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That's (Almost) a Wrap!








For anyone working in film and TV, “That’s a wrap!” is probably the most popular phrase in the industry – apart from “and the winner is…” and after operating in that sphere myself, many moons ago, I thought it an apt title for December seeing it’s the final month of the decade and one that is all about closure, finality, endings and “wrapping up” all the debris that we don’t want to take into the future with us.

The remaining few weeks of 2019 promise to be full of surprises, insights and plenty of action – if you can get out of your own way and drop even deeper into trust and your truth.

The week may start with you having to make some challenging choices as a strong wave of energy flows in tomorrow, but if you trust your instincts and believe in yourself and your personal gifts that you are here to embrace and then share, you will make the right decisions. You just need to recognise the universal lore that nobody is doing anything ‘to’ you; that you are ‘co-creating’ with everyone around you (and with the universe at the same time), so if you don’t like how a storyline is unfolding, change it!

There are in fact, heaps of sacred signals and fortuitous days peppered across the calendar from now till December 31 so let’s get into them so you can prepare yourself and make sure you end the year balanced on both feet and with a genuine smile on your dial.

December is a #15 month and this number is all about spiritual alchemy, altruism and awakening others through joy, love and family (read: conscious tribe), so we wrapping up the year on a good note, thank the goddess! Fifteen is a bona-fide magical number and we are closing 2019 with a solar eclipse in Capricorn as well (ahead of the January 12 merging between Saturn, Pluto, The Sun and Mercury IN Capricorn), so it really is time for the ‘old ways’ and the ‘old age’ to go! Anything that doesn’t align with truth, integrity, compassion and light, will be – rather, has to be – dissolved before the end of this year.

How do we make this happen?

We work on raising our own vibration, continue clearing our own wounds and only align ourselves with the highest integrity and wisdom. If something doesn’t feel nourishing, it probably isn’t. Learn to listen to and trust, your intuition, your feelings and then act on them. This is self mastery in a nutshell. If you are curious about all this and/or developing your gifts and spiritual practices further, I am here to help you navigate this bridge into 2020 (and beyond), so please reach out.

FYI, here are four very good reasons why 2020 is one you want to be prepared for.

· 2020 is a #4 universal year – abundance, stability and a deeper level of grounding and trust

· 20/20 activates perfect vision – meaning ‘all veils are off’!

· #4 simplifies your life so you can finally manifest tangible results and anchor your dreams in this reality

· 20/2 activates the higher vibrations of unconditional love, relationship harmony, restores sacred and ‘right’ intimacy between divine masculine and feminine and provides the platform for lasting world peace.

December is preparing us all for the greatest transformation of our lifetime, so let’s embrace this opportunity and make the most of it!

The final full moon for the year falls this Thursday 12 at 19° (Gemini) and is the last moon phase before the December 26 solar eclipse.

It is a potent window to finalise, complete and consolidate. The #19 is called the “Prince of Heaven” because it connects to The Sun and comprises of #1 and #9, both symbolising beginnings and endings respectively, so the degree at which this lunation occurs is pivotal to the process of initiation through to completion. Nineteen attracts changes in your life that require you to find a new path – to start from scratch if you like – in order to finesse your understandings and develop the depth of emotional and spiritual intelligence that you need in this lifetime to achieve your karmic goals.

This also means this moon is a final moon phase of the current eclipse cycle which began with the fortunate July 2 solar eclipse, so it’s definitely the time to complete long term projects, consolidate what you have gained and get ready to draw a line under the last six months, for good. It will land around 4:12pm Sydney time – take mental note of the #12 here – which coincidentally is also a good time for an afternoon tea break in the garden as well; so do that and acknowledge the shift in your own way on the day.

This full moon is forming a super rare triple quincunxt (150’) to Venus, Pluto and Saturn, helping to enhance communication skills, love and money (vibes coming from the moon) and if anything seems out of place it will bring immediate healing, thanks this positioning urging you to take your own feelings seriously and act in the moment. Step up and take the lead with emotional commitment. You won’t reach your goals if you don’t believe in what you are doing, saying and creating.

The pure excitement that comes when you accept and embody your soul destiny, is what fuels your success.

Basically, this moon is about you fully embodying your divine self and dropping any guilt or shame you may be unconsciously carrying, around how long it’s taken you to listen, act and then ‘wake up’. Capricorn is all about fulfilling our purpose through unwavering dedication, building structure and some good old fashioned elbow grease. The goat never gives up because he trusts the rewards will be there if he doesn’t lose faith or falter when the going gets tougher than anticipated. He meets every hurdle with hope.

