deliver exactly what you need as you sit before the wise elder council. Not everyone can (nor should) expect to spontaneously ‘ascend’ or ‘increase their light’ at this or any other sacred site anywhere around the globe (at least not immediately), because that is just projection creating an expected experience that the mind feels it is due.

I have been to Uluru five times now – four times hosting retreats – and each time I sense I am being watched, not by other humans, but by the elders and beings of both land and sky. In fact, they all knew I was coming – as they do with those teachers who are walking their talk in service – but this time, it was different and it took me a day or two to get why. Riding along on our sunset camel tour and feeling the reverberations from my dude’s big, taupey toes sinking into the sand, I realised it was because I was being welcomed as an equal. As family. I was home and it was the most divine and privileged feeling, I cannot fully do it justice with words.

The challenge, the ‘hard work’, the real work, is sitting in front of that massive monolith and opening yourself like never before, to be seen, to be told and to be opened in whatever way your soul needs in that moment and that is what I am so proud of all my women on this last retreat for doing. Every member of our conscious coven (of 13) was incredibly brave, sensitive to the site, compassionate with one another and respectful of where they were, the whole time. They were dreaming themselves awake, just as I had visualised when I entitled the retreat “Dreaming Awake; and I am forever grateful for facilitating such a journey. I could not have been blessed with a more gifted group of sisters. My work at Uluru feels complete and I will now move on to wherever Mother guides me next. The song lines of The Kimberley and Kakadu (July 2020) are calling, as is Tonga (September 2020), the North Island of New Zealand and Jordan and Patagonia, so stay tuned for information if you’re interested in outback eco-adventures with a shamanic-vision-quest twist!

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So how did you go with all the wild frequencies over the last week?! Which parts of you remain and which parts were you able to let die?

No matter where you were in the world, the fun all started with the Cancer Full Moon and Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse (with Uranus stationing direct) on the 10th, then flowed into the Saturn-Pluto-Sun-Mercury conjunction (in Capricorn, Uluru’s own sign) on the 12th and finished with the Ngaltawaddi prophecy being completed (by the indigenous) on the 13th.

Yep, it was BIG and yes, notice how I say ‘by the indigenous’ because we actually had very little to do with the real rituals that were being held; very little at all, truth be known. It wasn’t our place to do that work because it isn’t our land and these are not only my words, but the words and sentiments of many locals and those people who have lived on country for a long time and who are able to see right through illusion. Yes, we are all ‘indigenous’ on some higher cosmic-multi-planetary-conscious level, but we are not elders of this country in this lifetime and our ancestral line in this life, does not herald from the Dreaming like the first nations’ people’s does. Obviously if you have any Australian aboriginal blood flowing through your veins, this doesn’t apply to you.

The spiritual community was only ever meant to witness and support this final event that wrapped up the week, not insinuate into it or take accolade for ‘healing the world’.

I ran into a woman I know from Sydney out there and her words struck me as indicative of this (slightly) ingratiating vibration. She mentioned her back and leg pain and that how after walking around the rock for hours, it had miraculously disappeared. I just smiled and said, “Yes, the land healed you”, to which she quickly replied, “No, I called it in.” I didn’t say more because there was no point. If someone cannot acknowledge the truth that the land meets each person where they are at and that the spirits are actually the ones pulling the strings, regardless of how much we may ‘put it out there, call it in or channel our own guides’, then that isn’t my responsibility to enlighten them. None of us are responsible for ‘enlightening’ anyone else anymore in fact. Every body has to find their own direction and power through their process, their dark night of the soul – or not – and however long that takes them, is however long that takes them.

Everyone has to welcome themselves to country and give themselves permission to heal.

Over 3 years ago when Spirit told me that I would take a group of women to country at this special time – and not at the usual time in April when I had run all my other retreats – I received instruction to only take minimal ‘tools’ of my own. That was basically one clear quartz crystal and a sage spritz; nothing else. No smudge, no drum, no rattle. When I travel, I usually take a modest pack of what I call ‘medicinal necessities’, but I listened and did exactly as I was told this time. None of my usual talismans came with me this year because I respected the energy of the rock.

It’s time for this ‘I must fix and heal everyone because I can’ attitude within the spiritual community, to clear and elevate. It’s unconsciously (and sometimes consciously) driven by ego and I can speak of this now as a crone because I have grown through this phase myself. I used to think I was the world’s best healer. I knew I was gifted and I had some amazing healings under my belt early on in my ‘career’, but very slowly (and sneakily) it got to the point where I couldn’t tell the difference between healthy self assurance and blatant self aggrandisement anymore. I was intoxicated by the praise I received and believed I could cure anything that anyone presented to me, because I hadn’t yet come to the understanding that it wasn’t me doing the work, it was Spirit working through me, utilising my skill set. Even if information wasn’t offered up to me, I would always find a way to start and then bring a conversation around to what I could do to help them. It was all about me, but I didn’t see that at the time of course because it was coming from love and good intentions after all; but it wasn’t appropriate. I was a ‘wounded healer’ in desperate need of healing myself, but I didn’t know it and this is a phase that all healers need to birth themselves through at some point if they are to progress along their path to self mastery.

