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The Journey is on

One of the first spiritual lessons we all learn is that everything in life is pre-ordained. That there are NO accidents or coincidences (regardless of how bizarre and random they may appear and occur) and that the intelligence behind all creations and creatures, is Supreme and All-Knowing.


So why do we as humans continually doubt this and spend vast amounts of our time and energy searching for ways to disprove Universal Truth? To question the one Source that nourishes us?

If we’re really the spiritual seekers that we profess to be, we would acknowledge this Truth without question because our vibration would be fully aligned with it; by default. We would accept that no matter how much we fight or how much we deny, life is already mapped out for us. All we need do is use our free will at certain choice points, to determine the level of happiness, success and freedom, that we can experience.

It’s the JOURNEY that is the important part after all, NOT the end game, because the outcome is already done.

The light has already won, so if we sincerely believe that, we must surrender to that.

This spiritual war we are living right now is something that has been perpetuated by both light and shadow for eons and even though it is distressing and depleting and not something we believe we would consciously choose to be a part of if given the chance, the truth is, we did, and therefore it is actually a privilege, not a disadvantage in any way, to be here now, participating and experiencing the multiple dynamics in play. On a soul level, we volunteered to come here as the star seeds that we are, to offer ourselves in service to humanity at this time of great transition and awakening. So let's own it.

To me, that isn’t a position of weakness. It’s an incredible gift that allows my soul to step up in the face of extreme adversity and realize itself as all powerful and all encompassing. To me, it’s the chance to face and defeat the residual demons that linger in the depths of my own consciousness, so that I may no longer carry the programs and burdens of believing I am less than, and instead, wield the sword of God to liberate my entire being. What happens after that, happens as it will, because I choose to no longer be attached to outcome in any way.

The JOURNEY has been my reward. My salvation.

Showing up now in LOVE and COMPASSION is a chance for me to break the bonds of my own slavery – to my mind predominantly – and sends a clear message from my higher to my lower self, that I did indeed choose to experience life like this in order to come back to my full and divine self. And to remind others that they too have the power to set themselves free; by embodying all That I AM, That I AM.

In order to do this though, we must all first stop feeding fear and start walking IN our highest reality.

Let go of your wounded memories so you may stand strong in each moment without feeling the need to defend (or refute) anything that is happening in the world because THAT is how we elevate our own vibration and that of the collective.

I am seeing so many people getting caught in the fourth dimensional energy because they are unwittingly struggling with surrender. Their human stories are getting the better of them and they are grasping at straws in an effort to find explanations for things that are actually beyond human explanation or reason. Things that can only be understood by the HEART, not the head.

If you are wrestling with how things are unfolding on the 3D plane now, in relation to lock downs, reported mysterious airport activity, unexplained ‘earthquakes’, celebrity ‘disappearances’, alien activity and so forth, take a moment to look at exactly WHY you are feeling so personally outraged and upset (or even indifferent), by said circumstances.

It’s not to say that human trafficking doesn’t exist (because it most definitely does) and it’s not to question the reality that China does indeed own this country and is most likely coming to collect (because it will). Or that our politicians are indeed covering up some seriously sinister agendas by smothering the rights of thousands of innocent Victorians at present, because yes, all that is true and happening. But when we choose to match the vibrations that these situations emit, and we keep giving fuel to the fires that are undeniably causing extreme distress and hopelessness for many – even death – all we are really doing, is giving that energy a reason to stay and to grow. We anchor it further by giving it airplay.

Now I am NOT saying we ignore what’s going on or sit back, roll over or bend over and allow these injustices to escalate.

What I am saying is that we cannot fight a 3D war, when we are living in a 3D vibration. We MUST TRANSMUTE our dynamic and our dialogues higher if we are to make progress.

Everything always comes down to US and our ability to keep showing up and making the effort; and deep down, we know this. It’s another principle of doing this spiritual work. We are each responsible for our own feelings and how we filter information because we are ALL being given the same information (and opportunities) from the universe; we just perceive them differently, depending on our karmic choices and what sort of ancestral ‘luggage’ we brought with us.

So, our salvation lies with us. We have to take responsibility for our reactions (and in-actions) and for the decisions that we make that go on to create consequences that don’t just affect us personally, but that also affect the group vibration that we are all co-creating together.

Consider then at this time when the battle is ramping up, what it is within you, that is being triggered exactly? Where are the pain patterns in your body, mind or spirit, that feel they must react so passionately to the things that are unfolding? What part of you feels he/she cannot relax and allow whatever is happening, to happen, with a sense of equanimity and trust? Do you feel obliged to ‘fix’ or ‘heal’ or ‘save’ anyone (other than yourself) for a present or past life situation? Is there some (however small) part of yourself that feels you will ‘fail’ if you don’t scream, rant and rave to grab people’s attention?

Is there an unresolved need to be seen and heard that drives you to share your secret squirrel ‘intel’ so you can educate the less informed and appear as the expert?

Is there an (unconscious) refusal to see reality for what it truly is because that brings up trauma and fear that you are not yet ready or willing to resolve?

Do you always fight back when you perceive things are beyond your control or can you soften into – lean into – the unknown and completely trust that there are hidden messages and gifts within EVERY experience here on earth, no matter how dark and despicable they may be?

Does the concept (and act) of pure surrender bring up memories of being abandoned, disempowered, abused or discarded for you?

Do you have a tendency to favor unconventional concepts over proven facts because in the past (or past lives), your own alternative views were not respected or believed? Are you carrying any residual fear, shame, guilt or blame on a soul level, that could be steering you towards resisting the now reality?

We all have our own ways of receiving, intuiting and dealing with life, and one things for sure right now, we are ALL being forced to step out of our comfort zones and to look ourselves (and each other), square in the chops.

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves whenever the next wave of challenge flows in because ultimately, we are all manifesting our reality in every given moment, and the more we can dissolve our personal wounds and transform them into medicine, the better off we will all be. This is the ultimate act of sacrifice (without the hand-me-down associated pain body however) because it is THROUGH this process of self inquiry and self responsibility, that we shed and clear the inherited wounds of HIS-story and start moving closer towards the experience of ourselves (and one another) as divined, sovereign beings.

The more we project, expect and anticipate the future, the more we separate ourselves from our birthright, our inner authority. Giving energy to ‘what if’s’ and possible scenarios or sinking into despair because ‘the inevitable’ is looming, is not only a waste of your precious reserves of energy, but a disconnect from your purpose as well and as sacred warriors and way showers, one thing we NEVER do, is renounce our LIGHT.

We may have our differing beliefs and opinions about how things are heading and how they may turn out, but truth is, none of us really know. We are all just either bouncing off others who are putting it out into the collective that we are all going to be ‘saved’ by a band of elite-busting, god-guided soldiers, or we are coming up with our own interpretations of what’s going on based on our personal truths and how we are individually filtering the same universal Truths; and hence, muddying facts with fiction.

We need to be strong and remain vigilant now to the tricks our own minds and egos are playing on us because anything we give kudos to that exists OUTSIDE of ourselves, is as you know dear ones, just another ILLUSION.

Anything (or anyone) we empower other than our inner god self, is an ILLUSION.

It's time to surrender and trust in the Creator 100% - and YOURSELF as a creatrix of your reality – and to know that in doing so and by placing your trust in the Will of the Divine, you are always and completely, protected.

No-one and no-thing can harm you – on any level – when you embody this space.




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