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The Biggest Bluff Of All




There is a huge purge and purification going on right now, but this isn’t because new things are suddenly popping up and being created. It’s because the veils are thinning and revealing what has always been there, but hidden. It's the great 'uncovering'.

We're moving through a big base chakra re-calibration and I touched on this a few newsletters back, so let’s revisit as we build up to yet another intense full moon/eclipse portal.

Base chakra is about safety, security and finances FYI.

The only way through this maze, is to focus on clearing your patterns and activating your consciousness to the next level. Only then will you see just how conditioned we have all been, and how enslaved we have become, to material possessions and the like.

Money however does not make us safe. It gives the ILLUSION of it, but it isn’t a guarantee. Nothing in life is, but for those who are very attached to it, this will be incomprehensible. Almost offensive in some cases and this is because they have put all their eggs in the physical realm basket and forgotten they have another 3 aspects to themselves – emotional, mental and spiritual.

This is why this whole ‘plandemic’ has ‘taken off so well’, because it struck at the core beliefs of the majority of the planet, which is, work hard, pay your bills, don’t rock the boat and if you're lucky you may win lotto at some point. Society has conditioned us into believing that there is no other way other than ‘working for the man’, paying our taxes (which are illegal and a violation of our Constitution, I kid you not) and doing ‘the right thing’, as long as that follows the general narrative fed through the media monster.

This virus has revealed to us all – or at least a lot more than before – just how vampiric the structures are that are in place and how they only serve the elite few. And this is a good thing because traumatic as it is, it’s always better to see what you’re dealing with and know the truth, as opposed to stumbling round in the dark and being deceived all the time. Agreed?

We are being called to create anew and to step out as consciousness in action. This is why the last few years have been pulling down the patriarchy and shining the light into all the corruptive hidey-holes. We have been working up to a mass awakening for a while truth be known, and now that we’re here, there are STILL those who refuse to see it!

If you cannot see the connections between forced vaccinations and artificial intelligence, and don’t believe that tracking and tracing our every move via nano-chip technology, is NOT a good or healthy thing, then please stop reading and hit the unsubscribe button.

Right now, there is a war of biblical proportions being waged and it has more to do with how much you value and love yourself than it does with religious rhetoric or ‘he said, she said and he/she is a scientist so therefore it’s TRUE!’

So, we are finally seeing how the world is run and it’s not very pretty is it? Once your rose-colored glasses are ripped off your face and you find the courage to actually stare into the eyes of the beast, there is no going back I know, but again, wouldn’t you rather know, than not? Doesn’t knowing, put you in a position of power and choice? Yes. Yes, it does. Otherwise what is the alternative? What happens if you don’t participate in community discussions, don’t contribute to society in a positive way, don’t vote because you think ‘why bother?’ and don’t step up to the challenge of being all that you can be? What happens is that you eventually become a zombie, someone who relies upon government hand outs, second hand information (which is often tampered with) and who is angry at everyone and about everything. Your own apathy creates your reality and very soon you find yourself stuck in a box of your own making, weirdly content in your complacency and criticisms about life however and reliving the past on repeat.

Who needs ‘hell’ when you have that kind of life? That is hell right there.

It’s important to remember that we are FREE SOVEREIGN BEINGS. We were created by god and we were born free. Our soul is our own and we have free will to wield as we wish. Nobody – especially a self appointed ‘health expert’ like you know who, whose father started the whole abortion-organ harvesting business – can take that away from you. You may have made contracts with different people that you need to play out in the life time, but you are ultimately answerable to your Creator. Not the WHO and certainly not a bunch of privileged nos veratu masquerading as royalty, celebrities and government officials.

It is absolutely VITAL that we each see what is unfolding here so we can ‘ascend’ into the new earth dreaming that all us spiritual peeps keep banging on about. If we don’t and we keep umming and ahhing about whether this is all true and giving our precious energy away to doubt, fear and indecision, we are effectively giving permission to the invisible masters to continue their polluted and convoluted game of harnessing our life force for their own sacrilegious advantage.

This is how they roll. It’s all about getting hold of the human soul and by cosmic law, you aren’t allowed to do that unless the human surrenders it to you, voluntarily. If you stay asleep and refuse to evolve, you are offering up your sovereignty to them. If you do that, you have violated your own soul’s covenant with god and from what I know about the esoteric realms, that is definitely not a good place to be in.