This part of the healers’ journey is an interesting (and crucial) one, if we are to learn to respect boundaries, contain our own power and trust the universe will bring those souls who are meant to work with us and our particular type of ‘medicine’, to us, and all in good time. And more importantly, when we are ready to hold that space. There is a big difference between being able to support one person or a small group and being strong and mature enough to anchor large groups whilst ensuring that each one remains safe and protected; and yet another thing still, to be able to manipulate the energy of the elements on a global scale!

I believe as healers, we are after all, only here to guide others towards discovering their own light, not to make carbon copies of ourselves or build an army of blind worshipers.

We are all on our own mission and working out our own karmic stories as divinely orchestrated and co-created, but I will say – because I have remembered who I am and because of all the rites of passage I have lived through (in this life and others) – that this year, as we all move forwards into unfamiliar territory (yet again), we are each responsible only for our own healing.

Mother certainly appreciates our love and care, but She actually doesn’t need us to do anything or to heal Her. She has it all under control and boy, is She supported by one heck of a sacred squad. Ironically, with so many varied energies knocking at Her rocky doorstep this past week, She had in fact cloaked herself in protection so as to block out anything being ‘channeled’ into Her. Few could see the subtle seals around her fringes, but they were there. Heat haze is very different to etheric armoury when you are attuned to seeing such.

I have seen these higher committees, I have felt them and been told certain truths by them, because I have laid myself at their feet without ego and in full embodiment of who I am in this human skin. I have done the work – and continue to do so – so I don’t need social media to justify this (to myself or anyone else). This is why you won’t see me posting photos or extended dialogues about my sacred time there. The level I work at and what I am shown is very personal and privileged, information intended to be shared one on one with those who are ready to step up and move into themselves more deeply, or in my medicine circles with people who wish to learn what is called the ‘right ways’. If this is you, please reach out privately to me.

If you’ve been reading about what I’ve been putting out there about the fires we are currently experiencing here in Australia, you will also (hopefully) be seeing that this perspective is slowly being picked up and absorbed by others now. I am an activator, a catalyst for change and an awakener of light. I share my guide-given insights about what is happening and why, where we are at as a collective and what still needs to be cleared for the revelations to keep unfolding as they are destined and this vibration ripples out into the four directions and all corners of the globe, to be received as it will be received. That is my job (or one of my main ones anyway) and it isn’t always an easy space to occupy. It requires big hearted-boldness, deep belief in my calling, very thick skin and the willingness to endure whatever backlashes that may arise from speaking truths that are still working their way into the collective consciousness and into the hearts and minds of humanity. But there it is and after this final visit to Uluru, I have finally been given full permission – by myself and the elders – to step into all of me.

We’re all doing this now in our own way too. We’re all being called to be MORE.

It’s wonderful that the rains are coming in now – thanks to that work initiated by the elders at Uluru in the past few weeks – and that will now create the regenerative energy that is needed to repair and heal the land, the people and the animals. Intense water energy comes with it’s own problems of course but this is the nature of our world now – radical weather changes caused by climate change. Even Sir David A is piping up loudly now, telling us we only have a few years to reverse the wrongs. We have known about myriad earth-loving options for decades and done nada as a species and so now we are all suffering the consequences; and bringing the other kingdoms down with us as well.

The ‘buffer’ between seasons has shrunk and in some cases, dissolved altogether, so I predict we will see more of a see-saw effect in regards to weather and the environment from this point forwards. ‘Trans-season’ – which relates to the earth element in TCM – just got hijacked, which means from an energetic perspective, we all need to start nurturing and nourishing the sh*t out of ourselves, each other and Mother Earth to help compensate for the deficiency and bring the cycles back into a state of manageable balance before it really is too late.

Sorry, but there is no easy way out, if that’s what you’re looking for or wanting to hear. The work continues and the only way is through.

I hope you find some inspiration in all this and that you digest what you need and release what you don’t, because naturally, not all that I say is going to resonate with everybody and that is what 2020 is inviting us all to do. To look through the veils of our own making and see clearly from our hearts, what serves us best and how to best be in service.

This week coming is another interesting one with lots of surprises and opportunities to again, step up, show up and grow (up).

Starting with and heading towards the AQUARIUS NEW MOON – of course right, following the Capricorn window we just negotiated and as we head into the AGE of Aquarius – there will be some cathartic moments on Wednesday 22, Thursday 23, Friday 24 and Sunday 26.

Wednesday 22 invites us to pause and reset and not just because it’s ‘hump day’; because it has the #22 in it (a master number, although not officially a ‘master number day’) and is also a #9 universal date, meaning we are surrounded elevated consciousness and completion energies. Be acutely aware of your thoughts and words today and the vibration imprints they create.

Thursday 23 is the Royal Star of the Lion number, one of courage, divine power and full soul expression. Today it merges with the universal #10 date, meaning instant manifestation and new beginnings, freedom and the opening of new horizons is possible. Venus sextiles Jupiter also which brings in gratitude, blessings, positivity and romance. Maybe it’s time to go on that date or get super messy and creative! Take a break today at some stage and explore whatever makes you happy.