Every part of your journey to date has been necessary, every single step has been pre-ordained and educational and the only thing you need to focus on and appreciate now, is that you are here, you have arrived. Whatever has come before this moment of your awakening, was a necessary part of your evolution and should be acknowledged, appreciated and then released as such, because all that ‘stuff’, is the reason you are here today, in your light. Without exploring your shadow and negotiating a few (hundred) u-turns, you wouldn’t get to where you need to be. None of us would.

It’s time now to let all that no longer serves anymore – go, for good – and step into your fullest self before the year ends! Time to take spiritual responsibility, so please pay attention to everything that happens around and within you, from now till then.

The rare conjunction brings with it, a whole other packet of fun-balls. Saturn asks you to mature and take responsibility for yourself. Pluto transforms your values and purges attachments and beliefs and structures so you feel empowered. Venus adds love and pleasure and the flow of money in terms of the topics that are being addressed. Venus conjunct Saturn, demands that any intimate connections are based on solid, honest principles. True love between friends and lovers, will only last if the core values are there and equally shared and respected. It’s important to meet your own emotional needs first; then you can nurture and understand another, better. This also helps you avoid any covert power plays, judgment or intolerances that arise from differences in opinion.

Remember that opinions are like a**holes – everyone has one – so try and view how someone else perceives things, through the lens of acceptance and curiosity rather than ‘you’re wrong’; or even ‘you’re weird’. This can happen in relationships for example when one friend (or one partner), is more spiritually evolved than the other and the person who isn’t, struggles to find their own connection with source and/or absorb what the other one is trying to enlighten them with. One wants to help while the other one isn’t ready to receive it (or possibly aware that they even need it), and that’s their story, so be it.

This energetic imbalance is often what leads to relationship and friendship break ups as well because people come to the realisation that despite having a lot of things in common, they really aren’t on the same page after all. A lot of us have experienced this in recent years I know; myself included. The challenge is to refrain from wanting to change anyone, and just allow them to be who they are. Love them from a distance if need be, but don’t let it harden your heart or burn a bridge.

This current planetary alignment invites us all to be more mindful of how we express ourselves with those closest to us so that our intimate relationships may grow to a deeper level of commitment. Or be shed if they no longer serve.

Venus conjunct Pluto is about passionate love and the desire for affection, so you’ll be feeling magnetic now and keen to share D&M’s (deep and meaningful conversations), thanks to the wordsmith, Gemini. When you tune in with ‘like minds’, your words will be more readily absorbed and have a positive, greater impact. As ruler of the 2nd house and all about finances and core values, Venus is also helping us now with financial flow and supporting with how we’re using our energy to call forth new, and enhance existing, abundance in all forms. If you’ve been experiencing a financial drought or stressing about how to pay the bills more than usual, open yourself with complete trust to the inspired energies coming in through this cosmic connection.

Pluto conjunct Saturn – echoing the event on January 12 again – means you are totally going to be changing how you communicate, think, converse verbally with others (including with yourself via your inner dialogue as well) and reassessing what your core messages are in relation to what you stand for in the world.

Mercury is part of this exquisite stellium next year which is bringing in the Gemini full moon influence right now for us to taste. The conjunction is actually active now. Reality is visible. You’re working diligently now to fulfill your goals. Now is the time to either release or fix business situations that aren’t working for you. Jupiter enters Capricorn in December and governs our beliefs and how we construct new realities for ourselves that serve the greater good and our own path. We’ll need patience and determination to navigate the next few months with flexibility and the necessary sense of urgency – meaning, we don’t have a lot of time to get with the universal program, as I have hinted at a lot of late – but it is all ours for the taking.

Trust that you are supported as the leader that you are – thanks to Pluto – and that you will see things you haven’t seen before and be open to things you haven’t been open to before – but only if you are willing to see the truth!

(December 12) 12:12 also activates a quadruple 12:12:12:12 gateway – woohoot! December is a #12 month, it’s December 12, we are in a #12 universal year (2019) and the full moon peaks at 12 minutes past the hour; 4:12pm in Sydney as I mentioned at the start of this letter. In New York it will land at 12:12am, which is rather telling because if there is one city in the world that needs healing and awakening on several layers, it’s that one!

Our inner authority is coming through now and it will first awaken within your heart to reveal (and then purge) your inherited and self-created wounds and enabling you to then move for ward in your quest. Don’t allow anyone to dominate you now, in any shape or form. Becoming self aware is a major component of this full moon, so up your self study and self care to help uncover what has been hidden (thanks to Pluto) and restructure your life (thanks to Saturn) so you don’t continue along the same distorted vein.

