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The Definition of Divine Timing

Divine timing. Once you’ve experienced this, you will never doubt the mysterious and magical ways of the universe again.

The anonymous quote “failure is delayed success” is one of my favorites and I use it often with clients and (equally with) myself to explain why some things happen when we want them to, and why some things don't.

Every time I feel any familiar egoic-type urges rising or any impatience or control rearing their ugly heads, I immediately remind myself that everything is in perfect alignment (according to those beings that know more than myself in that moment), and give myself permission to 'let go with love'. It's a constant dance of surrender, trust and patience, and I'm not saying it's easy because it's not. It takes vigilance and the ability to accept yourself wherever you are at, as much as you can. Thankfully I have learned over the years that trying to manipulate universal outcome to any degree is just going to end in tears - for me usually, and sometimes others as well - and so this practice has become part of my energetic makeup, ie, it's just how I roll now, without attachment to an outcome, either way. The unfolding unknown can be the fun part, if you allow it to be.

There is a big difference between manipulating and manifesting as well, so let’s start with manipulation.

The dictionary tells us that it is the action of “controlling someone or something to your own advantage, often unfairly or dishonestly.” A pretty good summation I think you would agree.

It’s something that we humans do on a daily basis and sadly most of the time we don’t even realize we are doing it because it’s expressions range from super subtle to sledge-hammer-smack-on-the-head intensity. It’s a pattern that has become ingrained in our DNA as our species has evolved, and it’s not necessarily a good one.

For example, can you relate to this either within yourself at some less-aware point in your life, or as witnessed in another: you are all excited about a new idea or project and can’t wait to get it off the ground. In your haste to share and gain attention, you start coming up with ingenious ways to promote yourself and whatever it is you have created, obviously, but perhaps not every idea is anchored in your fullest truth. Perhaps despite the best of intentions, not every 't' is crossed or each 'i', dotted.

We may exaggerate our abilities or fluff around (or fluff out) some areas or skills, some essential facts, that we know aren’t up to scratch, in order to make this new thing we have created, look as shiny and as purchase-able to our peers as possible. To get awards, win clients or sway voters. We're full of enthusiasm and adrenaline remember.

It’s called marketing and it doesn’t always sleep beside integrity. Big business has this down pat.

Think about those people exposed through the media who have claimed they have cancer in order to gain sympathy and plug their upcoming holistic health book, about the particular cancer, that they don't have. Or how the government glosses over potential environmental damage in order to appease investors and make trade deals behind our (the publics') back, so they can continue mining reefs and sacred reserves.

It doesn't matter about 'the best of intentions' in these cases, or any potential benefits they may have anticipated with their limited awareness at the time of invention. These are brilliant examples of how people have sold their souls to the almighty dollar and willingly left their scruples at the devils' door, to 'achieve'.

Yes, humans are odd creatures. I am still coming to terms with being one myself and accepting all our idiosyncrasies, when more often than not, I wish I was a whale again, swimming the oceans and doing my work that way!

There is this biochemical surge that accompanies the energies of inspiration and excitement; let’s call it our ‘wounded self’, just for arguments sake, and it is regularly agitated by the scent of competition. It's the part of us that wants to be included and gain the respect of his/her peers. Tribal status, modern-day style. This aspect of us, however small it may be - and even if we have been working on ourselves for years as many have - still packs a potent punch to our head and heart and is a master of disguise and mental and emotional manipulation. Its’ voice is strong and very persuasive. It will try and convince you of all manner of behaviors and perspectives in order to ensure you achieve the recognition and success you so desperately desire. It is the shadowy, seductive, less spiritually-concerned side of ourselves, and while yes, it WANTS you to be happy, it wants that happiness, regardless of all costs.

And that is the key here: desperate desire, and what we are prepared to do, to get what we (think) we want. Because you hopefully know that what we 'think' we want, and what we actually 'need', are two completely different things, a lot of the time!

Truth bomb: we NEED water, food, shelter and love. With these things we can survive quite happily. We WANT, bigger properties, expensive food and more public adulation, to make us feel like we are thriving. Like we have arrived at some mystical destination before anyone else and are therefore the overall winner.

It's all a big illusion however (as I am sure you realize) and what happens on the outside with (the majority of extremely successful, celebrity-type people for example) is very rarely - in fact never I would dare to say - an accurate reflection or gauge of their inner joy; of how happy and peaceful they are within themselves. Or how fulfilled they feel on other levels of themselves. Unless you're talking the Dalai Lama or others of that ilk.

We all want to be seen yes? We all want to be heard, held, loved and respected, especially when it comes to our individual gifts and what we feel we can offer the world. We all also want, and need, a certain level of financial abundance, thanks to the social environment we live in nowadays and what we have collectively co-created for ourselves.