I have always said that technology will be our downfall and lo and behold, what are we experiencing now? Atlantis all over again – same sh*t, different story – but nevertheless, we are at an identical precipice of extinction and I don’t mean via climate change, I’m talking about the extinction of the human race via A.I and the agenda that is Transhumanism. I have written about it in my Facecrook – sorry FaceBook lol – page, ‘Denby does Dharma’. If you wish to join, please send me a request as I am not posting on my public pages anymore.

If you’ve been watching keenly and keeping your mind and heart open, you may have picked up that the Queen has recently ‘retired’ (supposedly because of the virus), that the Black Pope has died (head of global Freemasonry), that the White Pope has gone into hiding (no doubt praying for forgiveness for all the child abuse he is privy too and has participated in) and that several CEO’s of huge companies have recently and inexplicably ‘stepped down’ from their lucrative positions (and just ahead of the ‘pandemic’ crisis, coincidentally). All things that make me go hmmm…. and hopefully you too. If not, they should.


Because these are some of the superficial layers of the agenda that I and many other sane and intuitive people around the world have been talking about, that need to dissolve before we can gain access to the information hiding beneath and right in front of our naïve eyes.

Every country is going through its own karmic healing this year – China and US especially – but here in Australia, we also have our own nasty little revelations to cope with of course as we watch our civil liberties go down the drain week by week and the implementation of more and more drastic and draconian measures; despite the curve being flattened to the ground and the risk of death actually being less than ZERO.

Life for everyone is changing and this is why it’s so important more than ever, to establish a spiritual practice that can help keep us grounded and sane. Those of you who know they came here for a specific purpose in regards to being a light worker, you must now hold the vision strong and step into your soul warrior self. You must hold the frequency without falter and be prepared to face your own shadows as the bigger shadows are revealed. This is no time for the ‘half-in-half-out-when-it-suits-me-and-feels-good’ kind of spirituality we are used to seeing and have given way too much energy to in recent years. It’s time for us to burn bright and look back at the darkness AS a conduit of the one and only god source. When enough of us do this, it is powerful enough to shift the planet’s vibration and bring all beings into a higher state of conscious awareness.

We are living in an extraordinary time and despite the hardship, the trauma I am witnessing and feeling on behalf of others, plus my own personal stuff (which pales in comparison to many of course), I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know I was born for this and I know those of you reading this and getting tingles up your spine, have also chosen to be here now. So let’s get on with it. Let’s focus on love and happiness, of transmuting every single negative thought or expression, into a positive one, and let’s keep dismantling the remnants that remain of that old and decrepit system that has allowed the minority to control and rule, the majority for too long.

Let’s stop feeding the imprints being blasted at us constantly, telling us how to respond, who to fear and what to do and not do, and instead, start blasting out our own imprints of harmony, health, abundance, equality and world peace into the matrix. Let’s use our yogic, psychic, white witchy powers as one and start seeing ‘their agenda’, collapse under our earthen feet.

We will come out the other side of this victorious. The question is, what are you prepared to look at and love to death, in order to start the journey of your own awakening, because if you don’t rise – and that is your choice of course – just know that no amount of toilet paper or hand sanitizer is going to help you.

What will help you is dis-identifying with the mask – and yes, I include wearing masks here too – and refusing to engage with the ancestral soul contracts that feed these nefarious beings. Stop putting your prana into the shadow field, that is, stop buying into the trauma projected by media and social media and contain and preserve your precious energy instead. Turn your senses away from the external world and focus on building your chi and your light. Build a firewall around yourself to do so and repel any and all devious and demonic attempts to get your attention and hence, your soul.

We literally need to lose our minds in order to start moving from our hearts.

Now I will share a little bit about the stars for this week, but please keep in mind that astrology (as we know it through the Gregorian calendar system), is also an ancient control-construct that was designed millions of years ago (on earth) to keep humanity following particular pathways and beliefs – basically to enslave us into the Babylonian dreamspell scripts carved in stone by the original ‘masters’. Yep, I’m sure a lot of astrologers are gonna get real peeved about that, but the truth is, we don’t need any more bloody programs – even if they ‘appear’ to be light-guided – because the majority (if not all) of them, are not. They are false light constructs. We don’t need a middle man (or system) to decipher life through nor to show us how to commune with the Creator (as mother god and father god incorporated) because we are their energy. More on that another time however as it’s a BIG topic.