All these things I am explaining are linked to solar plexus stuff, naturally, because the indigenous event and the celestial alignment, all converge and manifest at Uluru, the belly centre of the world, next January 12.

It’s time you accept that you are an amazing being and you don’t deserve or need to be tainted by those who don’t get who you are and what you are all about. Send them love and gently step away. Darkness only wins when you don’t shine your light and it will never be able to take over, when you reveal your fullest self, regardless of any real, imagined or expected criticism or jealousy. Know who you are and what you offer because it’s always the ones that step out of the box and take the risks to do something completely differently to everyone else – to step off the beaten track – that end up being the pioneers and role models for everyone else. Be true to yourself and others will follow, either immediately or eventually, once they realise what you represent and just how special you are.

We’ve just been manipulated and suppressed as a species for so so long, that the thought of doing this, freaks the majority of people out, but in all honesty, it’s the only way forwards. The only way out, is through.

Jupiter trin Uranus during this full moon also means we will be extra vulnerable to lucky breaks, optimism, feeling good and taking risks that honour our intrinsic need for multi-dimensional freedom, so ease up on yourself and do something just for you this week. Exploring un-chartered and unfamiliar territory is going to be less scary and more necessary and exciting than usual because Jupiter is all about exploration, fearless adventure and pioneering energy after all. He’s the one sending out the call to move onwards and upwards for ‘the greater cause’, the captain at the helm of the ship shouting “heave-ho!” or the commander leading her battalion into one final “charge!” for victorious glory!

You may find you are able to learn and grasp new ideas and concepts more quickly and easily this coming week (thanks to Uranus) and also find yourself anticipating what is beyond the horizon with renewed excitement and vigor. Think intrepid and driven. Uranus is in Taurus now too which adds to our sense of emotional and intellectual stability, our ability to receive pleasure and have fun plus a genuine desire for others to feel as happy as we do. We truly want everyone to share in the abundance and good stuff that is on offer from the universe and this signals the withered roots of the old ‘selfish-me-I’ social paradigm, finally dropping off to be replaced with the philanthropic values of unconditional love, oneness and sacred humanitarianism. Foundational characteristics of the new earth we are co-creating, manifesting in real time. At last.

We are all going to experience and expanded heart centre during this full moon, meaning that ahead of these eclipses, now is the time to discover who you are, before the holidays and before we move into 2020, the Age of Aquarius. Keep some Kleenex handy.

Mercury-ruled Gemini governs the mind, the message, motion and activity, curiosity, communication, facts and information, writing, speaking and assimilating information (at often lightning fast speeds) before turning it into useful and inspired conversation. It’s an air sign, all about movement, travel (as well as traveling to another level and other astral dimensions for Gemini is highly psychic; I know, I am one), and hence it helps liberate you from lower vibrations and distractions.

Gemini is also the sign of effective listening and teaching. The twins understand and utilise different ideas, can entertain two versions (often at once), are aware of all the available options/varieties and are the quickest thinking in the zodiac, living in the moment and constantly blasting innovative ideas and energies through the cosmos, thanks to Mercury’s winged-heels.

Gemini rules relationships based on proximity (siblings, work, school and flat mates, neighbours, community members) so it’s important now to learn how to step outside of the complexity that can manifest within these relationships and the mind games within them. Step outside of the systems that govern the world, the small-mindedness of communities when they get too clicky – you all know what I mean by this – don’t buy into mass mentality anymore, don’t get distracted by crap anymore, shut off your phone and take yourself physically and energetically away from the drama that often accumulates within groups. Do whatever it takes to step outside that paradigm and retain your sanity and try not to speak unless you are really and truly inspired to share because this will contain your energy and help prepare you for what’s coming. Make concerted efforts to not ‘leak’ your energy is what I’m saying, ignore gossip, avoid ‘sheeple’ and detach from the programmed shadow of the group. This Gemini full moon also has special significance for women and women’s issues, so dear sisters, please make time to nourish and be gentle with yourself.

And yes, it’s Christmas yada yada and we all have obligations and family plans, but instead of getting overwhelmed or putting this practice on hold till the new year, see this instead as the perfect time to apply yourself more diligently and maintain clear and strong boundaries for yourself. It’s only going to be the end of this decade, once after all.

