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The Love & Lies of Spirituality

First up, let’s get clear on the truth that there is no one set path or practice that either confirms or denies one’s “spirituality”. There are many avenues to “enlightenment” because there are many of US.

Spirituality is not defined, nor confined, to the language we use nor the way we present physically to the public either, because that (in itself) could be perceived as discriminatory, almost like saying only those who wear turbans and kaftans or have a degree in theology, are entitled to speak on matters of the Spirit and Soul.

Permission to speak one’s truth is not exclusive to culture nor heritage.

Every human on the planet is spiritual, regardless of how they are expressing it. Both light and dark and the good, the bad and the ugly equally, are all deserving of expression and integration.

This is how we navigate the 3D world we have incarnated into and how we learn to transform our "lower" vibrations, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, into "higher", more refined ones. That’s why it’s called a practice.

The journey towards self-mastery, through self-discovery, is the path of unity consciousness.

So, let’s talk about what it means to be spiritual and human at the same time nowadays, and remember, these are my own musings, so please take or leave as you wish. I only ever share from my own experience, and you are entitled to your own perceptions of course.

We are all facing our own demons through this current world situation and simultaneously, each one of us is also being called by our highest selves to stand in our power without fear, “to face infinity without flinching” (as Max Igan, always says) and develop both physical and energetic mettle as we go. None of us know exactly how things will play out nor what will eventually transpire for our species, and naturally, we all bring a cache of life experiences and interpretations with us to the communal table when we start having discussions and dialogues about the “best” or most “compassionate” ways of behaving and interacting with one another.

We all have an opinion, but that doesn’t mean we are “right”- or “wrong” - either.

A lot of the information that is circulating at present is, I agree, pretty bloody disturbing. It’s confronting and it pushes myriad buttons and I fully understand and appreciate why so many are perplexed by not only what I sometimes share, but also what many others put on their social pages as well. Next level knowing is more often uncomfortable than it is pleasant and yet this is exactly what all we chose to come here for (I believe); to face the truths of the world that humanity has co-created for itself (and been controlled by for so long), to comprehend our own karmic lessons so we may grow beyond them and to love all that no longer serves both individual and collective, to death, once and for all. If we’re honest, we knew there was always going to be some collateral damage.

There are those who say what is unfolding is an “accident”, that life is unpredictable, chaotic, and devoid of any “greater, universal plan” or intelligence, let alone an all-knowing God or Savior. They spruik “science” and mathematical explanations as being superior to Universal Law and intuition and because that makes rational sense. When things are explainable, I agree, it can help sedate the flight-fright-fear response.

Feeling safe is a very powerful aphrodisiac for the human.

Others believe what we are experiencing as a collective is a direct repercussion of all the harm, hurt and horrors we have collaboratively inflicted upon ourselves, one another and all other sentient beings sharing the planet with us and therefore we have a duty to clear the slate and take responsibility for the past before we can start manifesting the "new earth".

Others still, may believe a bit of both, or be totally “on the fence” and refraining from making any assessment at all out of fear or not wanting to rock the proverbial boat.

Denial helps sedate anxiety and stress during times of war, and we dear ones, are most definitely “at war”, not with one another though (as we are being led to believe), but with the elitist establishment and the structures that have bound us to slavery for civilizations, and in this, we must find commonality.

Regardless of your perspective, there is no refuting that humans have existed in an extremely destructive way on earth for a very long time and if recent events are anything to go by – as far as social separation, coercion, judgment, and discrimination go – it doesn’t appear as if we have really learned the lessons of our past.

If anything, we appear to be repeating them, the absence of foresight, painfully obvious.

We say we don’t want the “old normal” to return, and yet at the same time, we are getting busy creating a “new normal”, one that is just as limiting and possibly even more restrictive than the previous paradigm. We have just swapped one form of identity, for another, and one that is just as constrained because it is still rooted in the mind.

If we are to truly create, we need to move from our hearts instead and lead the mind with this frequency and intelligence. The mind “in” the heart, not “over” it.

For example, for all the postures, breathing practices, Kundalini kriyas and meditations it offers, the whole purpose of Yoga is to rise above the distractions of the mind so one can connect with their higher, divine intellect. To master the sensory world so we may unify with the subtleties of the Sacred Self. It’s not about perfecting handstands or being able to AUM yourself into another dimension either, it’s about learning as much as you can about your humanness here and now, so you can appreciate the vehicle of transformation that it is.

It’s a privilege to be human, not a pain; again, a belief we have been programmed to accept.