No longer can we rely on the barter system or trust that things will just come to us when we ask or meditate on them. You MUST show up and participate, every day also. There is way too much debris in the energetic atmosphere for 'sheer luck' to work (every single time at least) anymore, nor is it appropriate when as a species, we have locked ourselves into one gigantic money trap that appears to have a stranglehold on absolutely every single decision and action and unfortunately dream, that we have, individually and collectively. We have created such a dense matrix of technology, a suffocating and congestive tapestry if you like that blankets the planets’ auric fields as well as our own, that there is still more work to be done to extricate ourselves from its’ influence and therefore revert back to our more cohesive, collaborative roots. We need more room to breathe and connect with what it feels like to just be our natural selves.

Desperation and desire have driven men to do silly, arrogant and often crazy and extremely stupid things.

Not always, but a lot of the time, and (I believe) that is because they haven’t cleared the lower 'I AM' frequencies fully and are still being governed by primal base stimuli, un-evolved charge and trigger and an incredible amount of pain, story and absence of love.

And I’m applying this to men and women equally btw. No spiritual sexism here.

If those channels are clear within one, then the outcome is very different. Desperation transforms into drive and commitment and belief in ones own unique gifts and goals. Desire becomes impassioned and empowered connection.

If we are carrying any personal wounding or pain from our past - which let’s be honest, most of us are which is why we are still here on this plane, working on our familial shite – then that is most certainly influencing how we present and project ourselves within community. And to the mirror.

If we feel any sense of being less than, lack, or not as good/pretty/smart/capable as others, then those core beliefs will end up being the drivers of what will most likely result in some not so authentic or honest behaviors as we (unconsciously) strive for recognition and success.

We all want to be liked and loved, it’s part of the human condition; how we get that attention will depend solely on what we are prepared to risk, or release, to get it. And that is where manipulation comes in, massaging our wounds and telling us it’s okay to skip that part of the process, to jump the queue, pull that string, or turn a blind eye to the truth. To compromise our values so we don't offend someone's culture, beliefs of habits. This energy persuades us that it’s totally okay to pursue a particular path or activity or present ourselves to the public as something (an expert, a leader etc), even though we don’t actually possess the skills or the knowledge that we profess to. The political and corporate arenas are notorious for this.

I call it an 'unconscious copout' actually and it begs the question: at what point does one sacrifice their deepest beliefs, to keep the peace, save face, avoid confrontation or amass fortune?

Manipulative energy clouds our vision and inflates the egoic characteristics (that we all have to a degree) of self importance, entitlement and superiority. Money and manipulation are really good mates btw, have been for eons, so I don’t think I need to explain that one; it’s pretty self explanatory.

Manifestation however, is a different kettle of organically farmed fish.

This energy is an expression grounded in a deeply healed and heart-centred space where you have done the work to clear your patterns and out dated stories, and are able to look at your ‘stuff’ with clarity and embodied wisdom as you move forward to create and relate.

Google says that manifestation is “an event, action or object, that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical.” In layman’s terms I reckon that means seeing something you have visualized in your mind, morph into actual physical reality.

Energetically, manifestation is a vibration that emits from your soul when you have done enough self searching and moved through enough intense catharsis’ to truly own your weaknesses and your strengths, equally, and with love. You have reached the space of self understanding and self mastery, plus, you understand that this is one journey that continues for the entire term of your natural human life as you work to focus on being your best in every moment and expanding your reality as best as you can; in service to your highest visions and those of the collective.

Manifestation is calling forth our goddess-given gifts to support us on this path. It’s all about making the invisible, visible once again, and letting go of the outcome because we fully trust that whatever comes, is exactly what we need for the particular part of our journey we are experiencing.

And in comparison to the relationship between money and manipulation, this one is all about receiving what you divinely deserve and creating abundance from a higher, more awakened platform. It’s about supporting yourself so you can continue to be in service to others; not using others so you can just keep supporting yourself. Intention is everything.

Manipulation wants us to change and control, what is.

Manifestation allows us to accept and work with, what is.

And divine timing keeps it all in check.

No matter how hard we may try, we will never win the race against time, not just because time doesn’t actually exist the way we perceive it, but also because we will never be able to understand every single law of the universe thanks to our often homogenized human brains and programmed energy systems being as they are right now. We still too limited to cope with that information. Until we manage to free ourselves – and each other – from the kaleidoscope of power paradigms that we have been immersed in and feeding from for so long, we will remain corralled by this thing called time, and to these limited 3 and 4 dimensional bodies, until we step completely into our enlightened selves again.

Mother Nature will always be a few steps - even sometimes a few millennia - ahead of us, and that’s okay because you know what, if there’s one thing all of us have equally, it’s time and opportunity, to wake up, evolve and then heal ourselves.

How we spend that time is key to the degree of love and light we can experience on this plane, in this skin.

The universe gives each one of us plenty of chances to change, it’s just up to us to seize them (or not), digest them (or not) and wake up (or not), in alignment with our own souls’ divine timing, and when we do - when we reach that expanded point where we actually remember and embrace all of who we are and why we are here - well, that my dear friends, is going to be a day the entire cosmos will celebrate.

As Rumi says, “trust that what you seek, is seeking you” and that all will revealed by the Goddess when you (and the world) are ready.

See manipulation and manifestation as two sides of the same coin - shadow and light - and then choose which frequency highlights your best features.

Get busy living as best you can in the meantime.



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