I’ve just written an article that the editors at Elephant Journal have highlighted (thank you!!!!), about how to do this. Here’s the link:

Just after the full moon peaks, Chiron will go direct (in Aries), adding even more potency to this final lunar cycle of the decade. On the 12th day of the 12th month of the year, the powerful numerology code of 12:12 is activated, helping to raise the frequency of our light body, access high realms of consciousness, and bring a sense of completion to a greater cycle. 12 is a powerful number in numerology that represents wholeness and completion. Chiron moving direct as the full moon illuminates the shadows means we will feel empowered to dissolve any remaining barriers to your ability to receive the transformation that your soul truly needs at this time. It will also be easier to raise your personal vibration and clear your light body, internal coding and energenetics as well, so make sure you stop and acknowledge what is on offer on this day (and evening) because it has the potential to pull us out of victim mode and participate in our own healing breakthroughs.

Full moons create heightened energy, illuminate the shadows and help culminate events that are no longer divinely aligned, so this one, the final one of the decade, has a lot of layered meaning. #12 reduces to 3. December is a #15 universal month. The date adds up to 9 (12+12+2019=18/9). All of this together becomes the 3:6:9 Triad of Creation which awakens our compassion, desire and divine intelligence. We will want to express our truth, increase our capacity for joy and love and be in deeper service to life and our personal visions.

I’ll be holding my Friday 13/Full Moon Medicine Circle at Qi Freshwater for these exact reasons, so make sure you book now to avoid missing out! We’ll be honouring lunar and the divine goddess #13 in what promises to be another auspicious journey.

Here’s the link:

The organs most likely to react during a Gemini full moon are your shoulders, arms and hands; the entire respiratory system including the bronchial tubes and associated blood capillaries and all five lung lobes plus the nervous connections for sensory and motor skills because this sign is all about communication and connectivity. Make time to rest, take deep conscious breaths, watch what you ingest and definitely avoid surgeries of any kind.

Right after the full moon, it’s eclipse time again!

The next eclipse window starts December 13 and will continue till January 10, with the middle of the eclipse season falling on December 30, 2019. December hosts two eclipses – an annular solar eclipse on December 26, 2019 and a penumbral lunar eclipse on January 10, 2020.

Most people tend to freak out about eclipses – the same ones (usually) that freak out about Mercury Retrograde funnily enough – but they are in fact, very potent and healing catalysts, full of spiritual potential and the insights we need to create positive change in our lives.

Gone are the days like our ancestors, where we would slaughter animals and sometimes young children, in order to avoid retribution from the gods when the eclipses came around. We have evolved to understand that eclipses are not signs that the heavens are angry with us, but rather, they herald opportunity and growth.

It’s really important to remember that despite what goes on around us in the world – on either a macro or micro level – that absolutely nothing happens in a life, which is not characteristic of the individual who lives it. Astrology teaches this above all else. We are each fueled by the energy depicted in our birth-chart whilst weaving our own unique pattern and thread throughout it. Our birth moment provides the raw material upon which we place our personal stamp with every thought, word and deed. So, you cannot escape your destiny and hence, you cannot blame everything ‘out there’, for what happens to you, because it’s not happening to you, it’s happening with you. It’s a product of your co-creation with the universe, and that’s a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people because we have been conditioned for generations, to pass the buck, dodge responsibility and look for loopholes.

So make peace with the eclipse season before it arrives and you will have a better chance of aligning yourself with whatever surprises and hidden ‘joys’ it brings. However unlikely, shocking or welcome upcoming said events may be, know that they are born out of the fundamental energy field which is you and me. They are characteristic of who we are, of the path we must walk and the growth necessary to become all we can be. To perceive them as anything else is to deny the essential nature of our existence, woven through time and space and integral to the unfolding of this ever-expanding universe which requires – actually, it demands now because we’ve procrastinated for so bloody long – that we expand with it too.

An eclipse may change one person’s life forever and leave another person's untouched, not because one was unlucky or fortunate, cursed or blessed, but because each individual by their very nature, experiences the energies of an eclipse as only they can. As only they must. And that doesn’t mean you are a bad person, have bad luck or are being punished by god or any other deity. It just means you may need to repeat a few lessons before you finally get the content!

Expect the unexpected. In fact, embrace it. Call it in, deliberately. Teach yourself how to process surprises, shocks and things coming in at you from left field, because this will help you journey more easily. Things will come and go super quickly, almost as if overnight. Let go of any need to control. Let go of expectations. Get comfortable with not knowing and not planning. And prepare for more people to dissolve out of your life – regardless of how long or how well you have known them – and for new ones, your ‘real tribal brethren’, to materialise when you least expect it.

As the Dalai Lama once said, ‘Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful piece of luck’.