“Life wasn’t meant to be easy” and similar phrases, reiterate the difficulty and desperation that humans are supposedly born into and destined to accept as “our lot”. We are told we are “born in sin” and required to pay penance for every little thing we do that doesn’t line up with what some doctrine written centuries ago - literally in the “dark ages” - says. Creeds that no longer serve where we are growing, and most of which are occult in origin anyway.

This is where the foundations of the “wounded healer” were laid, beliefs that many are still struggling to free themselves from, and where mankind was originally indoctrinated into system upon system intentionally designed to reduce its light in servitude, not shine in service.

Religion and spirituality are worlds apart, but that’s another blog for another day.

Enlightenment isn’t necessarily graduating to the point where you suddenly “know-see-and-perceive-all “and are catapulted into a new dimension or energetic existence.

What if it wasn’t about “ascending” at all, but instead, an invitation to “arrive”? In order to rise, we first need to ground after all, to establish firm roots from which to flourish.

Perhaps this spiritual gig is more a case of “less is more” and recognizing that all the memories we identify as (and with), are exactly the things that keep us stuck in our heads and therefore, lashed to the wheel of repetitive trauma?

We all (often) say, “just let it go and all will flow”, but what if we didn’t even need to let go, but rather, just stop re-creating the things that we end up desperate to let go of, instead?

What if we stopped trying, and instead, just did?

My point is, we create our own suffering and when we realize this, we can then open to the opportunity to stop doing so, quite literally, with one choice, in one moment.

If we don’t create the restrictions and stressors for ourselves in the first place, then there IS nothing for us to let go of, is there? How can you let go of something that you don’t have?

I’m not saying it’s easy at all, in fact, it’s probably the hardest thing for any of us to do because we are so conditioned and still so attached to our “little self” identities (as I call them). They make us feel secure, included, they help us move through the world with a degree of certainty and understanding, and they enable us to interact with other humans whom in truth, have little to no idea like ourselves and who are doing exactly the same “work” as us, just in their own way. Same, but different.

All of us are just doing the best that we have, with the knowledge and “inner-standing” that we have, in each now moment. We are all students of life, trying to figure it out!

The thing is, if we continue to live within boundaries and limitations, we are never going to experience the fullness that we are, outside of them. We will always feel “less than”, inferior, left out and lacking in some way, because we haven’t recognized that the very things we seek “out there” in the external world for fulfillment, are exactly the same things residing within us.

If we don’t push up against our own edges, we cannot discover our true potential.

The outside world is never going to be what we want it to be, therefore if we attach too much to that matrix and try and adapt ourselves to fit it instead of using it as a vehicle to support our deepest and most organic development, then we will always be a victim of circumstance.

Everything we think we don’t have, is only, literally, one breath and one choice away.

When you obliterate the boundaries to your own true inner nature and determine to anchor yourself in the present moment, breath by breath and no matter what the consequences, that is Yoga, that is “spirituality”, and of course, that is going to look and express differently for each human because each human is unique and moving through unprecedented waters as they do so.

If there was ever a time for each human on the planet to expand beyond boundaries and connect with their infinite self, it’s right now, that’s for certain, and yet still, a majority of seekers continue living in ignorance and habit and caught in clichéd cycles of their own making.

So, are “spiritual” people, particularly vulnerable to this? Yes, often, and here’s why.

We have revered a specific “guru” construct in the spiritual world for many, many years now and deferred our own innate wisdom to that of others who appear more learned and confident in such matters than ourselves.

Gurus and Sages have in myriad ways, ruled the world, serving as guides and anchors during times of challenge and chaos and yes, they have served that purpose well, but what if we consider the possibility that the "guru" is just a man-made regurgitation of the medicine men and women of old?

What if, over time - and courtesy of nefarious intervention and inversion - those teachings and the custodial responsibilities that the original wise elders held and taught - has been deliberately distorted to make the guru the “god”? What if this transference of what the universe offers to each being as an equal opportunity to claim soul sovereignty, was intentionally turned around to focus less on the student who was innocently seeking assistance so they could reclaim their own connection to Source, and anointed instead upon the shoulders of a selected, elected, few?

The ancients were all about empowering others and invoking the light within each sentient being so they could experience their own magnificence as one with Mother Nature. It was never about hierarchy, superiority or domination, it was always about everything and everyone – sitting in circles as equals – and assuming their vital role in support of the Oneness that nourishes All. Gatherings didn't take the form of a room full of participants hanging on the recycled words of one being up on a stage promoting their version of the truth.