Friday 24 is the Aquarius new moon – the first one for the new decade – and being an #11 universal date and with #24 being all about LOVE, today sets the stage for humanity to liberate itself from the past. The new moon is square to Uranus (ruler of Aquarius), the planet that’s all about exploring higher dimensions and trust your intuition over your mind in order to meet change and hence, forge new paths and new frontiers. Exciting times are a foot! Mercury sextiles Mars, Venus square sextiles Jupiter and Venus square Mars today also, giving us the faith to transform ourselves amid the chaos and also providing creative outlets for our energies to express cleanly and clearly and consciously. Make time today for a private ritual to honour the past, all our relations and all that the ancestors that have provided for and gifted us/you, and then sit and listen for their advice on how best to proceed.

Sunday 26 brings in the #4 and #8 codes of fate and destiny – and of course again, reflect the #4 that is 2020) – asking us to step up and be the leader of our own lives. Venus squares Mars today which helps us take charge of ourselves and our energies, but not from any old space or habits of force or obligation; through love and compassion. Guard against over excitement and channel the rising energy to manifest your deepest desires because today is very deliberately inviting you to embody the next level of self mastery. Pay attention to any self sabotage patterns that need to dissolve and what the underlying causes may be so you can start to transform and transcend them.

We also officially begin the New Year on Saturday 25 with Chinese New Year heralding the 13-month lunar calendar, so to honour this, I will host a small medicine circle in Avalon. Please contact me directly via email or on 0413 747 644 to book your spot and receive directions. You will need to BYO mat, cosy blanket and pillow, your crystals for the altar and your own (stainless steel) water bottle. We start at 6:30pm – 8:30pm and your investment is $60; cash only please.

After anchoring my crystal skull into my new studio matrix, the ancestral song lines are officially open and ready to receive you. The shamanic portal of Avalon is pulsing with renewed energy and I am so plugged in to Mother it isn’t funny. I look forward to holding hearts and hands with you soon and remember that my yoga schedule begins with the school term in the first week of February. Here are the timings again FYI. Address will be supplied to you upon confirmation of attendance.

Remember that my new space is 100% wifi FREE, thanks to the medicine wheels and sacred geometry symbols embedded beneath it, the crystal grids repelling radiation and the eco-friendly yoga equipment that you’ll be lushing out on. It really is an unparalleled oasis of healing; unlike any other space you will find.

Monday and Friday @ 9:45am – 11am

Wednesday @ 6:30pm – 8pm

Sunday @ 4:30pm – 6pm

Healing sessions will be held on Monday (12pm – 6pm); Tuesday and Thursday (10am – 6pm; Friday (12pm – 6pm) and Saturday (10am – 3pm). Please note that in-person and Skype sessions are equally as powerful, so don’t hesitate to book if you can’t make it physically. Please visit to choose your session type and secure your preferred class time via email: There may be some hiccups with the booking system this week as I switch to a new one, so if you encounter any problems, just email me and book in that way until it’s all sorted. Apologies in advance.

NB: For those of you who are perhaps open to energetic healing but still not fully sold on what it actually is and what it can do, I am more than happy to have a quick FREE 30-minute or so phone chat to answer any questions you may have. Shamanic healing and journey work is very different to the usual ‘energetic healing’ by the way. It is very intimate, very powerful work and requires many years of learning, experience and skill to facilitate properly. Every ceremony I create is unique, just for that person and their specific needs. Healing should never be a ‘one size fits all’ prescription or followed from a book anyway because everyone’s story around personal power is unique. When one loses their power, their connection to their soul, disassociates or finds themselves possessed by another spirit (yes, it happens more often than you realise), they are immediately less protected and empowered on this (and other planes) and hence, this leads to dis-ease. True shamanic work basically pinpoints the root cause of emotional, mental and physical illness, ancestrally resolving them at a spiritual level so you no longer suffer or repeat the patterns of behaviour, thought and energetic programs that manifested them in the first place. Once you understand this – and understand yourself on this deeper level – you are able to view illness through an entirely new lens and will eventually come to see it as an opportunity to rebalance and recalibrate your entire being. I often get people coming to me saying that they have ‘tried everything (and everyone else) and nothing works’ or that they have already done lots of work on themselves, for years, and yet nothing has really shifted in their life. These people are actually my ideal clients, so if this is you and you are dealing with some heavy stuff, now is the perfect time (in your life as well as on this new evolving earth) to listen to your heart and try something different. Shamanism is an ancient (and holistic) practice and working with me at this level will change your life – if you let it.


1 yoga class per week + shamanic healing or private yoga therapy session = $520

2 yoga classes per week + healing or private yoga therapy session = $470

*One shamanic healing or private yoga to be booked during each 10-week term.

I will add a Saturday yoga swing class in the near future so let me know if you are keen for that. Yoga swings are excellent therapy for lower back issues and lots of fun to use too. There will be 3 spaces for that class and 6 bespoke spots available for all other yoga classes. You will need to book and pre-pay for the entire term and there are no casual visits.

Sending you all so much love and gratitude for all that you are and all that WE are becoming!





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