I think a lot of this has to do with a deep seated fear of death for a lot of people. How down with death are you?

Could you die today or this week, and be ‘happy’ (or at least ‘okay’) that you were going to go somewhere else, somewhere beautiful?

Do you trust where your soul is going after this life?

I had a random chat about this with a lovely yogi friend of mine this week in Woollies actually, as you do. She shared my view that an intrinsic fear of death, hinders a person’s ability to accept death and loss (including suicide) and their ability to move on and keep living in the present moment. It makes sense though doesn’t it. If you trust that there is something ‘on the other side’ and you have made peace with that, then you’re not going to worry excessively about how someone you love, may be faring – or worse, be coerced by religions telling you (or they) are lost forever or going ‘to hell’. You’ll find it easier to detach from the material plane and experience your relationship with them in a completely new way, a profoundly spiritual way, and therefore receive more information from other realms as a result. The memory that you are a spiritual being having a human experience will override any conscious programming to be replaced by gratitude and unconditional acceptance (and love). It’s an interesting dinner party conversation for sure, especially at this time of year with so many celebrating about Christ’s ascension.

Within the constellation of expectation that we all carry, lie the roots of discontent, distress and dissatisfaction. Eclipse season reminds us that life is living us, not the other way around. Otherwise we will always be limited by our imagination because our human brains can only compute so much.

What we deem an inconvenience can become the gateway to a whole new experience. What we label as a tragedy becomes the moment we recognise what really matters in life. What we see as a failure becomes the path to discovering a hidden talent we never even knew we had.

The biggest hurdles are always those ones we have created within.

Maybe make some time this coming week, to really face off with old patterns and reactivity that you know are no longer serving you and instead invite in some new ways of interpreting, ingesting and inspiring.


It’s been a big decision – one that I kind of ‘rehearsed’ for last year – but this time it is really happening. At the end of this school term, on December 20, Breathing Space will be closing its doors. After 14 years under my care, it’s time for me to refine my offerings and launch them internationally, especially now my book is done and out there. I have also wanted to move back to the origins of yoga as it meant to be taught, mentoring people 1:1 and tailoring holistic practices to their specific needs. This is what I am expert at – reading bodies and minds as many of you know – so as of next January I will be working from a beautiful bespoke studio in Avalon (the only EMF-free zone of its kind), and teaching small classes of 4 – 6 to ensure personalised attention and your multi-tiered transformation.

My last class at Breathing Space will be Monday December 30, ahead of my annual New Years Eve medicine circle at Qi Freshwater. After class you are invited to share a chai and hugs with me at The Sneaky Grind if you have time. I’ll also be hosting a day retreat/immersion in Avalon on Saturday 28 (for the new moon) – 9:30am till 5:30pm – so if you’re keen to be one of 6 special VIP’s, all details will be included in next week’s newsletter.

So please don’t panic, I am not going away! I’ll still be around teaching my weekly yoga classes as always – just at a different venue – as well as offering bespoke yoga therapy and energetic healing sessions, running my new online programs and hosting delicious day, 3-day weekend, seasonal and international retreats in between. Classes will run during the school terms and packages will include a massage or healing of your choice. I will also be introducing a VIP subscription package where you receive weekly audio and video recordings, yoga sequences, lunar insights and mentor support.

If you’d like to continue yoga-ing and healing with me, please send me an email and I’ll send you my 2020 timetable and details re where and how much and the rewards you will receive by choosing to stay in touch.

In the first week of January before I head to Uluru, I’ll be having a sale at the studio where you can pick up heavily discounted furniture and yoga equipment (wool and cotton blankets, bolsters, mats, yoga chairs, blocks and straps), so I will confirm the date for that soon.

Thank you to everyone who has shared the journey with me over the years. Your friendship, loyalty and dedication to your practice have inspired me each day and I hold you all dear to my heart. You are family to me and I really do hope we will continue our connections into the future – because I am just getting started baby!

Over Christmas, I have created space in my schedule for some extra sessions so now is the perfect time for you to reach out and receive some guidance – and some deep healing – to prepare you for the new year. I’ll also be doing some massage if you need some bodywork instead. You can book via my website or text me on 0413 747 644.

If you take anything from the week’s sharing, make it this: If there are any people around you that don’t or can’t receive your light, don’t let them drag you down. Call in your soul tribe instead. Let go of the mental anguish and mind control of social conditioning and lead the light way forwards as the unique individual that you are. And keep all limbs inside the vehicle, just to be on the safe side.

Blessings and love,




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