Whatever motivation and momentum look like for you, this whole week is about bringing harmony to all layers of your life and to becoming more of yourself. It’s about CONSCIOUSNESS IN ACTION as I mentioned earlier and this is exactly what the Age of Aquarius is about – calling out all the corruption, exposing all the fraudsters, the “banksters, gangsters and criminal technocrats” (thanks Sacha Stone for those phrases, I love them!) and uncovering all the behind-the-scenes behemoth behaviors, in order for truth to finally prevail. Remember the 21st century catch cry, “The truth shall set us free”? This is what we are moving towards now via the chaos unfolding each day. So, yes, our emotions are going to be heightened leading up to this full moon eclipse and this is a good thing because it means more people will start paying attention and questioning the status quo. They will (hopefully) be able to see through the web of lies that have been spun around us non-stop for eons and begin to process what all this ‘ascension stuff’ is actually all about; which is, realizing that life as we have known it, has been fabricated from day dot and that there is most definitely a spiritual war going on right now that we have deliberately come to participate in.

Planetary wise, Venus (the planet of love and beauty) squaring Mars (the planet of action) will bring in a surge of co-creative, sexual/sensual energies, so make sure you channel these into physical endeavors and avoid getting caught up in the heat or passion of the moment and from the mind/ego vibration.

Use your divine imagination to manifest your highest heart desires.

Friday sees the first of three eclipses and this one has the Moon in Sagittarius (the planet of wisdom, joy and justice, ruled by Jupiter which is all about expansion) and the Sun in Gemini (the planet of intellect, logic and inspired concepts). It lands on a very powerful #15 universal date, with the Sun and Moon both @ 15’ and Mars (in Pisces) forming a T-square at 15’ also. A triple 15 code, pretty spesh, almost like the triple goddess is coming in to offer us some extra jing and juju. 15 represents the spiritual alchemist, the magician, the mage/sage and is a super powerful energy to draw upon. The moon is opposite Venus and the Sun is conjunct Venus, meaning we have a lot of creative power now and it would be a shame to waste it on procrastination or apathy.

We can birth whatever we want, if we want it enough.

We will need to guard against inner and outer tensions building and potentially exploding in our faces though – as evidenced with the riots in the US – which I believe are actually intentional psyop’s (psychological operations) to manipulate the masses. Yes, these happen and on a regular basis. Police have been identified on camera as instigating the initial ones that set the others off after the George Floyd incident. Deliberate ‘plants’ serve to antagonize communities with the objective to reinforce the whole ‘racism story’ the elite concocted a long time ago and keep separation festering among the people. It’s been an age old ‘trick’ for centuries. A scam. Best we can all do as part of the global collective and when the you now what really starts flying around, is to stop listening to the propaganda-driven narratives and start listening to our guts. Focus on staying as emotionally balanced as you can amidst the crazy that is being reported every 24 hours, because the majority of it is, dare I say it, “fake news” with a sinister agenda.

Tune into pleasure and joy instead this week and work to dissolve tension within yourself that subconsciously contributes to these external experiences. Don’t react but rather, respond, with LOVE.

T-squares are highly activating and they do have a tendency to make people lose their cool, and quickly. When we start acknowledging and then channeling suppressed emotions, grief and frustration, it’s important to do so in a way that “does no harm” to other people and property, regardless of how evil or ‘deserving’ you believe them to be. Violence breeds violence and that serves nobody. What it does, is make the Luciferians jump for joy because when we act out, we play into their matrix of madness. We think we are bucking the system, but instead we are feeding it.

So beware of impatience, reactivity and impulsivity this week as you go about your business.

The end of the week sees the Sun square Mars which will serve to activate your inner warrior, whether you are ready or not, so start preparing to find your voice and speak out alongside your conscious brothers and sisters because there will be something deep within you that snaps and finally decides enough is enough. And I am sure that you don’t want to keep living in fear anyway; or ignorance about what is really going on. Follow this divine inner drive and desire because your sacred soul warrior doesn’t want you to keep swallowing yourself (or your gifts) down. Now is your time to rise!

Basically it’s time to be PRO-ACTIVE not RE-ACTIVE.

Here's the link for my lunar medicine circle on Friday eve:

Think about what lights you up? What makes your heart sing? What can you turn your attention to this coming week in order to maintain balance and presence without being pulled into deficit of any kind? Where can you create space in your week to nourish your body and connect with nature and how will you inspire others to follow suit? What remnants of control and fear can you identify in your own programming in order to wipe your soul slate clean?

It’s time to step into your knowing – into your belly centre – the point that connects you to Mother and the vortex where you migrated from one plane of existence (Spirit) to another (Earth). Become the ‘Homosapien Galacticus’ you are destined to be by remembering who you have been, all that you have endured to get here and how divine you truly are, because when you embody that vibration – and as I have said many times before – absolutely no-one and no-thing can harm you.

And certainly not some satanic scam that has in actuality, lost all its power.

Blessings and love,




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