Is the guru – or the equivalent modern day “influencer” or “celebrity” healer - more about creating a following of devotees that soak up every word and click funnel, than encouraging the same free thought and use of free will in alignment with Nature’s Principles?

Is this not the vibration from which cults and corruption were birthed?

That is up to you to decide, I merely pose the questions, but when I see this new wave of self-help “masters” supporting mandatory vaccination for example and stating that we should trust our politicians and health officials, I cannot help but suspect the practice has become more polluted than we may cognitively realize.

As the collective consciousness expands and begins to explore not only its own limitations, but also its own limitless potential, the role of the guru (thankfully) is shifting, in fact, I sense it’s dissolving altogether. We no longer need another human to show or tell us how to connect with Creator Source, because we are waking up to the truth that we are fully capable of such communion on our own.

No middleman (or woman) needed. Just us, in our raw and rough diamond state.

This has always been what this supposed “virus” has been about – to draw our attention to just how inter-connected we all are AND to ignite the sovereign energy within us so we may stand up and protect and preserve that which is most precious, that being, our TRUTH and our SOUL.

This is not to dismiss the wisdom and support gurus have offered over the ages, but rather, to draw attention to the labeling, and the reality that their role is now transforming - along with ours, individually and collectively - and if individuation is to evolve and resolve, then surely those highly individuated beings that we have all formerly put up on pedestals in some way, also need to change with the times?

I am concerned to say that I have witnessed several of these “spiritual teachers”, fall by the wayside since this whole “pandemic” experience began. I have watched them choose to avoid speaking out about the corrupting networks in the world and instead, focus on what I call “peace, love and lentils” discourse, suggesting that any plumbing of one’s shadow is to be avoided because it’s “too dark” and only brings your vibes down. I have watched videos where they have in no uncertain terms, instructed the audience to get the jab for the benefit of humanity and because it’s the only way to raise light and consciousness. Isn’t this endorsing medical apartheid? I have seen images of certain gurus hugging overly-powerful people of questionable character who are the actual instigators of these current communist and globalist agendas, and in all honesty, that just doesn’t sit well with me as a shamanic teacher. I do not understand why a teacher of any energetic modality, would align themselves so closely with people who are (to so many millions around the world), the obvious harbingers of death and destruction and who ultimately, advocate synthetic over organic.

Instead of associating with the known enemy, the light warrior in me suggests calling them out!

How about inviting humanity to dig deeper into themselves and into their own sources of attachment to the “group trauma” so they may transmute it fully and finally? Surely that’s a more cohesive and thorough way of dealing with the past than constantly pointing to the obvious external influences (and the mouthpiece “influencers”) and continuing to gloss over the surface issues by reapplying what really amounts to new band-aids and "upgraded" belief systems with each generation?

These things that haunt us all, have been lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings of our collective consciousness for millenia, and at some point, we will need to face them.

We are all responsible for co-creating what is going on and while it is necessary that we face that truth and do our personal work to clear as much of our ancestral wounding and triggers as we can, that's not only what it's about either.

A big part of why the world is the way it is, is a mix between us giving our permission for the mess to continue, and the fact that we have been deliberately trained to carry the burden and blame, to keep feeding the shame of our brethren and to increase the distance from ourselves. Once we remember that truth, we can stop living the lies and begin to set ourselves free from this loosh.

When we are divided from our own knowing and light, we are more easily manipulated and controlled and we will obediently believe what we are told, even (or especially) if it’s packaged up in some personality that promises “deliverance” through focusing on the external or some convoluted description about how we are separate from God and need to pay penance so we can be loved and forgiven.

When we put our faith in another human being and blindly believe what they have to say about life, we instantly discriminate against our own truth and knowing.

The truth is, you are the do-er, the creator of your own reality and you have your own lenses through which you view, receive, and then interact with the world, and nobody, not one single Sanskrit-singing soul, has the right to tell you what to do with your free will. Not one. Medical or Mystical degree, or not.

If you are willing to live in the now, to be instantaneous, open, vulnerable, and yes, humble, it will only take one moment and one moment only, to move beyond all the stuff that restricts the very essence of that which you truly are, and once you’re back in that space, in the birth right that is your heartscape, all you deserve and desire automatically flows (back) to, and through, you.

You have the power to change the world because you have the power to change yourself!

You don’t need to let go of anything; you just need to stop causing it in the first place. This is karma and sure, many may think “it’s a bitch” because embodying this means you no longer have anyone else to blame or rely upon, but yourself, and yet, I believe, that is what true “spirituality” is all about.



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